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Wales FA home shirt now £20 JD Sports
LocalLocalFound 9th Oct 2017Found 9th Oct 2017
Found these ready for tonight if anybody’s quick and local. Reduced from £55 Also tracksuit from £95 down to £60

Always stick up for our Celtic Cousins :D


Appreciate. Currently watching. Wales I think had the better half but Ireland dangerous on the break


I to was in the RAF (at Lossiemouth ) ands subsequently on detachment at Leuchars , Macrihanish and Kinloss . always the same sadly , even seen it nearly come to blows in the Sergeants Mess :( The Jocks sadly have a massive chip on their collective shoulder , which combined with a petulant inferiority complex make them an unsavoury bunch when it come to International Football . I have had many sociable nights ruined watching England while living in Scotland by sober (as well as drunk ) Scots "fans " . If you haven't experienced it - you wouldn't want to (especially with your family) ! The perception of jolly Scots fans in kilts having a good time is certainly not true in Scotland when England are playing (Zaire I think it was !) I have never seen this in England, whether its football or rugby we English always support the Home Nations (unless England are playing one of them) To be fair English fans have nothing to be proud of abroad , but if Scots can't at least be civil to the English in Scotland when England are playing a world cup match is pretty sad and juvenile . Football rant over - I loved Scotland , still have many Scots mates , loved the golf there , the scenery etc - but could never work out why the Scots felt so inferior to the English - None of my Scots pals could explain it either - but acknowledged it was a fact . :(


heat added and thats coming from a Irish supporter Would love Wales to get through, but only a little bit more I want Ireland to get through to the next round, even if its only the playoffs


+1!!!! I was in the RAF for over a decade and saw this at every opportunity they had. It’s a shame to tarnish them all with the same attitude but I honestly never saw a different reaction from any Scots during any match or tournament other than what’s written above. Not whilst I lived in Scotland or whilst I was watching matches in England with my Scottish colleagues/friends. Should always want any home team to do well except like mentioned above when it’s a local derby style match. I love Scotland and everything that goes with it except for this one small gripe of their attitude towards English football matches. Better together 😜👊🏻

ASDA 10pack 5w dimmable LED GU10 Bulb's £4.17 instore  Barry, South Wales
Found 20th Sep 2017Found 20th Sep 2017
Founds these bulbs on sale in ASDA Barry, South Wales. Normally £20. Not sure if this is a local deal but seems a bargain for dimmable bulbs. There was at least 10 packs there when… Read more

Still full price at my local Asda


All gone


Good led's dim well and bright , equal to 50 watt halogen.


Available Belfast got last week for £5 £4.17 even better!!


I'll go and get it tomorrow. Thanks

JD Wetherspoon’s pubs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be cutting the price of all food and drink by 7.5 per cent on Wednesday 20 September.
Found 7th Sep 2017Found 7th Sep 2017
A heads-up that JDW will be knocking off 7.5% from all food and drink prices on Wednesday 20th September 2017 as part of their campaign on fairer VAT pricing.

Should join the new debate going on....


Jimbo, I'm getting worried about you. Are you okay? Are you so rich and drunk on power from "taking back control" than you've transcended us normal folk? We could really do with your help: You know the NHS which was already suffering as it was? Under the Tory government who's implementing Brexit for everyone? Well it's getting even worse see. People are actually dying as a result. Maybe you have a solution? Could you ask Farage? I'd really appreciate it mate. Cheers Jimbo, love to you and yours.


Here's more of that rough ride at the start. Looking forward to hearing where the good news will be coming from Jimbo. Show us that silver lining.


Hi Jimbo. Really hope you're well. I've just seen the following: ..and just wanted to know if this is the new, majestic Britain you voted for that we all have to live with? Since you're so confident about how amazing everything is going to be, even though this is just the tip of the iceberg of sh*t we're going to hit in a few years, I'm really looking forward to all those signs everything is in fact going to be okay. I'm ready when you are Jimbo. Please don't go all quiet. You were so vocal before.


Things aren't looking great, unfortunately. It's almost like the UK was thinking it could severely punch above its weight in dealing with one of the biggest political unions on the planet: Still looking forward to hearing your answers to all of the above Jim. You wanted this for all of us, after all. Genuinely, all the best to you and yours. Hope to hear from you soon.

