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Beko Fridge Freezer WITH WATER DISPENSER - £269 + £30 Cashback CFG1582DS 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver - A+ Rated @ AO
Refreshed 21st May 2018Refreshed 21st May 2018
Beko Fridge Freezer WITH WATER DISPENSER - £269 + £30 Cashback CFG1582DS 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Silver - A+ Rated @ AO
Update 1
Dropped another £10 to £269 plus £30 AO cashback offer still on
£30 cashback when you buy this product Key Features 261 litre capacity - holds 14 bags of food shopping Evenly circulates cold air to prevent icy build-ups Water dispe… Read more
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Beko are the leading light with there freezer guard technology which is worth noting.It is a go to brand if you want to store your freezer in the garage or outbuildings were other brands fall well short.


Because I was looking at them in store. Bosch are a premium brand and you don't get plastic interiors with them


You are always going to get both good and bad stories about any brand which is why its important to try and find out reliability information gathered from a wide audience like the which reliability surveys so you can get a realistic viewpoint. Beko were scoring very highly a couple years ago but not seen the recent reports. One important difference between my Beko fridge freezer and my last Hoover/Candy model is the Beko actually works really well. I had a lot of spoilage with the Hoover model as it struggled to keep things frozen on a hot day and needed some cleaning occasionally to keep it working. No issues at all with the Beko you just forget about it almost as it just does it job. That's not to say there aren't better models out there but there most certainly is worse by a long way. Of course my experience may not be typical as I'm only one person and people need to realise the same of their individual experience.


I've had two Beko fridge freezers. First one I left with my previous house after seven years use and was perfect with no problems. I bought another which has been going for 16 years no problem. From my experience I would buy Beko again.


I agree with those advising against buying Beko appliances. My Beko fridge freezer had a faulty control panel on arrival and the ice maker has broken twice. Each repair took about 3 visits. My Beko tumble dryer's PCB burnt out and after 3 months of trying to repair it they took it away and gave me a refund.

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker with extra carafe only £99.99 @ sodastream
Found 13th Apr 2018Found 13th Apr 2018
SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker with extra carafe only £99.99 @ sodastream
Never posted before but thought I’d share as seems like a good deal for a great price. SodaStream look like they are tackling the consumption of sparkling water in plastic bottles… Read more
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beware they have discontinued loads of flavours, cola and dr pete have gone, my favorites :( not worth £100, mine was £20 from home bargains with a £10 voucher in the box


Thank you :)


not at all, can confirm


I bought too back in january when was £20. I then bought a co2 tank (6.4kg) which last me for 4-5 months, and cost me only £20 for refill :)


Do these occupy a lot of space on the kitchen worktop?

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with Height Adjust and Variable Dispense, 2.0 Litre, Silver £47.38  sold and dispatched by Robert John Wilcock - Amazon
Found 7th Apr 2018Found 7th Apr 2018
Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with Height Adjust and Variable Dispense, 2.0 Litre, Silver £47.38 sold and dispatched by Robert John Wilcock - Amazon
3rd party seller, or £52.64 from Amazon direct. Has been £48ish from amazon, lasted a few minutes but.
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Glad i went Amazon direct, purely for the returns system incase it wasn't up to much. Pleasantly impressed with it so far. There was a funny taste to start off with, even after cycling through to begin with but that has gone away.


Wife bought a carpet washer from him on 31/03/18 dispatched same day allegedly. Still no sign of it, no tracking details and on 2nd attempt a message saying he's having a party abroad with my money until May. Finally been issued a refund from Amazon but if anyone knows where he lives he's away for the foreseeable future so feel free to spend some time at his, you can probably wash the carpets before leaving to remove your DNA using our washer.


Do not buy from Robert John Wilcock, check his Amazon seller feedback, he has not sent out at least 30 orders and all are in dispute


I think you'll love it. Don't forget to empty / clean the drip tray every so often.


1st delve into these dispensers, see how it goes.

DAEWOO 60/40 Fridge Freezer water dispenser 2year gurrantee included - £279.99 with code at Currys
Found 10th Mar 2018Found 10th Mar 2018
DAEWOO 60/40 Fridge Freezer water dispenser 2year gurrantee included - £279.99 with code at Currys
USE CODE LKA20 Top features: - Frost free & auto defrost for easy maintenance - Stay refreshed with a water dispenser - Store your food neatly with adjustable spill-pr… Read more
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The irony of my comment ... several months later I have just bought a fridge with a water dispenser (lol)


At this price, probably, if you can put it somewhere the noise won't be an issue.


