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VAVA MOOV 28 Bluetooth Headphones / NC Mic £11.99 Prime / £15.98 non prime Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
25/03/2019Expires on 25/03/2019Found 11 h, 56 m agoFound 11 h, 56 m ago
Good price on these for Prime members. Another pair that should be good for running / gym. Much prefer BT sets just to keep the cables from tangling on something in the gym, pullin… Read more

The price £11.99 regardless of Amazon Prime, because the original price is £25.99 (over £20) so it qualifies for free delivery anyway.


Anker Soundbuds or whatever they’re called are better than these for a similar price


Bought these, impressed. Cheap and sturdy so far.


seems like longer battery life than most as well - you usually get about 8h tops at this price point mine do and their batteries are advertised at 100mah


I have these and like them, decent sound and battery. The end caps fell off but that's an easy fix. Tempted to buy a back up set

Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics ANC Wireless Over Ear Headset £37.99 Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 15 h, 35 m agoFound 15 h, 35 m ago
Lightning deal plus £10 off with voucher. Collect voucher from this page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/vouchers-coupons/b?ie=UTF8&node=5522783031&tag=22

Before. I explained the coupon kept saying "connection failed" they basically told me that the coupon wasn't eligible for items not sold by Amazon but after a few back and forth they said they would £10 refund.


Did you contact them after you ordered or before?


once it will be shipped out I will process refund of GBP 10 from Amazon live chat


Coupon worked fine for me, I purchased as the deal went live. Although, I did already have the voucher claimed before this went live at 9:19am Also, the voucher is on the actual listing page so not sure how amazon could day it's not valid? PS - mine showing at this price as i have already claimed the lightening deal price


Same. Amazon are saying apparently coupons are for items sold by Amazon directly. Obviously that's not the case as pretty much every coupon are on items only fulfilled by them.

Jaybird Run XT Wireless Headphones £140.49 @ Amazon
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Apple Airpod alternatives with better sound quality, isolation, eartips, IPX7 water resistance, sound tuning... Around the lowest price they've been since release.
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The xm3 sound great but too bad their mic is rubbish


I bought the Tarah pros as an uprgade to my X3's and although they sound amazing im currently in the process of returning them...the issue i had with the tarah pros was that you cannot change the tips so when in use with the rubber ones, it felt like i was getting vacuum in my ear. I also tried using the Tarah pros with my fitbit versa and for whatever reason the remote controls wont with with the watch, so was unable to adjust the volume and skip tracks and answer calls using the headset. The X3's were fine at this... strange... I would be interested in the Run Xt's as i know you can get the isolating tips, what puts me off is just the controls which stops you from from adjusting the volume- i understand that needs to be set through the jaybird app?


Hehe, I think the Sony's are too small for my ears. I have these, which sound very good: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Definitive-Technology-Symphony-Headphones-Cancelling-Black/dp/B00YSQDX3I/ First headphones by the US speaker company. Large earcups, and very wide soundstage. Excellent sound but the noise cancellation, battery life etc. isn't great. Although I liked the crispness and punch of the Momentum Wireless, but the earcups were just too small for me. I think the next version of the B&W PX may be something to look out for. Didn't realise Jaybird were Logitech, that gives me confidence. Jaybird wasn't a brand I was very aware of. Love my UE Roll. Just a shame that form factor, which I think is ideal, doesn't include noise cancellation. The noise cancellation ones seem to typically have a battery etc section to wear around the back of your neck, or all around like the Sonys: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-WI-1000X-Cancelling-Resolution-Recognition-Black/dp/B074WW62GQ/ I guess just need to accept that you can't have noise cancellation without bulk perhaps. Would be nice though. I currently use some Audio Technica bluetooth earphones - clip style, when cycling and then being in town. Would be nice to turn on noise cancellation in town once off the bike. Not going to bring in some big overears just for in town I think.


