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Using 4g mifi with WiFi camera
Hello all, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience or advice for setting up a neos or Yii WiFi camera to a mobile mifi or 4g router? Long story short is we are looking after a p… Read more

Thanks yeah i’ve got a huawei B39 something may look at getting a bit better router. (y)


Have used a cheap £20 Huawei and also a Huawei B593s-22 which is much better, used they go for about £55-60.


What mifi/router do you use?


Works fine, we do the same thing.


Thank you this is what i thought (y)

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HD WiFi camera bird box £35 (DIY make it yourself!)
I was looking for a camera bird box for a while and most are over £100 and use old style cameras that need cables run to a TV etc! I decided to make my own and found it was a great… Read more

Brilliant I might make this for my parents back garden ready for next season, this spring we had some blue tits, but magpie killed the nest, I saw it and managed to save one of the babies birds. It's amazing when you have birds nest in your garden and you see how hard the parents work coming and going all day


If you don't like the concept of brand "generic" you have the option of same device but with more respected Escam branding at £85 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0771MCKG5/ Itemisation of spec at http://archive.is/OcyNY


Two 1* reviews... But maybe it'll work in this too!





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Updated 10th May 2020Last updated 10th May 2020 by anthonyjames90
Outdoor Wi-fi camera
Can anyone recommend a good outdoor security Wi-fi camera my budgets around £60.

I have a victure camera in the stables and although the menus are clunky and cheap, it does the job and for the price is was great. Spare batteries / charger and SD cards were as much as the camera!


Blink, a little more than you wanted to spend but worth it!


Thanks for your help


No personal experience but the majority of legitimate-appearance reviews suggest good. Certainly the spec/cost ratio is excellent and the (apparent) ONVIF compatibility opens up immense opportunities rather than any limitations of alternatives that rely exclusively on manufacturers' servers/systems that could alter / be withdrawn at any time.


The one I’m thinking of buying is victure any thoughts about it