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Car Window wiper blades half price,all sizes,£6-£3,£3-£1.50 @ Tesco
Found 16th Jun 2010Found 16th Jun 2010
Car Window wiper blades half price,all sizes,£6-£3,£3-£1.50 @ Tesco
Tesco wiper blades half price,ownbrand now 1.50 were £3. Better ones now £3 were £6. Also saw half price redex diesel and petrol fuel cleaner now £1.80 were £3.60 Also tyre inflat… Read more
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Cheers,good to know, will return and swap for cheaper ones,never used tesco wipers before didnt realise they were cack:)


"Better ones now £3 were £6" Better ones are definately NOT better, I've got them on my car from when they were reduced last time. If you're going to buy tesco wipers, get the cheaper ones. I wouldn't recommend these if you have the cross over wipers, if they crash they bend very easily. Then i suppose you get what you pay for.

Found 30th May 2010Found 30th May 2010
Fuelled up an hour ago at TESCO GARAGE, Colinton Ediburgh...waiting in the queue i spotted BARGAINS in the accessory corner...26" CHAMPION WIPER BLADES 83p (sold out), 16" - 22" CH… Read more

:thumbsup: Thanx bossyboots. Went back in today in hope of getting the 26" ones at 83p for my Galaxy but no new ones in...still got 24" SX ones down from £18 to £3.17 and lots os 16"-22" at £1.25 (Edinburgh Colinton)...it's a proper Tesco price card, not manual one.


I don't think store specific - I bought 4 bottles of Redex for 90p each the other day - normally sell for about £4.00 each. Assumed it was a one off or would have posted.


probably specific to that garage, but still a good deal for those who can get to that garage I have voted hot OP:thumbsup:


Why the negatives - seems a good deal to me!


I am interested in some wiper blades, mine have been screeching for some time.

Carpoint Twin Pack 18in Or 20in Wiper Blades £2.99 @ Argos +TCB
Found 2nd Apr 2010Found 2nd Apr 2010
Carpoint Twin Pack 18in Or 20in Wiper Blades £2.99 @ Argos +TCB
Out of stock near me otherwise would have been ideal, might be useful for someone else. Don't forget TCB which might make them £1.99

OUCH !!!!!!!!! You can get high quality Bosch Wipers from reliable eBay sellers for £11/12 a pair, delivered.


oos glasgow


Your point being? that post is 3 months old and looks like only the 20in size was on offer plus the TCB reserve & collect offer wasn't running then meaning you could get a £1 off.


Most cars use two different size wiper blades :thinking: MIne are 20inch and 22 inch If you go to a proper motor factors like Europarts (they are even online) you can get wipers from a couple of quid £2.01 Right hand side £2.43 Left hand side For cheap make And for Bosch its about £9 for the pair And guess what the bloke at Europarts will be able to advise you of the correct size for your car, i dont think they do that at Argos or Tesco LOL


I bought these months ago following an OP - just search wiper blades here and see it appear, but this post has the addition of 18" to the title and 18" is a significant material difference I suppose? I think mine are fine - just don't let 'em snap back when you've washed the screen 'cause they can separate at the end and then scratch a beautiful arc!

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Flat Wiper Blades only £4 each at Tesco Instore
Found 14th Jan 2010Found 14th Jan 2010
Flat Wiper Blades only £4 each at Tesco Instore
Just picked up a pair for my car. Reduced from £6 something.

finally returned these and bought a pair of bosch super plus. looks like the problem is with my wiper arm and the end of the driver side wiper does not touch the screen properly either, so it looks like the tesco wipers were fine!


bought some bosch super plus £6.50 for the pair for the other car from a ebay seller, they wipe fantastically! I have the flat ones on my car and the driver side wiper does not wipe around a third of the screen towards the end of the wiper (in the middle of the screen) and at high speed, the water left behind comes over towards the driver side. I have exchanged the wiper twice now and this is on the first day of use with all three of the wipers, so there must be a design fault with them.... Think I'm going to give them back and demand a refund...


Careful buying the ones packed in pairs, not all cars have the same size on the driver & passenger side.


The Tesco regular ones ( not the flat type) are crap too.. They just smear the screen. Oh... and never buy the multi blade type ( those that have 4 or 5 edges) - as often seen in pound shops. They hold water , so freeze to your screen really easily - and are very difficult to prise off. They are crap at wiping the screen too.


anyone seen any about in poundland recently?