That's a problem I have with the Jabra's, the button pushing just aggravates my ears and loosens the fit so it slips and/or makes the bud feel bouncy in your ear so psychologically you feel like it's on the verge of falling out and hence keep touching it all the time to make sure it's still there. That got on my tits so I went with the Tarah Pro and paid full whack for them directly from Jaybird (aka Logitech). I had the X3's before but the Comply tips can't handle moisture or anything like a pipette drop of water so they disintegrate after 9 microseconds of wearing them. Costly buds. The rubber Tarah Pro tips are excellent and fit great. On long runs they are mega, so far. Plus that BT 5.0 on board is great to have. For over ears nothing beats the Sony WH1000-XM3. You'd need to issue a warrant and point a gun at me before I give those up. Love them.


Yeah they are great, I use them at work for Skype calls as well - crystal clear

Betron BN15 Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless £16.99 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Betron Limited  Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Powerful and Stylish high definition stereo Bluetooth headphones provides bass driven sound than traditional stereo headphones Compatible with all Android and iOS media devices suc… Read more

I found this one for the same price, I have a 8 & 6 year old so I need 2 Betron S2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on Ear Earphones with Bass Driven Sound https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078C6FSN4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_V3aJCbSTNTFEA


Why can’t I buy 2?


No idea but this only shows that some reviews MAY or MAY NOT have been faked. I've got these and for less than £20 they are a bargain.


Always take reviews with a pinch of salt. If you have prime then there is no harm is trying them out. If it's not for you then you can always return them :)


https://reviewmeta.com/amazon-uk/B01M8FLGB2 https://www.fakespot.com/product/betron-bn15-bluetooth-headphones-wireless-10m-range-built-in-microphone-for-iphone-ipad-ipod-mp3-players-tablets-and-more Are these wrong? I'm confused.

Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. £29.99 delivered @ Amazon Deal of the Day
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Soundcore Spirit Pro The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Dual EQ Better Than IP Even the highest IP ratings are simply not enough to defend against the corrosive power of swea… Read more
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Got same day delivery and initially impressed with these. A little tinny on first play but activated the equaliser function and now how I like it. Time will tell but I'm happy with them.


thanks - was actually thinking of buying them before they were on sale so its just made the decision easier


I bought these as spare bluetooth earphones,but sound quality was mediocre,so I returned them.for £30 probably a good buy but don’t expect anything more


The earphones work really well. They are well-designed and a good fit for your ears. If you have any trouble, you can contact Anker for support. They are very responsive!


What code did you use?

Anker Soundcore Life 2 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - £42.99 using voucher Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Refreshed 15th MarRefreshed 15th Mar
Select the promotion for £27 off. Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with 30-Hour ANC Playtime, Soft Memory-Protein Earpads, Hi-Res Audio, and Travel Case [2019 New]

Little bit late now (although life 2's are £65 at the min), but for what it's worth I've now had chance to test both. Overall the Life 2's are the better bet. They both sound very good, the vortex are louder, but the life are loud enough and sound better. Contrary to what others have said the life do have proper hi-res audio - AAC compared to the vortex apt-x. The life active noise cancelling function seems to do more than just cancel noise - with it on (it is by default) the audio is much better than without - like switching on an equaliser. The life bass boost function is also surprisingly good. They both also look good and are both very comfortable - again the life are just a shade more comfortable and fold more flat. Obviously the battery life is longer too on the life. The only possible downside of the life is the size - as others have said they are quite large - I probably have an average head for a grown man and they just about fit me on the smallest setting. If you have a small head you might find them loose.


It’s expired I missed out as well


I can’t see it? Anybody know how to get around this. I am signed in and I can’t find it anywhere


That may or may not be true but it's got nothing to do with this product; anc is a feature of this chipset they've used.


Ended? I don't see the voucher below the price (unless they've moved it?

