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Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender, (White) - £465.46 @ Amazon
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Camel alert triggered this, cheapest it’s been - hopefully this helps someone.

No worries mate


thanks i should learn to read all the posts before i comment haha



looking at the Magimix, how is it?


I’m not taking the downvotes personally, I knew this would be largely unpopular but might help a few. Even if it’s absolutely buried they still might find it!

Vitamix Explorian e310 blender £296.65 @ Planet Organic until end of Mon 26th
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Vitamix Explorian e310 blender £296.65 @ Planet Organic until end of Mon 26th£296.65 Free P&P FreePlanet Organic Deals
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Cool, thank for the information.


You learn something new everyday! I just didn’t want to offend any coffee professionals. I know cappuccinos are technically shots of espresso with whipped milk but the Vitamix makes great drinks generally Sorbet is just frozen fruit on high speed for 1 minute (not too long otherwise friction will cause it to heat up) Can add Greek yoghurt for more of an ice cream like taste. Frozen bananas are great for sweetness (don’t worry about the outside skin going dark, peel off the skin) Once lockdown lifts I would highly recommend seeing the machine in action with one of their professional demonstrators in John Lewis/Costco. They give out lots of free samples and worth it before making the investment!


I think you also use the term “loosely” loosely (:I


Sounds awesome, I have the froothie pro mixer, I’m going to try your cappuccino method. What about the sorbet, is it easy enough?


I use the term “cappuccino” loosely (:I You can make nut milks using it so I soak 10 almonds over night and full speed it with Nescafé Azera + 2 sweeteners for 3 minutes. The power of the motor is fast enough break down the nuts and to heat the milk. I then low speed for 10 secs to break down foam. Straight into a cup. No bits. Nuts are completely pulverised.

Vitamix 65860 E310 Explorian Blender - £304.64 @ Amazon
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Vitamix 65860 E310 Explorian Blender - £304.64 @ Amazon£304.64Amazon Deals
First thing first...expecting this to go ice cold. Over 300 quid for a blender..yes i know. But might help 1 HDUK user, lol. This is lowest its been for a while but not as good as … Read more

not in stock until 04/05/2021

themanwithaplan worth a look, slightly cheaper, 8 yr warranty


A troll (annoyed)


Eh? What's a papa Joe lifestyle? I'm not vegetarian or vegan, if that's what you mean.


Water weed dune hair, b? Tawlbout a mark for a papa Joe lifestyle, bbbeast of a guy, never meddum.

Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender £266.98 @ Planet Organic
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Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender £266.98 @ Planet Organic£266.98Planet Organic Deals
VitaMix E310 Explorian Food Blender in Black Explore how easy it is to make healthy, whole-food recipes at home. From appetizers to dessert, the 1.4L container is ideal for blendin… Read more

Because there is a kitchen to enable employees to make lunch.


How exactly can you claim a blender of all things for a home office?


Mine has just arrived, fabulous deal for me, thank you


Brilliant (lol)


Top deal OP - unfortunately it was guaranteed to go cold. If it had been a pot noodle or chocolate orange on the other hand...

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Vitamix Explorian E310 £266.99 with voucher code (normally £349) @ Planet Organic
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Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
Vitamix Explorian E310 £266.99 with voucher code (normally £349) @ Planet Organic£266.99Planet Organic Deals
If you think this is too much for a blender, please just skip this page. As a deal, this is excellent as the regular retail price is a lot more than that! A google search will show… Read more

I have a Vitaminx and it'll blend anything smooth. Tried to blend dates in a smoothie with a Nutribullet and it left loafs of chunks regardless of how long I blended for, the Vitaminx blended them smooth in seconds. You definiltey get what you pay for with blenders.


This has now expired.


Great price


i watched a demonstration of a vitamix where it made soup just by blending the ingredients so hard it heated them up into a real soup without cooking... also turned ice cubes into a slushy where they could chop a knife through it without it moving... i'm sure you can find them demo'd on your choice of video players (i just didn't want to say youtube... dammit!)


I bought one second hand a few months ago, and everything you see in the YouTube reviews is true. It does sound like you're murdering the machine when you make nut butters or frozen desserts, but it doesn't seem to do it any harm.

Vitamix Explorian E320 Blender - £249 @ QVC (£8..95 Delivery)
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Posted 27th Jul 2020Posted 27th Jul 2020
Vitamix Explorian E320 Blender - £249 @ QVC (£8..95 Delivery)£257.95QVC Deals
Seems like a good price! Just ordered one for myself (lol)

It’s out of stock.


I just liked the bigger jar on the blendtec. I was looking at ninja also but thought by the time I spend that money might as well go the full way! I haven't had it long but so far very impressed with the jar it has not retained any smells.


No, I wasn't saying that the Ninjas were comparable. I know that the vitamix and blendtec are more powerful. :) Out of interest, what made you opt for the blendtec over the vitamix please? Also does your plastic blendtec jug discolour or retain smells? I'm genuinely asking. :) P.S.... you're right about the glass jugs being heavy. They are like lifting dumbbells. (lol) I just like them for the smell and discolouration issues. :)


I had a blender with a glass jar and I understand your thinking but I hated the heavy glass jar and recently got a blendtec with a plastic jar so much better. This Vitamix is a great deal. Heat from me. And the Ninja blenders don't even come close to this.


Just got mine was very giddy (lol)