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Fultons Foods - Weight Watchers Salted Caramel & Chocolate Torte 2 pack - 2 for £1.00
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th MayLocalLocal
Fultons Foods - Star Buy - 2 for £1.00 - Weight Watchers Tortes 2 pack (BBE 9/19). 4 Tortes for £1.00 (£0.25 per dessert)! Check local store for offer and availability.
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Had these from Heron at same price, not bad for a quid but not really weight Watchers if I eat them all at once! Heat added


I've tried all the codes suggested and so far they don't work. Any more ideas?


This code doesnt work. It keeps saying it’s incalid


Hi, am getting a message that the code is invalid.. any ideas why?


How did you do it?


It's telling me that the code in invalid? Any reason why....

Weight Watchers South Indian Vegetable Curry Instore at Heron Foods (Bury) for 50p
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th AprLocalLocal
An aromatic dish of chickpeas and vegetables, with a mix of warming South Indian spices 400g
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Yes 10 of the dear chaps :{


Ten Bob????


This does indeed scan at ten bob. I went back to buy a few more but as it’s a Monday the place was heaving :{


Oh no. I went on Saturday morning and they were definitely 50p then because I bought 4. In the freezer at the front of the store by the exit.


50p in my local Haddock

Weight Watchers 8933TU Body composition scale £6 In store Tesco Arena Coventry
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th AprLocalLocal
Weight Watchers body fat scales etc Good deal for a weighing scale with the added bonus of body analysis!

Yes and any of the ones which are even remotely accurate are expensive bits of kit. This one pretends it can do it. Was measuring me at around 22% - 23% when in reality I was 18%.


Most body composition scales work by having you stand on them barefoot and sending an electric current through you. The electricity travels at different speeds between muscle, fat and bone. At least I think that's how it works


Yip yellow sticker


Isn't it just a hight & weight calculation?


Can't see how a scale can accurately calculate your body fat to muscle ratio

Weight Watchers South Indian Vegetable Curry 400g - £1.50 or 2 for £2.50
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th MarLocalLocal
Weight Watchers South Indian Vegetable Curry 400g - £1.50 or 2 for £2.50
£2.50£317%Heron Foods Deals
Found in my local Heron Foods store £1.50 or 2 for £2.50. Great deal
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looks yummy, and fair priced, you know if they are vegan ie may have milk ? thanks


I need to go tomorrow

Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer 3.2L £39.99 @ B&M
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer 3.2L £39.99 @ B&M
£39.99£5932%B&M Retail Deals
These things do far more than cook chips. As well as frying you can cook without oil in effect it is a mini oven. I hardly use my 'proper oven' now.

You can domsomething else one the side in same time like meat.


I think the halogen cooker is for different purposes. The air doesn’t circulate so you cook juicy things. The air fryer blasts and circulates hot air so is a healthier fryer for crispy things.


Halogen or air fryer? https://reviewsrevealer.com/air-fryer-vs-halogen-oven/


So whats the difference between this and the one on sale in B&M Tower one for £19.99? Capacity? Cannot seem to conjure up 3.2L of chips? And what is the difference between chips in this and one of those Halogen air fryer glass ovens? Be interesting to see which one makes better chips and which one is more reliable but i suspect it might be this kind!


Difference from oven is crispness - the high velocity fan means chips etc get crisped all over - and time, no heat up and 15 mins for perfect ‘oven’ chips

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Salter Large Display Electronic Scale  9205  - £4.50 instore at Tesco
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th MarLocalLocal
Salter Large Display Electronic Scale 9205 - £4.50 instore at Tesco
£4.50£14.9970%Tesco Deals
Seems like a good price, lowest I could find was Amazon at around £14.99
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Carrickfergus :)


Which store?


Different models


Saying 7.50


15 year guarantee! HA

Weight Watchers 2 in 1 Blender To Go Set, Now £1 @ B&M
Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
Weight Watchers 2 in 1 Blender To Go Set, Now £1 @ B&M
if your near a local B&M it may be worth just checking for this: Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Blender To Go Set. Make satisfying and tasty smoothies with this stunning 2-in-1 blende… Read more
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Never apologise to a PC obsessed Libtard Hippy Corbynite Antifa BLM LGBT flag waver - their days are numbered. Some of us aren't afraid to say it as it is! If people had listened to Enoch Powell you English wouldnt have the problems in London with knife crime or the islamic rape torture gangs in every city in UK and Europe now! We don't call it grooming - thats what the PC brigade have dumbed it down to , to protect the death cult!


