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WWE Mayhem figures £5.50 (old Hasbro style) Sainsbury's York
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
WWE figures, current superstars remade in the late 80s/early 90s Hasbro style reduced to £5.50. The shelf was well-stocked with all of the Mayhem series (Ambrose, AJ Styles, Goldbe… Read more
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I mind buying the original WWF figures for my ex's little brothers back in the 90's.Both of them fighting over who got LOD


My local Smyths also has a few at £3 if you want more of a saving. But they've had them for ages so stock is getting thin now. I was told Saisbury's had them, but never seen any in my two locals (I check every time). I'm a BIG, BIG collector of original Hasbro. Still got all my figures from my youth, and have added a few more in an attempt to complete my collection. Still need a few. Got them all on display. But prices are through the roof. These new Mattel Retros are decent. But it is a damn shame they are making so many new guys. They should make more older guys from the golden era of hasbro or at least the Attitude era (the last decent era of wrestling - everything post that is junk). Series 2 was excellent with a good selection of Attiude era guys. There is also a Hasbro style ring out now too (which I have a spare of if anyone wants it), but it hasn't got a genuine UK release. Neither have the latest wave of Retro figures - all the UK shops seemingly dropping them. But yeah, thanks for posting OP. Any other HotUKdeals HasBROS out there?


And £6 in the entertainer if no one has a sainsburys by them had Goldberg and mankind

WWE 2K18 CENA (NUFF) COLLECTOR'S EDITION PS4 / Xbox ONE and 2K17 Each £39.99 @ GAME
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
The WWE 2K18 Cena (Nuff) Edition includes: - Exclusive Mattel John Cena “Cena (Nuff)” Action Figure - Limited Edition Fanatics Commemorative Plaque Featuring a Piece of the… Read more
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Gone down to £34.99 PS4 still out of stock though


Do you have one on PlayStation 4?


Ordered and 17 just for the Collective items already have both games but good price can’t believe it ain’t sold out already hot


If anybody managed to pick 1 up I’ll buy it off u


PS4 now out of stock was supposed to order one but forgot ffs ;(

Free Pro Wrestling for NHS Staff!! Featuring WWE NXT UK Superstars!
LocalLocalFound 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Dragon Pro Wrestling: Breakout FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY CELEBRATING 70 YEARS OF THE NHS With hardworking staff, giving up precious family time for our National Health Service. Dragon… Read more
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I was joking kid


Neither the admin staff nor the family members are saving lives! Teachers? Well my partner is a teacher and has to put up with regular attacks. Crowd control! I once asked a relative who was a teacher in an inner city comp what he taught. His reply? Little barst****!


They all play a part in saving lives. Should I get it as a teacher? No, and I wouldn't expect it, our NHS deserve any bonuses they can get with the rubbish wages and terrible working conditions.


Secretarial staff? Family members?


NHS workers save lives and those professions don't?

WWE shop big discounts on Enzo Amore merchandise - t-shirts from £3.21 (+£8.45 P&P)
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
These shirts originally went for over £20. Big Cass is massively discounted too!

You win comment of the day! How you doin'


Bada-bing, bada-boom, cheapest shirts in the room! How yo doing???


Think that’s due to them being on the USA site. The euroshop only charges £4.25 (which is ridiculous as well)


Surprised they are selling them off and not just burning them


One or two downvotes, whadda we have here? Cuppa haters...?

WWE 2K18 £9.99 / WWE 2K18 Digital Deluxe Edition £15.24 (PC) @ Steam
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
I just felt this might be a good price if you wanted to try the game. Apparently it is supporting 60 FPS now. As I looked it is still £19.99 for the normal edition from CDKeys and … Read more

This game is riddled with bugs when it comes to online. Been getting them all since 2k15 for PC and they keep disappointing us. No dedicated servers, no lobbies and a very clunky online system that doesn't even match me with anyone, month into this game coming out. Good deal if you want to play the game. There is also no proper story mode.

