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SCI-MX Nutrition PRO 2GO Flapjack Protein Bar Box, Yogurt and Honey, 24 x 80g £14.99 at Sci-Mix
Made hot 20th JunMade hot 20th Jun
Add some bakes at 19p to get free delivery.

Same here (y)


added 1 pack of 19p bakes...and SCI-MX have sent a BOX of 24...plus the 1 bag :) legends!!!!


Site wide sale it seems, keeps those carvings at bay. Winner


Brilliant. I've bagged a few of these SCI-MX offers now and so far they've tasted great except for the strawberry/white choc cookies. Thanks for sharing, running low on my last order!


This is the worst pinball table ever.

York Fitness Vinyl Dumbbell and Barbell Tubular Spinlock 50kg Set £49 @ Amazon
Made hot 17th JunMade hot 17th Jun
York Fitness Vinyl Dumbbell and Barbell Tubular Spinlock 50kg Set free delivery included and it’s sold and fulfilled and dispatched and delivered by Amazon aswell which is also … Read more
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Cold. Want metal at this price


It is lol


i thought this was 50?


I need some weights, but honestly can't bring myself to buy them as I feel so bad imagining the Amazon delivery person having to lug 20kg up to my office for delivery.


Same here! Had this 25 years ago. Brings back the 90s (highfive)

Pro Fitness Kettlebell - 4kg - Now £3.99 Delivered @ Argos / eBay
Made hot 12th JunMade hot 12th Jun
Good price for a Kettlebell, especially delivered to your door! £3.99 including delivery. Kettlebells are ideal for strengthening and toning muscles as well as improving enduran… Read more
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where does the hot water come out




What did it smell of? Cheese?


Oh well you can use it as a medicine ball now (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


Here's a not very good picture as was raining outside - smelt that bad i didn't want it in the house lol!

Free PhD 500g diet whey tube (With Code) @ PHD Nutrition) - £4 P&P Applies
Made hot 11th JunMade hot 11th Jun
Free PhD 500g diet whey tube with code. Just cover £4 p&p. Ordered 4 times so 2kg of diet whey for £16. Normally around £30.

This happened earlier in the week with a Holland and Barrett delivery. Hermes, different driver.


Clsssic Hermes delivery for mine today. Left outside on the doorstep, photo sent to me from the driver via the Hermes system... proudly announcing it had been delivered. I had somebody check and it since moved half a metre away and is drenched by the rain. PhD say they trust Hermes believe it’s a safe place and later offered me 20% off be next order. Nope. How is it safe to leave it in front of the house where anybody can take it and the weather can ruin it?!


Yeah 1kg tub, but only 500g of product in this one. I've had other brands so the same put small amount in the bigger tub


Just had another one delivered. Bought 4. Refunded for 2. The tubs aren't full is that why? Lol. Or is the tub 1kg?


Same for me. Result!

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908g PHD Pharma Whey HT+ Protein isolate reduced to £9.99 at Argos
Made hot 6th JunMade hot 6th Jun
Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Isolate blend Great tasting and versatile, use as a shake or in recipes Contains added Leucine peptides for a superior muscle … Read more
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back up to full price at argos


brilliant deal, cheaper than protein works for what seems to be better quality protein which includes BCAAs amongst other things :)


Not all at once I hope, LOL.


I tried to do that...I couldn't do more than 500g lol


I use Myprotein, just forget the flavour and just neck it.

PHD Diet Whey Lean MRP - 770g in Chocolate or Salted Caramel now £7.99 each C&C @ Argos
Made hot 5th JunMade hot 5th Jun
These tubs of PHD Diet Whey Lean MRP have been reduced to just £7.99 (still £19.99 at Amazon) Ideal for anyone doing a bit of weight training, as well as for those trying to lose … Read more
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Mate thats awesome news, seriously good effort, hope you are proud of what you have achieved! You were bang on the nail, it is really that simple. There are no fat burners, no magic beans, just hard work and any diet that doesn't leave you hating food! There's a guy I follow called Scott Baptie on FB, check him out, he keeps it simple and puts up some lovely recipes. Or if you want the best straight talker I can highly recommend Lucy Sewell, she smashes it, isn't focused on just showing off her ass on insta, she's also amazing.