As I said, I appreciate where you are coming from, no offence of that nature was intended, I will no be making that kind of mistake again.


Mhm... Especially as a bandana isn't a headscarf. It is across that person's face on that pic. not his head, therefore the 'headscarves' part of your comment does def. allude to a certain group of people.


Yes, and I can see where you're coming from, I will be a bit more careful in future.


Oh yeah, these trouble causers again eyy?

Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill - was £15(then £10) now £5 @ B&M
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill - was £15(then £10) now £5 @ B&M
They were initially for £ 15 then marked down to £10 and now further 1/2 price - looks like a good buy at £5, given that amazon are still selling them for £21.99 Descrip… Read more
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B&M is like Asda for me...I never get a spotted bargain....


You were lucky to get 3 month out of it. I got one use. B&M took it back without even looking in the box, the women said it's common with them.


I had 2 of theses both broke after a few months, good when they work


Got one for £15 and I thought that was a bargain. Typically it has broke after 3 months and I've thrown the receipt but still have the box, but checked the store I got it from last week and they have none left. It was great whilst it lasted and easy to clean, perhaps I just got unlucky on this one.


Great deal if you manage to nab one! Thanks very much for sharing. Heat from me.XD

Weight Watchers 3-Tier Steamer - £14.44 w/Code @ Robert Dyas Free C&C
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Weight Watchers 3-Tier Steamer - £14.44 w/Code @ Robert Dyas Free C&C
£14.44£24.9942%Robert Dyas Deals
Good food steamer. Closest price I can find is £24.99 at Amazon Use the code 15SC19 to get it for the free - and as usual free C&C from Robert Dyas or Ryman Stores. Descri… Read more

Weight Watchers branding on these now. People must have stopped buying their 'healthy' ready meals lol.


sorry . answer is not really


I would be surprised if its an energy hogger coz in the end its just a food steamer - if that helps :)


A simple yes or no would have been suffice (y)


Stay in school. Multiply watts by time and devide by 1000 to get the watts per hour for the day. Times the answer by 30 to get the consumption per month. What ever number that is times it by how much your electricity provider charges you, so lets say 0.11p per kwh

Weight Watchers Freestyle Cookbook 2019  (Weight Watchers Cookbook 2) Kindle Edition  - Free Download @ Amazon
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Weight Watchers Freestyle Cookbook 2019 (Weight Watchers Cookbook 2) Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon
FREE£0.01Amazon Deals
When you are looking to lose weight, it is hard. ( Not If You Have This Book, )You want to find a weight loss program that is going to work for you but won’t be too hard to i… Read more

One of my favourites as well Boz, though there are so many to choose from. The man was a musical genius. (highfive)


Thanks expired. :)


Both showing .99p now.


Thank you (y)


Great managed to get these ones. TY Boz :D

Weight Watchers 2 in 1 Blender was £12 now £5 @ B&M
Posted 6th FebPosted 6th FebLocalLocal
Weight Watchers 2 in 1 Blender was £12 now £5 @ B&M
Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Blender To Go Set. Make satisfying and tasty smoothies with this stunning 2-in-1 blender from Weight Watchers. It uses 350W power and has a glass jug and B… Read more

They had loads of these in the Sealand Road Chester store, priced on shelf at £12.99 still but scanning at £5. Thanks :D


People don't realise that natural sugars are nothing compared to actual sugar. But different for dibetecs.


Fruit only contains natural sugars, and surely it depends on what fruit you use. Berries are good for you, and I used skimmed milk for mine - I lost over 1.5 stone in less than 3 months.


A lot of people feel smoothies have a lot of sugar


Why not?