Moldova v Wales Free For ALL Sky Customers on Sky Sports Mix Tuesday
Found 4th Sep 2017Found 4th Sep 2017
The WCQ between Moldova and Wales is free for all Sky customers on channel 121 Sky Sports Mix this coming Tuesday. Kick off is 7:45pm.

Thanks for that chimp, was looking for a sports 24hr deal for the inevitable Scottish nail biter. :o


Yep , def on S4C tomorrow night


Just a heads up. I watched Saturday's game on s4c. It has Welsh commentary but I can handle that as I don't have sky. I'm not sure if tomorrow's game is on s4c but it's worth a check if you haven't got sky. Heat added by the way for the heads up to sky customers. (highfive)


Why cold? If you have sky but not sky sports, this is free. How can people complain


Hence why I put 'free' ? It's a channel that you don't pay extra for. You pay extra for any other Sky Sports channel.

Free First Aid Training - St John Wales
Found 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
St John Wales are offering free 2 hour first aid awareness courses across Wales. Open to both adults and children. Such an important skill to have.

2 hours, just enough time to learn some Ovine mouth to mouth (shock)


2 hours might teach the basics (better than nothing) but it's not the full course - that is 3 days long


Should be free and compulsory imo Would be better if it was part of school/college education


Fantastic.... (highfive)


Fantastic! I would attend if if was in England around me. HEAT

Free CADW events in Wales on Saturday 23rd September 2017
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Take a peek inside some of the most interesting building throughout Wales this September! Many ‘unseen gems’ that are not usually open to the public along with very well know… Read more
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Nice work mate, thanks.


Hope this link works,-4.8630477,8z/data=!3m1!4b1 I've also added a screenshot


Shame there's no map view. Can't be bothered to cut and paste every property name into Google.


S Sssh, don't tell everyone. The amount of money I've saved over the last few years with CSSC has been considerable.


Thanks. Will be a nice day out

Hynt Card  - disabled carers pass for theatre and arts venues in Wales (similar to CEA card)
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
what is hynt? Hynt is a national access scheme that works with theatres and arts centres in Wales to make sure there is a consistent offer available for visitors with an impairment… Read more

I agree - the mobility component of PIP etc should be taken into consideration - would it be worth contacting the Welsh Arts Council regarding this to see if there is anything they can do to address what is a failing as mobility can be a major barrier to access if a carer isn't present to assist.


Thank you. There are two issues regarding the scheme that are problematic. They dont take the mobility component as a qualifying criteria. Which is extremely short-sighted as mobility, does also include a care and companion element to it. Forcing people who have low DLA care rate, or Standard or Enhanced mobility. To have to go through a wholly inappropriate arbitration process. Which they know isn't fit for purpose, having to lay down in great detail why they need a carer. Despite having mobility and low care component demonstrating the need for one. Then there is the issue of people who do not receive any disability benefit whatsoever having to get letters from GP's who will charge for them. If they will provide one in the first place. No system is perfect but there are so many flaws. Did challenge them but they believe their model is right, despite other institutions providing guidance it isn't. Good to let people know :)


I had no difficulty getting the Hynt card - application IO thought was easy and the card came quickly so sorry you had difficulty Damster. The two theatres within easy travelling distance accept the card with no issues and have registered it to me so easy to make telephone bookings. I find it easy to show the card rather than having to take other documentation but agree most places will give concessions for carers if you ask. I have used it in England too and have had it accepted as proof of eligibility. Amour 3k - I actually think it's better than the CEA card as I prefer the theatre and the card is free!


You don't need the card to obtain a free carer ticket. Awfully run scheme, despite huge issues regarding eligibility. Have failed to listen to concerns brushing aside complaints of flaws in the application process. Fundamentally flawed arbitration process should you not automatically meet the criteria. Just explain why you need a carer to a theatre, ask for a "reasonable adjustment" generally ensures you will receive a career ticket free. Also check to see if local councils have better run schemes for regional theatres. Some are easier to apply for.


