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Walsall Wheelbarrows 85 Ltr Galvanized Wheelbarrow £37.19 - AMAZON
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Walsall Wheelbarrows 85 Ltr Galvanized "Wheelbarrow in a Box" with Puncture Proof Wheel. Made in the UK. I know, but it looks fairly sturdy.

I was expecting British standard which I hoped were still high


I’ve not had a broken wheel yet but it’s not metal. I’m not a large bloke but even I can shift 100kg in a wheel barrow! I noticed that it wobbled too much whilst being pushed with 100kg in so I wouldn’t recommend more. The notes said the load limit was 150kg but I wouldn’t go there.


Was about to buy but the amount of reviews showing perforated wheels are shocking! Shame...


Some boy that can’t!


On wheels? I don’t think so

Cheap wheelbarrow - £28 instore @ b&q (Poole)
LocalLocalFound 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
A decent wheelbarrow at a decent price This is b&q poole dorset IN STORE ONLY There were loads left

Does anyone know where this was made? I'm looking for a Chinese wheelbarrow. (:I


I use a twin exhaust Reliant Robin, makes a great rust free wheelbarrow :)


That's wheely cheap


Just thought I would load a close pic I hope it helps

*Own An Old Barrow Ruined By Tyre Punctures?* Get The British Made Titan Universal Puncture Free Wheelbarrow Wheel 40% Off At Argos Clearance £14.99 (Free C&C)
Found 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
With different adapters this solid wheel fits all known wheelbarrow makes, and has a max load of 150kg Bring your old barrow back to life for £14.99, rather than spending £40+ on … Read more
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You can get better for the same price on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xsolid+sack+truck+tyre.TRS0&_nkw=solid+sack+truck+tyre&_sacat=0


Or the Austin princess


Looks like a QUALITY British product.


British made, just like the Austin Allegro


It's a pity Sharharp didn't "get took" to school to learn how to write English (annoyed)

Ward Green Plastic Wheelbarrow 55L now £12.99 @ Argos
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
Plenty of stock about, free C&C and good reviews, made from recycled materials. Perfect for storing and carrying things around your garden. Great for holding everything from … Read more
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may be a good garden tool carrier, but useless for anything else. I bought one when it was on sale before. With anything heavy in it it's unmanoevrable and might break. Full of light stuff it works, but it is then far easier to carry it than wheel it. It just becomes an expensive garden bag. One and only benefit is that it is a bag that stays open without effort.


that's gross (poo)


Fantastic garden tool carrier. Thanks.


Good portaloo too when camping.


hidden inside the barrow

90L Polypropylene Pneumatic Wheelbarrow £30 (was £37) - Click&Collect ONLY @ Wickes
LocalLocalFound 25th Jun 2018Found 25th Jun 2018
90L Polypropylene Pneumatic Wheelbarrow £30 (was £37) - Click&Collect ONLY @ Wickes
Not the most exciting thing you will buy in your life but for anyone with a decent size garden it is a must. I had to replace my old dilapidated wheelbarrow at the weekend and I c… Read more

Standard price for a metal one.


Strange but true: This Polypropylene Pneumatic Wheelbarrow contains a similar amount of plastic to Katie "Poundshop" Price ;)


Was just after a new barrow thanks


Had one for a couple of years too. Highly recommended. Great price too


Got one of these last year. Great little barrow

85 litre wheelbarrow £25 @ B&Q
Found 13th Apr 2018Found 13th Apr 2018
85 litre wheelbarrow £25 @ B&Q
Seen in store also available online. Don't own one but seemed reasonably well constructed. Product Information This Verve heavy duty wheelbarrow is ideal for transporting building… Read more
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picked this up today and its pretty good. Solid steels unlike some of the plastic ones. Cheers OP


James Dyson started with a revolutionary wheel barrow from memory. Heat btw, could even be used as a 'feature' with nice bedding plants


Buster Gonad costume sorted


Its a wheely good deal when you think about it.


Nice find

Saxon Wheelbarrow in Homebase Streatham Vale for £12.75
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Saxon Wheelbarrow in Homebase Streatham Vale for £12.75
Advertised at £15 but with 15% discount voucher brings it down to £12.75. Not sure if it is national though. Had 6 or 7 stacked near the cash tills. The main body is plastic but q… Read more
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Didn't have a voucher but £15 is still a great price....got one..thanks OP..


Saw this today at my local store Northern Ireland price was £3


Brings back some memories! Remember seeing them playing at the Hammersmith Odeon around 1981-82......


For all your uphill gardening needs.

Keter Easy Go Taupe  50L Work Cart / Wheelbarrow now £9.99 C+C @ Argos
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
Keter Easy Go Taupe 50L Work Cart / Wheelbarrow now £9.99 C+C @ Argos
Thought this a cracking price for one of these, it seems to be between £18 - £20 elsewhere & has really great reviews across the net too. According to the B&Q site & ot… Read more
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I'm pretty sure I need one of these, not sure what for but I need it :/


Argos is cheaper than B & Q - they have green there and are charging £18 each.


