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Vitamix Explorian E320 Blender - £249 @ QVC (£8..95 Delivery)
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Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Seems like a good price! Just ordered one for myself (lol)
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It’s out of stock.


I just liked the bigger jar on the blendtec. I was looking at ninja also but thought by the time I spend that money might as well go the full way! I haven't had it long but so far very impressed with the jar it has not retained any smells.


No, I wasn't saying that the Ninjas were comparable. I know that the vitamix and blendtec are more powerful. :) Out of interest, what made you opt for the blendtec over the vitamix please? Also does your plastic blendtec jug discolour or retain smells? I'm genuinely asking. :) P.S.... you're right about the glass jugs being heavy. They are like lifting dumbbells. (lol) I just like them for the smell and discolouration issues. :)


I had a blender with a glass jar and I understand your thinking but I hated the heavy glass jar and recently got a blendtec with a plastic jar so much better. This Vitamix is a great deal. Heat from me. And the Ninja blenders don't even come close to this.


Just got mine was very giddy (lol)

Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender with Mini Wet Container - £349.99 @ Costco
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender with Mini Wet Container - £349.99 @ Costco
£349.99 Free P&P FreeCostco Deals
Explore how easy it is to make healthy, whole-food recipes at home. From appetizers to dessert, the 2L container is ideal for blending medium to large batches for family meals or e… Read more

Oos. Now back in stock


If only :-( Heat


Seems the best price right now and only about £30 more than a refurbished blender. Heat added :) Thanks @shamd


£287 in store without the extra container


Good price, shouldn’t be cold - people underestimate this blenders true power

Vitamix Blenders and accessories on Sale @ Selfridges online
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Vitamix Blenders and accessories on Sale @ Selfridges online
Most of the Vitamix Blenders and accessories are on sale on Selfridges online. Almost 80£ lesser than curry’s and John Lewis. Curry’s price matched it and got a 10 year warranty fo… Read more
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Thanks @erosennin and you have a merry Xmas 🎄




Thanks op, merry Xmas


We have the vita mix pro 500 which is great for any nut butters including Brazil’s, just as good would be a top end food processor we have the magimix XL 5200 as it can make more.


Do you have any recommendations for one that will make nut butter, please. Nor too exspensive, I have seen some kenwood that dont seem to be too bad.

Vitamix Pro 300 Power Blender Cream 63392 - £299.99 Lakeland ( + 4% cash back Quidco)
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Vitamix Pro 300 Power Blender Cream 63392 - £299.99 Lakeland ( + 4% cash back Quidco)
£299.99£49940%Lakeland Deals
I know some will vote this cold as you would not pay this much for a blender, however it’s a great price for those that have wanted one for a long time. They are amazing blenders t… Read more

I love it! Our came yesterday, made ice cream with frozen bananas and friut already. Was lovely. Very powerful and the 7 year warranty is a great bonus.


Thanks for this. Just bought. Great price for a professional blender. We use ours twice a day and have needed replacement parts from Phillips 3 times in 1 year! Nice upgrade.


I would love a Accent model, but I just about got away with getting this one. If you can wait for a price drop I think the extra features are worth it. (y) 🏽


Cheers Vanessa. Great deal! I was waiting for one of those!


Yeah price is really good. I had the 310 model from Costco but went faulty and after I returned I had my heart set on a accent model.

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Vitamix S30 Personal Blender with 2 Weeks free membership at The Gym for 2 at Curry's... Was £299.99 now £169.99
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Posted 20th Jan 2019Posted 20th Jan 2019
Vitamix S30 Personal Blender with 2 Weeks free membership at The Gym for 2 at Curry's... Was £299.99 now £169.99
£169.99£199.9915%Currys PC World Deals
£199.99 at Lakeland, £299.99 elsewhere. Cashback available with Curry's and Quidco. 950w. 10 speed. 1.2l capacity. Plastic. Pulse crushing, ice crushing and whole fruit fun… Read more
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Thank you very much for your feedback! I ordered one after price check. Hot deal. 7 years warranty comes handy, but don't think I will have to use it.


OP, curiosity got the better of me. I checked out historic Vitamix deals, they always go cold. It seems they are up there, wherever that is, with Apple and Uggs. I've sent it to my friends, one of whom has ordered.


Crikey, I hope you got your money back...


I bought a blentec from Costco I loved it even though it was very noisy but the motor burnt out and I read afterwards it was a common problem, we paid over £300 for ours.