Would you recommend this fridge freezer?


I bought this 6 weeks ago. Very noisy... Within 4 weeks my freezer inner liner got damaged while using trays....Daewoo replaced with new no questions asked. Not a good build quality


Nice fridge, but I already have a good water dispenser in my kitchen. It's called a tap. I turn the knob and water comes out. Cracking water dispenser.

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with Adjustable Cup Height, 1.7 Litre, Gloss Black £29.99 Amazon
Found 6th Mar 2018Found 6th Mar 2018
Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with Adjustable Cup Height, 1.7 Litre, Gloss Black £29.99 Amazon
Dispenses water at the touch of a button Boils water in 1 minute Height adjustable, removable drip tray 1.7L (6-8 cup) capacity Separate stop button so you can stop mid cycle E… Read more
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Alternatively, put the "right amount" of water in the kettle from now & save yourself £29.99 immediately.


I have one of these (different model but same brand) it does brews fine :)


Hot enough for a coffee or tea...I had this one and the original model - this one looks good but you have to fill it with s jug...the original one is cordless and you fill it like a kettle..would not be without it


I have the 1st version of this and it's great


If im right when making tea or coffee your not supposed to use boiling water so maybe that's why it doesn't come out boiling as I've read in some posts on here if im correct then there's nothing wrong wiyh it it's just my opinion

Morphy Richards Pebble accents hot water dispenser/kettle £40.79 @ Morphy Richards
Found 17th Jan 2018Found 17th Jan 2018
Morphy Richards Pebble accents hot water dispenser/kettle £40.79 @ Morphy Richards
Online at morphy richards for 47.99 currently with 40% off, enter code SAV15 for a further 15% which makes it 40.79 with free delivery. Currently £69 on Amazon and online elsewhere… Read more

Wow fast delivery too ordered Wednesday night-arrived today!


we have had 2 of these and we are currently still using one and its by far the best we've ever had, we've had the current one 4 years and we are big tea drinkers so its well used and its never failed. The breville ones both failed we had the cheap one and the more expensive job and they were rubbish, the only niggle is the light which comes on above the cup but goes off before the water stops and its hard to see how much water is in the cup. Its faulty then, if its leaking thats why its tripping the mains its bin fodder. when you are low on water it makes a noise which lets you know its nearly empty its like a swoosh noise it only makes this noise when theirs very little water left. Im not being funny but when this noise happens the kettle needs filling so the person thats using it when that noise occurs should fill it up as theirs nothing worse than going to make a drink to find the kettles empty, its no different than a jug kettle as that makes odd noises when you boil them dry such as hissing as for spitting neither of the one we have owned have ever spat or drowneded surfaces thats probably boiling dry. I suspect thats why its leaking as you've damaged it by boiling it dry. Like ive said we've had ours 4 years plus and its used loads probably 20 times a day and its still working fine.


Ours leaks and trips the house fuses occasionally. It doesn't stop when out of water - you just get no water and a lot of hissing. Quite bad at splashing nearby work surface. Difficult to see water level if under a cupboard on a worktop. Other than that, it is fine but overpriced


Seeing how much water left with this one isn't easy as no light for the tank. Shame as looks nicer than the breville one.


Good find. We have a Breville & it's definitely worth getting one with variable control like this.

Swan American style fridge freezer with water dispenser £429.99 @ Very
Found 17th Jan 2018Found 17th Jan 2018
Swan American style fridge freezer with water dispenser £429.99 @ Very
Very sale having nearly 300 off this American style fridge freezer This Deluxe Swan Double Door Fridge Freezer Has Everything You Need For Busy Family Life.For free delivery use c… Read more

White one just delivered. 10% New user discount and 10% TCB discount. Quidco offer 7% Can also get 2% cash back on credit card, but opted for 12 months interest fee instead. A struggle to get in. But it’s in.


£450 now


Really happy with the carrier.


Aye - bit more reading confirms this. Kenwood (well De'Longhi as mentioned above) license out their name (normal practice across many consumer brands) and Curry's stick the Kenwood badge on a generic product and sell it to the unsuspecting public as a trusted brand.


That's only the small kitchen appliances. I believe there large appliances are Curry's own...