Thank you, just ordered one. Will be useful for wheeling large bags of garden waste from my garden down to my car.


Cheers op...just what the wife wanted for xmas ;) ...reserved ta


back down to £9.99

Aldi Gardenline Wheelbarrow reduced from £39.99 to £29.99 NOW £14.99
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
Found in the New Malden Aldi... Puncture-proof Duraball wheelbarrow now only £14.99!!! Robust galvanised steel frame with 3 yr warranty. This was an original special buy in Apri… Read more
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really :/ ...pretty obvious - just shows the bargain the barrow is, if you can get one. in store only.


As far as I can tell, it's in store online I'm afraid.


Any link to the barrow specifically as only can find the wheel online and in store are useless. Thanks


This is not the same item. Your link is to a replacement puncture proof wheel which Is currently an Aldi special buy. It is not the barrow.


Good find. Thanks

"Walsall" branded puncture proof wheelbarrow £39.99 at screwfix (collection)
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
"Walsall" branded puncture proof wheelbarrow £39.99 at screwfix (collection)
Cheaper than amazon and available to collect next day at all my local screwfix's.

Is a Walsall wheelbarrow anything like a Birmingham screwdriver?


This is less than £25 at the cash & carry, (+VAT) which shows just how much mark up there is on these products if this is considered a good deal !


Hot. Nothing worse than getting a puncture in your wheelbarrow tyre miles from nowhere and no spare...


I bought one of these a month ago. Because the frame bolts together rather than being welded, it is not solid enough and the legs buckle inwards when fully loaded. After use, it gets weaker and tips sideways if it's not level. The wheel is useless on rough ground - normal pneumatic tyre is much better. Probably OK for light garden duties, but avoid for construction work.


According to the screwfix Q&A "The wheel on this Walsall wheelbarrow is unique. It has many mini shock absorbers that act like the air in a pneumatic wheel. The wheel is formed with a micro cellular foam which gives the wheel the same performance as a pneumatic with the most important feature of it being puncture proof. This unique design means that it is easier to push around than a normal solid wheeled puncture proof wheelbarrow" ...was enough to make me buy it

Garden Carts at homebase from £20, linked one is £35
Found 9th Jun 2017Found 9th Jun 2017
Been after a new(reduced) wheelbarrow/cart for a while, stumbled into a homebase and found this one. This Saxon garden cart is ideal for moving heavy objects, loose soil or garde… Read more
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Went to the Luton store last year looking for lighting sound like they are still sorting it out, it was a mess then, It is too far off my normal routes to bother again unless I know they have something.


Luton's like a bombsite, I'd be surprised if they knew what they had in stock or where to find it, I asked in the garden centre bit but didn't get much joy.


Stock check says 2 of the Saxon inked.


No carts whatsoever in Luton when I got there yesterday.


Could give them a call and see if they will price match.

Gardenline wheelbarrow £39.99 Aldi
Found 18th Apr 2017Found 18th Apr 2017
Gardenline wheelbarrow £39.99 Aldi
£39.99ALDI Deals
wheelbarrow. Puncture-proof Duraball wheel Robust galvanised steel frame
Chillington Camden Classic Black Wheelbarrow 85L - £20.39 with code Store pickup @ Wickes
Found 15th Apr 2017Found 15th Apr 2017
Was £29.99. Currently has 20% off which makes it £23.99. But also have 15% off until Monday making it a cheap buy. Good reviews. Not the best in the world, granted, but fine fo… Read more
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once the paint comes off these rot really fast.


wd40 slows the rust. but who cares it's a wheel barrow. 15 years and still going strong with no punctures. these are great. father in law bought the galvanized steel one for a bit more. still rusts lol.


I've had mine for about 3 years, love it. They do rust - the moment you use it, you'll scratch the black coating which I assume is only paint, exposing the metal which will rust. It also shows so minor rust around the joints on the underside. But so what - you're going to fill it with muck. Mine lives outside and is rusting in some places, but so what. Still useable, and as the post above says it will last, it's solid as.


It will rust as besford says but ive had my chillington barrow from wickes for 17 years and used it heavily lugging rock, bricks, soil and logs. . Its been left out in the elements for years and its still got a few years left in it and no holes. Its been more than worth its money for the jobs ive done with it. also the slimmer longer design compared to others has got me through a good few doors and gates without causing havoc. id buy another ut got to wait a couple more years before this one gives way.


Plus you can buy tubes and tyres cheaply from eBay too.

