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WhatsApp 3G candybar mobile £19.99 @ Argos
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Saving £20 - Still £10 more on EEs website with a £10 mandatory top-up shop.ee.co.uk/mobile-phones/pay-as-you-go/mobiwire-nokosi-payg/details Great for oldies to start using Wh… Read more

The point in this type of phone is to stop people spending time On it, having screen is a big way to waste time people who don’t have the resistant a candy bar phone will do wonders


I don't know what Argos are going on about on the product description for the phone in this link. It has a 1500 mAh battery, which they claim will last for 15 days on standby. So, good for a secondary phone to charge and leave in the car for emergencies, but not great when it comes to actually using it, as it doesn't have enough juice to run for very long if you need to use features beyond calling and texting.


£15 more you can get a 4G smartphone from Argos https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8659408


Don’t think it has Wi-fi, good data ? Not a issue for HUKDers they always have good data lol HUKD deals needs data on the go ;) Virgin runs on EE and gives free what’s app data - even WA calls and video AND the free data continues when your plans Allowance data runs out so will work with the new plan caps Ofcom enforced on mobile providers - no data overrun costs. From £6 on 30 days @ CPW http://help.virginmedia.com/system/templates/selfservice/vm/help/customer/locale/en-GB/portal/200300000001000/article/HELP-2467/WhatsApp-and-Facebook-Messenger-FAQs 30 day sims from CPW or any EE reseller will do, Plusnet, ASDA, Vectone etchttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_Kingdom_mobile_virtual_network_operators


It doesn't say whether it is wifi enabled so unless you have a good data plan, it's a bit pointless... Or have I missed a trick?

uSwitch exclusive - Virgin Mobile 1500 mins, ult texts and 4GB 4g data with 1GB rollover also free whatsapp - £8
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Your 4G SIM 4x data Superfast 4G 12 month contract 1GBdata 4GBdata extra so only roll over 1GB a month 1500minutes Unlimited Texts £8 per month Data Rollover: ke… Read more

Oos.. how can a SIM card be out of stock


[quote=byron]Remember Virgin sued our NHS.[/quote]as they had every right to


What does your comment mean? You do know that sim only is still a contract? Sim only also accounts for more than 20% of contracts...


I got the same deal on 30 day contract for £4 before xmas.


Because of "serious flaws in the procurement process", and they won the case if memory serves correctly?

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Social Sounds for WhatsApp -  Free @ Google Play Store
Found 4th Mar 2017Found 4th Mar 2017
Funny small app to send prerecorded voice messages via WhatsApp. It's free until 05/03/2017. Source: https://www.android-user.de/social-sounds-for-whatsapp-sprachnachrichten-einm… Read more
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I guess ... lol.


Yes, you're right, sorry. The app offers prerecorded voice messages to share via WhatsApp.


but you can already send voice notes


Whats App is more than voluminous in it's own right me thinks?, than ballooning it dome more with 'extras' also? (I could be wrong ... ) Doesn't Whats App already have it's own built-in 'Voice Notes' like App within it?, or ..... Nice Deal though. :-)

Retention deal - Virgin Mobile SIM only 4G 1gb Rollover+1500min cross netwk+ unltd SMS 1month Contract +FREE whatsapp+Facebook msgr data+virg2virg Inc FREE roaming world wide (incoming calls from UK only) £6
Found 2nd Feb 2017Found 2nd Feb 2017
Just haggled £3 off the £9 virgin sim only monthly contract for the little uns. Paying £6 for 1gb of 4G data + 1500min any network+unlimited SMS, also it's a rollover if you don't… Read more
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I got an overseas csa south Africa I think..in my experience the abroad csa's are more accommodating..same goes for many others..like amazon. I rang the 150 number from a virgin landline..


Free roaming is for calls outbound from UK either from landline or from virgin mobile the receiving virgin mobile is overseas..but can be in any country..


