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Lightweight and compact in design, wireless earphones have built-in tap controls, a microphone and sound isolation to keep external noise from becoming intrusive. You’ll find the most attractive deals online and on the high street here on hotukdeals. Read more
Jam Audio Transit Mini Bluetooth Earbuds - Grey £9.05 @ Amazon Prime / £13.54 Non Prime
Found 2 h, 36 m agoFound 2 h, 36 m ago
JAM audio is an OK brand. Not sure you can do worse for around £10. They are owned by FKA brands who own Homedics, Marley, Satler etc: http://fkabrands.com/ Only one in stock, … Read more
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I have them with water bottle as well. Actually the sound was ok and the battery live was about 6 hours. But they have cracking noices so gonna return them.


These came free when bought the jam water bottle for 8 quid.. very tinny sound


These are wak

Xiaomi mi Air TWS Airdots pro Bluetooth Earphones £42.97 With New User Coupon @ Xiaomi MC Store/Aliexpress
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
These are a ridiculous £100 in most places from a reputable UK seller, saw these on kimovio and thought they were a bit of a bargain tbh. There is generally no warranty, and a po… Read more

Excellent Chinese Copy of Original Apple Airpods


(lol) (lol)


'There is generally no warranty, and a possible customs charge, also a pretty long wait and no communicado.' SOLD SOLD SOLD


I was very tempted with this and wonder how's this compare to the Anker Liberty Air? (https://amzn.to/2PtrIED) It's £20+ more but if anything wrong it can be returned/replaced hassle free... Thanks...


Just do a simple search on youtube. Most say they have terrible sound quality and the airdots are a better buy

[Pre-orders] Blitzwolf BW-FYE7 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Box £25.05 @ Banggood
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
The price is good. But you should wait for about one months. The earbuds have dual dynamic drivers. Description – bluetooth Version V5.0, – Consuming All the Electricity of the … Read more

What is dual dynamic drivers comparing to the other earbuds?


The QCY wireless earphones are only £13-15 and have roughly the same specs as the Blitzwolf. I don't see the point in spending more for the same tech.


Can anyone explain why you vote down ?

QCY T1 Pro Wireless Earphones With Charging Box £22.05 Delivered @ Zapals
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
At its lowest price as per the last listing. This QCY T1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Earphones features a lightweight body offering ultra-light wearing experience. Fully wireless earbuds de… Read more

I made a few cheap orders, from 5 , only.1 turned up, the others didn't, now being claimed . I also ordered these earphones from them as a punt , since they're never coming, also now a PayPal claim.


Useless supplier - don’t waste your time. Ordered a set of these, with expedited delivery, PayPal. Nothing received, and order just continually listed as „processing“. Claimed back via PayPal, and Zapas didn‘t even bother to engage with them, so claim was found in my favour by default. Agree - they should be banned from HUKD. Maybe they once traded effectively, but it seems that‘s no longer the case.


Had 5 orders with Zapals and all delivered, they were only the cheap offers they had from time to time, mostly under a £1 and took about a month but all did arrive so this is worrying to hear and will take your advice and not bother with them, cheers


Looks like we're all sharing in this crap experience....


Why isn't this supplier banned on HUKD?

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen @ Currys £149
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Curries matching the previous amazon deal, only thing is - amazon is oos. Currently showing in stock for free home delivery, depending on location. The best apple product you can… Read more

Did you find them on a train? (lol)


Not without Curry’s having available stock


My wife and daughter both bought a pair from Argos yesterday on the 'spend £100 and get a £10 voucher offer'. They say they sound fantastic and work seamlessly with their iPhones. Neither has any issues with fit or comfort. I haven't tried them so cannot comment but, there again, I'm an Apple phobic and am happy with Android and my Sennheiser's!


Be careful buying from currys! I bought some on Wednesday, I checked with the girl on the till they were definitely 2nd gen, the manager even came over and explained they had 4 pairs come in the day before and they were definitely 2nd gen...when I got them home I thought I would double check the model code on the box only to find they had sold me 1st gen AirPods. I rang apple to double check and confirm this! I luckily hadn’t taken them out the cellophane otherwise I probably would of had a fight on my hands retuning them. Not sure if it was a genuine mix up or they have been trying to shift old stock as the newer generation.


Air pods Pepega

Zolo Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones £40 off! Reduced from £109.99 to £69.99 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
25/04/2019Expires on 25/04/2019Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
ZOLO (by Anker) Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Earbuds with Graphene Driver Technology and 48 Hours Battery Life, Sweatproof Total-Wireless Earbuds with Smart AI and … Read more

I’ve got the Liberty upgraded version (so not the plus, but the ones with 100 hour battery). They punch well above their weight, and imho are amazing for the money. I use them every day for the gym and general every day carry. I’ve been through a fair few earphones (from Chifi through to high end customs) and I stand impressed with these for what they are.




