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Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) £39.95 @ musicmagpie ebay
Posted 1st Sep 2020Posted 1st Sep 2020
Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) £39.95 @ musicmagpie ebayeBay Deals
not a bad price for this one, usually £50+. pre-owned ofc.

Load of rubbish. Last of Us remastered was not £20 on release. (skeptical) Still haven't answered that the Switch is just a WiiU port machine question yet (lol) (lol) (lol)


A lot of poo on there though that can be safely disregarded, and isn’t what people buy a dedicated games machine for.


Nearly 9000 Switch games up to now and not even 800 WiiU games listed so how does that maths work (confused)


I don’t disagree. The reason I used the Nintendo shop as an example is because they’re selling at their own RRP. Same with Sony. If you shop around, you can pick up Shadow Of The Colossus for less than a tenner. It’s only 9 quid now on PSN. But it had an RRP of £29.99. The RRP is only a guide obviously. But it’s significant. It sets precedent. It’s the measure by which pricing occurs. Nintendo’s RRPs are absurd. They’re also very uncooperative when it comes to pricing at a distributor and retailer level. Part of the reason why Nintendo games hold their value, it’s artificial. There’s no wonder they’ve been in trouble in the past for price fixing. As for the market being there, fair enough. If people are happy to pay high prices for older releases in comparison to other companies, that’s their own decision. Although I would then argue that it only serves to strengthen Nintendo’s resolve when it comes to it’s horrendous pricing.


I've never paid £50 for a switch game. As always it pays to shop around. Also it's worth noting that Nintendo games tend to hold their value way better than other format games. The facts are that the wii-u was a flop - getting these games out on a successful format is an easy win for Nintendo. Donkey Kong is £39 if you buy physical and has been as low as £33 digitally - by most accounts it's a good game.... If the market is there I don't really see the problem? EA pricing Burnout at £49.99 was the most ridiculous thing I've seen on the eshop. But that's EA...

24 hours full access to Wii Sports Club (Wii U code instant delivery) 85p @ ShopTo
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Posted 16th May 2020Posted 16th May 2020
24 hours full access to Wii Sports Club (Wii U code instant delivery) 85p @ ShopTo£0.85£1.5746% offShopTo Deals
24 hours full access to Wii Sports Club (Wii U code instant delivery) 85p at ShopTo With price gauging it may be more expensive than usual to buy the full game on a disc (£28 at… Read more

It's full access for 24 hours. Some game trials don't have everything available, this does


Is it like trial software


Why would anyone buy a game pass for 24 hours in this day and age?


Thank you


It's for the Wii U only

WIi games £1.99 @ Music Magpie (2 for £3) + free delivery
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Posted 25th Mar 2020Posted 25th Mar 2020
WIi games £1.99 @ Music Magpie (2 for £3) + free delivery£1.99Music Magpie Deals
Feeling bored whilst on lockdown? Music Magpie has you covered with 16 Wii games at £1.99 each - all 2 for £3! Even better, there is no delivery fee. Dood's Big Adventure C… Read more

Good to hear. Overlooked gem. Think it came out on switch too


Thanks for your comment, had never heard of this game and the lad loves it. (y)


De blob only decent game there




Oooh now you're talking.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii U Digital Edition - £13.85 @ ShopTo
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Posted 11th Mar 2020Posted 11th Mar 2020
Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii U Digital Edition - £13.85 @ ShopTo£13.85ShopTo Deals
Metriod Prime Trilogy Steeped in myth, rich in exploration and explosive in action, three classic Metroid adventures chronicling bounty hunter Samus Aran?s first-person adventures … Read more

Me too. Got the Wii U version, but can't be bothered to start it up when I'm at home. Would be good to actually play it (lol)


I hope not. I don't want fitlhy casuals defiling this masterpiece.


Are they going to keep the eshop going on the Wii U?


In general? Yes. On this game? No. The first two games may have been made for GameCube but this trilogy contains the enhanced Wii versions of them, and motion controls are the only option. And Metroid Prime 3 only ever had support for motion controls. Bear in mind this trilogy was made for the Wii, not the Wii U, so at the time they were all about trying to get everyone to use motion controls for everything. It's just a shame they didn't add the option for GC or Pro controllers. Everyone does. And it would make so much sense to do it before the fourth game comes out. This and Zelda Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword are top of my wish list for Switch ports.


No these are remakes of the GC version so you'll need a wiimote and Nunchuck

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Bully Scholarship Edition (Wii) £2.50 in-store @ CeX + 2 years warranty (+£1.50 p&p if you order online)
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
Bully Scholarship Edition (Wii) £2.50 in-store @ CeX + 2 years warranty (+£1.50 p&p if you order online)£2.50CeX Deals
Bully Scholarship Edition (Wii) £2.50 in-store at CeX (+£1.50 p&p if you order online) Can be played on Wii and Wii U 2 years warranty included

Thought it was for a DVD boxset of King Of The Hill for a second.


If it comes out on the switch for £40 it will be an instant hot deal though.


Nope, I posted at two separate retailers due to the different benefits they offer. CeX being the two years warranty (albeit slightly more expensive), and Music Magpie being available for anyone to order with free delivery for just over £2


The other one I can see is for Music Magpie.


Duplicate post to your own OP

Super Mario 64 £8.99 Wii, Wii U at Nintendo E-shop
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Posted 3rd Dec 2019Posted 3rd Dec 2019
Super Mario 64 £8.99 Wii, Wii U at Nintendo E-shop£8.99Nintendo eShop Deals
One of the best platform games ever. Can’t wait for my kids to experience this in Christmas Day. At the Nintendo E shop. Hours of fun for £8.99.

Great minds think alike. And so do we!


Came here to say the same (y)


396 degrees heat for RRP - I hate this site


No. Mario galaxy 2 was the best


Me too, still got Wii and Wii U. Plus PS4 I use sometimes. FPS controls for Wii using Wiimote still feel more satisfying.