The current Virgin deal for £9 has 2GB data and 1500 minutes, but the lady I spoke to in retentions did not offer any reduction over what anyone would get online. I'll wait for the callback if it comes... The international call from UK to another virgin number is puzzling. It does not offer free virgin to virgin when roaming abroad with a virgin UK mobile. Smartcall used to work this way, but it is discontinued.


can i ask what number you rang please?thanks


Thank you rang them and got the same deal :).

Upgrade your Virgin to 4G, Data Rollover, Free Whatsapp and Messenger messages FREE
Found 12th Nov 2016Found 12th Nov 2016
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I won't be upgrading. IMHO 4G is pointless with such low data limits as it's only going to help you burn through that data faster, which is probably exactly what the operator wants. The minimum should be 1GB, there shouldn't even be a 300MB tier, you could easily use that in a couple of days these days, even simple web pages guzzle data faster than ever with video advertising and the like. It's like having a really thick hose (plenty of bandwidth) but only a cup of water to put down it (data)...


Still shoddy tariffs Monthly cost Minutes Texts 4G data £6 300 Unlimited 300MB £9 1500 Unlimited 1GB £12 2500 Unlimited 2GB £15 2500 Unlimited 4GB £25 5000 Unlimited 20GB


Any carried over data only lasts for a month and expires on the next billing cycle, irrespective of whether it is used or not. Promotional data (such as the double data deal) cannot be carried over. Also, inclusive calls to 08 numbers have been removed and are not included in any of the 4G plans. Maximum 4G speeds is limited to only 25 Mbps d/l. I'm currently getting 20 Mbps on my current Virgin 3G plan on speedtest. No tethering still. The 4G plans are more expensive than the 3G ones, just checked through my account. All in all, effectively feels like a downgrade for more money!


Will ring them up tomorrow and see if I get a good deal


​no it's the same!

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Free WhatsApp Usage and Free SIM with 100 MIN / 100 SMS / 200MB Data @ FreedomPop
Found 17th Aug 2016Found 17th Aug 2016
WHATSAPP BASIC PACKAGE DETAILS: £0/month 200 MB High Speed Data 100 minutes 100 texts Unlimited WhatsApp Roaming in 30+ countries

I think no - it seems to be a different SIM - but once you have one, according to the Engadget article referred to earlier, you need to activate their apps and then get another 200 mins/200 texts/200MB data on top of the allowances on the SIM, so 300 mins/400 texts/400MB data?


The Whatsapp sim was linked off the UK home page: https://uk.freedompop.com/whatsapp?utm_oscampaign=FP_UK_WebDesktop_Visitor_NA&utm_osplacement=LandingPage_Top-Ctr_940x60_Open&utm_oscreative=UKSVF_whatsapp_UnlimitedWhatsApp HTH


I did not have a 'Whatsapp' Sim. I had a standard Freedompop one. It was rubbish.


The Global SIM with free WhatsApp data was "launched" in the UK on 01-Sep-2016. https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/01/freedompop-whatsapp-sim-uk/ And, this was launched in USA on 17-August-2016. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/174080/20160817/freedompop-launches-first-us-sim-with-unlimited-whatsapp-access-in-30-countries.htm I can't comment on what you were using in UK 5 months ago ....... before this (free WhatsApp data SIM) was even launched anywhere in the world ... but it was not this service!!


Yeah the coverage was terrible. Unfortunately the UK isn't ready for a solely data based voip network as the infrastructure is too patchy. I'm now on Tello which requires a 3G phone but uses normal networks so is always working!

Whatsapp Video Calling - Android
Found 16th May 2016Found 16th May 2016
this morning i heard a rumor that whatsapp video calling is on its way to beta testers - so i decided to become a beta tester - it's free so why not :-) it was so easy, go to http… Read more

tango too


No iphone ;-(


​Skype works fine.