Where from?


Of you have a iPhone be careful with these types of in ear headphones as apple just did a update and I have a pair but of different make and it would no longer pair both headphones it was either one of the other but never both



Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro - £27.99 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Just received a voucher for 28% off these headphones, can also use the 10% voucher shown on the amazon website to lower the price further. Voucher: WKXBHSCQ Wireless Headphones A… Read more

Was going to pay £35 for it, for then said to myself, let check HUKD first. Thanks to the poster and this site


You press and hold 2 buttons on the inline remote and it changes the sound. One is 'normal' and the other more bass heavy.


How do you enhance the bass on these? Do they have an app or are you just referring to e.g. the default Android equaliser?


I got these last time they were on offer and they're great! The sound is really good and the bass can be enhanced if needed. Very comfy silicon buds and ear pieces - made of softer silicon than the Slim+ model. Heat


Depends what you mean bud, Bose are premium

Apple AirPods £149 at Amazon (latest model) and £189 for wireless charging version
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Amazon have a £10 off voucher on all variants of AirPods. Voucher applied on the amazon website by ticking the box Update: 2019 wired charging version out of stock- only old AirPo… Read more
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Ordered these AirPods and received this lol


They probably had a pair of beats headphones at home too.. Apple used to be so inavitive and forward thinking.The brand has gone a bit flat for me. However if your in the market for a pair of these it is a good price. Heat from me. (y)


thank you came next day great post


with no Battery Life, well done cherlock.


I love seeing Premier League footballers wear these headphones. They could afford some decent headphones yet they wear these which only adds to the consensus these are bought as a fashion accessory

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Deal Stack - Anker Soundcore Liberty Air True-Wireless Earphones (£71.99) + Soundcore Life 2 Gift Set (£99.99) £103.98 @ Anker FB Amazon
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Absolutely cracking bundle price here. Soundcore Anker Liberty Air True-Wireless Earphones with Charging Case, Bluetooth 5, 20 Hour Battery Life, Touch Control Earbuds, Graphene E… Read more

I found it a bit awkward to do even after collecting both vouchers. In the end, I had to use the "add both to basket" promotion button for it to recognise all the promotions together


I've been umming and arring for a long time on this. Discount is excellent though so I've decided to take a chance on this. I'm no audiophile, so hopefully they will be able to impress me


Oh I see that's a deal stack.


Hiya, that's included in the final price £103.98 for the two (y)


Hey OP. Thanks for sharing. There is a £50 voucher now :)

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless 2019 Edition (Black or White) £109.99 and Free Delivery
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
This usually hovers around the £135-£150 mark and is largely regarded as one of, if not the, best wireless gaming headphones on the market (before you get into the silly money rang… Read more
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I genuinely don't understand why these are so highly regarded. they don't sound all that great but you are paying the wireless/gaming tax. the mic is crisp and clear very good mic on this, button positions take some time to get used to, not ergonomic at all. so far these have been the most comfortable headsets I have used. the dtx 7.1 is not great in games, decent for movies and music. for £110 you are getting a decent pair of headphones but don't expect Best headphones spiel. That's just the gaming community getting over excited as usual. Mic quality 4/5 Weight / Comfort 5/5 Audio Quality 3/5


If that video has a combined microphone/headphone that is reasonable for music, film and casual gaming, with decent frequency response, under £150, also useful for 3-4 hour conference calls/lectures where you need to wander around, works on Windows, wireless (not Bluetooth, unless demonstrable as able to manage two way & HD (eg 5.0 but Windows coding still sucks)), over ear, battery over 15h usage, usable as a not overly obvious microphone etc. then I'm all ears. Otherwise, I'm not going to watch a nearly hour long video when you can't even recommend a single headset. I'm not being purposefully difficult, I have great set up now that would make even the keenest audiophile have a wet dream, but I don't think the perfect product for my gaming exists at this price, so this is the next best thing. I've scoured every country I can, but if you know of something else that fits the above bill then please do enlighten.


Anything suggested in the video based on your preferences and needs




joke headphones get something good

Bose SoundSport Earbuds/Earphones for Android & Samsung Devices - Charcoal Black £47.72 @ Amazon France
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Very rare you get a reduction on the android version of these earphones, but here they are from amazon France. Currently £65 - £70 on amazon UK for comparison, take a couple quid o… Read more

Audio file (lol)


The ones I had had good length cables.


I always loved that skit by Not the nine o'clock news on audiophiles. Reminds me of someone here.


Audiophiles (excited)


Great sound but I don't find any of the ear buds comfortable and the cable is too short (unless you're prepared to wear an armband phone holder in the gym). They've become an expensive hands free kit mainly for me.

