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Family ticket to Ponderosa zoo..fully wheelchair accessible! £12 via Radio aire
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
If you're local to Wakefield thought this might be a good local deal Family pass for 2 adults and 2 kids or 1 adult and 3 kids valid until September £12. There is a beach, zoo, zi… Read more
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This place is literally on our doorstep but can honestly say we don’t even think about going. Definitely NOT a zoo. Hope the animals are in a better environment than they were last year.


Ponderosa Zoo? A Bonanza deal then! :D


Animals in captivity? Fun!


Used to go loads when kids were little, they loved it especially the reptile room x


Great price op thanks for posting (y) I agree with Schlingel that a zoo is a bit of push,they describe themselves as a rare breeds farm.

Puncture Proof Self Propel Folding Portable Propelled Wheelchair 69.99 delivered @ ebay Lloyd's pharmacy
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
Our new Self Propel Wheelchair has been designed as a cost effective, entry item for wheelchair users with an excellent value price. Although the item is great value, the quality o… Read more
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I'm on a couple of zebra sites myself on Facebook (I suspect my wife has EDS too)


G lite seems quite popular as a budget friendly option. I looked into getting one before I ended up with my argon. Alot of people with the same condition I have (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, we dislocate easily. Basically) so lighter chairs work better for us. Also try places like eBay and gumtree, I got my electric chair for £200 on ebay and a power assist chair on gumtree for £150. All three have their uses depending on what I'm doing that day. The g lite you are looking at about double the price of the one advertised here but it will be much lighter.


Personally use a Quickie Argon 2, which is really very light. Though you can get lighter than mine again, mines an active user one and I guess once you try those the standard ones feel very heavy, with a huge amount of play in the frame as you propel. Cutting down on weight in any way possible is beneficial if you are self propelling. Also worth a mention are the rubber rim covers, excellent on any chair to aid yourself to push. I adore my wheels, I could never go back. We had one of these chairs in ikea recently as we left mine at home and it was hard work. Def look at those rim covers though. More so if your wife can self propel. :)


Misread the title as 'future-proof' (horror)


PCP, deposit?

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Lightweight folding deluxe travel wheelchair in a bag with handbrakes @ fenetic_trading  ebay - £89.99
Found 13th Apr 2017Found 13th Apr 2017
on there web site it is £119, this wheelchair is lightweight and folds into a carrier bag that fits into your boot ideal for holidays and day outs Plus 1% from tcb
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this is only for holidays and day outs i bought it and my aunt said it was quite comfy just ideal to fold away that small and fitted in the boot perfect. wouldnt use it for main use tho


Looks possibly the most uncomfortable contraption to sit in


He he naughty naughty.


Ideal for holidays - queue jumping at Disney? (_;)


Autobot or Decepticon?

Puncture Proof Self Propel Folding Portable Propelled Wheelchair £58.49 Inc fast delivery at Lloyd's pharmacy eBay.
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
Our new Self Propel Wheelchair has been designed as a cost effective, entry item for wheelchair users with an excellent value price, Although the item is great value, the quality o… Read more
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no cup holder


Sad story, but I hear you ...


No should be fine, also at that age they would grow into it fast anyway.


I had to wait seven months. This is how I ended buying one of these. I think the NHS are hoping your'll die before they see you and you won't want one anymore.

New lower price Puncture Proof Self Propel Folding Portable Propelled Wheelchair with Mag Wheels £57.99 delivered @ ebay - betterlife-from-lloydspharmacy
Found 17th Jun 2016Found 17th Jun 2016
Our new Self Propel Wheelchair has been designed as a cost effective, entry item for wheelchair users with an excellent value price of only £57.99 Although the item is great value,… Read more
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"such as puncture proof, solid tyres for maximum durability"


got a sick meeting at work this will be ideal thanks


First the co-op goes back to their 1968 logo, and now this wheelchair goes on sale. Retro really is in right now, isn't it?


You would have to be stupid to do a stunt like that you could end up in a wheelchair

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Found 29th Apr 2016Found 29th Apr 2016
No vat to pay even if you are not vat exempt, better life at lloyds pharmacy will cover costs see beloiw. If you order is eligible for VAT Relief then please select the option abo… Read more
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Especially good for skipping the queues at theme parks like Alton Towers.


is this a wheely good deal?




No, you need someone to push you. Self propelled ones have large rear wheels.


Is this self-propelled?

Self Propel Folding Portable Propelled Wheelchair £59.99 delivered Ebay / betterlife-from-lloydspharmacy
Found 25th Apr 2016Found 25th Apr 2016
No vat to pay even if you are not vat exempt, better life at lloyds pharmacy will cover costs see beloiw. If you order is eligible for VAT Relief then please select the option abo… Read more
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Sorry, I didn't write my post very well, that was a general comment about the way a lot of people think about disability rather than aimed at you personally. I blame myself for my inability to step away from the keyboard when my clarity of thought may be impaired after a fizzy apple juice or two. ;)


I didn't assume that disability is the same as financial hardship I said that disabled people shouldn't have to pay a premium because they're disabled. You're assuming that I'm referring to people that are in financial hardship, but I'm not, I'm referring to disabled people....