WhatsApp video beta has already been withdrawn


thanks need a good video call for android most are rubbish

Whatsapp now available for PC
Found 11th May 2016Found 11th May 2016
WhatsApp lovers can now messages their mates without the need for a smartphone. The app mirrors the conversations and messages on your phone and is available to everyone with a co… Read more
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Definately spying on you for the NSA/CIA/GCHQ. Quite funny when someone posts a thread about a Chinese phone, someone always pipes up with hidden Chinese spyware, but they are quite happy with Microsoft NSA/CIA/GCHQ spyware on their laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets!


Wrong, Wrong, WRONG, WRONG and WRONG again. Do Micro$oft pay you to spread their propaganda for them or do you just do it for fun? You do realise that Mac is a PC too? PERSONAL COMPUTER, is it yours? is it a computer? Then it's a PC, idiot. The term comes from a computer that isn't a mainframe and isn't a dumb terminal, your terminology is out of date and your interpretation of it isn't accurate. If you have a "smartphone", that's a PC. Given that fact, Windows certainly does not run on "90%+" of PCs. Are you actually refering to an "IBM Compatible PC"? Your terminology is still several decades out of date. Or maybe you mean the x86 Architecture? They still can run Linux, BSD, Unix, Android, Chrome OS and many other operating systems, even Windows if you're too dumb to use a real OS. Isn't OSX able to run on x86 now too? I don't really care about dumb people who do dumb things and can't handle their own security as far as I'm concerned, the Internet would be better off without these egotistical losers with their "look at me! look at me!" attitudes posting about their boring, standard issue lives every 5 minutes. If I wanted to discuss anything sensitive then I would encrypt the text myself and send it within their protocol or any other protocol to be decrypted at the other end by the recipient. Sure, it's nice if they encrypt their protocol too but since we don't have the source code, we don't know how secure that is. I'll stick to IRC, have Telegram within my IRC client and ignore the handful of people that I know who insist on using WhatsApp since there's no suitable client for me. They're not annoyed with you, dream on. They're not really watching you, they merely have to provide the idea that they could be watching you at any time, it's the Panopticon effect. In reality...ever tried to work on government contracts? Government employees are the most lazy and incompetent individuals that you could come accross, they're not capable of carrying out this mass surveilance. I'm pretty sure Snowden is still on the payroll too, it's all a deception. Corporations on the other hand are spying on you, for profit, YOU are their product, they are monetising you. I don't want to "dilute" it, it would be nice to be able to use it from Pidgin when I choose to be on a graphical desktop or Weechat when I'm in a terminal because all of my other IM accounts can be used through those via libpurple. The phone app would be a nice touch for those odd occasions where it might be useful to me. These companies should look at libpurple and similar projects, all of the hard work has been done for them, there's no need to re-invent the wheel. It's about choice, there's only two options with software - Either the user controls the software or the software controls the user. Which do you want?


It is Facebook's company. They can do with it whatever they wish. Personally, I can fully see why Facebook are trying to protect the WhatsApp brand. It doesn't need to be diluted into being whatever you want it to be.


There are many operating systems that *can* run on a PC...but there's only one that actually runs on 90%+ of all PC's. So instead of being facetious, why don't you just take it as read that when someone says 'PC', they mean 'Windows' ;) Also, I remember a while back that Snapchat got into privacy troubles because of third party apps that were using outdated (or non-existent) security on their clients. Snapchat therefore forced every third party client to close. With that in mind, why should WhatsApp take the risk and allow others to create their own versions of the app when it can clearly bring in security issues? If you want Telegram, go and chat to the handful of people that you know who are on there. For the rest of us, WhatsApp is the de facto option because it is where everyone else is. It also has end to end encryption (much to the annoyance of the US authorities)


The English language is quite limited when it comes to the word Free, there is free as in freedom and free as in free stuff, some will say libre and gratis so that you understand the two, they don't always go together. People have made free (gratis and libre) third party clients that this malicious company have ensured can no longer continue to be released despite other people having done work for them. We don't all want a phone app, some of us want a desktop or even command line program to communicate with people. Many of us want to integrate with existing messaging programs such as Pidgin or bitlbee so that all of our instant messaging is handled by one program, this company want to remove our freedom to do that, maybe there's something wrong with them.

