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Aukey Full HD (1080p) Webcam For Video Chat With Stereo Microphone £21.59 delivered with code @ tattyboxsupplies / ebay
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Convenient Video Communication Solution Clip the AUKEY PC-LM1E Webcam on your computer screen or stand it on your desk and capture 1080p HD video and 2 Megapixel photos. Also fea… Read more

this was so useful to watch thank you


Basically this. I have this model from the last time it was posted. I spent a lot more on a logitech streamcam and it was worth every penny


Its a cracking camera for sure. Really good quality for anything else in the 20-35 range for sure. Beats my 720p Logitech by miles. That said, mine has developed a little artifacting recently. Can't complain too much though its used solidly for work for a year


Just get Logitech C925e for around £40 on ebay. I tried 5 chinese cams and they all disapointed.


Seems like a good budget webcam. Ordered.

Razer Kiyo - Desktop Streaming Camera with Ring Light £54.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 16th SepMade hot 16th Sep
Currys deal has expired but you can still get one from Amazon Product Information Designed and tested by top streamers, the Razer Kiyo is a desktop streaming camera with a po… Read more

That standard applies to film because they are usually not aiming for a life-like presentation. And that's the difficulty with high refresh rate movies; namely that they look way too life like and this actually draws you out of the immersion as it draws attention to the limitations of the in movie universe.


Mostly people are using webcams through services with heavy compression (and at a small resolution) or when streaming, also at a small resolution.


You simply can’t compare filmic presentation to a webcam, it’s apples and oranges. What people want from a webcam is entirely personal choice too, some won’t care about FPS and will favour clarity, light balance and detail more.


Because we live in a time where 60fps media is available and creates more fluid and life-like motion in videos. Just because film has used 24fps as a standard for years doesn't mean a noticeable improvement should be ignored. Also, the price of sensors able to do 1080p @ 60fps isn't outside the budget of a £55 peripheral. For most applications, i think 720p@60 is the best way to use this webcam. If the ring light isn't useful consider using an action camera for a cheaper webcam


It's a webcam, why do you need more than 30fps? Film is 24fps; good enough for Hollywood for 100 years (and still is except for some special applications).

Preowned Eyetoy Camera (cheap VGA USB webcam) for 50p (click and collect) @ CeX
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Most stores have this and many have multiples in stock. It is not worth buying if you are adding £2 extra for postage. This is a webcam that used to be bundled with PS2 games. How… Read more

Wow, what a blast from the past, when I'm cleaning windows ;)


I was just playing.... Actually running Windows 11 myself. Quite a nice upgrade to be fair. It kind of feels and looks a bit androidy with the menus and pop ups.


I didn't actually say to use linux *just* to run a dodgy webcam, but given that there's a new windows on the horizon which a lot of us will no doubt struggle to use on our "dated" hardware (possibly over 18 months?) - it's perhaps one more reason to say "thank you but no thank you" to the Redmond Road Roller. Current stable comprises of an 8Gb intel 2.9GHz i3, and a 4Gb Dell Inspiron 1525 2GHz Core 2 Duo - both run Windows/10 pro almost bearably on an SSD but both run Debian Pixel flawlessly


Got one in my local, gonna grab it if its still there at weekend. Still got a PS2, so buy this play the camera games for 10 mins then put it in a draw never to be seen again. 50p well spent :{


Damn, I can film so many UFO discoveries with this badboy!

LOGITECH Pro C920 Full HD Webcam, £59.99 at Amazon
Made hot 5th SepMade hot 5th Sep
Price matching Currys , decent offer. SpecificationsBrand: LOGITECH Model: Pro C920 Full HD Webcam MPN: 960-001055 Skype certified: Yes Skype compatible: Yes Other: Tripod-rea… Read more

I paid only £26 (new) for this same camera in July 2019. This price is taking advantage of the current phase of remote working. I'm sure prices will drop once everyone stops paying these stupid prices. That said, I do appreciate you trying to make people aware of the price match discount.


I've paid 10er for a 1080p camera with wide lens that was on offer and super happy.


Can someone recommend cheaper Chinese alternative?


Avoid paying this price. I'm one of those who bought this camera for £25 2-3 years ago and it doesn't worth a higher price. Instead there are some Chinese 1080p cameras for £15-20 and they are quite decent.


This is a sub £30 webcam but like someone else said, you'll need to know someone with a Delorian that is capable of hitting 88mph. I paid £24 in the old world.

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Lenovo Essential FHD 2 Megapixel Webcam with Two Built-in Mic £16.22 delivered @ Lenovo
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Looks like a great deal for a Full had webcam with stereo audio. (y) The Lenovo FHD Webcam is powered by a Full HD 1080P 2 Megapixel CMOS camera that allows your friends, fam… Read more

Maybe like the taxis, they don't go south of the river?!


No my address is south London (lol)

d1001541 Worth a punt at £8.50


As an FYI - If you don't want the wide angle look you can use OBS software and crop. Works fine as long as its not a work machine and you don't have administration rights. If you need help just look for a tutorial on YouTube


Which webcam would you recommend for home use that costs less than £20? Or worst case £30? Thanks

Logitech StreamCam Webcam, Full 1080p HD 60FPS (Used: Like New) £65.37 @ Amazon Warehouse
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Loads of these 'like new' in stock. Last day of AW 30% off, so grab these while you can as won't be anywhere close to this price any time soon.

Mine was definitely used and in a very battered box. The camera had been packaged stuffed in the box with the cardboard with no attempt to repackage properly, splitting the box. The fixing clip and instructions were missing…… I’ve had some great bargains from Amazon warehouse -so this isn’t typical but on this occasion it was awful. Sent it back.


Better than fish


Nope.. The smell is on my hands now and I cant get rid of it - even super soap ain't doing anything.. Not nice...


It smells of curry? Did you have a curry last night?


Mine arrived yesterday. Box a bit worn but everything seems ok and tested fine.. Absolutely stunk of curry tho.. I've wiped it over and disinfected it but it still smells... Hope it goes away its making me hungry ;)