On the other hand my mother is comfortably off, when she needed a wheelchair she bought herself one rather than explore other avenues. It's slightly patronising (and I've done it myself in the past) to assume that disability is the same as financial hardship.



OMG, but yes, I'll give you that :)

Free day out GB wheelchair rugby national competition
Found 3rd May 2015Found 3rd May 2015
Free entry to the GB wheelchair rugby national completion at the Copperbox, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford. If you enjoyed the wheelchair rugby at the 2012 Paralympic Game… Read more

How can you play rugby in a wheelchair? whatever next !


Hi, the event has finished, it was a morning/afternoon event, in case anyone was thinking of going this evening.


Just turn up. Free entry.


Is this just turn up or booking req. can't see the form or instructions...

36 3M Scotchlite Reflective Spoke Reflectors for Bikes Cycles & Wheelchairs only £1.49 Delivered !!!!!! Down from £7.99 @ Amazon
LocalLocalFound 15th Feb 2013Found 15th Feb 2013
Incredible price!!!, pricing error? only £1.49.. spotted it for 4.89 a few days ago and that was a good deal!!!

@ bp4917 - *&*(&*(&. Three stores local to me had them. They weren't the best of sellers, so I have been told so don't assume it BS. For all we know you could be talking *&*(&s about even trying to look. Additionally some chap cleared the rack as they were discounted, see previous deals for these, then they come back in to stock to be sold again. Figure that!


I checked 5 Aldis near me when they first came out (NW London) and they had all run out of stock, it is presumptious to assume they have these everywhere just because local backwater Aldi has a few!


Aldi are selling these off for £3.49 at present, most stores have them


I blame Wiggle


:( still good price at £4.89 ;)

36 3M Scotchlite Reflective Spoke Reflectors for Bikes Cycles & Wheelchairs only £4.89 Delivered @ Amazon
LocalLocalFound 8th Feb 2013Found 8th Feb 2013
For anyone who missed on my previous deal. These are cheaper than ever before. a must for any cyclist RRP £7.99 360° reflection for improved visibility 7cm Long each Fits all stan… Read more

I think I prefer this for a little bit more: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bike-Bicycle-Cycling-Wheel-Tyre-Tire-16-LED-Valve-Flash-Light-Lamp-/390439835872


Coke can? Posh one are we :p I used to use an empty margarine tub.


I dunno about this £1 phone but I brought a £1 fish the other day


These are quite good and I have a set, though they get absolutely filthy at this time of year which somewhat impacts their effectiveness.


Feels like ya going faster with these on too!

Push or self-propelled wheelchairs only £15 (£12.50 if VAT claimed back) at Halfords
Found 26th Jan 2013Found 26th Jan 2013
VERY LIMITED stock and only available in store for Reserve and Collect but an incredible price for a mobility wheelchair if you or a relative has need of one. Also 2 premium mode… Read more
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Ask one of those blow - ins from eastern europe to get you one.......they get everything!!!


Because the NHS doesn't always give wheelchairs to those who need one. I am only able to walk a few metres, and just about manage around the house, but am unable to leave the house without assistance. My GP refused a wheelchair as it would not be 'cost effective'. Her reasoning was that it was because I would not be using the wheelchair at least 5 days a week, as I am often too poorly to leave the house. Luckily I managed to source a second hand wheelchair locally from ebay. It is invaluable for physio therapy appointments as parking is dreadful at the hospital and it is often a long distance from where we find a space to the hospital. On the rare days that I am well enough to go out, it is great to get some fresh air, as long as I have someone to push me! Don't ever take good health for granted. Great find OP.




I don't like it


I've just reserved the push one in Wrexham. Thanks op.

36 3M Scotchlite Reflective Spoke Reflectors for Bikes Cycles & Wheelchairs only £5.48 Delivered @ eBay (fonesalesman)
Found 26th Jan 2013Found 26th Jan 2013
PLEASE SEE 1ST COMMENT FOR CORRECT LINK Even cheaper than Aldi, when they have these in stock delivered! 2 day sale. A must have for all bikes, seems to be weekend only offer. £… Read more

sure, on the pavements, down the park and around the scheme? you got me


Stand down fgs. Everything you say is full of opinion but no fact. Can't take it you don't have the life in you to cycle a lot? I bet I've done 5 times the amount of miles on bikes than you've ever done


wait til you take off your stabilisers then you'll be stopped


uv got to bear in mind, some people like to cycle fast. so even if it were legal to cycle on the pavement, it would be dangerous


Well I've never been stopped by police or anyone ever tell me otherwise whilst cycling. I'd rather ride on the paths than have to face junctions with motorists who think the road is their's.

36 3M Scotchlite Spoke Reflectors Reflective Bike Safety Wheel Cycle Bicycle £4.58 delivered @ eBay (fonesalesman)
Found 3rd Jan 2013Found 3rd Jan 2013
I have been getting quite a lot of these and thse are the cheapest I have found so far. These are from fonesalesman e-bay.
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Some chap took the whole lot out of our local Aldi and chuckled how he was going to make a fortune. Then some old boy laughed at him calling him a greedy sod and that the lighter nights are on their way and he has missed the boat on selling them. Shame old boy never thought about storing them for next year.


I managed to pick some up from Aldi a couple of weeks ago marked half price to £2.50 they only had a few left in the Urmston branch. Might be worth a look if you need these and are passing a store. Still hot at £4.50

Wheelchair £49 including delivery (if you missed out on halfords deal) LLoyds Pharmacy SAVE £30
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Thought this might help people out as I know they said that Halfords one seems to be OOS everywhere.

This is a good deal - but these wheelchairs with small wheels are not as good/usable as the large rear wheel wheelchairs especially when used outdoors


I also found these mobility aids for £1 on eBay from another large mobility company so hope its ok to post


no that was the halfords deal, I have put this post online in the hope it helps someone who missed out on the halfords offer :-)


sure this is was already posted


20% VAT can be reclaimed by bona-fide disabled in receipt of DLA.

Self-propel Mobility Wheelchair was £179.99 now  £50 today possible £40 with £9 off disabled VAT Relief @ Halfords
Found 25th Dec 2012Found 25th Dec 2012
To get this for £40 you need to order today and qualify for VAT relief. I only came accross this today that certain items for disabled people qualify for VAT relief. You will ne… Read more
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It's a clearance item so you will need to collect from store.


They will not send it to my local store or post it to me at my cost either


one left at yeovil, if needed


Thanks so much for telling me about this wheelchair deal. I tried to get one, but it was not available in my area so bought one from Halfords for £100 instead of £250 and I'm really pleased with it.


I have been for the last two days trying to purchase this wheelchair. I am not able to place my order online because it keeps informing me the item is out of stock.When will I be able to purchase this wheelchair ?

Memory Foam Mobility Wheelchair Cushion 4" £4.99 from £28.99 free delivery to store @ Halfords
Found 8th Sep 2011Found 8th Sep 2011
wasnt sure if this should be in 'Home' or 'travel', total comfort for your wheelchair, sure it could be used for any chair, Constructed from 50% high grade memory foam and 50% poly… Read more

price gone up :-(


Cheers. Ordered and collected one from Halfords, Ayr and I'm sitting on it at my computer now. My bottom is very happy. ;)


Thanks ever so much for posting this deal. I managed to reserve one for collection in Hendon, London. Quite a few other London stores had availability for order too. Heat added.


This was posted last week but most stores were sold out as the offer had been on for a few weeks. The Halfords website isn't accurate on stock either - I managed to order one for collection in Norwich but got a call from the store saying they had been out of stock for a couple of weeks and were unable to get any more as it was a clearance line. They had checked other stores for me but advised there was no stock in East Anglia.

Wheelchairs from only £49.99,Save up to 70% and up to £160 ,then Plus claim your 20% VAT Back aswell !  @ Halfords
Found 3rd Sep 2011Found 3rd Sep 2011
Plus 20% VAT Back,= Only £39.99 and savings of up to £178, if you are registered disabled. Wheelchairs from only £49.99,Save up to 70% and up to £160 @ Halfords.Plus 4% Quidco on r… Read more

Purchased for my elderly mum, I bought the "push mobility w/chair 151731-0" for £49.99). It was boxed so all I had to do was flip the handles up and click on the footrests... less than an 3 min job. It's light enough for me to pop into the car boot. I hadn't looked around for many chairs but had seen a few in The Range which were well over £100 - so I can't really compare quality. For £49.99 the price is excellent and I'm pleased I bought it. May buy a cushion for added comfort.


Reserved one to collect, are these built up ?. what are peoples thoughts on the £49.99


Thank you, yes it does help, a lot.


It's quite understandable that you were confused. Lots of companies use the term "Registered Disabled" but, as any disability-led organisation (worth its salt) will tell you, there is no such thing as Registered Disabled anymore (apart from isolated local schemes). Following the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, it is no longer a requirement for an individual to have any documentation to show they are registered as a disabled person/person with an impairment. As you, quite rightly point out, for purposes of VAT, an individual need only to declare that they would be considered as a disabled person within the definition stated in the DDA. More here for those who want it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/F3611783?thread=5713481 and for the DDA definition of disability: http://www.pcs.org.uk/en/equality/disability_equality_toolkit/dda_definition_of_disability.cfm In need of a spare, I've opted for the Premium at £99 and go to collect an ex-display model tomorrow. Fingers crossed, it's not too shoddy! @Hollywoodhills. Personally, I couldn't really care less when people TRY taking the p1$$. I just really hate it when I see the term "people with disabilities". Yuk! Try reading this: http://www.rgu.ac.uk/files/SocialModelLanguage-newlogo.pdf Hope that helps!


Wheelchair users have no need for deals, being abnormal or something? I nominate you for HotUkDeals t--- of the year.

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