WhatsApp now free for all users
Found 18th Jan 2016Found 18th Jan 2016
Unless you were a older user, Whatsapp has always had a small charge of 79p. That charge is now being removed (over the course of a few week) so that everyone can enjoy WhatsApp … Read more
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See my post #85.


NOPE!. iOS initially had a one off 69p payment threshold applied to this. Whereas Android had a reoccurring 69p yearly fee attached to it instead ..... :-( I was a user of Whats App on both Platforms, and came across such via both over the years! (so I was more than familiar, lol). There you go. :-)


Paid 69p once..... Not had to ever pay again. Been on the same number for 4 years now. What's app is good. Sometimes it can stick on one tick when you send a message for 5 mins, but other than that it's good. Facebook have only just acquired What's app so it's too soon to tell if they start mucking about with it. Facebook most likely bought it to get access to its millions of users information anyhow


Google it to find out.


what is whatsapp

Free Calling via WhatsApp - FOR iOS
Found 21st Apr 2015Found 21st Apr 2015
WhatsApp Calling is now Offically available for iOS devices. The latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone adds a new voice calling feature that allows you to talk to any WhatsApp us… Read more
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its okay for a start, really lagging and echoy on IOS


whats wrong with the free imessage call feature?


Woking fine now call quality is good better than viber and also my normal (rubbish) mobile voice calls.


Yes, I've just downloaded Version 2.12.1 on to my iPhone 4 and it's working perfectly.


Same here. When I tried it a few times it was taking a while for my voice to reach the op and vice versa. Very poor.

Free Calling via WhatsApp
Found 31st Mar 2015Found 31st Mar 2015
Thought this may be useful if you haven't heard that WhatsApp voice calling is now available for all users on Android. (Previously was by invite only/beta testing) The update isn'… Read more
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Skype is a major battery hogger and a big bloat


So as long as I have Wi-Fi, I can call people in UK from Las Vegas for fwee?! Also call my girlfriend provided she has the WiFi? That's pretty awesome!




sarcasm for a spelling mistake ! Contemptible. You could at least have put a smiley on it.


I been doing this for over 7 years for free on skype, dont see point in this app, also facebook messenger does it all for free also, cant beleive people paid for this before.

Telegram Messenger - Free, Safe, Fast better than WhatsApp
Found 22nd Jan 2015Found 22nd Jan 2015
Ditch WhatsApp, this has had a web client since the start, cross platform and safe, fast reliable software. Encrypted chats.. .no snooping from Facebook owned WhatsApp.. Downloa… Read more
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Been a user of this for ages but not many people use it. Until user numbers increase its just another userless messaging service.


It isnt difficult, people are just stubborn.


Valid point about this being totally free... Whatsapp charging yearly right? I agree difficult to move away from something that everyone uses just saying this is a LOT better and free.. Get more people off whatsapp and get them onto telegram!


All my mates have WhatsApp. so its like me asking you to download Viper and Tango would you??


A FREE Telegram is ALWAYS 'preferable' over that of a PAID FOR Whats App?. But to date mind .. Telegram ONLY supports Android & iOS .. i've personally used it on BOTH! (so I dont really give a rats ... lol) BUT though, some of my friends & me have previously been rocking Blackberry Phones, & some people I know ALSO have Windows Phone too! (NONE of which Telegram currently 'supports' unfortunately? .. whereas even before Face Book bought it, Whats App 'supported' alllllllll ..... ) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ............ its a shame.

Free WhatsApp for your PC! No more having to use your phone in the office!
Found 21st Jan 2015Found 21st Jan 2015
Today, for the first time, you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. The web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations… Read more

Now works on ios!


Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry only (No iPhone).


How do I scan the QR code on my iPhone 5? Can't seem to find the web setting in the app on my phone :(


But doesn't work on Cyberfox...


Now works on both Firefox and Opera

Free Whatsapp texts, videos and audio user to user even from abroad.  Free 1st year 99p there after. Istore and Play Store.
Found 9th Apr 2014Found 9th Apr 2014
Now l know a lot of people have this, but spoken to a few recently that hadn't heard of it so thought l'd post anyway and risk naysayers ... even if you have heard 99p after a year… Read more
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Yeah, sounds about right.


Prehaps, or maybe you're not seeing what you're conveying? Anyhoo, l shall heed the advice of such a seasoned poster. Thanks for the tips x


i salute your courage for posting it here


lol, me too ;)


concern? it's like you're seeing things in my posts which aren't there but if you want to think I am insulting you and also concerned about you, go for it

Whatsapp free @ Itunes
Found 12th Sep 2013Found 12th Sep 2013
Whatsap was 69p now free on apple App Store
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......it's probably the only way she's going to get to see it :D


I got mine for free about a year+ ago, I haven't seen any indication that I will be charged. I never use it anyway... iMessage works great for me, and for the few friends that are not on iPhone, I have this cool service that used to be popular a few years ago, called text message. I have an unlimited text bundle. Regardless, there are sooo many ways to send pictures for free these day (twitter, facebook). Everything is geared towards social (group) interactions these days. Why waste energy sending individual images to a single person? Unless I'm desperate enough to send private photos of my... ...to my gf :{


Mines free for life, downloaded about 2 years ago - and it was free back then.


Yeah, but what about the people who already bought it for 69p before they introduced the yearly subscription?? Is it fair? The description used to state, pay once, free for life!! So we spent our money! Now they have changed that!!!


Yep, ooooooooor if 69p is too much, sell your iphone, you'll get close to 69p for that or use Viber like the cool kids

Whatsapp messenger free on ios
Found 9th Aug 2013Found 9th Aug 2013
whatsapp messenger is free on iOS. great little messenger. That is all. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. Changed their strategy to that on the Android Platform. Free for th… Read more
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it's it really worth changing your phone number to save 69p per year?


No it hasn't smart ****


Only if it was available on the Ipad.. Must mention though, they have just changed their strategy - well more likely got consent from Apple. Just like Android - First year free, (69p/year after) - or change your phone number and create a new account. Heat added for the share.


Its free now becuase they've changed to the android model of first year free and then a small charge per year, if you got it on ios before they changed to this it will always be free with no yearly charge.


I've just seen it in the free section of the UK app store. it should be there

Whatsapp Messenger is free for iPhone for a limited time. Usually 69p @ iTunes
Found 16th Jul 2013Found 16th Jul 2013
Whatsapp Messenger is free for iPhone for a limited time. Usually 69p @ iTunes "First year free ($0.99 USD/year after)" - intime It's permanently free to download, and then you … Read more

If you ask me 65p per year to send pictures, videos and messages to all around the world for no international cost is great.


It's free now with an annual charge. It's never going to be truly free.


No it's a 1 off payment. However if u download it for free, it is free of charge forever


after one year it's eaither 69p or 99p


it ays its not available to the uk

swapMessenger.com - Get free BBM, Kik, SnapChat, Whatsapp contacts free for Android
Found 17th Jun 2013Found 17th Jun 2013
Get free BBM, Kik, SnapChat, Whatsapp contacts. Joined a few weeks ago and you meet lots of peeps. Like a community too, great for your mobile friends.

Hey peeps jst wondering cn u invite on bbm or whatsapp looking 4 new friends 26584cf3 0736794019


i am


only the sad lonely people


Exactly what I said. The app was last updated once in oct2012. Bad reviews. Full of bugs and adverts. Regardless of content seems best to avoid.


Version 1.1 after 8 months. Abandoned.

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