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Vitamix 65860 E310 Explorian Blender - £304.64 @ Amazon
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Made hot 26th MarMade hot 26th Mar
Vitamix 65860 E310 Explorian Blender - £304.64 @ Amazon£304.64Amazon Deals
First thing first...expecting this to go ice cold. Over 300 quid for a blender..yes i know. But might help 1 HDUK user, lol. This is lowest its been for a while but not as good as … Read more

not in stock until 04/05/2021

themanwithaplan worth a look, slightly cheaper, 8 yr warranty


A troll (annoyed)


Eh? What's a papa Joe lifestyle? I'm not vegetarian or vegan, if that's what you mean.


Water weed dune hair, b? Tawlbout a mark for a papa Joe lifestyle, bbbeast of a guy, never meddum.

Vitamix Explorian E310 £266.99 with voucher code (normally £349) @ Planet Organic
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Made hot 1st Dec 2020Made hot 1st Dec 2020
Vitamix Explorian E310 £266.99 with voucher code (normally £349) @ Planet Organic£266.99Planet Organic Deals
If you think this is too much for a blender, please just skip this page. As a deal, this is excellent as the regular retail price is a lot more than that! A google search will show… Read more

I have a Vitaminx and it'll blend anything smooth. Tried to blend dates in a smoothie with a Nutribullet and it left loafs of chunks regardless of how long I blended for, the Vitaminx blended them smooth in seconds. You definiltey get what you pay for with blenders.


This has now expired.


Great price


i watched a demonstration of a vitamix where it made soup just by blending the ingredients so hard it heated them up into a real soup without cooking... also turned ice cubes into a slushy where they could chop a knife through it without it moving... i'm sure you can find them demo'd on your choice of video players (i just didn't want to say youtube... dammit!)


I bought one second hand a few months ago, and everything you see in the YouTube reviews is true. It does sound like you're murdering the machine when you make nut butters or frozen desserts, but it doesn't seem to do it any harm.

Vitamix Blenders and accessories on Sale @ Selfridges online
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Made hot 23rd Dec 2019Made hot 23rd Dec 2019
Vitamix Blenders and accessories on Sale @ Selfridges onlineSelfridges Deals
Most of the Vitamix Blenders and accessories are on sale on Selfridges online. Almost 80£ lesser than curry’s and John Lewis. Curry’s price matched it and got a 10 year warranty fo… Read more

Thanks @erosennin and you have a merry Xmas 🎄




Thanks op, merry Xmas


We have the vita mix pro 500 which is great for any nut butters including Brazil’s, just as good would be a top end food processor we have the magimix XL 5200 as it can make more.


Do you have any recommendations for one that will make nut butter, please. Nor too exspensive, I have seen some kenwood that dont seem to be too bad.

Vitamix Commercial VM0104 £199.99  @ Home Sense Staples Corner
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Made hot 6th Jan 2019Made hot 6th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Vitamix Commercial VM0104 £199.99 @ Home Sense Staples Corner£199.99£469.9957% offHomeSense Deals
Not an expert in Vitamix mix, but saw this in Home Sense Staples Corner. Still extremely expensive for a blender, but looks like a bargain? Price down from £469.99 to £199.99. 2 … Read more

I bought my Vitamix 8 years ago. They are expensive but well worth it. Mine is used daily. Can make hot soup from raw ingredients without a heating element. Just uses blade friction to heat to boiling point. Will also make instant ice cream from frozen fruit and cream.


I think commercial has 3 years warranty Refurbished currently at john.lewis for 239 with 5 years warranty


Search item 173673654746 on ebay to see what it looks like


Does anybody have an actual website link to the product? I can’t seem to find that particular Vitamix model


Just up the road from me, might pop in and get some.....if I knew what this is

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Nutri Ninja 1200W Blender Duo - lowest price I've seen £69.20 @ Amazon
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Made hot 14th Feb 2018Made hot 14th Feb 2018
Nutri Ninja 1200W Blender Duo - lowest price I've seen £69.20 @ Amazon£69.20Amazon Deals
I bought the blender (after an extensive research) for 79 GBP which already seemed like a good value. I am very happy with it (except for the fact that I paid 10 GBP more than whoe… Read more

The version I had came with a 650ml and a 500ml. The 500ml is too small and don't use it much The 650ml cup has got pretty tatty over time. I'll be honest the feature to make a load of cocktails at once swung it (embarrassed)


Just out of interest, how come you need a replacement cup? I was just thinking that it has 1 cup too many, I either use a smaller of the cups or the jug, the other cup sits in my cupboard.


How come it's dropped in price so much on Amazon? Other retailers seem to note £80/£90 as a normal RRP


Man! Missed it again and this has been the best price! Price gone up now. Think it needs to be expired! Unless someone magically tells me I've missed something


Cheers Niobe. I have an older version that has been great. Replacement cups are £20, so I thought for another£50 why not.

Vitamix TNC Refurbished at John Lewis for £199.95
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Made hot 25th Nov 2017Made hot 25th Nov 2017
Vitamix TNC Refurbished at John Lewis for £199.95£199.95John Lewis Deals
John Lewis have currently got the Vitamix TNC Refurbished blenders at £199.95 on their website. This is the lowest price I've ever known them to be and lower than any hotukdeals pr… Read more

Yes it is, and working a treat, hope you get yours.


Have literally used this everyday since arrival, absolutely love it! Beats my old NutriNinja hands down! I have made the smoothest smoothies and some amazing soups so far.


There is literally no difference in the models you could receive, listing clearly states only difference is the sticker. Same unit, same recipe book, same jug etc. I received one in black identical to TNC but instead of TNC on the front it says creations.


Is your one black? I' still trying to get a TBC in black. Thx


It's the older model but just as good as the new ones and a LOT cheaper: