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Wacom Intuos Medium Bluetooth Pen Tablet £119.99 - Amazon Treasure Truck TODAY ONLY
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Made hot 20th AugMade hot 20th Aug
Wacom Intuos Medium Bluetooth Pen Tablet for 33% off. Cheapest I have seen for this model. https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07FQDHX9V?context=search Once you receive… Read more

Suppose it depends on what you're used to. Personally, I found working on anything smaller than a large very limiting.


i have the intuos pro large, for quick image touch up, a medium or small is fine


Is this a good entry level setup that you could stick with? I know you can get cheap and cheerful ones around 30-40 but is this more suitable longer term?


The bundled Clip Studio Paint Pro is actually a really good art program and it recently got the ability to import photoshop brushes. One weakness though is it can't handle exporting gifs well.


I remember having a wired version of this size tablet a while back for home use (I used to work in the graphic arts industry). The size is pretty limiting.

Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth Graphics Tablet - Black £49.97 @ Amazon
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Made hot 2nd JulMade hot 2nd Jul
Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth Graphics Tablet - Black £49.97 @ Amazon£49.97£79.9738% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Lowest price it's been for a couple of years. Model: CTL-4100WLK-N https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B079QKRWPF Product Description Wacom Intuos Small Pen Tablet, Black … Read more

Beware: This tablet does not support Plug&Play. It needs drivers for any functionality. Which means that you cannot connect (USB or BT) to a Windows computer and expect it to move the mouse, click on tap or right click on one of the stylus buttons. I am returning it as we speak, since I needed this tablet for its size and BT, to be able to connect to computers I use when I teach in various classrooms of our school, to which I have no admin rights to install drivers (and reboot -other teachers would not like that!). Even worse, I'd like our students to get that tablet and use it, but they too won't be able to bring it to school for our school computers as students (like myself) cannot install drivers. It's hard to accept that in 2021 a device such as this does not plug&play. This is very disappointing as every other (non Wacom) graphics tablet I've used in the last 20 years is certainly plug&play capable, and while the fancy features (extra buttons, or possibly pressure) require a driver, everything else works out of the box. Funnily enough, this tablet works out of the box (and without the need for drivers, i.e. in plug&play mode) in Linux.


Were you on Apple or PC, and which operating system? I'm on a Windows 10 PC, so just a little concerned.


I have one of these - the drivers are terrible! You download a new one for it to work - it shut my entire computer down and it refused to come back on until I went into safe mode and went back to a checked saved point (apparently quite common according to the forums I had to visit on my phone to fix it!) You use an old driver just so your computer will turn on and on every start-up will say it's not running properly. Sometimes it will 'right-click' and sometimes it won't. Sometimes it will show a cursor....sometimes it wont. My last one was similar (bamboo) and I upgraded it to this one thinking it was just too old. Bit of a waste of time as I still have the same issues! LOL


But Wacom kept releasing drivers for their more recent products with the new Apple architecture. I can understand not putting the resources into rewriting drivers for 10 year old, obsolete products but the Bamboo had been available to buy new the year before they discontinued support! That’s just laziness, or more likely, a cynical tactic to force you to buy a new one!


I know this sucks, but this might have been apple too when they stopped supporting 32bit binaries and the new signature process for apps/drivers. A lot of software became sudently obsolete 2-4 years ago with these changes :'( and I agree that the xp-pen products look pretty good.

Wacom Intuos M creative tablet with Bluetooth £119.99 @ Ryman
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Made hot 24th Nov 2020Made hot 24th Nov 2020
Wacom Intuos M creative tablet with Bluetooth £119.99 @ Ryman£119.99£15925% off £3.95 Ryman Deals
Not the cheapest it's ever been but clearly the cheapest since the first lockdown! The small S Bluetooth version is also discounted to £60 instead of the usual £70. Description:… Read more

Yes both oos now. Sorry




I bought two of these ages ago, small and large, for photo editing. Not got round to using them in anger yet...


Haven't tried one of these but I did get a cheaper Huion graphics tablet from amazon awhile back. They are very well reviewed.


Anyone have one of these, or the smaller one? My son is an avid doodler, just wondering of the value of one of these hooked up to the PC?

Wacom Intuos M Creative Pen Tablet with Bluetooth, 3x free software and free delivery with code - £119.99 @ Ryman
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Made hot 24th Nov 2020Made hot 24th Nov 2020
Wacom Intuos M Creative Pen Tablet with Bluetooth, 3x free software and free delivery with code - £119.99 @ Ryman£119.99Ryman Deals
An excellent drawing tablet that according to camelcamelcamel hasn't dropped below £150 since May of this year. It's currently discounted to £134.99 on Amazon, but Ryman have it … Read more

Ipad and get procreate


iPads are a great choice. I think any of the new range support the Apple pencils.


Any suggestions what to buy to be used as graphics tablet for drawing? Chromebook/iPad/surface/MacBook etc? All confusing. Ideally not wanting to spend more than £500.


Look for a 2nd hand one, Wacom are a far higher quality. It does depend how much use you are going to get out of it. Depending what you are using it for, if you are spending £350 is id just get an ipad. I wouldn't pay £329 for a screenless tablet though.


Ta Nobody should pay that price. Even tablets with screens are less expensive than that. Have a look at Huion's tablet's on Amazon and see reviews online. If you make money from this tablet, pay attention to the details. If it is for personal projects, or for teaching/learning online (a writing pad), don' spend more than £70-80. Huion 10in wireless (not BT) Q11K is at that price for the v2 (pen doesn't need charging) or less (for the v1, pen needs charging every 2 months or so depending on use). Wired Huion tablets or smaller than 10in are much cheaper.

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Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablet - £94.99 delivered @ Argos / eBay
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Made hot 9th Feb 2020Made hot 9th Feb 2020
Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablet - £94.99 delivered @ Argos / eBay£94.99eBay Deals
Product Information Designed with creative professionals in mind, this tablet from Wacom allows graphic artists and art enthusiasts to sketch with precision. Its wireless design m… Read more

its been about for about 8 months now - just disable analytics at install time. Logitech has done the same thing with their "options" software


PSA: https://robertheaton.com/2020/02/05/wacom-drawing-tablets-track-name-of-every-application-you-open/


Musta sold out in the 14 hrs since deal posted. Early birds and all that...


If you can't actually buy it, it's not a deal, one way or the other. Pity, as I would have jumped at the chance, for that price.


It’s still a good deal, don’t be so negative..

EIZO ColorEdge CG279X 27 inch Monitor £1,692 at Wex Photo Video
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Made hot 10th Dec 2019Made hot 10th Dec 2019
EIZO ColorEdge CG279X 27 inch Monitor £1,692 at Wex Photo Video£1,692£1,87910% offWex Photo Video Deals
This deal may not be for everyone, but if you are planning on upgrading your retouching set up, then it is good value. EIZO's are rarely discounted, so to get a freebie seems like … Read more

It's an expensive monitor, come on now (lol)


This is an excellent display for people whose livelyhood depends on the monitor showing accurate colours under various circumstances, using various forms of colour management profiles digital cameras record with. It's a costly monitor, but it's not an expensive monitor.