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My daughter has asked for a VR Headset from "Santa" and I am totally clueless on what to get. We don't have a playstation only xbox. She is 11. Don't mind getting a decent one as … Read more

Yup, and it's not just a nanny state thing. Besides the basic physicality of the headset not fitting properly due to adults & children having different facial structures, it's unknown whether VR can impact adolescent eye development. There's also the psychological & social development implications, but that's applicable to all computer usage. I'd love for my 9 y/o nephew to experience my quest 2, as it is truly a revolutionary & mind blowing experience. However the headset simply doesn't fit him well enough, and even if it did, my own experience has made me acutely aware how prolonged use can mess with your perception. If it were me, I'd try to delay it at least a year, and also put strict time limits in place; e.g. 30 minute sessions & no more than two sessions a day.


Where is the best place to buy Oculus Quest games? The official store appears to have the most offers that come up on here.


Worth mentioning that all VR manufacturers state a minimum age of 12. Oculus Quest 2 is probably the way to go now that Google cardboard has been retired! PSVR is worth considering as it can be had for around the same £300 mark and has a lot more titles available at present.


(lol) sounds like fun! Good idea tho, I'll do a bit of research and see what's what! I really appreciate the help (y)


My kids usually think we've won the lottery when making a christmas list too lol, The quest 2 comes with pretty much all you need, some people buy a different head strap which is more comfortable and charging docks etc.. but the quest is a stand alone wireless unit, it comes with controllers but can also be used in hand tracking mode for some features where your hand movements are accurately copied onto the screen via its cameras which works really well. I was very impressed, all you need to do is buy games on the store, it can also be linked to pc to play more games . Check it out on youtube maybe ? But i was blown away when using it after a samsung gear vr which is not very good in comparison, it felt so real to my brain after 5 minutes in the demo i tried to lean on a counter that wasn't really there with my hand and fell into the wall (lol)

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Lenovo 5p oculus quest 2 lag wifi half life alyx
I know a few peeps on here bought the lenovo 5p with 2060. I have added 2th nvme (wd deal 😁) and an Extra 8gb fro. EBay it works as dual channel. I have bought virtual des… Read more

"My goal is to have the laptop, router and oculas working smoothly without wifi. I work on a ship in the middle of no where alot abs wanted to use this WiFi free with VR steam games." Huh? Have I misunderstood or are you hoping to be able to wirelessly stream games from your laptop to your Quest without wifi? How do you expect the Quest to be able to connect to a router without wifi? (confused) Assuming you just explained this badly and you actually mean you want to use it with wifi but without an internet connection, you might consider another option - use oculus link, where you connect your quest to the PC with a high-quality USB 3 cable and use the Oculus desktop app's Link feature. Obviously with a cable tying the quest to your laptop your movement won't be as free as with wifi, but it removes any potential wifi lag from your setup.


Wifi 6 Router, Quest 2 has a wifi 6 chip. Have you checked taskmanager whilst playing to check if the gpu is running 100%, maybe you have the setting to high, very turn them to low and see if lags persists. I


Got to be the network, I used an ASUS laptop with a 2060 in it and 16gb ram, I never had any lag with virtual desktop. Air link wasn’t out when I had it so don’t know if that would be better for you. I had my SH3 in modem mode and use a mesh system round the house I don’t know if that helped it..


I will give this a go next. Thanks


Thanks. I was worried that 2th was a thing :D

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Love Argos and how fast they post, same day just quality! The 64gb for same price got over 1k likes 2 months ago so hopefully this one does alright Stock seems plentiful but they… Read more

They've been out of stock because of a product recall (the foam part that goes on your eyes was toxic to some skin types), but the 128gb is already back in stock as of last week and the bigger storage one will be back in stock this week.


Great. Just don't get on the wrong side of FB.


Modded mine with "cough" free games.... Worldie of a device.. 256gb is full.


Ignore me, I'm thinking of the 256gb version


To be honest I've been struggling to see these in stock and the ones that do have the 128 gb version new are 400 quid. Am I missing something?

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This has just come back in stock in a few places, but feel like it's worth saying how good a deal this is. It's been revised from 64gb to 128gb!

Here is a teaser trailer of the last Onward update about a month ago (new one will be coming soon), the video is all in game capture (although the graphics captured are PCVR, the Quest graphics on that map aren't too different). Now it's hard to imagine how immersive it is from looking at the video (as it just looks like any other first person shooter), but imagine having to aim and fire by actually holding up your arms as if you were holding the weapons, having to physically change magazines (or feed in ammo belts on LMGs), pulling the pins from grenades before throwing them :D A team mate has run out of ammo? grab a mag and throw it to them, watch them catch it and reload their weapon. As a big fan of the ARMA military sim games, this is as good as it gets for me :) , but if you're more of a COD fan, Contractors is a good choice or if you like Fortnight, Population: One is a VR version.