I bought this in 2017 from JL with a 7 year warranty £199. I'd seen the demo in Costco, they made ice cream, hot soup etc. It crushes ice, frozen fruit (I use for smoothies), I think the only thing it doesn't crush is diamonds!. My next project is almond milk. I'm assuming this does the same, just on a smaller level, and if so, it's awesome. The cup is a massive bonus. J Lewis has a load of reviews on their website, I would read through them all. Also watch a few YouTube vids to note shortcomings, if any. The review on Curry's is not promising I must say. I love mine, and wouldn't be without it, I also have a NBullet, and the Vitamix is waaaaaaay better.

Vitamix Commercial VM0104 £199.99  @ Home Sense Staples Corner
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Posted 6th Jan 2019Posted 6th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Vitamix Commercial VM0104 £199.99 @ Home Sense Staples Corner
£199.99£469.9957%HomeSense Deals
Not an expert in Vitamix mix, but saw this in Home Sense Staples Corner. Still extremely expensive for a blender, but looks like a bargain? Price down from £469.99 to £199.99. 2 … Read more

I bought my Vitamix 8 years ago. They are expensive but well worth it. Mine is used daily. Can make hot soup from raw ingredients without a heating element. Just uses blade friction to heat to boiling point. Will also make instant ice cream from frozen fruit and cream.


I think commercial has 3 years warranty Refurbished currently at john.lewis for 239 with 5 years warranty


Search item 173673654746 on ebay to see what it looks like


Does anybody have an actual website link to the product? I can’t seem to find that particular Vitamix model


Just up the road from me, might pop in and get some.....if I knew what this is

Vitamix platinum Aspire Food Mixer Blender VM109 £299.99 @
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Posted 25th May 2018Posted 25th May 2018
Vitamix platinum Aspire Food Mixer Blender VM109 £299.99 @
£299.99£37520%Lakeland Deals
Ok, so I love a good electrical deal and spotted this whilst browsing Lakeland. Found a black version of the model on Amazon at £375, so thinking this is a strong offer and Lakela… Read more
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Jef_B Flippin eck!


I got the total nutrition one but was on offer at John Lewis as a reconditioned £199 and they came with a 7yrs warranty they sold out within 24hrs I am pleased to say best purchase of 2017


Cheers OP - rest easy in the knowledge that THIS IS a Hot deal. I am resigned to the fact that this site is now populated by ignorant cretins who wouldn't know a hot deal if it leapt up and bit them on the ass. Post a deal for 5p off a frozen pizza if you want to garner praise. It never used to be like this - i remember when it was all fields!


i'm guessing this isn't the sort of thing hukd folk are into... unless is damaged jammie dodgers for 2p or a half price sex aid from lovehoney they don't like spending actual cash for proper products. so, anyone voting cold, if they'd like to show one cheaper anywhere... be happy to read about it. voted hot...


Well I pleased for you I really am, that explains everything, so you collect them, I just hope you get a return on your collection one day.

Vitamix S30 S-Series Personal Blender - 7 Year Warranty - £238.94 @ Harts of Stur
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Posted 22nd Mar 2018Posted 22nd Mar 2018
Vitamix S30 S-Series Personal Blender - 7 Year Warranty - £238.94 @ Harts of Stur
£238.94£299.9920%Harts of Stur Deals
Colour Cream link Here FREE DPD UK Mainland Delivery The Vitamix S30 S-Series Personal Blender in Red has been designed for any kitchen, at less than 15cm in width no matter ho… Read more
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Absolutely brilliant blenders. Got a premium model not this one and it was worth every penny. So much better than any other blender out there plus 7 year guarantee. I’ve got through a few ninja/nutri bullets so paid the premium and wouldn’t look back!




When the first line said Cream here. I thought that was an instruction. At that price I doubt anyone would be creaming themselves.


Overinflated priced and expensive junk

Nutri Ninja 1200W Blender Duo - lowest price I've seen £69.20 @ Amazon
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Posted 14th Feb 2018Posted 14th Feb 2018
Nutri Ninja 1200W Blender Duo - lowest price I've seen £69.20 @ Amazon
I bought the blender (after an extensive research) for 79 GBP which already seemed like a good value. I am very happy with it (except for the fact that I paid 10 GBP more than whoe… Read more

The version I had came with a 650ml and a 500ml. The 500ml is too small and don't use it much The 650ml cup has got pretty tatty over time. I'll be honest the feature to make a load of cocktails at once swung it (embarrassed)


Just out of interest, how come you need a replacement cup? I was just thinking that it has 1 cup too many, I either use a smaller of the cups or the jug, the other cup sits in my cupboard.


