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65l Wheelbarrow Home Garden Cart Galvanised w/ Pneumatic Tyre £28.79 Nectar code (£30.59 non-Nectar) UK Mainland @ neodirect eBay
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
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Nectar cardholders can use code NECTARJ20 to get for £28.79, others can use code SAVE15 to get for £30.59. Each code can be used 3 times. Details here: hotukdeals.com/vou…370
Features The robust Wheelbarrow by Neo Direct makes handling heavy garden tasks a breeze. Made with soft handles to enable a better grip, and galvanised steel for additional st… Read more

Rearrange into a well known phrase or saying? (confused)


No tipping bar, makes it a big no from me




A wheelbarrow shaped object?


Only fit for dust to carry. jTF sold the same ones at the same price

65l Wheelbarrow Home Garden Cart Galvanised with Pneumatic Tyre £39.99 @ neodirect / Ebay
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
The robust Wheelbarrow by NEO makes handling heavy garden tasks a breeze. Made with soft handles to enable a better grip, and galvanized steel for additional strength and resilienc… Read more

For anyone still interested, this is now £35.99. I'm looking for a good sturdy but lightweight barrow but this looks a bit flimsy, and I wouldn't recommend one without a front tipping bar for a shortie like me.


I'd spend another tenner, and get this instead:- https://www.toolstation.com/easiload-galvanised-wheelbarrow-85l/p96883 20l larger, and a puncture-proof tyre. Make sure you select the right option in the selection area - it's easy to accidentally order the version with a regular pneumatic tyre by mistake (Ask me how I know this (annoyed) )


35.99 with code


I have one the looks identical to this and it certainly isn’t heavy duty! The fail point is how the handles connect to the side of the tray, it’s relying on the strength of a very thin bit of metal, get a better version that has been on here from somewhere like Wickes that has the handles taking the load from the base of the tray and not the side


I'm after a 62 ltr barrow... No point in paying for space that you're not going to use ;)

The Contractor Professional - Black Wheelbarrow £103.98 @ wheelbarrows
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
The Contractor Professional - Black Wheelbarrow £103.98 @ wheelbarrows£103.98 Free P&P Free
85L Heavy-duty press pan Tubular frame Extra-strong double-rolled edge pan Pneumatic tyre Black B.o.P. System (14 barrows/pallet) Please note: The pan featured on the Puncture Proo… Read more

Do you need a special ticket to operate it (lol)


This has been reduced from £117.52 (y)


That is a good price cos we bought ours £120.


Black or silver both appear the same to me with either ending up the same colour after a few barrows of concrete or soil. Plus if on a site the labourers kicking the hell out of it or running over it in the forklift. (lol)


I agree there's no need to shop anywhere else than B&M as they are the Harrods of bargain basement on practically anything you need for the home, construction or office. Got fence panels from them really good qual and cheap as chips!

Chillington-Camden-Classic-Black-Wheelbarrow - £28 / £35.95 delivered @ Wickes
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Chillington-Camden-Classic-Black-Wheelbarrow - £28 / £35.95 delivered @ Wickes£35.95Wickes Deals
The black frame is very reliable with a one piece tubular design, the tray of the wheelbarrow has specific narrow design that allows easier access through doors, front tray support… Read more

Finally got a delivery date! Ordered this and a few tins of the decking and fence paint which is also on offer.


As you can see from the comments, it does the job for the vast majority. Some people don’t abuse everything they own, and have reasonable expectations. Not everyone can afford, or needs, a £150 wheelbarrow. Cheap products exist for a reason, they have a purpose.


Typical - try and check out and theres no delviery dates.


Thanks for posting. Your thread has made it to our Highlights pages (highfive)


ordered, thanks!

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Chillington Camden Classic Puncture Free Wheelbarrow 85L - £38 / £45.95 Delivered @ Wickes
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Chillington Camden Classic Puncture Free Wheelbarrow 85L - £38 / £45.95 Delivered @ Wickes£45.95Wickes Deals
Good price on this puncture free model. In my experience a lot of wheelbarrows are fairly resistant to punctures anyway, but still... just in case you specifically want something p… Read more

Chillington sounds like yoof slang for someone to calm down


The people complaining about rust are the gardening type lol


I have a Chillington, does what it's supposed to. It gets chipped and dented, but unless you're using it as an upmarket garden planter, that's what happens to wheelbarrows. In the last couple of weeks, mine's carried a tonne of quarry waste, a tonne of sand, a stack of paving stones, had several mixes of compo made in it and still going strong. A plastic wheelbarrow is only good for light carrying and trying to look like you're a serious gardener.:D


Is this a new deal to the one that was posted a few weeks ago? I bought one of those and didn't get the wheelbarrow with the puncture free tyre, so after complaining they sent me just the puncture free wheel and I kept the wheelbarrow, so at least have a wheelbarrow with a spare wheel.


Yes, so when you throw a brick in it, it goes straight through.

Chillington Camden Classic (yellow puncture free) wheelbarrow 85L for £45.95 delivered @ Wickes
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Chillington Camden Classic (yellow puncture free) wheelbarrow 85L for £45.95 delivered @ Wickes£45.95£64.9529% off Free P&P FreeWickes Deals
Down from £44 to £38, plus that Wickes delivery fee (remember it is free over £75 so add a few more bits and bobs to miss out that £7.95 extra). Wheelbarrows are quite expensive … Read more

I was very disappointed because they sent me the wrong one and I particularly wanted the puncture free wheelbarrow. Hopefully they will be contacting me at the end of the week to arrange collection of the wrong one and delivery of the right one. Also I think the one they sent was cheaper, but they didn't mention that fact.


I ordered one last week as a click and collect, realised when I got home it was the wrong Chillington's wheelbarrow and I didn't get the puncture free one, but not a massive issue for my usage. Handles very well, very awkward to load into the car but managed to get it in with the handles going in first and dropping one of the seats (baby chair on the other passenger side).


Bought this last year. Absolutely fine. Be careful to balance the load as it can be quite unnerving if it shifts on an incline etc. I keep it in the shed unlike previous wheelbarrows which I left out in the elements with obvious consequences. Never thought about a cart but that will be my next purchase.


Not really as it is in a pretty bad state all round, so have now ordered this one.


Yes, I should probably take better care of mine. I likely will do once I get the new one. Strangely enough the galv hopper is in perfect nick, bar the hole, where the axle collapse has caused the tyre to wear a hole in the hopper.