OP .. "similar to the CEA card"? That's both a yes, and a no?, hehehe, as the CEA card you need to pay for ... Whereas the Wale's equivalent HYNT card you don't?, lol. But a VERY COOL freebie to be had though?, for those that can get of course etc etc? (London, take note ... ) :-)

Wales WRU 2016/17 Home Replica Rugby Shirt - Men £16, Kids £8 + £3.95 del @ Lovell Rugby
Found 20th Jul 2017Found 20th Jul 2017
Red home shirt £16 sizes S - XXL Black away shirt £18 s… Read more

Who would want an Admiral T-Shirt?


This is the price kids shirts should be anyway IMO. Shouldn't cost a fortune for the little ones to show their support.


Good deal


Worst Wales shirt ever.


Strange then that the last 3 lions players of the tournament have been Welsh I will not even mention recent lions captains

Found 6th Jul 2017Found 6th Jul 2017
Free weekend bus travel for everyone on TrawsCymru from now (July 2017) until May 2018 as part of a Welsh Government pilot to stimulate bus use The pilot, which will apply to all … Read more
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Not sure. The media reported it was "May 2018" Other articles say, "When fund runs out" The main site says still running.


Is that beginning or end of may do you know?


Still running until May 2018


Awesome just seen this will use to get to Barmouth. thanks


Do ewe mean to say ewe are jealous ?

Playmobil Figures blind bags - pink and black 99p at Home Bargains Bangor, North Wales
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
These Playmobil figures blind bags were 99p in Home Bargains in Bangor, North Wales today. May be in other stores too.

Pretty awesome way to get some extra ghosts to go with the Ghostbusters sets. It's the easiest figure to feel for.


Had these for a few weeks now series 10 we have almost all of them now

Wales Replica Kids Jersey £12 / £15.95 delivered @ Lovell rugby
Found 11th Jun 2017Found 11th Jun 2017
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For my kids just to clarify.. I'm not a really little man. Honest


Cold?! Come March, I'll be glad of this. Good find


That is a good price for a Rugby Shirt. They're normally around the £50 mark. Lovell are a good company I've used them before. Heat given as to the price.

Under Armour Wales WRU 2016/17 Supporters Rugby Jacket £24 + Massive sale
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
Lovell Rugby seem to be having a massive sale. This jacket is a highlight for me. Already have it black so I've bought the Red one too. These are very loose fitting so go 1 size … Read more

If you try your local charity shop they normally have loads of Welsh rugby stuff



Can't find the hoody anywhere, where are you seeing it sorry?


Tenner £10


it would be a tender ?

For Honor PS4 £10 Asda Instore - Pyle South Wales
LocalLocalFound 16th May 2017Found 16th May 2017
Good price for this title. Found in Asda in Pyle in South Wales.

Having said that, Ubisoft claim that it's more for the single player than The Division or GR: Wildlands were. They claim it does have a campaign.


Not for me then. Thanks


'Online connection required'. You can guess from that.


Full price at Cribbs Causeway. In fact, Sweet Fanny Adams in the way of deals, apart from a Vivitar 14 megapixel potato for £6. I passed.


34 in my Asda in Cardiff and no games on sale at all

Destiny - The Collection £11 in Asda - Newport, South Wales
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
Destiny - The Collection contains every release from the award-winning first person action shooter franchise to date. It includes: Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below, Expansion I… Read more
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Was 2 in Gloucester store


managed to pick up a non sealed copy (was sealed with security tape) Got home and realised that the DLC is missing - I assumed it was on the disc! Not impressed.


Got one from Asda Sefton Park in Liverpool. There's none on the shelf but if you ask someone near the tills they'll go and have a look in the draws where they keep them. Got 10% employee discount. So got it for £9.90 8) Although it's taking an absolute age to download all the updates and stuff.


Still haven't been able to find a copy in North Wales (west coast). Queensferry is too far for me. Tried Llandudno but they don't have any games reduced. Gutted!! :(


got this in Asda queensferry today for 11 I asked for the Xbox one version but that was 40.ialso picked up a Disney 3.0 marvel play set for a fiver and home front revolution for 3 quid bargain.

£30pppn with Real Family Holidays PLUS 10% off bookings for Pembrokeshire
Found 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
If you're looking for an outdoors holiday for the family and getting close-up with nature, these are great and affordable. Full board and activities included. 10% off bookings for … Read more
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thanks OP, sounds like a nice outdoor Family trip, will have a look :)


Code works for other sites aswell!