Mixx Audio Wireless Bluetooth headphones in Grey @ Asda living Wrexham - £1.20
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Again loads of these headphones tucked away upstairs at the end of the aisle where the ink cartridges are (y) Ear Canal Headphone You can enjoy 5 hours continuous play or … Read more


Have you the product barcode from package please :/


None in Brighton


Look like this (y)

JVC Gumy Wireless Bluetooth headphones £2.50 @ Asda Living Wrexham
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Loads of JVC Gumy Bluetooth headphones in Asda Living Wrexham, hidden upstairs at the end of the ink cartridges (y) Wireless with Bluetooth connection In-line three butto… Read more

I got 2sets theangrymob


Pretty please?


Is this a nationwide offer? Just wondered if anyone has managed to get a set from another store?



If anyone is local, could you pick me up two packs and post them to me, please? I go through these things like they're disposable :/ I'd pay in advance via PayPal/Revolut.

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Apple AirPods In Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - White. Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee £74.99 @ Argos / eBay
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
I know a lot of people don't like the idea of "refurbished" headphones, but this is less than half the price of new ones, and generally Argos refurbished are usually customer retur… Read more
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Speak to Apple using their online chat so they create a case for you.


Got mine today. Air Pods 100% battery, case 9%. Ear pods seem to cut off when case is closed when in ears. Not sure if that is a fault or not. Charging them up and will see what happens Warranty checked doesn’t work for my serial number advised to speak to Apple. Inspected them and they looked clean and not scratched and had been opened to inspect by Argos. Will go to Apple tomorrow if no change with them.


Ok, cool. Thanks for the tip.


It’s my personal recommendations given that they replace it there and then.


Why is that? Which is better, taking it to Apple store or online service chat team?

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones £279.99 @ Amazon
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Sony WH-1000XM3 premium wireless noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones.

You skipped over the magic words "sound quality", As in "mediocre sound quality compared to wired". Helps if you state the criteria by which you're judging a thing while calling it mediocre. Anyway, you're right but also missing the point a bit. These are some of the best sounding bluetooth headphones out there, in addition they sound excellent in noisy environments like cities, offices, buses, trains and planes thanks to active noise cancelling. Wired headphones will sound better in a quiet environment but there are a lot of city dwellers, office workers and commuters who would be better served by these headphones. I ended up switching from wired headphones to the first gen MDR-1000X for this reason, and they on average sound better. I switch back to passive wired headphones when I get back to my quiet home, unless the washing machine's running and making noise.


If you wait until black friday, every generation of these has been reduced to £199 and these will be too. Can't wait!


Tempted by these and fulfilled by amazon too, has anybody heard or used these guys before? I’m just a little wary they could be from China like the eGlobal ones.


These are £287 now? :(


Just recently got a pair for 270 10 min charge lasts 5 hours great purchase

Goodmans Elite Wireless Headphones - Black n Gold & White n Gold - £14.99 @ B&M
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Enhance your music listening experience with these incredible Wireless Headphones from Goodmans. The stylish Elite Headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth and feature u… Read more

Been this price in my local B&M for nearly a year, less than average average sound quality.


Goodmans and elite in the same sentence!

Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (SILVER) Richer Sounds £259 with code
Refreshed 8th MarRefreshed 8th Mar
Decent deal for anyone after these headphones, the black ones are still £299 Make sure you use code HP10 The best made better – improved Digital Active noise cancellation Alrea… Read more

Comfort is a very subjective thing as everyone has different shaped ears and head.


Not quite sure I agree here. Ldac is already pushing very high bitrates and my own experience is that the range of these headphones is already very impressive - certainly, it's measured in 10s of metres in open space - far enough that I've never wished it would go further! Dual audio is interesting, but I'm not sure what the use case would be with a set of headphones. In short, are you sure you're not just chasing the latest spec for the sake of a higher number?


