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Drivetec Universal Wiper Blade 16" @ GSF Car Parts For £1.08 Using code (Free C&C) + more in OP
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Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Drivetec Universal Wiper Blade 16" @ GSF Car Parts For £1.08 (Free C&C) Using Code BIG60 Drivetec Universal Wiper Blade 20" also available @ GSF For £1.24 using code BIG60 - … Read more

it's a six !!!!


That's not my experience here's a Bosch wiper blade that's at least 3 years old on my car. Here's the passenger side Michelin wiper blade that's been on for 6 months. I've never had rusty wiper blades before....


Same happened to me and now using Valeo with better results.


It's not about that. I'm conscious about reducing my carbon footprint and don't want to order stuff if it's just going to sit in the shed (annoyed)


There are different fitting types too and some rear blades have a proprietary fitting. These won't be good blades but probably OK on the rear for a while IF they fit. Cheap but potential wasted journey to collect if not.

Wiper blade for Toyota Aygo / Citroen C1 / Peugeot 107 at CarParts4Less £1.85 Delivered
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Wiper blade for Toyota Aygo / Citroen C1 / Peugeot 107 at CarParts4Less £1.85 Delivered
If you own a Toyota Aygo / Citroen C1 / Peugeot 107, this is the correct front windscreen wiper for your car and its yours for £1.85 delivered with the code.

Heard bad reviews about vista Pro wipers


Good price for 26". Shame I bought one a couple of weeks ago. Thanks anyway.


Yeah comes up with a different blade. Never mind. Cheers


First Generation. go to the web site and input your registration number to find out :)


What year c1 is this for as I'm sure our 2017 is a different fitting compared to this wiper.

Wipers 50% off sale Euro Car Parts
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Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Wipers 50% off sale Euro Car Parts
r50Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
50% cheaper for wipers and some other items form EuroCarParts. Today only.
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I found 2 front blades for my fiat Punto 2007, £48 then 50% off at 24. But Amazon were £18 for what looked like the same bundle.


For my car, Bosch wiper blades are still way cheaper on Amazon.


And GSF. Been like this since 2014. CP4L are internet facing only. Less headcount. Returns process a bit longer than others. GSF downside is times they dont state what make you are getting. All are as good as each other after applying the correct discount codes.


This man speaks the truth!


EuroCarParts have huge stock at site, this from car parts for less are frequently canceled for me. During promo really cheaper comparing to normal shop, and immediately available. But, for my car (Zafira) is really cheaper even comparing to carparts4less

Valeo 22 inch Wiper Blades - £4.80 @ Euro Car Parts
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Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Valeo 22 inch Wiper Blades - £4.80 @ Euro Car Parts
£4.80£26.6482%Euro Car Parts Deals
A bit niche... a mistake, maybe? Eurocarparts currently selling 22 inch Valeo wiper blades for £4.80 (seems to indicate this is for a pair) and they show the R.R.P. as £69.22! Says… Read more

Now showing as £4.44 a pair. Hasn't got the 50% off, but still not a bad price for a pair of branded wipers.


Great just what I needed for my car and perfect timing, thanks OP (highfive) (highfive) (highfive)


here we go https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/valeo-silencio-flat-wiper-blade-set-vm395-485774845


Good blades from here as low as £1:50 each (on occasion)


Try END81 For 51% off wipers and other items (y)

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Wiper blades, £1.22 with code delivered! Eurocarparts
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Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
Wiper blades, £1.22 with code delivered! Eurocarparts
Valeo Silencio Wiper Blade With Spoiler Vm112 19 Inch Enter code FROSTY80 in basket for the price to be reduced from £2.22 to £1.22. Delivery is free!

Is this for all sizes? Can't seem to find the ones I need.


Fyi, carparts4less and eurocarparyts are same company like Currys/pcworld I am registered to both and i get promotion emails at the same time from both !! Yes, I agree mostle carparts4less prices are cheaper for same product.




Even at half price they are more expensive for my type of wiper. I do not believe their original prices.


His point was clear - for most stuff it's cheaper elsewhere, and judging by his example the customer service is better elsewhere too. He never said you could get cheaper blades than £1.22 elsewhere.

