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TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug (2-pack) £29.98 Amazon
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Even better than the deal we had last week at £15.99 each!
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Well worth it... Works really well


Hot got 2pac


I don't think the round ones show power usage in the app, and extra power capability as mentioned above.


Curious - I have 6 of the round ones. What are the extra features you mention on the square ones?


Ah, good to know, the square ones are definitely 16A, max load 2.8kw, I've got the box here. I'll steer clear of the round ones then

Linksys VELOP Intelligent Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, 3-Pack (AC3900), Compatible with Alexa for £134.99 dellvered @ Amazon
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Good offer for this very good wifi system (y) Ideal for Medium to Large Homes. Lowest ever price. Comes with 2 years warranty. Velop with Intelligent MeshTM Technology is … Read more
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You can have more than 3 nodes to extend coverage and target specific blindspots. 2 versions. AC6600 and AC3900. 6600 for over 100mbps|gigabit internet connections, Tri band and slightly better coverage over 3900. 3900 for connections under 100mbps and will achieve the same speeds as 6600 give or take 5|10% margin for error.


Depends on how fast your connection with the ISP is. Over 100mbs and the AC6600 will work best for speed and slightly better coverage because of tri-band. Under 100mbs and AC3900 will be better bang for buck.


16 March ebuyer - uk - ltd one time only. I had previously got 3 on an amazon deal of the day and then got 3 more for £193 making them about about £64 each. Only two turned up so they refunded for the third, but offered a replacement at full price.


Wifi 6 It's worth waiting for


I have these, they are good for a 3 bed semi, way faster than my Virgin Superhubs wifi

Google Whole Home Wifi (comes with £50 JL Vouchers) - £329 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
3 pack of the Google Whole Home routers. Comes with £50 worth of JL vouchers. Good for anyone that is looking for them anyway! Not as technical as others like the Orbi, but always… Read more
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I think it went back up to £129 on the day you posted, but was £100 direct from google before that


You can't be an apple user?


I still think is pretty limited though. The services on my LG or Hisense TVs are nowhere near as smooth to use or as compatible as the Chromecast usage. Never have any issues with Plex playing anything through the CC Ultra, LG's built in app, however, is just awful. Each to their own though! I broadly agree with your point about hardware, however I think the Pixel phones and Chromecast devices are an example of where they've actually done pretty well.


No the services are accessed direct from the TV rather than streaming them in.


Not sure I agree with the Chromecast being a redundant device. Although totally agree with the stand! The Chromecast function actually isn't built into most TVs, in fact, I use a CC Ultra with my 2018 LG OLED. From memory, isn't it just the Philips / Sony TVs that actually have it baked in?

NETGEAR Orbi RBK20 Mesh Wi-Fi System (Router + Satellite Extender), 3000 sq ft Coverage, AC2200 £149.99 DOTD @ Amazon
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
RBK23 3-pack also available for £219.99: link Features & details Mesh Wi-Fi network adding up to 3000 sq ft coverage for the whole home Fast Wi-Fi speeds up to 2.2 Gbps… Read more
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Mesh is where the various satellites communicate with each other to create a seamless experience whilst traversing your property. They use a single SSID to facilitate this. The strength of the backhaul between the satellites is important though. Orbi has a dedicated 5GHz channel for just this purpose. Some people prefer to use Ethernet cabling to achieve this, which kind of defeats the object for me! The other two are just wireless routers although you can add devices to the Asus to create a mesh system.


In that case you definitely want it. If you have the money take a look at the ap pros. Enterprise level kit at consumer prices. Couldnt be more impressed with mine.


Multiple uses really i suspect, i play games a couple of hours a day, my kids stream all sorts on their tablets, my wife and i both work from home at times so connect via work VPN as well etc. What's mesh and how is it different to whatever the others are?


We're going for plenty of smart home tech so likely to have multiple ethernet points in each room. I'll look into the Ubiquiti stuff, thanks :)


The Asus edges the Nighthawk for me but if you wanted to go mesh then this deal is the most cost effective in my eyes as for the same money as the Asus you already have enough coverage and speed. It does depend on your use case though ie are you a gamer, a streamer or a surfer?

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Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa Only £9.99 With Code at Amazon Prime (+4.49 Non Prime) - Selected Accounts
Refreshed 11th JunRefreshed 11th Jun10/07/2019Expires on 10/07/2019
Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any electrical socket. Schedule lights, coffee machines and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them… Read more

Actually there's a lot of safety concerns raised by customers on the Amazon page once you click the link.


Sounds dangerous. How did the plug do that?


This plug nearly started a fire at my place


Didn’t work for me - however after end of July these 10amp plugs become non compliant so expect them to £1 on prime day :D


Doesn't work for me either.

