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A good watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s also a fashion statement, sporting accessory – even a social networking device. With such a diverse range of watches available, finding the right style and features is vital. Whatever kind is required, it can be found at the HotUKDeals watches pages, with major discounts on all of the top global brands. Read more
Claim a free Huawei Watch GT and Wireless Charger, worth £259 when you pre-order and purchase a Huawei Mate20 Pro
25/10/2018Expires on 25/10/2018Found 31 m agoFound 31 m ago

Woah - That's some deal there, still £300 cheaper than an apple and Samsung (on launch) , with a couple freebies thrown in. Well done Huawei. Overpriced if the freebies weren't offered though. All in my opinion of course :)

Lenovo HX03F Smart Watch Bluetooth 4.2 Heart Rate Monitor iOS & Android £15.16 delivered with code @ Dresslily
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 1 h, 51 m agoFound 1 h, 51 m ago

All the reviews are Indian for some reason, are they bigger in India or is there still a problem with paid reviews?


Not a lot in it, the Mi Band 3 has more features, but the HX03 has a fabulous oLED screen, which is very good for daytime / bright sun use (strong)


Vs mi band 3?


There is no shipping fee, both send any item over £50 free of charge and if you got a phone, that was NOT held at the EU forwarding warehouses they use, 4 weeks is really good, direct from Asia, if you do not want to save £140 odd and are in a hurry for your items, not to save any money on, this deal is not for you! (y)


£ 187 with shipping fee and £5 discount. Hmm I will pass. Bought a phone with them and arrived about 4 weeks later.


Aww thanks for that


Not a stupid question in anyway! This Gear S3 works with any Android phone that has bluetooth, which is basically nearly all of the ones made, it is *limited* on iPhone's, where some features do not work as well, but they still work. 8) See comment above (y)


Probably a stupid question, but does Samsung watches work with any Android phones, like the Honor 8X


Why do mods feel the need to unnecessarily change your titles/posts? All the info was here, I'd put Non-Prime right at the top of my post as I couldn't fit it in with the watch's description/title of this Deal. If the Non-Prime details were missing I could understand. And I'm pretty sure it was also edited to say £19.98 - not £19.99, which is the Amazon/Argos price (just fixed that as well). Maybe gives them something to do but I'd prefer it if they moderated passive aggressive comments or unsolicited PMs. Happened to a few of my posts now - unnecessary edits.


Sure - I actually already did this in a p.m. to a member. Credit to louiselouise for pointing out the LCD stealth mod thread ages ago in another post: So there's an exterior stealth mod ,where you remove all the white lettering: And I've seen other mods where you remove or replace the polarized film in front of the LCD so that it inverts the LCD: Some people also change the LED light to a different colour - I think that's covered in the link above too. It's pretty cool, but I think soldering surface-mount LEDs is a bit beyond my soldering skill level! Although - my favourite mod is actually more of a hack/rebuild where the maker created a look-a-like Alien F-100 mod here: I would love an original f-100, but they're going for around £200-250.


Can you elaborate on the mods?


Quite like the watch but at £20 its getting close to low end G-Shocks which I prefer, also G-Shocks are quite often discounted (black Friday etc) for instance my work watch is a £90 Tough Solar Radio Controlled that I picked up for a tad over £40 ........... but have some heat .............


Two weeks ago it was around the £24 so good deal only on prime


I really don't think that's why people buy them.


They're cheap and functional...


Because if they did, the militant wing of the feminists reserves would get on twitter to complain it's sexist to presume wimins want white/pink!


What is the fascination with these things?


Casio are sexists, for not releasing a pink/ white straped version of this for the females 👺

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Casio Mens Edifice Watch Solar Sapphire EFB-560SBD-1AVUER £119 (RRP £249) @ Watches2U Flash Sale
TODAYTODAYFound 15th OctFound 15th Oct

Or download the instructions....


Well then, then, I'll have to hide it under my pillow and wait :)


Only if you have it set to 'snooze'.


Each time you stop the alarm, it sounds again after a few minutes Oh no, maybe you can just hide it under your pillow till the battery runs out?


