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Linksys WHW0103 Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System AC3900 Wi-Fi Router/Wi-Fi Extender £119.99 Amazon
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Linksys WHW0103 Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (AC3900 Wi-Fi Router/Wi-Fi Extender for Seamless Coverage, Parental Controls, 3-Pack, Covers Up to 4,500 sq ft, White)

I had exactly the same problem, after a full set of replacements and hours wasted with their tech support over a 6 month period I sent them back and bought the Deco M9s which have not skipped a beat.


I have this and one of them never plays well with the other 2. I've reset them repeatedly and even switched them around but it's the same one causing the issues. Read the reviews and if possible, get a router with better coverage (ie: solve your problem a different way)!


Check the firmware version you're on with any Velop products. Linksys have pushed out some very dodgy firmware in the past that can cause dropouts. I would recommend that you also turn off the automatic firmware updates, just check the app every so often for newer firmware. When the firmware is released you can then do some searching around to see if other users are having issues with it.


Nope, I do this whenever I get a new router. Your device doesn’t keep any record of the MAC address of what it connects to


I know a different brand, but set the network name and password to the same as my BT router for my TP link deco M5s. I then turned off the wifi on my bt router. This just saved me updating all of the passwords on all of my connected devices. Seems to have worked, but every so often I do have connection drop outs. Do you think this could have caused an issue?

TP-Link RE200 AC750 Universal Dual Band Range Extender, Broadband/Wi-Fi Extender £17.60 Amazon Prime (+£4.49 Non Prime)
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Features & details Operates over both the 2.4 GHz band (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz band (433 Mbps) for more stable wireless experience Works with any Wi-Fi router or wireless access p… Read more

I found a user manual for the 200 and the 220 online and it briefly mentions being able to use it in access point mode. Works a treat and as an added bonus, you can turn down the transmit power to create a more local hotpot in the house.


Ohh really? I didn't know that. It doesn't specify that feature on official product manual. It's a useful feature.


These will work as a wireless access point. There is an option to change mode to this.


range extender device only gets its internet wirelessly via modem, what you need is "wireless access point" device . It turns a wired network to a wireless network.


I had one of these but as above I'd call it no more than OK. I still kept getting dropouts and in the end went to a mesh system.

Nest Wifi Router and Point £199 @ Google Store
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Refreshed 24th MarRefreshed 24th Mar
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Price will drop tomorrow 24th March, this is for both the Nest Wifi and point. Free delivery also. Meet the new Nest Wifi. Strong connection. Every direction. Nest Wifi blanke… Read more

I got this model & pack - https://www.box.co.uk/RBK753-100EUS-Netgear-RBK753-100EUS-Orbi-Whole-Home-Tr_2959098.html Although worth bearing in mind my place is a really bad landscape for wifi - a long property with multi-levels, loads of closed doors, thick brick walls and other mixed materials and literally dozens of other residential & commercial wifi networks sitting on top of mine, and no options to wire the units together. Really couldn't be worse tbh, but this does the trick for me. If it's not that bad for you and you want to save a bit of money then they do the same units but in a two-pack - https://www.box.co.uk/RBK752-100EUS-NETGEAR-RBK752-100EUS-Orbi-Whole-Home-Tr_2959097.html tbh in my case I've struggled with wifi for so long (virgin hubs, range extenders, powerlines, google wifi and now this) i just wanted to smash the problem once and for all so i went for the three-pack.


That's great. Really good. Which ones did you get exactly? I'm finishing my new garden office and will need to setup WiFi in there. I already have lots of Google products including 5 Google WiFi devices but the performance isn't great. The house isn't that big and I'm unable to reach all throughout my house, I might need to break out of the Google Cycle for WiFi sadly as investing more money could be bad.


oh hey, the set up was awful but the performance after that has been great so far. Just tested it sitting in the most difficult room in the house at peak neighbourhood usage time and I'm getting 330mbps down. Nearly the full 1gbps in my living room. So yeah really pleased. The set up nearly made me take them back, but now I'm happy I kept them.


How are you getting on with the Orbi's? Worth it in the end ?


Sir, I'm reporting back as instructed. I ended up ordering that Orbi AX4200 3 point system and set it up this evening. At the point in the house furthest away from the router I now get around 240mbps down where I was getting around 60/70 with my google wifi. And that's with only 3 mesh points rather than the 7 i needed for google wifi to reach the same room. Close to the router it's about 600/700mbps where it was around 300 with google. So not bad. Only caveat here is that the Orbi set up was the worst I've ever experience. over 2 hours before I got it working, compared to minutes with google wifi.

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX2700 N300 Wireless Signal Booster (up to 300Mbps speed) for £17.49 Prime (+£4.49 non-Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Upto 300Mbps doesn't seem very much nowadays, but it will be handy for someone I'm sure. This is the best price I could find it, and the cheapest it has been on Amazon all year, so… Read more

I have a DECo system and its solid!


I’ve found a Ubiquiti airCube ISP for £33 would that be a better option? I have a wired cable to another room with poor WiFi signal so wish to use this to create a WiFi network via the cable from the router, please can someone advise?


This one is only single band 2ghz so keep that in mind, like the other comments it does the job but its not amazing


Not this again! It's crap, it's n300, it's the worst extender spec money can buy


Did not benefit me. Got frequent disconnects and slow speeds. Get a good mesh or powerline adapter

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Asus RT-AC67U AiMesh AC1900 £126.26 @ Amazon
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Asus RT-AC67U AiMesh AC1900 £126.26 @ Amazon£126.26Amazon Deals
A great deal of a pair of Asus AiMesh 2.0 routers, same specification as the rt-ac68u as I understand it (though in a wall-mountable form-factor). Lowest price ever on 3 camels. On… Read more

Well that disappeared fast. Hope someone got them!


Apparently these will work with the Asus Merlin firmware if you use the RT-AC68U version.

TENDA Nova MW5 Whole Home WiFi Booster System - Triple Pack £79.99 @ Currys PC World
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Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
TENDA Nova MW5 Whole Home WiFi Booster System - Triple Pack £79.99 @ Currys PC World£79.99 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
Seems like a good price for the MW5. Identical to the MW5s aside from it has x2 wall-plugs rather than boxs with cables. Also this price on the Curry's Ebay store, but this gener… Read more

Thanks for sharing @thrawn123 (y)


Yeah, me too. As you say the router doors have good range and speed its just the WiFi issue. What to do, what to do...!? :D


Thanks, wanted to check as I'm also on Vodafone and sent them back for that exact reason plus reduction in overall speed and a few of my TVs couldn't find and/or join the wifi via the Tenda's. Actually find the voda router pretty good overall for coverage and speed.


The Vodafone router seems to have issues with the wifi signal dropping out. Having just joined, I can verify it. Furthermore, some routers are just really rubbish, the Plusnet one being a case in point (also from experience).


Nope TalkTalk with the wireless disabled.