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Official Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset for £91.58 delivered (UK Mainland) from Amazon Spain
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th JulShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Amazon Spain are currently selling the Xbox Wireless Headset for 99.17 Euros (99.99 on product page but 99.17 when added to basket). It's not currently in stock but it can still b… Read more

We have the Xbox behind the tv, right near the edge, but still behind and the connectivity can be unreliable sometimes.


Really nice headset for the price and connectivity is rock solid… just be aware that they are a bit tight on the head. I ended up switching back to my 9x’s for this reason.


Yep, that's why I posted this deal as the headset is not really available in the UK. Plus, with the code, I'm only paying £80 delivered but for some reason, the mods removed the code from my post.


Paid £89.99 via game recently - ooo in most places


It is

8TB Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox External Hard Drive, £119.99 at Amazon
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Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Good price for this 8TB drive. Specification Brand: SEAGATE Model: Gaming Hard Drive for Xbox - 8 TB, White MPN: 2HMAP1-570 Wired connections: USB 3.0 x 2 Device compatibility: … Read more

Unlike the WD external range which don't seem to like non-WD drives being installed this unit allowed me to install an old 3tb WD drive from a MyBookLive without a problem. Allowed me to reuse the case after extracting the 8tb drive. The 8tb Seagate drive is now in my NAS (not the fastest drive but fine for my use case as a network backup of a couple of laptops and occasional Plex)


I use this with OpenWRT and it works great as a network drive. Responds to the sleep command (hdparm, although hd-idle is an option if needed) correctly, and it even sees the USB hub fine, although I've not actually tested mounting a drive using them.


Now £166.66. Blame CHIA !!


That's a loaded question. How many files does teh game have, and what sizes are they? Some games have thousands of small files. Where are you copying the game from, and what interface does that have? Are you using any encryption?


Yes, bought mine in April, knocked it over and it's dead :-(

Steelseries Arctis 9X Wireless Headset for Xbox One/Series X - £88.17 Used (Very Good) @ Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
30% off at checkout. Considered by many to be one of the best Xbox Wireless-supporting headsets on the market right now, also sporting Bluetooth connection. As of posting there ar… Read more

Not sure why this is expired, still going on ends tomorrow by the looks of it. Still fiddling with the sound a bit, see if i can get a bit more out of them, but was super comfortable. Took the same time as a controller to connect to the xbox, all of 5s. and off we go. No hassle of any wires, was really nice. The sound at the moment is fine though. But nothing special. Mic feels like its not gonna be that good though, turned it on and u get the feedback but what i could hear of it wasnt great. But for £90 and what little options we have this isnt bad Complete opposite of my Orbit S which was a bit more, but only works via 3.5mm, audio quality then gets cut in half but is still probably a bit better then this, and only has a 10hr battery and so is a pain to charge up too. Shame that Audeze stuff the Penrose X software and stuff and they wont really ever go on sale below £250 otherwise they are all the great things about 9X with the great Audeze sound quality. Eh, like getting a non-OLED monitor for your xbox, where u can get 1440p 120 but not with HDMI 2.1 so missing 120hz VRR and the ones that do are £700+ aka OLED prices... its a pain in the ass. and you just gotta compromise or go big. At the same time no idea why people are paying double for brand new for the 7X, not sure thats worth it. gaming headsets are a con, need to get them on a proper sale like the warehouse thing...


Who is even speaking to any of us man


who even is speaking to you


The question should be, who cares


Who asked

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Gaming Headset £84.99 delivered using code @ Currys
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Back in stock after quite some time and still will £5 off using code GAMINGFND3 Immerse yourself in the game Hear your games the way they were meant to be heard with the Microsof… Read more

Damn oos


Just got dolby atmos for £3 bought it via Eneba (Argentina), and then redeemed via my laptops windows store so no need for VPN.


I don’t have any problems, I’m actually considering a 2nd pair as I swap between XBox and PC. I use these for party chat on both XBox and PC. When I don’t need party chat I use a set of AKG 712 Pro’s and a DAC on the pc.


I don't have any issues. Using them right now on xbox


Mine's decent, not quite as good as the hype and feels a tad cheap but still happy with it :D

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Xbox Wireless Headset £88.27 (Uk Mainland) via Amazon EU on Amazon
388° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Due into stock for delivery July 8th I was looking for one for my son and most places seem to be out of stock. Not much of a saving against RRP of £89.99 but good if you want one… Read more

Great headphones, had them for about three months!


It's an alright headset for the price. Can connect to a phone + xbox at the same time The sound quality isn't as great as let's say the Astro A50's, but it's good for the price


I've had this headset for 3 months and very impressed. Luckily I've had no issues with Party Chat with mine. People having no problems hearing me at all. The sound quality and charge time is great too.


Would get this in a heartbeat if only switching from Xbox to pc were easy and straightforward, and not a pain in the behind


No points but only paid £78.50 for £100 MS credit which left me £10 of credit after buying them direct from MS. Didn't want to pay £90 for them so i didn't :D Had to bide my time and keep checking the product page in the house and in work on my phone. But my patience paid off (y)

Xbox Series S Console + Extra Controller in Pulse Red or Carbon Black £277.49 + £4.99 delivery @ GAME
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Next best price based on same bundles available via amazon @ £294.99 Link to Bundle with Carbon Black Controller… Read more

512gb isnt that bad and considering the price of the console and the bang for buck you are currently getting with it. In a years time the cost of the expandable memory will come down as everything does. I’m sure there will be other ones other than just the 1tb as well. I suspect you will be able to purchase 256gb, 512gb, 1tb and 2tb expansion cards. It would me mad for Microsoft not to offer these. I would also guess a 1tb version of the console will be hitting the shelves in the future for the current 512gb price as build costs come down. You can pickup a Hardly uses Series S on eBay for £180 now as well. So if you go that route., the the S is seriously good value despite the current high price for expandable memory.


Just a heads up.. the SS can definitely play games off any compatible external drive. I have a 2tb Seagate one I used on my old One X and it works exactly as it did on the One X - you need to install X/S enhanced games to the console otherwise it will just install the standard version to the external drive. I still want the Series X eventually.. but for now my Series S will do as I hunt for a PS5


The previous reply is a myth. I've got the Series S and I use the consoles storage itself for the few games I play regularly that are optimised for it.. but I have a 2tb external drive filled with games and I can play them off said hard drive without transferring them to the console. So long as the external drive has USB 3.0 or above it will allow you to play games off it. Eg there are two versions of FIFA 21.. the S/X version is on my console and the standard version is on my hard drive purely so I can still play my son online - hope this helps.


Might be worth pointing out that this isn't the full story. Backwards Compatible games such as Xbox, X360 and XOne can be played from a regular ext. hdd but as you rightly said, games designed for Series S/X need to be directly installed on the expansion card or internal SSD. My theory as to why it's so expensive is that it conforms to the Xbox's Velocity Architecture in that the card is capable of reaching the same speeds as the internal NVMe drive - which would explain why regular ext. hdd play is removed. You're paying for the speeds and proprietary connector as opposed to regular price and it's the same in the PC world - you pay more to get a faster card. Hopefully we'll see some aftermarket expansion cards.


Yeah, that changes the outlook for me if I’m honest. It’s just his age and having the X that’s all