Weight Watchers: Get Back the Body You Want  Include 90 Day Meal Plan (Weight Watchers Cookbook Book 1) Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Weight Watchers: Get Back the Body You Want Include 90 Day Meal Plan (Weight Watchers Cookbook Book 1) Kindle Edition - Free @ Amazon
FREE£0.01Amazon Deals
47 reviews - Average Scores 4.8 Out Of 5. Paperback is £19.07. Do you want to lose Weight Easily? Weight Watchers with amazing results and proven program will help you there. Ou… Read more

Expired Thank You :D


Its dead Boz


thank you


No click buy for free :)


Is this only for Kindle unlimited members?

Nutri Coach Smart Scales RTC £12 @ Tesco Carrickfergus
Posted 26th JanPosted 26th JanLocalLocal
Nutri Coach Smart Scales RTC £12 @ Tesco Carrickfergus
£12£59.9580%Tesco Deals
Spotted these in store in Tesco Extra Carrickfergus 5 in stock EAN:5056169107833 Was going to buy one for a friend but a review on Amazon put me off. Not sure if they work with t… Read more

I had mentioned the poor review I found in the description, which is why I did not buy one


Found some of these in Dudley branch. Tried them and the app is useless so took them back.


3 left in highwoods Colchester extra :)


Wow, well spotted. I missed these when I was there yesterday!


Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill for £10 @ B&M Stores
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th JanLocalLocal
Amazon's selling it for £25.01, Good Reviews. Trusted Reviews Weight Watchers 2-in-1 Health Grill. Craft stunning meals and cook meat quickly and efficiently with this Weight Wa… Read more

I had 2 of these they both broke within a month


Mine died in two days ! Don't bother


Thanks, I’ve seen the 3 in one ones where you can do waffles and other exciting things by changing the plates. I wondered if this was like that.


Bought one of these for toasting sandwiches at work for £15, so easy peasy to clean, really recommend.


Love to know why they call this health grill. I mean I could cook a nice juicy bacon cheese burger on that and it sure don't make it healthy (lol)

Weight Watchers Slim Analyser Scale - £12 instore @ Tesco (Portsmouth)
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th JanLocalLocal
Weight Watchers Slim Analyser Scale - £12 instore @ Tesco (Portsmouth)
£12£2450%Tesco Deals
High accuracy slim analyser scale from Weight Watchers. Model 8933TU Monitors body weight, BMI, body fat, body water, bone mass and muscle mass. 10 person memory, choice of stones… Read more

Down to £6 in my local now


Weighs 3.75 pounds lighter than my GP weighed me at last week, but I had my clothes on then. Seems to give consistent readings too Superb buy


These are still available. Bought one in the Aldershot store today - there were another 2 left. There was no price info on the shelf however, but scanned at £12


Good price, also £12 in Hemel Hempstead store. Unfortunately all these extra features are rarely accurate. For example, to measure body fat, an electrical impulse is sent up one leg and down the other. It uses your leg fat percentage to estimate for your whole body.

NHS/EmergencyServices/Military 10% Discount still active at Iceland, but ends soon!
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
NHS/EmergencyServices/Military 10% Discount still active at Iceland, but ends soon!
FREE£10.67Iceland Deals
The pre-Xmas NHS, Emergency Services & Military 10% discount is still active at Iceland, but ends soon! This isn't a glitch, it's a previously advised promotion, so don't go m… Read more
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I think today is the last day folk (y)


I was told it had finished as well, then they scanned my bonus card and it took 10% :D Lasts till 30th January according to an email I got yesterday. The email does say "don't forget to scan your bonus card" but would be handy if staff had been told as well (y)


It's actually bloody mental that this ends a day before the last Thursday of the month ... Our standard pay day. Why end it just before payday, especially the January payday? And, anyone else getting success after scanning your card, especially if showing a Blue Light scheme card, or @military or @weightwatchers @Militarysavings @nhsdiscounts @nhsdeals @FIREDEALS @policefireman @Police @RNLIZorro @Rescue1 @bluelights @weightwatchers


That's great news :) Thank-you.


Or in a cynical manner, the NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world. Add all the others, police, fire, mountain rescue, RNLI etc then you get a big chunk of society. That big chunk of society gives you a bigger market share, your stats look better with more customers. Maybe they are just that shallow? But who cares? The discount covers pretty much EVERYTHING I the store ... Even ALCOHOL :) What's not great about that?