Hisense RB320D4WW1 Fridge Freezer + Water Dispenser £199.99 @ Argos
Found 12th Jan 2018Found 12th Jan 2018
Hisense RB320D4WW1 Fridge Freezer + Water Dispenser £199.99 @ Argos
£199.99Argos Deals
Cheapest I can find online and a great deal when compared to other places online. You can also get it in Black or Silver for another thirty pound. Overview: Size H175, W55.4, D… Read more
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Cool deal.




Also imagine operating in China and being sued by what is effectively an arm of the Chinese government. But then you have to wonder why they're really doing this. Could it be to get back at Sharp for the lawsuit they launched against Hisense in the US over, among other things, how shoddily made their products are? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-40246908


My water dispenser integrates quite nicely barely wasting any fridge space. Also uses the water to make ice. Obviously not at this price point though


Heat added

Candy CCBF5182WWK Frost Free Fridge Freezer with water dispenser (White) £269.99 delivered w/code @ Argos
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Candy CCBF5182WWK Frost Free Fridge Freezer with water dispenser (White) £269.99 delivered w/code @ Argos
Frost free, A+ Rated + Manufacturer's 10 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee Use code WHITE10 at checkout, free delivery aval on some days/dates Candy's CCBF5182WWK frost free… Read more
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Good deal 😁

Breville VKT124 Hot Cup Water Dispenser 1.7L £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Breville VKT124 HotCup Water Dispenser. Dispenses boiling water at the touch of a button. The Breville Hot Cup is designed to dispense boiling water in seconds, fulfiling your hot … Read more

Brilliant especially for visually impaired people who can't see how full their mug is. As long as the mug takes more than the machine throws out, you wont overfill again. I know there's a "beeper" system that goes over the side of the mug to tell you when it's full but many people can't hear that either, so the one cup thingy is perfect.


Interesting, I wouldn't say all the energy because I wasn't aware of any system where 100% electrical energy is transferred into the same amount of heat energy by 100%. You would lose some heat to heat the heating element as well as resistance in the wires, fuse etc. Not to mention the sides of the kettle, but I get what you are saying. Water has quite a high specific heat capacity (c), q = mc^T. So heat is not as efficiently transferred to water as it is to other fluids. A central heating system that uses supercritical CO2 would be cool lol. But yeah, I think you are right about it being the most efficient in the home. Hmm LED light bulb is not as it is a resistor... Hangon... Anything operated by hand is the most efficient, Pepper mill! Haha not electrical I know. Hmm got it... Sandwich toaster! The metal / ceramic plates heat up faster than water and then we directly in contact with the bread! Hehe


Qudos to you for looking into this and adding the links. So I've read those and I'm not totally convinced to rule out Oxygen. Only two studies are mentioned in those links which use scientists as the taste testers. In the past I've read descriptions from tea testers (anecdotal perhaps) that state that they can definitely taste a difference between a reboiled cup and a freshly boiled. So all evidence states boiled water tastes different to fresh and especially if from a fresh stream. The other links specified that carbon dioxide maybe the cause and the other speculated nitrogen. Without talking about the differing partial pressures of the gases, the concentration of dissolved nitrogen seemed to be far too low, but could be tested by boiling some water, tasting and leaving it in the fridge for a couple of days (70% of air compared to 20%) plus gassing is an exothermic process so cooling the liquid would speed things up. This may also introduce Oxygen back in, so can't say for sure but if it works it is one of those. The carbon dioxide theory could be tested by continuously blowing say every few hours or so for 10 minutes through a straw into the bottom of a glass of cooled water that has been boiled and tasted. But when you did a similar thing as a kid it made the drink taste worse but could have been because you were warming the glass up. It could however be anything that is commonly dissolved in water not just gases. But you will still notice the advice with Britta kettles etc. Unsure exactly what the filters catch and how good they are. Anyway, those are my thoughts for Christmas haha!


Further info, a kettle (or a heater) is the most efficient electrical appliance that you will own. As all the energy it uses is transferred into heat with virtually no losses. physics lesson: you cannot make or break energy, only convert it into another form.


Cheers, I actually read all of that... very insightful!