Totally agree calories in v calories out. Eight years ago went from 21st XXL to 14st M in under a year following this simple rule - had always gone to gym and eat healthy but realised portion control was key part missing. So I just ramped up CV at the gym and drastically cut portion sizes. Would still have occasional treats like fish n chips and I didn't starve. People at work always asked me for the secret to which I would say "calories in vs calories out, if you burn more energy than you eat you will lose weight" - it was usually met with disappointment as many would want easy "magic formulas". I would burn 2000 cal on a 90 min cross training session 3-4 times a week, on those days I would eat more than on non training days, because even if I eat 3000 cal the net calorie intake for the day would still be low enough to lose weight.


Yes...universities produce research papers...but what I'm questioning is how a Keto zealot can claim to be a nutritionist at Cambridge Uni. That is that you said...clear as day right there. There is no chance the likes of Cambridge research would back your absurd and ridiculous claims for keto...which just shows you're talking a load of rubbish! Don't be mad if you're fat - honestly...reduce your calories and eat happy. Oh...you might have missed this whilst you were making your bullet proof coffee - https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/high-fat-diet-affects-physical-and-memory-abilities


looks like it, showing as £19.99 for me.


Has this expired?

Met-Rx Supreme Whey... £7.99 for 908 grams - rrp £34.99 @ Holland & Barrett
Made hot 31st MayMade hot 31st May
Not into these and so not sure if this product is any good but seems like a good price based on prices on other sites...... Price shows as 9.99, but use voucher MSEHB for and add… Read more
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Yes, the only best taste from my experience is Optimum Nutrition. The rest will taste like this. Even a protein bar taste like this covered with tasteless chocolate. Some people ease it a bit by mixing it with Milk and Cinnamon. Have a try!


I used mine for the first time today. First protein shake I've ever had. Do they all taste this bad or am I being weird. Honestly repulsive to me.... Any tips from anyone with experience?


Thanks OP, code worked for me this time. 15% top cashback now too


Creatine oos (annoyed)


Heat (y) (y) (y) (y)

Gold's Gym 4” Leather Weight Lifting Belt for Lumbar Back Support - Small £9.44 / M, L, XL £10.34 delivered @ eBay / sitaratraders
Made hot 29th MayMade hot 29th May
Really good price for a leather Gold's Gym 4” Weight Lifting Belt. Size small is just £9.44 delivered, and size M, L, XL are £10.34 delivered Small : 26" - 30" Medium : 30" - 34… Read more
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SBD all the way... wouldn’t dream of wearing these cheap belts unless u wanna injure yourself.


If you want a weightlifting belt, get a proper weightlifting belt. Companies like strengthshop, Zuluglove and SBD make proper weightlifting belts. Just note that if you ever wanted to compete in the IPF (if you don't know what that is, don't worry), you'll need an IPF-approved weightlifting belt and some models aren't. If you want the Rolls-Royce of weightlifting belts, look at a company called Inzer (and gawk at how much they cost). I have Zuluglove weightlifting belt. It cost £60 and has lived for at least 5 years (and has no end in sight). A belt like the one in the OP is literally a waste of money targeting curl bros.


How is it too big if you go up to a 36? A medium only goes up to 34 XD


Depends on your height actually if youre a taller guy then opt for a 6''inch.


Would a 6" belt be better than this? Have recently moved into 100kg+ territory and a (borrowed) belt was a help for me as a new weightlifter. Top price regardless

Reebok Dumbbell 3KG in Grey @ Amazon - £6.99 Prime / £11.48 non-Prime
Made hot 26th MayMade hot 26th May
£14 elsewhere, but only £6.99 via hukd!! Just ordered 3 to get the order over £20 for non prime, or you can try 2 + something else you do not want for £6!! (highfive) 3 kg g… Read more

nice, cheaper and better


https://www.argos.co.uk/product/5314935?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59156|acid:444-797-0832|cid:189949525|agid:46535206483|tid:pla-369377834857|crid:224604365181|nw:g|rnd:5185515833393915089|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1006734&gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwLrt2KTZr-uL1G8O_DpFBYqIHq2hAVGpvYld2x-M354inmTKhQD1ghoCEEwQAvD_BwE 11.99 for two


I prefer the latter... bit happy with either brilly (unicorn)


I don't see the need for 3 different boxes of breakfast cereal in your cupboard... but bet you have them!! A lot of the stuff is for our church charity auctions, raffles & prize draws, so if it's free or can be had cheaper or delivered free, then it's got quick smart (y)


have you never met bitcoin? hukds richest or poorest user depending on view! virtually every deal is bought - singles multiples giveways backups free postage whatever!