WWE ooshies 75p instore @ Tesco (Liverpool)
LocalLocalFound 21st JunFound 21st Jun
WWE blind bag ooshies now reduced to 75p tesco park road Liverpool
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seen these in the Leigh store to

XCOM 2 (Xbox One) £7.99 /​Warhammer: End Times (Xbox One)​ £3.99 / WWE 2K17 (Xbox One) £3.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (Xbox One) £9.99 XCOM 2 (Xbox One) £7.99 Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One) £8.99 Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (Xbox One) £3.99 Co… Read more

Or free on PSN plus if you've got PS4


Just seems like you are going out of your way to slag off a game that has been universally appreciated by those who have played it.


It's to try balance out the sheer number of people who for whatever reason think its one of the best games ever made. It's ok but would rate is as one of the poorest fps/movies I've ever played. It's laughably bad.


You seem to slag off wolfenstein everytime a deal is posted. Personal gripe?


That comment is enough to put me off this playing game, Thanks

WWE Euro Shop FLASH SALE on Clearance a+ 40% off + 20% off again!!  From £1.60 + p&p!
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
UPDATED: Amazing deal on genuine WWE euro shop CLEARANCE merchandise. You pay the Clearance price, then take 40% off then an ADDITIONAL 20% off (shown in basket) for today only! T-… Read more
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Got mine in today. Very happy with the quality and fit. Just need to see how they wash.


Promotion has now finished.


Well my T-Shirts came today, they are fantastic with an excellent print. You can tell they use good quality t-T-shirts! The sizes were absolutely perfect too!


How do u get the 20% off on sale items? Is there a code to use?


Yeah it disappeared from my basket as I was about to checkout. Just wondered if anyone got lucky.

WWE Wrestlemania 34 / 2018 HD download £9.99 at itunes
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
(Sorry i cant get link to work, just search WWE in the itunes app, its classed as a film for some strange reason) £9.99 for the latest Wrestlemania featuring Ronda Rousey, its £22… Read more
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Ow...not the ribs


Just giving people another option mate. Try to stay chilled like this deal OK.


bit of both.


Yes thats exactly what i did buddy, he made a point of renting over buying so i made an example. Do you have a problem with that or have you just come here to take the mick out of wrestling?


Comparing a car with a glorified pantomime :/

WWE Royal Rumble 1997 Vintage T-Shirt Black - £5 @ Asda
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Reduced from £10 and available in all sizes from S to XXXL. Nice looking t-shirt celebrating the three time Royal Rumble winners inaugural victory. "And that's the bottom line, '… Read more
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I'm assuming you're referring to WCW, and not to the Puerto Rican World Wrestling Council i.e. WWC? Sorry, couldn't resist!


Yeah and probably Saves WWE (WWF at time) if I remember WCW* was on fire(highfive)


Austin 3:16. The promo that sold 10 million t shirts.


Heat because those were the days! (highfive) (strong)

WWE AJ Styles t-shirt £3.50 plus 50% off selected apparel WWE Euroshop (+£4.25 P&P)
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
WWE Euroshop have 50% off selected apparel including AJ Styles t-shirt which was already discounted to £7 and with 50% makes it £3.50 a shirt. Offer ends Jun 2 07:59am
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Bought styles shirt and rollins


I don't believe so, unless it's a special type as these are nothing like the FotL I have owned


The 50% off offer has expired, and appears to be replaced with a £9 offer.


That is nice but it's coming up at £9 for me


If you smellllllllllelelelelellllllll what AJ is cooking

WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch (USED) - £12.89 / (NEW) - £14.39 @ Music Magpie
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Seems the cheapest so far for this, I know it’s not great but it’s getting cheap enough to take a risk on! Preowned or new? £12.89 preowned or £1.50 more for a new copy .... Take… Read more
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Fifa is pretty good too.


Not necessarily tho, Nba2k18 on switch is a really great game


Agreed with all the comments above. Have this on the PS4 and purchased a few months ago on the switch. The game is so broken its actually faulty! Never have I seen a game very unfinished. 2k have seriously messed up and they need to redeem themselves next year. Firstly bring out a completed game (fully working) and secondly as an apology, to give at least the season pass, all DLC to previous owners of this rubbish for free. Even at 5 pounds this isn't worth it. Unplayable and it will just wind you up! Whilst I am moaning, the PS4 version looks terrible and 2k need to be punished. Bring back THQ or a company that can give us a next generation wrestling game with playabilty from no mercy or smackdown shut your mouth. Only positive is the roster. Which yearly needs to be improved on.