Agreed. I bought the Sony XM3 refurbs for £189 but they stank of stale smoke so sold them. I was considering just buying them again at full price but decided against that as they were uncomfortable IMO. A 20 min walk to work was fine, but after I did a 1 hr train trip with them I was glad to take them off as I found they really clamped my glasses to my head and there was no positioning of headphones or glasses that helped. I also found them rather warm and quite bulky when worn. I've just been away for a few days in Germany where I saw the Bose QC35ii for sale in CyberPort for €249/£214 (looks like they priced matched Amazon.de or vice versa) so I snapped them up. After wearing them for a 1.5 hr flight, a 30 min wait at the airport and then a 1 hr bus trip home, I'm pleased to say they are way more comfortable and not as warm as the Sonys. I also much prefer the physical buttons over the Sony's touchpad. Also, I found the Sony voice assistant implementation was weird (Google or Alexa), you would hear yourself played though the speakers when you talk, the Bose don't do this. On the downside, I would say that the noise cancelling isn't quite as good as the XM3. However, I was on a plane, so perhaps its unfair to compare the Bose on a plane with my memory of using the Sonys walking along a road or on a train which are obviously not as noisy. But judging by others comments, it seems the XM3 are definitely better in this regard. For those set on the Sony XM3, I did notice the Dixons airport shop in Bristol airside had them for £279 including a free bluetooth speaker which seems a good deal. Pretty sure it was this speaker.


My mistake, my app updated to v5. Not headphones. Checked and my headphones are still v2.0, might leave it that way just in case.


For people moaning about ANC, it doesn’t block out all sound, it mainly just takes out the harshness of background noises. It can completely get rid of some drones though like on a Plane, but you won’t block out people talking or a TV.

Sony WH-CH500 Bluetooth headphones. Tesco - £21 instore
LocalLocalFound 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Half price reduced to clear in Tesco Stirling. Blue and black available. On-ear headphones Battery life: up to 20 hours iOS / Android compatible Microphone / volume control Read more
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what store is this ?


I picked up a set. There were quite a few in my local store.shame it’s not national.


This must have been only a one off, because I've been in my local Tesco in Liverpool and they're £55. The pic shows it used to be £43 so someone must have made a mistake. I sure hope you bought them mate.


Good price for these. According to the Sony website they support aac, which while not as good as AptX HD should represent an improvement over standard SBC

Bose  II QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones (£219.50 Fee Free card) £228.91 Non Fee Free card) @ Amazon Germany
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Great price for these industry leading headphones. You can use your UK Amazon account to purchase. Fee free cards include Revolut and Monzo.
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Now £212 using a fee free card. Bargain!


I have another Bose bluetooth headphones before which has the same issue. Never have any other bluetooth headphones which I tried for long term. One reason was that those Bose bluetooth headphones are so comfortable. When I try others, they do not pass my comfortability test, and I end up did not buy any other.


Thanks, ordered using monzo, £220 delivered. Sending back my mx3 in favour of these.


Hey no worries I am only going what I found online I got mine yesterday so will try it out


I apologize for the misunderstanding, I've used it on teamspeak and people told me I sounded like trash. I only say what I've experienced...

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black Was £24.99, then £12.49 Now £8.99 with code @ Robert Dyas free C&C
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Use code: 10MVC at check out to get this price. No reviews at Robert Dyas, some at Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0784GTKYX? Priced at £12.99 The Defunc Go Wireless Bluetoo… Read more

Surprisingly good.


Mine broke today so going to give these a go, handy as Robert Dyas is 1 minute away from the gym (y)


Fantastic deal, heat added. Great shame no store anywhere near Peterborough as broke mine the other day.