Bosch Wiper Blades - Full Set at Carparts4less £23.91
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Posted 7th Dec 2019Posted 7th Dec 2019
Bosch Wiper Blades - Full Set at Carparts4less £23.91
£23.91£28.1915%CarParts4Less Deals
Looking to buy a full set of wiper blades and found that it's cheaper to buy the blades individually rather than a front pair and a rear. I presume it will be the case for all the… Read more

Very rarely that shop has a bargain, to be fair I picked up 3 28" wiper blades not bosch obv and 2 gallons of concentrated screenwash for £5 all in the other week


Mine were cheaper singularly, that's all I can say


Cheaper to buy singly? don't think so https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/bosch-aerotwin-flat-wiper-blade-single-ap28u-485777287 £ 15.27


Bosch Aerotwin Flat Wiper Blade Set A402S Product Code: 485771280 £ 26.00 v £14.85 exact like for like... sub zero


Mine are far bigger, price them on there.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BOSCH-A402S-Aerotwin-Flat-Front-Wiper-Blade-Set-700mm-575MM/232899567550? £14.85 to your door

1 day flash sale - 60% off wiper blades @ GSF Car Parts
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
1 day flash sale - 60% off wiper blades @ GSF Car Parts
E60Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
The code 'WIPE60', expires at midnight Wednesday 4th December, and may be automatically applied to the basket, check carefully when ordering. Free click and collect available, pay… Read more
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£56 for a set of wipers. No thanks


It all depends. Qdrive crankshaft pulley for my car cost more on carparts4less and ecp then skf/ina pulley in GSF. The quality between them is quite massive.


Overpriced! A clutch kit for my car is £560 on GSF. Same clutch kit on Carpartsforless is £152 with code. I'm surprised these crooks are still in business.

Michelin RainForce Wiper Blades (Various sizes) Lidl £4.99
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Michelin Wiper Blades (Various sizes) seen in Lidl Fareham and Gosport branches -Reduced £4.99 Should be National, 2 year gurantee
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Good price thanks.


If remember right, was £2.99 last year, when I stock up...I know, no time machine blah blah...


Seems good, heat.

Michelin Wiper Blades £2 @ Poundland (Horsham)
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Posted 24th Oct 2019Posted 24th Oct 2019LocalLocal
Michelin Wiper Blades £2 @ Poundland (Horsham)
Spotted these in Horsham branch earlier. I’m sure they were originally £5 and now £2 which seems cheap. Worth a look in your local if you’re after some
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Theres blades are not very good at all I'd suggest buying another brand


It looks like the Moderator who edited added an image to clearly show what the product was. The image you took is great, but as a small deal image, it doesn't show clearly what the item is, hence why it was replaced and your image added to the OP.


I'd imagine if they're in poundland you'll get what you pay for, even Monsieur Michelin has given up with them!


Anyone know how these compare to the likes of Bosch? Stealth model covered here https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/36172/best-wiper-blades-2018-group-test


It is about time Poundland reduced the prices of these to what they should be. They weren't selling any at a fiver.

20% off anything from headlight bulbs to battery @ CarParts4Less
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Posted 15th Oct 2019Posted 15th Oct 2019
20% off anything from headlight bulbs to battery @ CarParts4Less
This is just one example of a saving, hopefully others will benefit from this post with their specific car part needs.

Change title, headlight bulbs not included


Does it have pedals, or do you just push it.


Universal (flirt) , nair.... I can't see this fitting onto my push bike


Stay off the sauce 🍺


So they pay me £5.76 for ordering one?

Michelin stealth hybrid wiper blades £5.98 @ Costco instore
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Posted 13th Oct 2019Posted 13th Oct 2019LocalLocal
Michelin stealth hybrid wiper blades £5.98 @ Costco instore
£5.98£17.7666%Costco Deals
£5.98 each inc vat, discount of £1.50 applied at the till automatically. good deal if you have access to Costco or know anyone who does. Multiple clips included for various mode… Read more
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Yes as they are basically of traditional steel construction (although more compact), but has a plastic cover to make it look like a flat blade. It was more about them being so good that i bought all their 18" & 22" stock when they were clearing them out.