Wheelbarrow Galvanised with Pneumatic Tyre £18.99 delivered fast and free @ clearance_centre_123 / ebay
Found 12th Feb 2017Found 12th Feb 2017
Wheelbarrow Galvanised with Pneumatic Tyre £18.99 delivered fast and free @ clearance_centre_123 / ebay
£18.99eBay Deals
65Litre capacity Wheelbarrow Galvanised Steel Tubular Frame and body Weight Capacity of 100kgs 33cm /13" Pneumatic Tyre The item is self assembly but just bolts together..
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This type of barrow also uses the **** over tit principle if you try and bounce it over a rock or step, once you tip you wont stop, lack of front wheel brace ensures that you will be suitably embarrassed at the least


The lack of nose doesn't seem to hinder this one from tippingSorry guys, last one, I promise! 8)


Its free economy or 3.99 for 24hr



including the hay or not?

Disney Cars Wheelbarrow and Bucket set only £3.44 @ Amazon
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
Disney Cars Wheelbarrow and Bucket set only £3.44 @ Amazon
Ordered this really lovely wheelbarrow and bucket set from Amazon as a Xmas present. It's an add on item but so cheap it's hard to resist
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CHACHOW voted hot :')

Chillington Camden Classic Puncture Free Wheelbarrow 85L - £39.99 Wickes
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
Chillington Camden Classic Puncture Free Wheelbarrow 85L - £39.99 Wickes
Wickes currently have 20% off the 85L Haemmerlin Chillington Camden Classic Puncture Free Wheelbarrow 85L making it £39.99 (Previously £49.99) beating prices on eBay etc. This app… Read more

After using a wheelbarrow with a ball wheel I would never use these type of wheelbarrows again. Hands the best for wheeling around heavy waste.


thanks op , def need the puncture free around here , blackthorn hedging !


Decent brand. Decent price.

Mucker, plastic wheelbarrow (90L) £51.98 @ Worldstores Cheapest about.
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
Mucker, plastic wheelbarrow (90L) £51.98 @ Worldstores Cheapest about.
Plastic wheelbarrow, perfect for stable/cowshed muckouts, choice of colours, holds 90 liters at least, solid construction from a good company, comes in kit form. Says ten to fourte… Read more

Nothing like the same, they are a plastic top sat on a steel frame, they soon lose their shape and become unstable.


home base cheaper


I got this the other week when MachineMart had 10% off https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/draper-bwb-contractors-85l-wheelbarrow/ Doing well so far..


"Perfect for stable muckouts"? One has STAFF for that, don't y'know? And they bring their own barrows.

Kids Woodyland Wooden Garden Wheelbarrow £9.86 del Prime / £14.61 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 19th Apr 2016Found 19th Apr 2016
Kids Woodyland Wooden Garden Wheelbarrow £9.86 del Prime / £14.61 Non Prime @ Amazon
With summer on the way, I've been looking for some new gardening tools / equipment for my youngest 2, couldn't believe the prices of wheelbarrows & sets. Just found this lovely… Read more
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cheeky or what !


it's now £15.21.!!


its £12.34

Keter Easy Go XL (62L) Garden Trolley £16.99 @ Lidl
Found 16th Apr 2016Found 16th Apr 2016
Keter Easy Go XL (62L) Garden Trolley £16.99 @ Lidl
£16.99LIDL Deals
Saw this last night. It's a KETER trolley badged up as FLORABEST. Underside of the trolley has the KETER stamp. This is from the KETER site: http://www.keter.com/de/easy-go-xl Sm… Read more

Oh- so that's why they are hiding their name. Thanks for sharing.


For those that care, Keter is a company under boycott as it is operating on stolen Palestinian land. https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2012/01/491655.html


Been trying to sell one of these and couldn't remember what it was! Thanks!


I wonder why Keter would be hiding their name??........Hmmmmm......


Nice one Satchmo, I was wracking my (tiny) brain trying to recall the HB unit!

100Kg Metal Galvanised Wheelbarrow £19.89 from talkback41 Ebay
Found 20th Mar 2016Found 20th Mar 2016
100Kg Metal Galvanised Wheelbarrow £19.89 from talkback41 Ebay
£19.89eBay Deals
Seems a great price for the product. Holds 65 litres. Free delivery and it says free mystery gift, might be something alright.

ha ha. Think that could be how much it holds


Mine arrived without a bolt for the wheel poor customer service trying to resolve. Ended up having to try and find a bolt to fit it when it would have been easier to pay more at B&Q.


Wow, that's a very heavy wheelbarrow.


That's good to hear. Good reviews and even more clutter to put in my garage. Win Win!!


I've bought two of these last month, they were priced at £19.49 then. Quick delivery about 2 days, they are good quality for the price, easy to put together. The free mystery gift ain't much to write home about, I received 5x sheets of sandpaper, and 1x basic wallpaper stripper (same as the cheap ones available in Poundland as a pack of x3) X) I will most probably use both, so not bad for free items. ;)

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