Bought online, collected in store same day as in stock. Well these Defunc Bluetooth headphones are OK. I'd even say they were very good for the money. £9 for wireless headphones from a real shop with a proper warranty? Amazing! Only tested them at home for 10 mins and pleased so far. Can't yet comment on charge time or battery life. Positives: sound is quite neutral and pleasant, easy to listen to; the headphones are quite light; Bluetooth works from one or two rooms away; they look quite grown up, rather than like flashy plastic toys; instructions are simple; although not going especially loud there's no distortion at its best/full volume. Negatives: obviously at under a tenner these are not hifi quality; the construction is adequate but I think it will not last long unless I take care of them, especially the thin audio wire from each ear cup to the headband; the on-headphone controls are a little bit and miss, so depending which device I pair with, some buttons work well but some don't; Bluetooth phone calls work but the quality is very poor, I think it will prove useful to be notified there's a call and start talking before they hang up, but I will immediately want to swap the call to just using the phone! These are not noise cancelling if that's what you thought. Very little external sound is blocked by the padding. And they are not closed-back so although not loud, people nearby will be able to hear what you're listening to - I played talk radio on them at high volume, put them on a box (to mimic my head muffling the sound) and walked 10 feet away - I could still just about make it what was being said. Overall, thoroughly recommend for just some pennies!!


Bit annoying, I bought these at the weekend instore for £9.99.

ZOLO by Anker Liberty True-Wireless Headphones, 100-Hour Playtime, Bluetooth 5. £45.99 @ Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Refreshed 8th MarRefreshed 8th Mar
Features & details Graphene-Enhanced Sound: Pioneering audio technology delivers superior clarity and treble. A sound-tight seal ensures deep bass and exceptional isolation. … Read more
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I was considering to try wireless, but since recent papers against them due to significantly increased brain radiation exposure, I'll wait lol


Got mine today, impressed so far. Seems to handle Deezer quite well, lots of lovely bass.


Got mine today, impressed so far. Seems to handle Deezer quite well, lots of lovely bass.


I have been researching the drop-out between the Left and Right ears. If you Google it, it is apparently related to the thickness of your skull. Thick skulls are handy in the event of an accident not so handy when related to use of earbuds. I also have had problems and although my skull is "normal" thickness, in my case it is down to the denseness of my brain cells. New versions of the App will come with the ability to boost the signal between the Right and Left through two new settings "Thick Skull" and "Dense Grey Matter". It you suffer from both then you are a rugby player and I would suggest your ears would not be ideal for these earbuds.


Hmmm thanks. That’s what I found, too. Shame. These are less than perfect then.

Soundcore Life 2 Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Wireless Headphones £42.69 Delivered Sold by AnkerDirect and FBA
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Seems to be the lowest price for these well reviewed wireless headphones. Hi-Res audio with 30 hours of playtime, CVC noise cancellation, travel case and more. In order to get the … Read more

Cheers. Purchased. Have some heat. Nearly bought these the other week when they were down to fifty odd quid. Glad I waited. Reviews all seem to be ok. Those that aren't are usually expecting a little too much from a <£50 pair of cans.




Does this come with the case?


Sorry it’s a little late on the review. Spent this morning testing then out... Design - Life 2’s are a slightly more tighter fit and ear pads are slightly smaller but this results in better passive noise cancellation ANC - Very hard to tell the difference between the two. Maybe the Life 2’s won because of the better ear pads. Also other could hear the music I was playing on the Taotrinics when they couldn’t on the Life 2’s. Sound quality - This is where the Life 2’s stood out. Sound was much better than the taotronics. When ANC was turn on the Taotronics sounded quite tinny. Result... I’ve just sent the Taotronics back and I’m keeping the Life 2s. Also while testing I showed a family member and they bought the Life 2’s straight away.


How do they compare mate?

VAVA Bluetooth Headphones (MOOV 28) + free MOOV 26 - £17.99 (Prime) £22.48 (Non Prime) @ Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
I've been looking for some bluetooth headphones for running, these were recommended by someone (I think here on HotUKDeals), they were also mentioned in some top 10 lists as best b… Read more

Would've been a good buy, shame I missed it :( Welcome to HUKD :)


Good deal but promotion for Moov 26 seems to be finished.


Can't seem to get the promotion... Keep up the good work though!


Didn't need them but what the hell, Cheers OP :)


Have some heat! Only 5 left in stock of the Moov 26's when I just bought mine.

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