Carpoint Twin Pack 20in Wiper Blades @ Argos for £2.99 (was £9.99)
Found 26th Dec 2009Found 26th Dec 2009
Carpoint Twin Pack 20in Wiper Blades @ Argos for £2.99 (was £9.99)
Price looks good to me. 20in/510mm replacement wiper blades and fittings.

QD has a pair of blades and fittings, numerous sizes with 2 in a pack for 99p

Tesco Flat Wiper Blade All Sizes £7.82 Online, NOW £3.00 Instore.
Found 19th Jun 2009Found 19th Jun 2009
These are the retro fit tesco branded flat wiper blades. Made from metal and rubber and comes complete with 5 adapters for universal use. I always replace mine with bosch ones, b… Read more

Just had a look, and the backs don't say which cars they fit on - so I bought one of each size! Turns out, my car needs a 19" and a 26" blade - has anyone even seen a 26" blade at their local Tesco? Do you think a smaller blade would do instead?


Actually, good point, I should have said they look ok for the money, but not really that great. Connection point looks like a big block of LEGO.


The arm connection point on these is hideous.


I had a look at these yesterday and they look fine apart from the fact that the spoilers on them look the wrong way round for RHD cars. Is this the case? Someone else mentioned it in a previous thread.


yup exactly same problem here with paint falling off and rusting away

Newstyle wiper blades reduced to clear misprice various sizes 16" 18" 19" £2 @ Tesco
Found 8th Feb 2009Found 8th Feb 2009
Newstyle wiper blades reduced to clear misprice various sizes 16" 18" 19" £2 @ Tesco
Maybe just a local deal in the Ayr store ,I bought two today that went through at £3.91 each but clearly states they are £2.00 each at sale aisle.When i went to customer services … Read more

they have the same ones online at £7.82 each http://direct.tesco.com/search/default.aspx?search=wipers&confirm.x=12&confirm.y=8


OH well got them fitted now guess its a waiting game now to see how long they last.


These have been cleared from the shelves of Coventry Arena Tesco for a LONG time - they went very soon after first stocking them, and no more very filled the spaces, so I wonder if the faults were widespread?


Good price but as flat wiper blades go, these are not good. The attachment to the hook looks poor (it is not encased like most after-market versions) and the wiper performance is not great either.


I bought some Tesco wiper blades last year and they were rubbish. There's a weakness in the plastic which holds the rubber in place and they all failed.

Assorted Car Wiper Blades - Was £3.00 Now 74p Instore @ Tesco
Found 15th Jan 2009Found 15th Jan 2009
Assorted Car Wiper Blades - Was £3.00 Now 74p Instore @ Tesco
Found these on clearance instore today.

I just bought a couple. A 24" and 18". They look OK, and the integral spoiler is a nice touch and £3.91 each is a good price. However I will be returning mine, as these wiper blades are for LHD cars. The spoiler is upside down on our RHD cars, and I suspect this will encourage them to lift off the screen. I would steer clear of them if I were you.


Bought the blade type 22 inch one for £3.91 as I was about to drive to Tesco and my wiper split with the frost when I lifted it to scrape the window without first spraying it with de-icer. It seems to work very well, but I guess after the warnings above I need to spray on a bit of deicer and clear he other windows first before lifting the blade to scrape the screen.


Couldn't find any (for £0.74) in Aberdeen store.


You don't need anything special, you certainly don't need to buy them from the dealer.


Shame they don't do new Renault Scenic ones. They retail for £50 a pair from a dealer only or around £30 from Fleabay. Gone through two pairs in as many years - both split. S***t quality for the money. :?

flat wiper blades £4 Tesco [INSTORE]
Found 15th Nov 2008Found 15th Nov 2008
flat wiper blades £4 Tesco [INSTORE]
flat wiper blades with adaptors for many models now half price

These are very good wipers for the price.


do what i did mazoo and take the old connectors off your originals as they dont have jeep ones in the pack either, an they are far better than jeeps wipers


I bought some last time they were on offer, I couldn't figure out what "combination" I needed for my car-the only one we could get to work made them stick up far too high compared to the original Vauxhall flat blades, so they're now in the boot of my car-and I coughed up for ones from Vauxhall instead. I just didn't like the connectors-they were very lose and the first wipe the wiper came off the stalk.... *shrugs* That said, they did wipe amazingly well, once I had found a combination of the little connectors that sort of fit! Wish the instructions were clearer... cause we had no chance! None looked or fitted like my originals! :(