How come it's dropped in price so much on Amazon? Other retailers seem to note £80/£90 as a normal RRP


Man! Missed it again and this has been the best price! Price gone up now. Think it needs to be expired! Unless someone magically tells me I've missed something


Cheers Niobe. I have an older version that has been great. Replacement cups are £20, so I thought for another£50 why not.

Vitamix TNC Refurbished at John Lewis for £199.95
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Vitamix TNC Refurbished at John Lewis for £199.95
John Lewis have currently got the Vitamix TNC Refurbished blenders at £199.95 on their website. This is the lowest price I've ever known them to be and lower than any hotukdeals pr… Read more

Yes it is, and working a treat, hope you get yours.


Have literally used this everyday since arrival, absolutely love it! Beats my old NutriNinja hands down! I have made the smoothest smoothies and some amazing soups so far.


There is literally no difference in the models you could receive, listing clearly states only difference is the sticker. Same unit, same recipe book, same jug etc. I received one in black identical to TNC but instead of TNC on the front it says creations.


Is your one black? I' still trying to get a TBC in black. Thx


It's the older model but just as good as the new ones and a LOT cheaper:

Vitamix® Professional Series 750 Food Blender, Brushed Stainless Steel £519 @ John lewis
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Posted 11th Aug 2017Posted 11th Aug 2017
Vitamix® Professional Series 750 Food Blender, Brushed Stainless Steel £519 @ John lewis
Quickly prepare restaurant quality meals with the new Vitamix® Professional Series 750 Blender. Offering a number of culinary tasks, the Professional Series 750 moves beyond a kitc… Read more

thanks for the idea..anyone want to buy an Original Red Vitamix with warranty for £450???




I'd love a vitamix , happily give you £19 for it ! Can't justify buying one , but seriously impressed by its soup making capability alone


Just bite the bullet and buy a Thermomix !!!!


Blendtec is a good and much cheaper alternative

Vitamix 500 Blender £349.99 @ Lakeland - Chichester
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Posted 27th Jan 2017Posted 27th Jan 2017LocalLocal
Vitamix 500 Blender £349.99 @ Lakeland - Chichester
This is my first post so hope it's ok. I have been looking for a good quality blender to make all those after Xmas smoothies. The vitamix range seems to be one of, if not the best.… Read more

Thanks, well we bought one and it is fantastic even makes our soups.


Hi. Ignore the comments. The price seems extortionate for a blender but a Vitamix isn't any old blender. Good find.


No joke, the blender is top of the range and used by those trendy smoothie shops and alike. Yes you can buy the nutribullet etc but you pay for what you get. Have a look at some of the reviews and prices online.


£350 for a blender? This has to be a joke...right?


Erm thanx....... but don't understand

Vitamix TNC Blender - Certified Refurb - Deal of the Day - £264.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 21st Jan 2017Posted 21st Jan 2017
Vitamix TNC Blender - Certified Refurb - Deal of the Day - £264.99 @ Amazon
£264.99Amazon Deals
Certified Refurb so you get the warranty. These sell for around double the price new

I'd rather pay £149.99 for a Nutri Ninja BL682UK, far more versatile.


I think I would want clarity on the guarantee before purchasing, as it states both 1 year and 5 year guarantee.


I did read it, it states 1 year, but I think that's from Amazon. I've now noticed that in another section it states 5 year. It's fair to say Amazon's site is misleading. No need to get angry about it :)


​Read the description before You write misleading information. This blender comes with 5 year warranty


This is a great blender for the money, don't think the warranty is needed but piece of mind I guess, Had this for about 8yrs. Blendtec is also a nice blender but you have more control with the vitamix

Vitamix Standard Blender, 2 Litre - Black (Certified Refurbished) - Amazon - £285.91
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Posted 2nd Jan 2017Posted 2nd Jan 2017
Vitamix Standard Blender, 2 Litre - Black (Certified Refurbished) - Amazon - £285.91
£285.91Amazon Deals
Temporarily out of stock, but these are normally around the £400 mark. Normally Amazon forfill orders quite quickly when their awaiting stock. A certified refurb and out of stock… Read more

not strictly true, blade design and jug design are just, if not more important to a good blending....


You can get much better blenders for less than half that price it's all about the wattage the higher the wattage the better blended the stuff is


Here's one certified refurbished from the Amazon warehouse for £23 less.


Great Value! for a proper blender

Vitamix Pro 300 @ Selfridges - £399
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Posted 31st Dec 2016Posted 31st Dec 2016
Vitamix Pro 300 @ Selfridges - £399
Cheapest deal on the market currently. This model is the newer quieter version and powerful too.

It's snowing in Selfridges


why is this cold at minus?