TENDA NOVA (MW3) WHOLE HOME WI-FI KIT (4 PACK) - £79.99 @ Box.co.uk
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Price back down to 79.99. Bought them last time they were at this price and have improved my coverage immeasurably (not literally, I'm sure you could measure it somehow!). Dead eas… Read more
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Either by accessing it through a wired connection or a hard reset.


if I turn off the wifi on my virgin superhub how will I turn it on again?


Worked brilliantly for me. I have a 5-bed house and my router is in my office room at the corner of the house, so my poor BT home hub 5 struggles to reach the rest. I ran an ethernet wire down to another room downstairs and connected my old home hub 3 as an AP which kind of worked ok, except that whenever I watched BT Sport nobody could get any WiFi throughput. I stuck these into 4 corners of the house and turned off all the BT WiFi and everywhere in the house gets full 3 bars of signal and full speed on my speedtest app. I only get ~42Mbs internet because I'm in the sticks and no FTTP here, so perfect for me since I don't need the faster speeds of the newer (more expensive) kit.


Log in via it’s 192.168 IP Address and just disable it, so the MW3s handle all the WiFi.


How do I turn the virgin wireless off?

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Twin pack £74.99 instore @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th JunLocalLocal
BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Twin pack £74.99 in-store at John Lewis. Birmingham branch, no idea if nationwide but suspect it is because it came up on tills when scanned. I left two packs… Read more
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Also same price at Chester


Picked up same price in Milton Keynes (y)


Same price in Cheadle Manchester. Thank you OP (y)


Not showing online, suspect a price match specfic to their Birmingham branch, or has anyone managed to get it in a different branch?


This maybe a dumb question but what does this do I take it boosts your connection ?

TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System  3 Pack £123.49 Box.co.uk
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Price has been reduced to cheaper than the M4 3 pack! It appears Box have reduced it on their Ebay store and also through Amazon too but its cheapest on their own site. 1% Topcashb… Read more
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Thanks, I'll expire it.


£166 now


They all require a power supply. The main unit is plugged in to your current modem/router by ethernet and the other 2 connect wirelessly to it. The 2 satellite units also have 2 ethernet ports.


Do these need power to run? Also do they have to wired into some sort of ethernet port all the time or just to set up? Thanks in advance


The lack of children moaning about the "rubbish Wifi" after installing this bad boy is worth every penny. Has worked flawlessly since I installed it a few weeks ago.Fast WiFi everywhere with the option to "port in" at every hub but they don't need to use it.One of my better purchases : Great price, I paid £159 for the same @ Amazon

TP-LINK RE650 WiFi Range Extender - AC 2600, Dual-band at Amazon £69.99
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Lowest I've ever seen this. Usually goes for close to £100 or more. Currys and a bunch of others are selling for £109.99. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/netw… Read more

Yes, I got it delivered yesterday. Paired it using WPS and I have a strong connection to the router. TP link software is telling me to move it even further away but wi fi extender is in optimal place imo. Now I have the same speeds downstairs/upstairs near the router. When I launched their tether app, any new device connected to the wi fi showed up on the app. Hmmmm steamlink connected to 2.4 ghz was listed but when I connected it through 5 ghz it was not showing in the app, does it mean it connects to the router not repaeater? Dont get it as Sony TV is connected to 5 ghz and is listed in tether app. Overall I am happy, I think. 170 mb/s downstairs and even strong singal.in the garden.


Probably, but not all have such a high budget to improve their Wi-Fi, or need such high-end specs/performance. The pair of Tenda MW3s I bought that did me fine (for my present needs) cost me only £40-45.


The Netgear Orb far better and only £70 Tri band also


Wow. For this price this must be the scorching hot ! I will help you get there, voted hot and ordered as I need one. The only better extender is nighthawk but it costs £ 150. It is a no brainer for me. Having read reviews of both devices this TP link for 69.99 is a steal? Am I stealing by buying it so cheap. Just wow !


Excellent thanks

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System - Triple Pack £279 @ Google
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System - Triple Pack £279.00 1 pack £99.00 2 pack £189.00 Can get from John Lewis price match and get warranty Might get more cheaper as JL is giving £5… Read more
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Perhaps it is my house, it is brick walls. I had the Tenda MW3s before tho and had no issues, only switched for the features.


That doesn’t sound right unless your walls are made of steel. I’m in a large 4 bed and 2 pucks (one at front of house, 2nd in middle of house) covers every room and my front and rear gardens.


