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Updated 27th FebLast updated 27th Feb by Ankit_Patel
Monitor with inbuilt webcam
Was wondering if anybody knows a good monitor with built in webcam and speakers? looking at not buying speakers and Wweb cam separately after buying a mini pc.

Would you recommend wide-screen monitors or should I stick to 24inch standard screens


Buy a proper 1440p 144hz


does this help?


Asus, Philips, Dell, HP and quite a few other manufacturers have monitors with built-in webcams. Personally I'd rather have them as separates as you can also upgrade camera and position it better,

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Updated 18th FebLast updated 18th Feb by jameshothothot
Good budget webcam
Looking for a good budget webcam with decent picture and most importantly good sound from mic. There is a lot on amazon but some dont have decent sound. Dont want to speand no more… Read more

I haven't checked what is out there for prices... But if you have a phone or tablet.. you can use droidcam and connect over usb or WiFi and use that for free :)

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Updated 5th FebLast updated 5th Feb by Ollyvica
Looking For Webcam for Smart Tv For Duo/Zoom Calls
Hi im Looking For a Webcam for Smart Android Tv For Duo/Zoom Calls, as Google have released duo app on market place on the tv Would be nice to video call family and friends from th… Read more
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Updated 1st FebLast updated 1st Feb by Forgottenshopper
Up for grabs in this giveaway is a Jelly Comb HD 1080P Webcam with Autofocus, Privacy Cover and Dual-Mic. To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment I will allocate ever… Read more

Congratulations susiemc..


Congrats susiemc’ feel free to webcam me on your now cam


Congratulations Winner ;)


Thanks everyone for all your entries if your weren't lucky this time I have just uploaded a new giveaway for Valentine's Day to win some Lovehearts sweets if you want to enter.


Congratulations to number 54 @susiemc (party) I will pm your shortly for your details.

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Updated 31st JanLast updated 31st Jan by AW0079
Webcam and microphone without adware, etc?
I bought a Pindows webcam and camera from a deal mentioned on here last month as it was on a special Amazon offer (with a £15 discount). However, I went to set it up last night and… Read more

That's what I've got.Had it about 8 years ;) .Used it a few times.Don't use it now,only every now & then to make sure it works.


Thank you. The one that I sent back was £29 but reduced to £14 (special Amazon promotion) - it's back up to the original price now.

No, it's just a camera app. But the microphone should work fine in supported apps, eg. Teams, Skype, etc. Seems you didn't need the software. Afraid if you buy cheap then it's foolish to expect instructions and after-sales to be as good as a brand like Logitech.


No software, it registers as a generic camera and microphone and just 'works'. Even the instructions just say 'plug it in'.


Feel a bit silly now as from what some people are saying, I didn't need to install the software (Potplayer) as suggested on the instruction leaflet. However, when I requested a return last night to Amazon, they said it had to be posted back by tomorrow, so decided to send it off after I had returned from work this morning (as working again tomorrow). I'll now have to look at getting another one - I'm going to look at what some of you have suggested on here. Thank you.

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Updated 24th JanLast updated 24th Jan by mutley1
Webcam logitec C922
I would like to use the webcam to watch the dog when he is left alone at home on my mobile. Is there a mobile app that I can download for android to do this? Or failing that, a… Read more

yes, it runs without any need for drivers or any software download. i did try looking for it in the camera app on the laptop as i did think it would appear in there but it didn't, which was why i couldn't test if it was working. i have got it to work through skype to test it now and it is fine. a bit disappointing as the picture quality doesn't seem to be any better than the camera on my laptop. but hubby got it for free from work so can't complain :) i guess it may have a wider angle than the laptop camera and possibly better for long shots to the laptop camera. i was a bit disappointed that it was usb connected as you would expect a webcam to be bluetooth connected to the laptop so that you can move it around a lot easier, without a cable trailing it.


Many webcams these days are "Universal Video Device", using a standard Windows driver. To activate the webcam, just run the Camera app in Windows... My webcam doesn't have an active light, so I don't know if the preview video in Camera would activate it


You can turn an old android phone into an IP camera, here's one app I've used in the past:- To access it remotely, the best solution would be to run your own VPN server on your home network, which would allows you to remotely connect to you LAN with high security and could be installed on a PC or on a Openwrt flashed router or a raspberry pi (this doesn't use or involve signing up to a VPN service). Wireguard is a popular one and available in Openwrt. You would need to sign up to a free Dynamic DNS service, unless your ISP assigns you a static IP.


thanks, this is very useful information (y)


are you sure? it didn't say that in the manual, or i missed it. normally when you plug in a new device on the laptop, it automatically download the drivers needed, but it didn't seem to do so for the webcam. i will have a look. the laptop does recognise that the webcam is connected as it appears on the connected devices on the laptop settings, which was why i thought it had already got the necessary software downloaded.