£8 online, my local store doesnt have any left



Tesco instore only. Wiper blades all sizes £1.49
Found 20th Oct 2008Found 20th Oct 2008
Tesco instore only. Wiper blades all sizes £1.49
Instore Tesco now have all sizes of wiper blades for £1.49 reduced from £2.98 Had loads in Lunsford Park
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I bought these from Tesco a few months ago, there was a sign beside them saying 'Compare us to the leading brand' ... Trust me, there is no comparison. I have had to replace the Tesco ones already because they hardened and stopped removing rain from parts of the windscreen :x


Thanks, you've answered my question, one side of mine is 24" ;-)


Think Tesco only go up to 24", I need 26" on the front of my Picasso - just thought I would try and save anyone a wasted journey :thumbsup:


very cheap! - although I'm regretting my tesco wiper blades now that I'm actually using them, only had them on 3 months or so and they've already hardened up and arent doing a great job! Although at £1.50, who cares?

Tesco car wiper blades standard and flat versions BOGOF, instore only
Found 12th Jun 2008Found 12th Jun 2008
Tesco car wiper blades standard and flat versions BOGOF, instore only
Just been to my local Tesco Extra and they have standard and flat wiper blades on BOGOF ! Various sizes from 16" to 24" The standard wiper blades are £3 and the flat ones are £8.… Read more

These wipers were £1.50 for regular and £3.50 for the flat type when i bought a pair last week. I had read lots of bad reviews on the Tesco flat type ( from a previous post on here) , so bought the regular type. I have had the Tesco blades before and they are not ok , but don't last very long. In fact even the metal frame rusted on my last pair ( never ever had this on any wiper blades before).


i've just bought these. my dad has just been replacing mine, got annoyed because they were backwards so we googled for a solution and found this post. after reading about glue-ing gave him the idea to just change the spoilers around :D and it worked so thank you!


I'd recommend replacing wind screen to cure the squeaking problem! :p You're right about the instructions, they aren't that good. The blades don't seem to have a particular side, but like I said the spoiler for some reason seems to be backwards - do foreign cars have the wiper blades reversed (wipe right to left)?


I'm glad someone agrees with me! (see my previous posts) I did wonder why the mounting block didn't seem to click securely when reversed - I'd better check/use superglue else they may fling off when on the fast wiper setting :p


Just bought my pair and had to take the mounting block (the one fitted when you buy it) off of the blade and turn it around to remedy the backward spoiler. Needed some superglue to put the mounting block back on as it doesn't have the clip for the other side to keep the block in place when reversed. They work a treat, although I did clean the windscreen and put RainX on earlier so that probably helped a bit.

Found 3rd Jun 2008Found 3rd Jun 2008
hi, just got back from tesco wigan, where they have 14" wiper blades for £3.00 each, i took 2 to the till and its buy one get one free. bargain!!!
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i have an 07 VW Fox which has a 14" blade and a 22" blade which cost me £3.00 in tesco


[SIZE=3]What cars use 14" blades nowadays? Model T Ford, or Austin 7's? Modern cars are often "odd" sized, and even small cars have 18" plus blades! [/SIZE]


Saved a fortune on your RSI treatment there then. Just think about the good delas you may miss out on if they are not posted in exactly the correct manner. Or do you make exceptions if it is a good deal for you? To the OP - many thanks for posting and keep them coming if you see deals that you feel people might be interested in.


well I think it is a good deal! x


God there are some jobs worths on here!:x Cheers for posting a good deal luvabargin!

Windscreen wiper blades to fit most makes & models - £3.99 @ Lidl
Found 12th Apr 2008Found 12th Apr 2008
Just popped into Lidl and picked up a set of these for my car. Front windscreen only, pack of 2 for £3.99, they fit perfectly and work a treat
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Oh dear, probably one of the key areas you don't want to compromise on quality, spend an extra £15 and get a pair of Bosch wipers! They will last for ages and actually clear the windscreen! I could never ever put these on my car....


I have given up on cheapo blade - as I found they all start to squeak/screech within weeks. Honestly I think you are better off searching for the best deal on branded blades. Worth it in the long run.


yes they do, I have had a few pairs from there, good for spares.


A friend bought something like this for 99p a pair, and it's certainly worth no more than that!


Sometimes its expensive to buy cheap....

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