SCI-MX Protein Cookies 12x75g for just £6 + £3.95 delivery @ Sci-Mx - Free Next Day delivery over £15
Made hot 22nd MayMade hot 22nd May
I've had some of these before, they taste pretty good and have decent nutritional value. No code required, just select the option from the 'Choose' Weight' drop down. Please note… Read more

You got it buddy.


Just moderate the poison you add to your body and everything will be okay (embarrassed)


I just received my second order, this time for the white chocolate and strawberry flavour. They also have the December 2019 best before date 😁


Double choc chip ordered


Btw buddy, your likely to receive another delivery from sci-MX as they sent me double my order as an apology for sending the out of date ones. I ordered 4 and they sent me double the order (8 in total) as an apology! Well chuffed and the expiry on these new ones are December 2019.

adidas Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoes £35.15 / £39.14 delivered using code @ adidas
Made hot 21st MayMade hot 21st May
adidas Powerlift 4 Weightlifting Shoes £35.15 with code ADI33 Get free delivery on a £50 spend, or pay £3.95 for smaller orders Blue available in sizes: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9… Read more

I bought 2 pairs and it came to £70.31. great deal!


About an extra inch and less of a height complex


Nomez is pretty much bang on - all about flexibility. Unfortunately, it isn't always just ankles as some peoples form is just rubbish. So they see the use of plates of correcting that - the want to go heavy but they don't actually know how to lift. That said, why barefoot? Because we can - even with my ankle mobility issues I still go barefoot (although I seem to be pulled up recently at puregym). I must admit, it's barefoot vs normal running trainers, which don't work for squatting :) PS. I don't really want to pay £50 to buy shoes just for squatting :D


So, why on earth are all these fools in barefoot? Is Pumping Iron still popular? I can think of no other reason?


Yeah my issue is rather wide feet and these meant to run quite narrow so I reckon I'd need 11.5 as a minimum. Reebok Lifter PR are meant to be really good in that respect, apparently they run wide and seem to start from around £50. Just looking at the pictures of them, they look like they would fit my ape feet nicely :D

Everlast Adjustable Dumbell Selector 40KG Delivered £154.98 @ Sports Direct
Made hot 14th MayMade hot 14th May
Also 24KG version for £89.99 from £254.99. £4.99 delivery.
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Found these adjustable dumbbells whilst pricing a home gym. 40kg pack is down from 399 to 149.99. Saves on space in the garage and costs a fraction of what buying a full set of dumbbells would cost.


Dumbbell curls are a bit of a funny one with them, can’t really keep arms tight to the body if you want to get full arm extension on the way down. Works great with hammer curls, and all the tricep workouts. Shoulder were fine and single arm rows worked as normal.


Have you had a chance to use them yet ? Looking at buying them but wanted to know what the quality was like and wether they were to wide to do certain exercises ?


Didn’t even consider top cash back! Delivery seems to be quite quick, mine are due to arrive tomorrow.


Just ordered two thanks. Also went through TopCashBack at 6% - tracked straight away at £15. Will be a bonus if it gets paid out.

UK Fitness Squat Rack Heavy Duty Adjustable Pair of Power Squat Stands  £59.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 3rd MayMade hot 3rd May
The UK Fitness Squat power rack is made of high-hardness steel that provides the maximum safety and max load: 150kg. It also provides adjustable spotters on each post that ensure y… Read more

nothing but a peanut


junk :(


Buy them off Facebook marketplace or Gumtree for a fraction of the price.


I'm not sure you can describe 150kg max load as heavy duty.


Need a breath mint? (confused)

Crane 12kg Kettlebell - Was £14.99 / Now £6.99 Instore @ Aldi
Made hot 28th AprMade hot 28th AprLocalLocal
12kg kettlebells now less than half price in-store . Found at Port Glasgow. I have been watching these for a while the smaller sizes were reduced some time ago

This wouldn’t hold down a piece of paper in a light breeze so I’m afraid not


^ wouldn't really happen as guts are slippery and just don't mush so well.


Silly Billy. You use the metal weight to mash the body up. Problem solved. decant into large freezer in storage boxes. Get rid a bit at a time, pouring into drains, rivers, lakes. And make a little soup out of some because you just got to try some.


Unless they've appeared during the last day don't even bother looking in any of the Leicester stores :D


Guys or girls. Im strong...