Says a lot about this site when a 20 pack or quavers has a higher rating than a cheap night away with the family!


We did one last year in Surrey and had a great time. Recommended.


Oo, looks interesting, going to take a look. Thanks op.

Dolphin and Whale Watching for Two £75 (was £178), Wales Ceredigion, or Cornwall Penzance @ Virgin Experience Days
Found 19th Apr 2017Found 19th Apr 2017
Might be of use to someone for a mini experience. Sometimes these experience days can be difficult to synchronize with your free time so read the terms. Good luck spotting them.
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Hummm. Blow holes. I wonder? :{


Just for information; reading the comments left on the Virgin website, it sounds like they use 'Marine Discovery' in Penzance (who are brilliant by the way; very knowledgeable and friendly - we went on a trip with them 3 & a half years ago). A 3 hour trip booked directly with Marine Discovery is £35 each; or a 4 hour is £45. If you check on their facebook - they usually upload daily 'spottings', so can try to plan when might be a lucky time to see dolphins etc. :)


Pffft.... £75.00 for two of us to watch some Welsh people, I don't think that's worth the money.


book direct and it is cheaper - so cold


better than going to the evil that is seaworld . i know there not orcas but your seeing whales in there natural habitat .

Disabled? Get a Free HYNT card for access for a carer or personal assistant to performances at theatres or arts centres in Wales to accompany you free of charge..
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
what is hynt? Hynt is a national access scheme that works with theatres and arts centres in Wales to make sure there is a consistent offer available for visitors with an impairment… Read more

Sounds excellent, love theater and 5 years wow.


That's good dougypet... Hynt card is for theatre and arts centres but would imagine it will be great for children during panto season. Mine came very quickly and is valid for 5 years.


used my girls cea card on Monday. Along with her membership card we can both get into the cinema for £3 total. She is deaf and gets DLA. Carers card is good for money off swimming pools.


Agree. Easy to judge without knowing full facts.


My partner is on DLA, high level care, but physically you would not see this. So I find your comment relating to genuine disability rather insulting as this covers multiple conditions. But good post OP

Ralph Lauren Hoodie  Age 2-3 for £5 instore TK Maxx - Bangor N Wales
LocalLocalFound 25th Mar 2017Found 25th Mar 2017
Ralph Lauren Hoodie for £5. Age 2-3. (Instore) Absolute bargain in my local TKMAXX, worth taking a look in one near you.
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​How do you know clothes have been sterilised in other shops? Best is to wash after purchase.


Voted hot. I love Tkmaxx as well. But need to check throughly before buy as they are selling left over stock from expensive fashion labels and some times things have defects or are customer returns of big brands. The big brand stores I cannot afford but tkmaxx and their other shop homesense I can.


Never buy from that dirty place half the clothes are already violated by dirty customers


Yeah it's annoying. See something in one size but don't have it in another. Like trainers they have some sizes but not others. Sales are the same, got my wife some bargain vans trainers for a fiver once


Wow :)

Sail to Ireland for £2 each way with Stenaline Holyhead to Dublin or Fishguard to Rosslare
Found 16th Mar 2017Found 16th Mar 2017
WHAT'S THE DEAL? £2 single foot passenger fare Valid for travel from Holyhead to Dublin or Fishguard to Rosslare Travel up to 15 December Book by 18 March 2017 … Read more
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take a train up to Conway or Bangor. more in dublin than in holyhead!


Nothing it's an absolute dump


Holyhead is a hell of a long way from Llandudno -


​Totally agree! We stayed in Dublin for four nights. Spoke to a local, older chap in the market on our first day and asked for the best pubs, places to see and where to eat. We had a fabulous time, saw lots of interesting places, including a short but beautiful train trip to a lovely little place on the coast called Howth. There were seals in the harbour! <3 We bought a multi ride bus ticket to get around and the buses were as frequent as any other large city I've visited. Also had one of the best Chinese meals I have ever eaten in Dublin Chinatown! It can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it. We had a amazing break :3


Worth noting Liverpool to Belfast is £5 each way too. It's over 6 hrs and you can fly in 40 mins though and the train will cost me more to get from Cheshire to Liverpool.

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