Mpow Wireless earphones Bluetooth £18.29 + (+£4.49 for non prime) @ Sold by Mpow Retailer and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Mpow Wireless Headphones Bluetooth, Up to 9 Hrs Playing Time IPX7 Waterproof Running Headphones In-ear Earbuds for Gym Cycling Workout iPhone,iPad,Samsung, Siri with Built-in Noise… Read more

I'm not getting tinny with mine but I have just tested a few songs sitting in a quiet room and there's a definite lack of clarity compared to my home system. I'd still say they're worth £20 but they're not going to rival premium earphones/headphones & if they're to be used to really listen to the music I'd suggest paying for better (y)


I have these headphones and I found the sound quality terrible. Very tiny. Perhaps i was just unlucky but mine are so bad I had to throw them away


I bought these for £12.75 in February as a Lightning deal and they've been great for the gym. No issues with sound quality although the gym isn't the best time to give a thorough appraisal.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC (B-Stock) - £69.95 inc Delivery & 2 Year Warranty @ Sennheiser Outlet
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
This would appear to be the lowest price these have been, direct from Sennheiser's outlet and the price includes delivery. These are refurbished by Sennheiser and come with a 2-yea… Read more

Yes that would make sense, you wouldn't get the horrible hair pulling grippyness through the beanie. I just can't figure out what was going through the designers head when they added that material!


To be honest with the gym I always wear a beanie as I hate sweat on my ears. That's for all headphones so maybe if feels more comfortable like that.


I don't understand how you could describe these as comfortable! The material on the underside of the headband feels like a rough rubber. Super grippy, feels horrible particularly when putting them on if the band rubs even slightly along my head. I literally have never seen a pair of headphones with this type of material, it's horrible. Sound quality is decent, build quality aside from the above is good. Noise cancelling is trash.


I think you maybe right, I can’t find the link from the main website to the outlet that was available before.


I managed to buy in the outlet before xmas and get 9%. Worth a try if you can get the cash back.

Xiaomi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless £23.29 With New User Coupon @ Xiaomi MC Store / Aliexpress
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Nice price using the new user coupon for another £2.34 taking it to the price i the op. Customs is always a possibility and obviously a long wait with zero warranty. Check revi… Read more

Is it available to buy yet? Seems to just branding as of right now.


Can anyone confirm the difference between these and the black redmi versions?


Probably are but can't be doing with waiting weeks for stuff.


I can vouche for these (qs1) Excellent connectivity and great sound. The only thing is the battery and the charging case. They'll turn the darn things on randomly, which wastes the battery. If you leave the case lid ajar, that fixes it.


Bought a pair at Christmas time, I've been impressed with them so far

Apods I10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones with Wireless Charging Realtek 8763BFR @ Geekbuying
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
The last lot of i10's seemed to be quite popular. These are a bit more expensive than the standard I10's but they have wireless charging. Looking at the pictures, it would appear y… Read more

These cheap ear buds all look the same, just rebranded with minor design adjustments. I got my version of these during a gearbest sale for about £4...


Geekbuying is a Horrible Company.


Can you be more specific? Have you tried these yourself


Are they that bad? What about the i13 TWS ?


Don't waste your money OP

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Headset - Black £20.10 With Code @ Gearbest
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Had a couple pm's about these, well here we go, good price I reckon. Available to order now, unsure if they are actually in stock however, but guaranteed no customs with gearbest… Read more

Damn, he who dithers .... ;(


Says discontinued now


Damn sorry fella.


OOS for me as well.


Showing Out of Stock for me :o

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones, £22.99 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
According to camelcamelcamel, these have just dropped in price to their lowest since they first went on sale. https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Soundcore-Bluetooth-Headphones-Sweat… Read more

£23.99 renewed! Anyhoo when did when did Amazon start branding used or refurbished as 'renewed' :-p


Shows it at that price when it's amazon renewed product https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L62QG11/ref=dp_cr_wdg_tit_rfb


Must have gone back up in price. Maybe they had too many orders at £22.99? Camelcamelcamel still showing old price, so they mustn’t have updated yet.


I'm getting £35.91.


Showing up at £36.58 :-(

TaoTronics 4.2 aptX Bluetooth earphones / NC Mic Playtime £16.99 Prime £20.98 Non Prime Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Another good price for Prime members on this aptX model. They have magnetic backs on the earpieces so they hold around your neck while you're not using them. Sweat proof, so ideal … Read more

Its the Mic that has the noise cancelling. Everyone at it these days in the description, the key normally is to look for "Active Noise Cancelling" or ANC. They are also normally always this price and CamelCamel won't show it as it's always done via a voucher. The Bluetooth 5 versions (no idea the difference before hitting google) are only £17.09. Bluetooth 5.0 Version.


It's the 'free' kind of noise cancelling. Stick your fingers in your ears for the same effect (y)


Title mentions noise cancelling, description does not, dodgy?!




Needed a pair of bluetooth earphones, the reviews seem good and can't pass on that price. thanks OP. Hot!

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