Had for few years happy with them and no need to worry about the 'what if they are better' does the job and gets wifi in my garden where it was no existent before


I have these and here is my review: Pros: - Great app - Loads of features and controls - Auto channel switching, great in a built up area - Look great and USB powered Cons: - Far too expensive - Need google account to setup - Range is dire, need 4 for 'excellent' cover in my 1100 sqft 3 bed house, MW3's much much better range


I’ve had this for years on BT and Plusnet FTTC. Highly recommend buying a VDSL modem which then plugs into one of the google ‘pucks’. The puck then becomes the main router. Word of warning, this isn’t a true mesh system as each puck has to connect to the master. You can’t daisy chain them at all. It’s been great coverage and speed wise although the app and ease of controls are now lacking far behind the likes of the TP Deco.


Got one of these last week and it’s been brilliant so far. No dead spots in the house at all now.


These are actually pretty good... If you set them up right. If you enable fast lane which is. Basically using one band for back haul and the other for client connections.... Been using one for odd jobs for years at the moment it's used to hard wire a particular picky sky q box which won't even work properly with a oem sky booster...... Its been flawless.


So many different factors come into play though, the cheaper extender may work a lot better for others, with a different setup and a different environment/house. I will likely run a ethernet cable from a switch up into the loft, across the house and down into the bedroom I need it in to be honest.


Firstly don't waste your money, I have both of them over 2 years,my game set up upstairs but internet router box downstairs. maximum speed of this router is 40,60 mbps,the router reconnecting to main router twice in an hour, .expensive one is perfect ,maximum speed of it is 130 ,150 mbps,and never loses connection


I found them better (the older 2700 model) and actually faster wireless lol

4 Pack - Tenda MW3 Mesh System £79.99 @ Box
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Great price for 4 x MW3’s. Blanket your house in reliable Wi-Fi AC1200 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System 4000 sq ft WiFi range Hassle free gaming and streaming experience simultane… Read more
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Mix and match as you’ve suggested it fine


Is it possible to mix and match these? For example, I already have two of these, could I add one from this set and have to sets of three? Or do they only work in the sets they are sold in?


Worked brilliantly for me. I have a 5-bed house and my router is in my office room at the corner of the house, so my poor BT home hub 5 struggles to reach the rest. I ran an ethernet wire down to another room downstairs and connected my old home hub 3 as an AP which kind of worked ok, except that whenever I watched BT Sport nobody could get any WiFi throughput and although both hubs had the same SSID phones didn't automatically roam between them. I stuck these Tenda units into 4 corners of the house and turned off all the BT WiFi and everywhere in the house (including the summerhouse at the end of the garden) gets full 3 bars of signal and full speed on my speedtest app. I only get ~42Mbs internet because I'm in the sticks and no FTTP here, so perfect for me since I don't need the faster speeds of the newer (more expensive) kit.


I have an old victorian tenement flat in glasgow and the wifi in the living room by the router is fine, but the bedroom is one wall away and awful. would this fix my issue better then a homeplugs wifi extender? i got one and it was woeful. thanks in advance for any advice.


Still a deal. Just bought them. I have been watching BT Smart Hub 2 + disc sales on eBay (and BT disc 3-packs) for a while but decided to give these a try first. Free return within 30 days, so I'll see how it goes. Does anyone here have and experience of returning items to Box they want to share?

NETGEAR RBK30 Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (Router and Satellite) - £64.58 - eBay/CCL
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I've been looking at something like this for a while, as our house has major black spots. I've hard wired where I can, but some places are an absolute nightmare. This seems to be … Read more

One more update - weirdly, moving the satellite to a plug socket less than 2m away doubled the speed to over 40mb. Worth experimenting with positioning, it seems!


Got it set up now. Works reliably in the garage and gets me a decent signal in lots of the garden, too. The connection to the satellite is shown as amber, though, and I'm getting just over 20Mb from the garage. I guess I'd get a better signal if I bought a 2nd satellite, but this speed is quite adequate for streaming. I think it's a nicer solution than a homeplug, but I don't know if I'd bother getting one if I already had a homeplug working. Of course, a lot will depend on distance and on the construction of the buildings.


Would love to hear your review from the garage to the lounge, I have a similar office shed and home plug is giving me just about 20mb wired, would love to try the orb as an alternative




Do these work with Vodafone fibre?

TP-Link 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender @ Ebuyer - £14.16 Delivered
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
TP-Link 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender Extend the Range of Your Wi-Fi Network The 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender connects to your router wirelessly, strengthening and expand… Read more

this range extender is rubbish..........buy powerline wifi extenders


I've had cheap ones and an Netgear EX7700 that was a whole lot more expensive and they're a waste of cash. For me the BT whole home has been the only thing I've tried that works consistently. Extenders just keep cutting out or not doing anything despite having excellent connection both ways.