Hisense RB320D4WW1 Fridge Freezer (with water dispenser) £199.99 @ Argos
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Hisense RB320D4WW1 Fridge Freezer (with water dispenser) £199.99 @ Argos
£199.99Argos Deals
50/50 Fridge Freezer with non-plumbed water dispenser Size H175, W55.4, D56.2cm. Net fresh food storage volume 149 litres. Net frozen food storage volume 97 litres. Reversibl… Read more
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If buying online it should tell you in the description on the website you're buying from. I also found this quite helpful, just do a document search (press control and F on windows) for your fridge model number, not sure how up to date it is but worth a look. link to list.


Hi, how can you tell it's plastic or metal back??? Thanks


There's certain things i can stock up on today, don't think with the wife fridge freezers will be one of those (lol) (lol)


See the Bush model seems to be the cheap one with a metal rear, nice to have well protected Bush.

Double Discount - Fridgemaster MS9151BFF American Fridge Freezer - Black with Water Dispenser £323.99 with code @ Argos
Found 15th Nov 2017Found 15th Nov 2017
Part of Argos Black Friday deals. Looks a great deal for this large American Fridge freezer with water dispenser. Multiple promos seem to be applying Reduced from £599.99 to… Read more
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We ordered, arrived today (y) 🏻


Yes left hand side is all freezer space and the right side all fridge BUT the freezer side is the smaller of the two sides . Yes it does NOT look highend as one costing 800 quid plus I think for 350 ish its a steal and looks great in my kitchen


Also is the last hand side all freezer space and right the fridge??


What's the quality like?

Fridgemaster American Fridge Freezer with water dispenser £359 with code at ao.com
Found 14th Nov 2017Found 14th Nov 2017
As part of the Black Friday deals they’ve knocked this down to £399 but a £40 code is still valid for orders over £399 which brings this down to £359. code is MEGA40 and expires o… Read more
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I got mine price matched to the black one at Argos for £323.99. Worth giving them a call if your ordered


They obviously have kids otherwise they wouldn't be my in-laws ;) Joking aside, they do regret it a bit for the reasons I stated but of course this is a sample size of one. It may suit many other people better.


Price match against the Argos deal for the black version and they will drop the price


Yeah me too, look like it has expired


Getting the same code expired

Hisense American Style Fridge Freezer with Water/Ice Dispenser (Plumbed) - £594 with discount code at AO.com
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Hisense American Style Fridge Freezer with Water/Ice Dispenser (Plumbed) - £594 with discount code at AO.com
Hi guys! I think this is a cracking deal. This American style fridge freezer has great reviews and its price has been recently reduced from £719 to £669 at AO.com and Argos. Use d… Read more

Ditto to that. This is my first purchase from ao.com. Do they do this every time? Guy was pleasant enough but knew he was after something. There's nice, then there's too nice. Proceeded to go on with scare mongering that if kids break the door or shelves etc etc this will all be covered for just £1.73 per week. That's almost £90 a year so think I'll take my chances. I will specifically request that they don't call me about this again. I understand they're trying to make commission etc but I have absolutely no interested in this whatsoever. Not unless it was £20 a year or something but that'll never happen.


Nosey much


Argos not budging on the £669 so I've cancelled and ordered this through ao.com. Thanks again @pshemek


I ordered this over a week ago with Argos for £719. The price dropped to £669 within a couple of days. I called Argos and they had no problem refunding me the £50 difference. I was supposed to get notification of delivery last Friday. It's Tuesday now and I still haven't heard anything. I'll ask to cancel the order if they can't match this. Thanks op. Heat added.


Right in time :)

Haier HRF-522WS6 American Side By Side Fridge Freezer Silver - A+ Rated w/ water dispenser  - £429.99 w/code @ Co-op electrical + FREE Rapid Del
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Haier HRF-522WS6 American Side By Side Fridge Freezer Silver - A+ Rated w/ water dispenser - £429.99 w/code @ Co-op electrical + FREE Rapid Del
Looks like a cracking price for a good sized frost free fridge freezer The Haier American Fridge Freezer from the Elegante Series is sleek and stylish and designed to complement t… Read more
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I want this but I'm kinda worried that it won't fit through the door (embarrassed) Is there anything similar but modular? I don't see why the fridge and freezer sections can't come separately


By the way heat added thx


Thanks for posting . Ordered and coming on Tuesday . Mine one after code 439.99 Price gone up or wt happen?