£15.49 delivered at 7 Day Shop: EDIT: £14.99 delivered via their eBay Shop:


All I said was that it’s “fugly” which was my opinion then you took it personally by implying the empty cash wallet implying that I can’t afford luxury watches. Now you’re suggesting that you bought it not for for its appreciation value which is fair enough, I understand that but your earlier post was about the prices of the watches. Anyway my comment was just my own opinion and it was nothing to do with the “brands” rather the aesthetic look.... beauty is in the eye of beholder.


Obviously I can't, because they do deprecate, like MOST things in life. But to be fair, I didn't buy it as an investment, I bought it because I enjoy it, and never suggested it was an appreciating asset. This said, it's still worth around £3,000, and I bought it for less than list price, so as and when I ever sell it i won't have lost a fortune. The reason that some (not all) Rolex models appreciate is due to how Rolex control the supply, not because they are especially good. When I ordered the GMT I had to sign an agreement that I will allow the supplying AD to keep the papers in their safe for the first year, to prevent 'flipping'.


Can you show me that this omega will hold its value or show me an omega over the past 5 years that have held their rrp value? :/


Same with the Omega you gimp.


LOL! you've got a Tag and you think it's class, It's money down the drain with resale values dropping quicker than Jordans panties.


Did anyone figure out the actual watch being sold in the end?


100m should be regarded as a minimum for swimming.


Once I realised what you were alluding to I did some reading (rather than 40minutes of YouTube) turns out dynamic water pressure is nonsense! Either way, I'm not sure I'd gamble on 30m WR for swimming; I wouldn't mind washing up in it, but I don't think I'd trust it in the pool after owning it for a while without getting it pressure tested first.


I thought Argos exclusives were always around this price. Perhaps RRP they have quoted belongs to the incorrect model number stated?


Defo recommend you watch a video from long island watch on YouTube that looks at water resistant

Nokia steel HR hybrid watch - £114 @
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct

He has it attached somewhere other than his wrist?! XD


Short: Yes Long: I have this (withings variety) and after the recent update that made it equivalent to the withings steel sport hr (a newer version, basically same watch different strap) its been great. For notifications I find it better than my fitbit charge 2, you can send almost any android notification to it. For steps and hr it seems to be good although it doesnt pick up different sports automatically like my fitbit charge 2 ( i could be wrong onthat) .I got my one from warehouse for sub 90 but this is a decent price after the update which made everything more stable. Yeah I was wrong it does track your movements in different sports


Nice looking watch one thing that I don’t understand . the smart wake up pic ,He isn’t wearing it so how can it vibrate to wake him up ?


Is This watch any good

Casio Men's Wave Ceptor Digital LCD Watch @ Argos Free C&C
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Get dealGet deal

That's a better deal (y)

grumbler £24.99 delivered


I've got this one, it sometimes appears on Warehouse (I'd say how much but it'd just come off as a humble-brag). Boyf pinched it for himself. It has nice turquoise illumination which lights up for around three seconds (unlike the A168WG-9EF I have - annoys me immensely), which I prefer to the amber or white LEDs Casio usually have, even though it doesn't have as long a lifespan/uses up a bit more battery. Works perfectly. Raised an eyebrow at a few reviews mentioning a fault with this model, .."after about 2 years, the watch keeps resetting itself to 12:00 January 1st, 2005 for no apparent reason. A call to the Casio Technical Help Line was most revealing - I described the fault and the girl immediately told me the type of watch I was referring to. In other words, I was not the first!" Worth being aware, but hopefully Amazon or Casio will have my back if there's problems. Casio's Customer Service has been great, in my experience.


Of course they are, price matching is what Amazon do. Once they've destroyed the competition kiss goodbye to those deals.


Wow! I bet Red Dead Redemption 2 will look awesome on this!!


Coming up as $155 for me.


Coming up as 159 dollars?


11 Quid more from Spain - Is it worth it?


Ok, its good to hear from someone in the know. (y) Its good compared to Garmin but with todays technology 5-6 days, just seems a short period of time. I'd personally suffer from battery / range anxiety similar to users of battery powered cars (lol)


Firstbeat Analysis, some training options, swimming and better looks ( but then I own one ). Still looks a good watch for the price if you dont need the extras.