I bought this from Amazon at £1more.Very disappointed. Spend a few quid more for a better quality one.

NETGEAR Orbi RBK53 (Router + 2 Satellite Extenders) - £299.99 @ Amazon
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Been waiting for a while for the price to drop back down!
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These are one of the best multi-node systems for consumer market. I tested over 12 different multinode devices last year (for ISP's) and these came out on top.


time to jump on Netgear Orbi in for one hope it will work well people review are very confusing on Amazon


These were great for me, wanted wifi in the garage down the bottom of the garden (powerline wouldn't work), put two in my house, one in my garage. have great wifi coverage over a much larger area now. Plug and play - excellent value for money in my opinion.


For less than this money you could get two nice and very efficient unifi access points. Prosumer stuff.


Save your money, absolute waste of time. They are no better than a good ASUS or stick with powerline.

3-pack Kasa HS-100 smart plugs - £44.99 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Control electronics from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone with the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug. You can turn devices on/off, check status, create schedules and set timers usin… Read more
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I have owned a few different brands from chinese suppliers and have now settled for these, they seem to work and are reliable. I had al sorts of problems with the cheaper brands such as lost connections, not turning on and off at the set times. My time is worth more than saving 6 quid or so on an inferior product. Of course there will be those who have no problems.


I'm considering getting some smart plugs for my parents. I'm new to the idea - what are the main features I should be looking for? Are the Sonoff generally the cheapest? I don't need the most feature rich units, just ones that are solid and reliable as if there are any issues, it will be down to me to sort them out ;)


Yes it has scheduling and timer etc pretty good bit of kit for the price


My worry was they would disappear, app would become obselete etc. But they're still introducing new products, including things like thermostats and radiator thermostats etc. That's why I bought meross and not other brands who rebadge generic stuff from China. They have a website too. Also a big reason was a lot of the individual plugs had buttons on the side. Now I hardly use the manual button but having it on the side made it inaccessible on double sockets and strips, meross is on the top. Also their Led light doesn't light up my room like the Blackpool illunimations, TP-link is so bright I've covered the button with electrical tape. That said the TP-link have been very reliable, I've got 5 and in the couple of years I've had them I've only had to reset a plug 2 times. So it's not as if you've bought a dud. I thought worth mentioning - if you do buy another brand, then you can create scene's and commands in the Alexa app using different eco systems. For example I have a 'Alexa goodnight' command, that turns off my TV (tp-link plug) Floorlamp (meross strip socket), table lamp (meross plug), all downstairs hue bulbs, and turns on stairway hue bulb. You can combine all the different brands into one command in Alexa so I assume you can with google too.


I rather wait for the updated version with energy monitor function

Eveready Smart Plug wi-fi plug - 50p instore @ B&M
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayLocalLocal
B and m are selling a wifi timer plug for 50p down from original price of £20
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That was a good deal! I paid a fiver for this one, so it might be worth replacing a cheap component.


CPC and of course eBay, personally for the money I wouldn't bother repairing it. Of course I can say that now as I bought 9 "smart plugs" from Amazon last week for under £17 delivered, worked out at less than £1.80 each!


When you turn the switch on or off, you can hear the relay "click" but it's very quiet compared to the original sound it used to make. I'm fairly sure they are all sold out now, so getting an exchange will be very unlikely.? Any suggestions on where to source a relay on the cheap?


It'll be under warranty - return to store? I guess with it being so cheap it'll hardly be worth the effort. If you can't hear the relay click and it's always on it could be that the relay contacts have welded together (it can happen if there's a power surge or you use it above its current rating). Probably under £1 to repair and under 10 minutes - this is where you have to work out if it's worth your time & money to fix or replace...


There is a dedicated Router Watchdog for this purpose - you feed it a network cable and it pings a web site - if it does get a reply it'll reboot your router - saves all the "manual" fuss... Forget that - it's £86 + delivery! https://www.openxtra.co.uk/ezoutlet-single-port-power-switch.html

NETGEAR RBK30 Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System NOW £85.04 delivered at Amazon
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Fast whole home Wi-Fi system: Covers up to 3000 sq ft (approximately) with high performance Wi-Fi; kit includes Wi-Fi router and wall plug satellite Wall plug form factor for easy… Read more

Not sure why this is hot when CCL have it for £70.99!


Perhaps you ought to say that this is a Wireless Cable Router


The satellites can't be too far away so it depends on distances. They also have an outdoor satellite as well.


Would this help in extending the range into the garden ? We have an electrical socket there and the garden is approx 50 feet long


Amazon price has been reduced to £74.33 now. Bargain!!

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