I'm a massive fan of these games but this is unplayable, DO NOT BUY THE SWITCH VERSION


I play this game and have waited for the updates but i can honestly say it's garbage!! it runs at 15fps most times. They did a big 4gb patch a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it has got WORST. They noticeably dropped the resolution of the graphics on the game to make it perform better and it does run a tiny bit quicker and I must admit the load times are a slightly faster BUT the frame rate is STILL appalling, even a no stipulation 1v1 match is <15 FPS and slooow, Royal Rumble or Tag Team... no chance! So now after the update it's even WORST graphics and the poor performance remains! The whole Nintendo switch team at 2k needs SACKING! It's day light robbery, everyone who paid for this game should be refunded. AVOID! Not even worth a fiver honestly.

​Secret of Mana (PS4)​ £11.99 / Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £14.99 / WWE 2K18 (Xbox One) £14.99 / ​Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One)​ £8.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Secret of Mana (PS4) £11.99 A Way Out (Xbox One) £19.99 WWE 2K18 (Xbox One) £14.99 Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £14.99 Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One) £8.99 St… Read more

First, videogames are NOT art. Not even the best examples. I'm a gamer, I'd recommend numerous games, but none of which fall under the heading 'art'. Second, TLG will be remembered more fondly than both Ico and Colossus, mark my words.


Video games are art. The Last Guardian is worth a play, it does a few things differently and has a mature pace, but it definitely isn't a great game, at least not at the level of the previous two Ueda games, both of which have had several games taking inspiration from. I don't see many games taking inspiration from The Last Guardian nor many people remembering much of it in a few years time. It's legacy will always be the game that we preferred waiting for than actually playing.


Missing The Last Guardian for anybody who (naively perhaps) cites videogames as art would be making a big, big mistake.


Great deal still, heat


They can't both be 'better', but yes, play both. Last Guardian can be missed, although that one cut scene, dayyyyum

WWE 2K18 PS4 - £13.94 @ Music Magpie (plus possible £2.50 TCB cashback)
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
WWE 2K18 PS4 New £13.94, plus TCB - (£2.50 off £5 purchase) hotukdeals.com/deals/250-cashback-on-purchases-of-5-or-greater-tcb-2944769

I don’t have the game anymore only have a WWE 2k18 PS4 deluxe content pack


What platform ?


Back in stock for £12.79


I received your inbox and tried to respond to it but it won't let me respond


out of stock

WWE Network FREE for 2 months
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Click on the link (wwenetwork.com/austin) and enjoy 2 months WWE Network free courtesy of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ohhhhh Hellllll Yeahhhhhh New susbcribers only

Brilliant thank you just signed up and cancelled straight away.2 months should be enough time to watch all the wrestlemania's.


Looks like they should get a room.


Cool I thought that was the case but didn't want to take the chance, thanks




You'll find out when you subscribe to the WWE Network :D

WWE 2k16 used only £5.39 at music magpie
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
https://store.musicmagpie.co.uk/category/?keyword=Ps4 wwe They have 17 too but I read that this was the best version, maybe I was given bad advice!! Gets the best metacritic, I'm… Read more
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Sounds like people are voting because they think it's an older game not realising this is the better version


I liked the stone cold story mode from this one and was disappointed there was nothing like it in 2k17 and then 2k18 has no good reviews that when it hit it's usual 20.00 pre Christmas I gave it a miss.


The reviews I've seen on the 18 seem to say it's missing features and the frame rate drops when too many people are on screen


Better than 17. Heard nothing good about the most recent one


Cold votes.. people not into this game ?

WWE 2K18 PS4 pre-owned £13.35 @ MusicMagpie
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Discount applies auto at checkout. Hurry before stock runs out.
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Nah, all about HERE COMES THE PAIN.


basically 2k17 but better graphics.


wish they'd remake smackdown 2 (ps1) prefer the arcade style


Paywalls aside, it's one of the strongest rosters in the game's history. But yes, the virtual currency you receive after each match is laughable. I estimate it would take about five years to unlock everything


They advertise a 100+ wrestler roster, but at least half are locked out and need a ridiculous amount of grinding to earn coins to unlock. It's a fine enough game, but it's such shady practice from 2K to put the main selling point of the game behind a paywall and make the free method of unlocking them incredibly tedious and time consuming.

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