Thanks for the info can you give a time and date so I can jump in my delorean ;)


ya it's true. But equally a "SINGLE" Bosch wiper blade for my passat is £21.99 from ECP https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/bosch-aerotwin-flat-wiper-blade-single-ap24u-485777247


Holy crap mate they are £25 !


yes they do.

50% off all wiper blades (i.e Bosch Super Plus now £5.99) @ EuroCarParts
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019
50% off all wiper blades (i.e Bosch Super Plus now £5.99) @ EuroCarParts
£5.99£11.9950%Euro Car Parts Deals
Pretty decent offering this, considering wiper blades, especially Bosch variants, can be pricey. Ends midnight tonight so you'll need to be quick! Just use the code FLASH50 at c… Read more

Amazon is working out cheaper for me even after comparing with carparts4less. Around £10 difference. Will order from Amazon


Same here.


Cheers mate, cheaper than car parts 4 less and amazon for me (y)


Went to order on amazon for three different cars. ECP were cheaper by a pound.


Cold it's cheaper on Amazon.

Euro Car Parts 50% off Wiper Blades
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Posted 8th Aug 2019Posted 8th Aug 2019
Euro Car Parts 50% off Wiper Blades
H50Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Order any wipers and use the code to receive 50% off, might be useful for the downpour on its way.
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The wiper blades I normally buy (valeo silencio vm310) for £11 - £12 a pair are £30.49!!! (shock) (shock) (shock)


If you don't like rain use Rain X on a clean windscreen, it's great stuff (y) 🏼


I get there email every day and every day there is a sale on (mad) i have never seen a normal price for there stuff away a sale and its always the next 24hrs then its the same the next day. Never known a company to have so many sales....Oh tell a lie DFS . :D


Bosh set Aerotwin £80.74 and reduced to £59.99, after code is £30.00 Ebay bosh aerotwin set £21.11 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bosch-Aerotwin-Front-Wiper-Blades-Genuine-OE-Spec-Windscreen-Flat-Replacement/231406443053?fits=Car+Make%3APeugeot%7CModel%3A508+SW+I%7CCars+Type%3A2.0+HDI%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+I%7CCars+Year%3A2011&epid=249062047&hash=item35e0e61a2d:g:71oAAOSwWxNYtutB


Tiptree without the code they are cheaper, with the code euro are cheaper (based on what I was looking at anyway) but good shout (y)

Wiper Blades & Screen Wash 50% off today EURO CAR PARTS - Cherry Screen Wash - £2.95
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Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Wiper Blades & Screen Wash 50% off today EURO CAR PARTS - Cherry Screen Wash - £2.95
It’s raining It’s pouring The old man is snoring On HUKD WE ARE SCORCHING!! With this offer for 50% off wiper blades and screen wash!! CHERRY SCREEN WASH 5 L = £2.95 Aero twin w… Read more

Or sneaky link to cp4l here. Cherry Apple ;)


The cherry screenwash is £1.94 on car parts 4 less. Free delivery too. Just Google cherry screenwash on google and use code mid20. (cheeky) Not got a clue why anyone would vote hot tbh.


The screen wash is £2.95


cold, same bosch wipers are cheaper on Fleabay


Good deal, thanks. I found carparts4less a few pence cheaper than both wiperblades and eurocarparts but they are all very close. probably worth paying attention to whether a twin pack or separate blades are cheaper if replacing both front. Although its pennies

Michelin Rainforce Standard Wiper Blades, Reduced To £2, In Store @ Poundland, Argyle Street, Glasgow
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Posted 29th Apr 2019Posted 29th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Michelin Rainforce Standard Wiper Blades, Reduced To £2, In Store @ Poundland, Argyle Street, Glasgow
£2£3.9950%Poundland Deals
Can see these for £3.99 from Aldi Spotted for £2 ( were £5 before ) in Argyle Street, Glasgow tonight. Clickable zoomable link here (not as compressed)
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Voted hot. If you just want to pootle around town- these are fine and a bargain! However should you want to venture beyond over 50 mph+ then you should consider the same blades with a spoiler, or flat arm blades that do the same. High speed and or wind will make the difference. Plenty of decent deals online for either, whatever you make/model...