Vitamix Standard Blender, 2 Litre - Black (Certified Refurbished) [Sold By Amazon] - £264.99
24° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2016Posted 1st Dec 2016
Vitamix Standard Blender, 2 Litre - Black (Certified Refurbished) [Sold By Amazon] - £264.99
£264.99Amazon Deals
Crazy deal on Vitamix TNC-5200. Ends in 06h 30m

I thought that until my wife insisted we get a refurbished one (although considerably cheaper than this), there's pretty much nothing you can't throw at it, in fact you could probably mix plaster in the thing if you wanted a particularly smooth finishing coat. Although probably a bit pointless, it is pretty impressive the first time you make hot soup in a blender without a heating element. mike


If you're serious about your smoothies get this.


this is what they use to make my kinder Bueno milkshakes


Try one and find out; I've got one and like most gadgets I hardly use it but you won't find a better blender out there. It really does blend super smooth and will even make hot soup.


What's do special about this blender that it costs 10times more than normal blenders?

Vitamix Standard Blender (Recertified, Black) £264.99 delivered @ Amazon
59° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2016Posted 1st Dec 2016
Vitamix Standard Blender (Recertified, Black) £264.99 delivered @ Amazon
£264.99Amazon Deals
lowest price ever for a Vitamix, these recertified models are like new and come with a brand new jug/blade unit. looks like vitamix get a lot of downvotes on here, keep in mind th… Read more

Like all of these pro blenders they are expensive to buy at first .....but save you a fortune over time ;)


I have had this 'old' model and the new pro model. I prefer this model as the newer versions container is too large and this one seems to blend smaller quantities better without having to purchase another smaller container. Only negatives are cleaning this one out is much trickier due to the narrow base. Prepare to cut your fingers now and again if you clean with a cloth. Also you can't use the new containers with this one but with the pro you can use all of them Bargain deal and voted hot.


I've got the Pro version, and it's a serious bit of kit! Indispensable in our kitchen.


Blends everything I throw into it, amazing bit of kit.


Ordered today morning. Awesome price.

Vitamix® Reconditioned Blender, Black - £299.95 @ John Lewis
-31° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Vitamix® Reconditioned Blender, Black - £299.95 @ John Lewis
Product specifications BrandVitamix®Cold Capacity2LDimensionsH52cm X W18cm X D22cmDishwasher SafeS30 Container, Blade Base And ToGo Cup Are All Top Rack Dishwasher-SafePower1000W-… Read more
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Vitamix Pro 300 Blender £358.18 Amazon
-86° Expired
Posted 5th Oct 2016Posted 5th Oct 2016
Vitamix Pro 300 Blender £358.18 Amazon
£358.18Amazon Deals
Vitamix Pro 300 blender, pretty sure this is the cheapest it's ever been in the U.K. Yes I know it's a lot of a blender, but if you're in the market for one it might help you out.… Read more

Hot uk deal community like things cheaper. They do not understand the quality of products they cannot afford so mark it as cold. The pro range of these blenders are extremely good and the 750 is one of the best out there. the standard blenders however are pretty much on parr with other blenders out there hence why people go for 300 or 750.


750 is fantastic. Still find it funny how this was voted cold.... it's now on sale at £450


its full price now but good catch. I think i will go for the 750


You won't be disappointed!! Great buy despite what the HUKD community thinks!


Thank you... yes I gave this some thought and am sticking by my guns - I've worked my way up over the years from £13 kenwood blender to Nutribullet and most 'smoothie makers/blenders' are absolute tosh! I'm very happy with a nutribullet but slowly saving with a goal to get a vitamix in the next 12 months. <3

Vitamix 2L TurboBlend with 0.9L Dry Grains Container & Cook Book £336.96 QVC
-74° Expired
Posted 27th Aug 2016Posted 27th Aug 2016
Vitamix 2L TurboBlend with 0.9L Dry Grains Container & Cook Book £336.96 QVC
£336.96QVC Deals
The Vitamix is Today's Special Value on QVC. Yes it's expensive but look around this is a very good price for a new vitamix. And you also get a dry grains container - which retails… Read more

If you're making things like nut butters, it's easier and you're less likely to burn out the motor in a something like a vitamix. There is also non dairy milks. You get a finer texture if you grind flours i.e. almond flour or oat flour more so than a food processor and you don't have to worry so much about the motor.


A Fiesta has 4 wheels and an engine, yet some people buy BMWs, it's life. I've got a Vitamix, I didn't pay anywhere near the price, but it truly is a fantastic machine, probably more use to someone who rarely buys processed food or needs to do some heavy duty grinding of ingredients. mike


What are you doing that requires a £300+ blender in home environment?! Talk about overkill.

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