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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One) £11.95 @ The game collection
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Found this at £11.95 I think this a good price for the GOTY version.

Exactly my point, whether you buy it digital or physical, as long the server containing the game download and patches is still available both versions will still work. If the game and patches (as well as any online connectivity) are ever removed both versions will be lost. So buying physical media surely won’t help with preservation any more than digital. You may have some of the game on the disc, but it’s not the same game as the one that has been patched/fixed, that version would be gone. So other than trading or collecting is there any benefit to physical over digital media?


Not sure if patches are treated the same as in-store purchases. I believe the patches would have to remain available. It's not like the game is no longr playable, just no longer available for purchase.


Good man! I am like you and like the physical collection. Also, the digital prices stay high far longer than the physical. Can get games cheap online long before MS store reduces the same title.


If anyone is interested going for the UK digital version of this, at the moment you can buy from Eneba for £7.82 here: or as mentioned wait for the UK digital sales to happen and see if this gets added on there also. Usually its bought for much cheaper by going the foreign xbox live versions like from Argentina and others...


If it is removed totally from the store in 10-20 years or more and you do an install from disc, i wonder what condition a lot of games would be in, especially games that have a day one patch. I totally understand preservation from the pre-internet patch days (PS1/PS2/Sega Saturn etc), but surely any disc version now relies on the copy on Sony/Microsoft servers. Surely the digital versions of Forza (if owned) will work for exactly the same time as the physical disc version.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key £2.11 @ Best Deals via Eneba
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Price includes all fees. UK version

Same just tried TunnelBear and didn’t work and tried Hola VPN and worked straight away Thanks


I happened to redeem 2 codes yesterday no problem (surfshark)


Just managed to redeem 3 codes using Hola VPN, TunnelBear did not want to work for whatever reason (confused)


I've got cyberpunk on stadia... Still supposed to be the best version currently available. Shame that the witcher update might be delayed. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, given the current prices for the game.


Uh oh, have Microsoft finally fixed this loophole, and we can no longer buy stuff from other regions?! (shock)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY [Xbox One / Series X|S - Argentina via VPN] - £2.56 with code @ Eneba / MagicCodes
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Cheapest I have seen the game go . Use code AKS or HOTUKDEALS and pay using PayPal. A VPN is required, the Tunnel Bear extension in Google Chrome may be used for free. … Read more

Come on want sub £2 getting closer


It appears that MagicCodes have sold out however you can still purchase the game for the exact same price when you buy from Zero Zero. Just finished watching the witcher on Netflix so I can't wait to play this. I hope it runs nicly on the xbox one x.


I have the base/standard game for Xbox one but not really played it much…..will the standard edition be eligible for the next-gen updates or do you need this edition?


The DLC expansions are both fantastic



The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition [Xbox 360 / One / Series X|S] £2.23 - No VPN Required @ Xbox Store Hungary
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Priced based on currency conversion as of 24/08/21. Next best price based on digital purchase via UK Xbox Store. Much like the Revolut trick of old when using the Argentina and T… Read more

This is absurdly good


Pricing is so weird on this! Most of the time £25 with the occasional discount to £3.74!


My favorite of the 3, decent price.


Unreal, literally looked at this yesterday and toyed with the £25, glad I didn't bite!


Agreed.Still looks great even now.

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Xbox Gamescom 2021 Sale / Deals with Gold: The Witcher 3 GOTY £6.99 Mega Drive Classics £7.49 Ghostbusters £7.49 Tomb Raider DE £2.36 + More
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I know. That was my point. It’s REDUCED to £50.99 “on sale” apparently NB As pointed out by another, it’s the gold edition which doesn’t justify the price somewhat


I got that for £20 for PS5. You might be paying abut too much there.


More than enough to keep you entertained though.


I played train tracks when it was on gamepass. Started playing it just to get the 1000g following Maka's guide but ended up getting quite into it. Fun little sandbox game.


It’s available via the web so it’s fine

[Steam] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (PC) - £6.99 / Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - £4.99 @ Steam Store
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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year edition brings together the base game and all the additional content released to date. … Read more

Gone up £35


It's the same price on GOG, in case you'd prefer a DRM-free version.


I'll buy it when it's 1p


Takes about 50 hours to beat the main story. Would take you a year if you managed to get in an hour a week. And for the Witcher, you don't need mods. Vanilla game is already great


I played 30 mins of Skyrim before going mad with high res texture mods, etc, haven’t been back to it XD Never tried the Witcher games either but feel they would suffer the same fate. Between kids and other responsibilities I don’t have time to invest in long RPGs sadly