Bargain find! HEAT


Actually, Aldi had them for £1.99 (when I put in search terms the £3.99 Deal post came up!!!).

Michelin wiper blades £5 @ Poundland
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Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Michelin wiper blades for a £5 seams quite good to me

These are £5 each in Pound land , most cars need two :D As has already been posted above Aldi have them on offer at present for £1.99 each. The Aldi one was also posted as a deal here recently, but was slagged off by some. I had no problems with them, like juddering like some others claim. They are of a very thin blade rubber design, how the cheaps ones used to be years ago. Most expensive blades nowadays have a wide rubber blade design and I think these ones are relying on the Michelin name to ask for £4.99 each. At £1.99 they are a good buy, at £4.99 they are not. As with all blades the instructions are useless. Expect to try all possible combinations before you find the one that works that will fix the blade to the arm! ;(


Looked at these at St Albans Poundland on Monday. They are on a stand alone carousel near the front next to mobile phone accessories. There were no obvious price tickets so I thought they were a quid! Metal construction not the later plastic stream lined ones. Perhaps a fiver is a bit much for the smaller sizes, I'm assuming they are priced per blade not a pair?


Saw them in my local Aldi for £1.99 yesterday too.


I picked some of these up for £1.99 in aldi last weekend.


Best say where!

Save 5% on all wiper blades @ Wiper Blades Shop
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
Save 5% on all wiper blades @ Wiper Blades Shop
ve5Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Enter save5 at checkout.
Read More

Code works as of 21st July 2020


code still working 6 Jan 2020.


Code still works - 06-oct-2019. Thanks!


Code still working, which scraped their price just below that of eBay and clinched the sale.

Michelin windscreen wiper blades (different sizes) £1.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 4th Apr 2019Posted 4th Apr 2019
Michelin windscreen wiper blades (different sizes) £1.99 @ Aldi
Michelin windscreen wipers £1.99 down from £4.99
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They are priced at £3.99 but scan at £1.99. Just got a pair in mine.


Good price here! £5 in Poundland


Bosch are lot better quality


Store specific. £3.99 at mine. Only a few sizes left most places.


I was disappointed with them as well, pretty much same experience. I know bosch and valeo are a lot more expensive but I'm sticking with those from now on, tried cheap wipers more times than I should of to learn! I lasted a month with these before changing them

Michelin Rainforce standard Wiper Blades - various sizes In-store @ Aldi - £3.99
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Posted 28th Mar 2019Posted 28th Mar 2019LocalLocal
Michelin Rainforce standard Wiper Blades - various sizes In-store @ Aldi - £3.99
£3.99£4.9920%Aldi Deals
In-store Aldi Wallsend for £3.99 Size: 16"-28" Keep on top of your car maintenance when you grab some new Michelin Window Wiper Blades. Essential for helping you drive in harsh… Read more

These were reduced to 1.99 in Aldi abbey lane Leicester


Saw the same display in Poundland, Cortonwood Barnsley, for £4.99 a pack.


great price, but don't fit either of the cars in my house. Aldi were fine to refund.


Canny price bulk non aero ones mind

Bosch A978S Aerotwin Wiper Blade £19.68 @ Amazon / Xtreme Auto Accessories
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Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
Bosch A978S Aerotwin Wiper Blade £19.68 @ Amazon / Xtreme Auto Accessories
£19.68£29.9934%Amazon Deals
Product DescriptionBosch Aerotwin Flat Blade Set 650/425mm Manufacturer's DescriptionBosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades are now popular on most new vehicles straight from the factory - f… Read more

Mine were perfect they had 1000s of good feedback


I'm looking at buying some of these and have seen decent prices on eBay but am hesitant about buying them from there in case they aren't genuine Bosch blades. Maybe I will though and take a chance.


I use this type all the time they are perfect silent easy to fit and cleans well but I got mine 16” and 22” off eBay for £16.40 the pair !


£19 - £20 is about the going rate for these, so not much of a deal. Not voted.

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