Ha very persuasive. I generally play First person shooters, racing games and RPGs. The game I’m most interested in trying is Half Life Alyx but don’t know much more than that


I'll save you the trouble... Get one! You won't regret it (y) Whatever games you like playing, there is most likely a VR version of it and even if there isn't a native Quest version, you can use the Quest as a PCVR headset too (if your PC is up to the minimum spec). Let me know what games you like playing and I will show you a suitable VR version (that should convince you ;) )


Thanks. That link looks like a great help. I'll read through and no doubt convince myself i need to buy one.


You can play quite a few titles while stationary (there's even a setting for playing while being seated). I play in the front room (or the garden, once the sun has gone over the house), being wireless means you have the freedom to use it almost anywhere (y) The space I have in the front room isn't massive, but the Quest guardian lets you know when you are nearing the edge of your playing area, so you can keep yourself central to your playing area, I also recommend using a small mat in the middle of your play area, so you can tell with your feet where the centre is ;) I did a quick help and tips discussion last Christmas if that's any help... https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/my-top-picks-for-oculus-quest-some-rift-owners-from-the-current-sale-3632769

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https://directcomputers.co.uk/en/product/empire-gaming-amd-fx-8350-rx-570-16gb-ram-480gb-ssd-oculus-rift-vr-headset-everything my son wants a pc to play at 1080p and some VR this … Read more

YouTube is your friend Search FX 8350 benchmark or fx 8350 and your fave game and someone will have benchmarked it. The GPU is fine it is just if the CPU is a bottleneck due to lower single core clock speed. But... As consoles pa4 and Xbox one just similar CPUs... Games are more optimized for this set up than before. So older xeons and FX processors are holding up better today than a few years ago as game engines have moved to multi core. I just don't know about VR games as don't have one. Was trying to find becnhamrka for half life alyx but really you need to search for the game you want to play as others talked about project cars etc So just YouTube search... I


Appreciate the help mate thanks.


At the moment, if you want a brand new PC, this is your best shot from what I could find (if you don't want to build yourself, that is): https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pc-budget-buy-fac3-ryzen-5-4650g-16gb-ram-480gb-ssd-vega-system-ps52500-from-palicomp-3742247 It has no GPU, but I would hold off on adding one until a later date when prices drop. It's easy to add yourself after watching a video, but if concerned you could always pay a local shop to add it. Otherwise, going 2nd hand wouldn't be a bad bet either, or DIY build.


ok thanks for the help will l00k into alternatives since VR isnt tht big of a deal if i can get a better PC without VR and better parts that will be ideal.


FX8350 is an ancient CPU, roughly 9 years old it seems. Even when it came out, it had slow single core (aka gaming) performance. I really doubt 9 years did it any favours. It will feel noticeably slower than a modern system to use day to day, and there is 0 upgradability. You need a new motherboard, CPU and RAM to upgrade. At 1080p, you're going to actually be putting more strain on the CPU rather than the GPU. But ultimately it will come down to the gaming. Something like Cyberpunk for example will run terribly, as will something like Call of Duty. Other games may run better. The current market is terrible for computers as you have probably already seen, but 100% of the value of this build is in the VR Headset and the GPU. The rest is (at least in my eyes) not worth more than like £100 max.

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Oculus quest 2 controllers
Just purchased the quest and I can't get the controllers to work. I changed the battery to them and then I paired them in the oculus app and all seemed ok as the controller vibrate… Read more

Meant to add check this link to a price spreadsheet, really useful to see current, lowest pricing and when games were last on sale. https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/oculus-quest-titles-information-3562701?utm_source=mappshare&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=3562701&utm_campaign=2021-05-28 and follow @dribblesmactavish on here too. Posts a lot of good deals as well as info about the quest too. Today’s is pretty good one for in death and until you fall. HTHs


Excellent I appreciate it (y)


Elven table tennis yeah. Not bad. Walkabout golf is good too. Depends what you like really. Loads of info on here. Suggest adding quest and or oculus to notification as there are many posts about the quest and also on the store pretty regular daily deals as well as bundles to save a few pennies. If have a gaming pc can save by getting from steam too. Quite a few free titles and there’s now an extra App Store as well as sidequest which is an unofficial store. Again lots free there too. Too much to go into in this short reply but quite a few of us here can help. First I’d try some free games and experiences though on e main store. It will give you a feel for vr if not used before. Careful with roller coaster and some others as can make you feel sick of not used to it and haven’t got what’s called VR legs yet. If so feel bad best to stop and do something else get fresh air, have some ginger. Don’t carry on as will get worse. At first I thought I’d never get over it but most do.


Thanks. Somebody said tennis was good too. Any others you can recommend or any other tips please


No sorry not free. Quite regular sales though. You can make a wish list to keep track of what you may want.