Breville VBL075 Blend Active Personal Blender, 0.6 L, 300 W - White/Grey - Amazon DOTD £17.99 Prime / £22.48 Non Prime
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Breville VBL075 Blend Active Personal Blender, 0.6 L, 300 W - White/Grey - Amazon DOTD £17.99 Prime / £22.48 Non Prime
Make easy one person portion smoothies, slim shakes, crush ice, dice soup material, etc. On special offer today. Best price I could find right now. Time machines show £14.99 a y… Read more

I have one but its started leaking - the seals go on the blade part - but Breville are pretty good at replacing them for free ( on my 3rd one now)


I have one of these, bloody brilliant for the price!! Heat


It's a different deal, I'd rather Amazon for easy returns if something goes wrong. I'd struggle to find a use for a second bottle. But as they say you pays your money and you makes your choice.


Argos with 19.99 is the better deal as you get 2x600ml bottles with model # VBL062. This one here is VBL075 has a single 600ml bottle


Was lucky to find this in sainsburys for £12.99 a while back. Great little machine.

3 months half price weight watchers online and meetings - £10.73pm x 3 months - total cost £32.19
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
3 months half price weight watchers online and meetings - £10.73pm x 3 months - total cost £32.19
3 months for £10:73 a month for online and meetings at weight watchers
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Well I certainly wasn't grossly overweight and suffering health wise if that's what you mean. I was reckoning on losing 2 stones just to make me a little trimmer but the realisation that I could lose Weight just by applying a little willpower and changing my eating habits not to dramatically spurred me on to lose more. I wasn't lack of willpower that put on the weight in the first place as it was such a gradual process over years and even then nobody ever commented on my size as I'm tall anyway. The NHS is trying to educate people on the health risks in obesity, smoking, alcohol and the weight loss businesses are cashing in just as private companies are making inroads to the NHS unfortunately the problem lies at the root of the society we live and lifestyles not giving us the time to step back and foresee the implications of the junk food culture.


So why did you not 'focus' and get your willpower to stick beforehand - and not put on the 4.5 stones to start with? Why does an Alcoholic not just stop drinking, or a drug addict just stop doing drugs? If it was as simple as you claim - why does the NHS spend millions every year providing treatment? Possibly because it is more cost effective to help someone not become grossly overweight and go on to develop Diabetes and other serious health conditions. Why knock something which helps some people?


I went to one of thier meetings a year ago on a free trial and found lots of people constantly eating fruit and other Weight Watchers products constantly. Loads of advertising for thier food products, basically one big stall for gullible people to buy thier products. I went away and lost 4.5 stones in 10 months just by cutting out snacking on junk food between meals and having a normal breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. Once your mind is focused the willpower sticks.


I entirely agree but I think the benefit of weight watchers (or any other group) is that you are trying not to be the only one not losing weight,so it's competitive.


So silly...What a joke the only person who eats Is yourself if you can't stop yourself from eating then a meeting ain't going to help lol don't know what's so hard about self control

Weight Watchers Family Sized 3.2Litre 'No-Oil' Air Fryer - Now £10 Off - £39.99 @ B&M
Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
Weight Watchers Family Sized 3.2Litre 'No-Oil' Air Fryer - Now £10 Off - £39.99 @ B&M
If you don't know what an 'Air fryer' is, well it's like a deep fat fryer that fries your fish, chips, chicken etc to crisp golden yummy brownness but using only a single spoon of … Read more
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I found the chips I cooked were horrible in an air fryer, I just oven cook now :)


Like the above comments, can't see any difference between this and any other sort of air fryer of it's type. We have a phillips one that we've had for years. Brilliant piece of kit. Pretty sure the branding won't make a difference


Having had three completely different Air Fryer designs I've come to the conclusion that the difference between these 'basket' type air fryers is same the difference between any one microwave oven over another microwave oven - ie almost nothing. Im sure some may be built to higher standards than others but on the whole since the technology is the same they cook the same. £25 is a great price for a small air fryer. This being 3.2 Litres makes it family sized and well priced at £39.99. Why anyone would pay £250 for a branded air fryer defies me.


Whats the difference between this and the el cheapo £24.99 Tower one on sale in B&M? I heard they are manufactured by the same company? Well apart from the fact none of the B&M special deals are EVER available in Scotland?

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