Ordered and just took delivery today. Delivery guys were really helpful - arrived on time, unpacked, positioned and took away all packing. The fridge itself looks really modern and has a very nice subtle pattern to the chrome exterior. I was a little worried that it might need plumbing for the water dispenser but it doesn't. You just manually fill a dispenser inside the fridge door - about 2 liters I'd say. Both fridge and freezer are spacious with lots of shelves. Good LED lighting, and very quiet when running. Don't be fooled by the low price because it looks like a quality item. Comes with a 2 year guarantee but hopefully will last much longer than that. A real bargain at this price. Thanks for the posting.


Bought same model over two years ago still running never had any problems

Sodastream Carbonating Water Maker Bottle instore at Asda for £2.75
LocalLocalFound 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
Sodastream Carbonating Water Maker Bottle instore at Asda for £2.75
I found Sodastream carbonating water bottles in ASDA discounted from £11 to £2.75. Each pack has a 2 bottles. There were many on the shelf in ASDA Roehampton. I was told the deal i… Read more
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Good deal but sadly £11 in Llanelli.


I like sodastream but now I just buy cheap sparkling water insted of gas and it's the same thing.

Electric Automatic Juice Water Dispenser just 76p delivered w/code @ Gearbest
Found 7th Sep 2017Found 7th Sep 2017
Electric Automatic Juice Water Dispenser just 76p delivered w/code @ Gearbest
Bargain, use code juice099 at checkout - usually limited redemptions so grab it if you want it - 4.9/5 stars from 679 reviews at time of posting It turns any beverage contain… Read more
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Only fits the wide neck bottles but great for my home brew ;)


I've had to log into my account, just so I could like this comment..............It did make me chuckle :D


Watch where you get it delivered to! Mine went to work and everyone thought it was some sort of tiny c*ck pump. I've still not lived it down!


These are slow as hell don't know why I bought one !!!! But there's a way to get more out by combining two linked together which would speed up the fluid !!


Lol got another one. God knows why

Electric Automatic Juice Water Dispenser 79p Delivered with code @ Gearbest
Found 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
Electric Automatic Juice Water Dispenser 79p Delivered with code @ Gearbest
Perfect for your next garden party or soirée, yes I said soirée 8) Use code 'AutomaGB' at checkout to receive discounted price. Automatic Electric Beverage Dispenser Dr… Read more

Received my one few days ago, works good, but the pipe that goes into the bottle has a plastic nozzle at bottom that doesn't fit through the bottle hole of evians and of the ilk. It is more suitable for wide neck bottles.


Sin espuma just the way I like my drink, don't want to be paying for air or decoration on my beer/lager.


Hard juggling a phone, glass and beer at the same time and you wouldn't have noticed that I spilt most of it X) Lack of fizz was due to not priming enough but it was a lager that had no head retention ingredients. Tastes fine BTW.


nice head and ullage


Can the bottom end be cut off? As I said and can be seen I'll drink to this product! :{

Hisense Fridge Freezer with built in water dispenser White £209 (Black £249.99, Silver £269) @ Argos
Found 6th Jun 2017Found 6th Jun 2017
Hisense Fridge Freezer with built in water dispenser White £209 (Black £249.99, Silver £269) @ Argos
The Hisense RB320D4WB1 Fridge Freezer has an efficient A+ energy rating. 50:50 product split together with 4 freezer drawers providing a larger freezing capacity. Non-plumbed water… Read more
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God, that made me laugh out loud, in a funeral....... :-)


why is this a good deal though? its the regular price it seems. And whats frost free and not frost free? I want to place the fridge in my garden in a semi-conservatory. would this do the trick?


Great price heat If it was FROST FREE I would buy looking for a deal on a frost free Fridge / Freezer


Tough to answer as peoples perceptions of noise can be different, but for me its very quite i do hear it now and again but like twice a month. Far far quieter than my last Beko one, light inside is super bright and the temp buttons are great :D


Hi how quiet is it........:)

Hisense American Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser £449.99 @ Argos
Found 18th May 2017Found 18th May 2017
Hisense American Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser £449.99 @ Argos
£449.99Argos Deals
Looks like great value at £449.99 and cheapest around - also has a two year warranty, perfect for all my beer in the summer.. Also available in Silver for the same price. The H… Read more

oh, by the way, it's a beast so make sure access is ok speaking to delivery guys they've had to take a few back cos can't get it in the house


Same price at COOP electricals. Use code CRA20 for a further £20 off making it £429.99 :)


Voted hot ,but Argos do not install like Curry's. Curry's dismantled and fitted inside small door and recycled my old fridge




and I don't mean​ cryogenically

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