I buy from Argos they pay UK tax.


I thought this was standard price and had been for a few years OP


Posted earlier too. And you don't have to be a part of Amazon Slime. (lol)


Not a proper illuminator Ugly




Is it blue? I cant tell from the photo.


Cheers OP. I went to Argos on my break, needing a watch for work that I don't mind getting scuffed and had a look at this one and the other that has been posted. This one looked much better. Its actually a really nice looking watch, the pictures don't do it justice. Bargain for a tenner. Cheers again!


It's not standard, this is actually higher (understandably)


Is everyone mentally ill. First vinyl record players now this. How about wooden rims for my bike.


I still use my Casio HD had it for a few years now and can take a lot of punishment only thing I've had to replace is the strap.

Tomtom spark 3 cardio £110.49 @ TomTom
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct

I'll bear that in mind


Just remember tomtom spark music and the spark 3 although look the same are different items.


As an owner of a Tomtom Spark Music (that I got for a lot less than this) I think £110 is a lot for what you're getting here. As an out and out GPS watch these are fine, but for the same money you could pick up a GPS enabled Ticwatch Android wear device, or you could spend a lot less and get something like an Amazfit device. Also, the tomtom devices advertise Smartwatch notifications but they are sketchy as hell, and once they've popped up once you can't look back through them, and you're obliged to get your phone out.


Yeah, exactly. I'd rather be seen with the Betron headphones than something with Ben Sherman labelled on it.


I agree with you, but Ben Sherman is hardly a brand worth shouting about which makes this even more cringe.


A cheap "KASHIDUN" or similar brand watch from Amazon (about £8-12) is probably going to be better, and get a pair of Betron (Sephia) headphones like KH685 for less than £10. Paying a lot of money for a brand name slapped on some cheap china tat.


It's around that magic price of £30 where buying second-rate items doesnt seem so bad. The fact you're getting two things makes it seem like a Christmas bargain. The fact of the matter is you'll get a light, base-metal watch that looks okay and will outlive the cruddy strap that will be beyond economic repair once it goes and the headphones will sound very mediocre until one of the ears give out. It will be exactly what it appears to be: two cheap things that aren't very good, but probably alright at least for a while. A cheap stocking filler and nothing more. Is it a hot deal? I dunno. It is cheap though and the two year guarantee sounds good but won't cover wear and tear to the strap.


This was the worst 'let's try our brand name on something else' product ever though; Absolutely awful - and clearly always bought from a catalogue!

Casio Men's Digital LCD Watch- £9.99 + Free C&C @ Argos
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct

For those talking about prices vs then and now, most Casio digitals have plastic cases which, I assume, is what makes for the cheap prices nowadays, compared to the past. You can get all-stainless steel Casios but they cost a lot more's+stainless+steel+bracelet+watch/?cmCat=OVM I *think* the all-stainless varieties are Limited Editions - maybe to see how they sell? It's the number one moan you see from Casio-lovers on Watch Forums. Trying to find a dedicated page that advertises the all-stainless steel ranges and not coming up with much!* I have this watch's+stainless+steel+digital+watch/ - it doesn't help that H Samuel advertise it as "Stainless Steel" - only the strap is steel, the case is plastic: coated resin. *This G-Shock G-STEEL Collection has a few




What's with all the comments, links and pictures to the totally wrong watch! This watch is my absolute favourite. Everyone at my work has the exact same Casio, the smaller black one, so I love being being the odd one out!!!


Great! Thanks! Just bought one!


I have used mine for two years swimming almost every day and it has been perfect!


Well.... until they start delivering the watches from the other 2 threads on HUKD, it’s going to keep getting colder


How cold can this get? 🤪 (lol)


grey goods dodgying vat dont tell the t@x man!


Utter scumbags, don’t deliver and ignore emails! Deals for this company should be banned from Hot uk deals!


I assume you paid via PayPal/Credit Card? Just ring them up and cancel the transaction on the basis of product not shipped...

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