Crane long barbell set with 2 x 5kg, 2 x 3kg and 2 x 1.5kg weights £9.99 Aldi instore
Made hot 26th AprMade hot 26th AprLocalLocal
Product Information Brand: Crane Colour: Black Dimensions: Steel Bar: 150cm approx. (length), 2.54cm approx. (diameter) Material: Bar: Steel, Weights: Cast Iron Product Type: … Read more

worth it for the weights alone but wouldn't fancy lifting a barbell with a join in it


There seems to be some good knowledge in this thread. What are people’s opinions of the Decathlon Domyos weights? They do a kit for £129, but not sure if it’s one that will last or can be built upon. It looks like it ticks lots of boxes, but any opinions would be welcome... https://www.decathlon.co.uk/dumbbells-and-bars-kit-93-kg-id_4687932.html


I went and tried finding it in Old Kent Road but found the 20KG weighted bag instead haha.


Nothing in Leicester Woodgate.


Anyone can confirm finding it in other stores?

Aldi crane curl barbell set with 2 x 3kg, 2 x 2.5kg and 2 x 1.25kg weights  - crayford aldi, probably national £9.99 instore
Made hot 26th AprMade hot 26th AprLocalLocal
A high quality chrome plated steel barbell set, ideal for bulking up and working your back, shoulders and chest. If you're serious about getting fit and strong, this Crane Curl Bar… Read more

It is pretty tiny, that's less than the weight of an Olympic bar. I've only been weightlifting for a couple of months and this would already be insufficient for more than a wee warmdown after real work.









Crane Weighted Bag 10kg  - £7.99 instore @ ALDI
Made hot 11th AprMade hot 11th AprLocalLocal
Ideal for training the whole body, use this versatile Crane 10kg Weighted Bag for an array of different exercises at home. Use it for adding weight to lunges and squats for your lo… Read more

Just bought the last one of these in the Swinton store for the same price.


From that photo, the 20kg one for £9.99 is a better deal. Could use it as a cheap punching bag


jusy open it up and take the baked bean cans out and you have a rucksack! (y)


I'll wait until the rucks are on offer too.


I suspect a good chunk of Aldis have this at a substantial discount, more than one of the ones around here does if I remember rightly - they just didn't sell well. My local also had 2 KG and 4 KG kettlebells for £1.50 each yesterday but that seemed likely to be a wild goose of a deal.

Crane Weighted Bag 20kg - £9.99 instore @ ALDI
Made hot 11th AprMade hot 11th AprLocalLocal
Ideal for training the whole body, use this versatile Crane 20kg Weighted Bag for an array of different exercises at home. Use it for adding weight to lunges and squats for your lo… Read more

I got one today.. did some phoning around! 7.99!!!


Quite few of these in Hounslow at this price


DIdn't have them in stock at any store near me.




Would they do delivery? Doctor advised me not to carry heavy weights! (lol)

Science in Sport - 6 Free PROTEIN20 55g Bars (worth £14.99) when you sign up at SIS (£3.99 Delivery or Free over £10)
Made hot 7th AprMade hot 7th Apr
Free Pack of 6 Protein20 Bars worth £14.99 (sold for £2.50 per bar at retailers like Tesco's) - just pay £3.99 P&P or Free Delivery if you spend over £10 Plus you should also g… Read more
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Ordered 3 times. Same code for all orders: DOT-466-034-SOC Recieved today all three. All good but company like that using palm oil. Shame.


Not bad with the shaker as well, the shaker is well reviewed, £3.99 for all hot for me


Got the shaker also. Not bad for 3.99


Ate all three of them. Peanut Crunch is the worst one, then Vanilla Cheesecake (more or less OK) and Double Chocolate Brownie (not too bad). There are many better protein bars on the market, so I even don't bother getting these even for free. Unfortunately, can't post any link to the reviews here, so if you're interested in that then just send me PM.


Ordered with yet another email address. Also got a shaker bottle in with the order, all for £3.99

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes at Adidas Shop for £37.48 (free C&C / £3.95 delivery)
Refreshed 25th MarRefreshed 25th Mar
Adidas Weightlifting Shoes at Adidas Shop for £37.48 (free C&C / £3.95 delivery)
£37.48£8556%Adidas Shop Deals
I love using these and needed a new pair. They have great deals on most of their weightlifting shoes starting from £37.48. You can also go to voucher code and get another 20% off! … Read more
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They have some power perfect 3s which are better quality for 55


Good price


Nice deal - have some heat


Nevermind mate


So why quote my comment when I clearly stated I prefer to squat without shoes. I started with squat shoes but found I could lift more without.

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