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Having the latest gaming console means nothing without the right controllers to get the most out of it, and the Xbox One is no exception. Adding extra controllers can make multiplayer gaming a reality, provide an insurance policy in the event of a main controller breaking and add a personal touch with custom skins. Finding the right Xbox One controller is easy at HotUKDeals, where discounts from the UK’s leading electronic retailers are posted every day. Read more

its back to €49 + €7 shipping. There's a cheaper listing, but its a used item


I think those online banks do those fee free accounts, like Starling or Monzo.... i think... don't quote me




Free from bank's usual transaction fee for converting € to £. Usually better conversion rate as well. Certainly better than Amazon's.


fee free card? What's that all about?


Just got one of these for a spare. Plugged 2 different headsets into it & you can barely hear anything! Both headsets are fine on an official controller. Anyone else had this issue?


thanks I just got the green one needed a new one since the last one I had for my PC was over 6 years ago =)


Hah! Strong glue or resin...good plan. I'm sure Argos would replace it no quibble if that didn't go well.


I've heard Gorilla Glue is quite strong Would definitely be a fixed cable then


Yeah, that is good to know. I am basing my experience on a Sony V1 DS4 controller that I've been using wired to my PC but has totally weakened the micro usb on the controller over a year or so. Any cable I try now just falls out. I guess it's possible that Sony used softer metal on the socket which makes it prone to issues as not many would tend to use them wired I guess. I'll give this a go as the price is so good. Cheers! (y)


I find it kind of weird that people are complaining about the wire. It's clearly marketed as a tournament style controller and the wire reduces input lag. It's not a big difference but it can be noticeable in some games. I'd be more annoyed if it was wireless.


heat i was looking for this argos didnt have any stock


I have personally noticed a slight advantage when plugged in vs Bluetooth on imput lag. 10ms is noticeable, and there's a definite advantage for FPS games. Nothing major, and not enough for me to justify using a wired controller. My experience of this was on PS4, so I'm not sure that this still applies to this particular controller. I've always used the standard the X1 and S controllers on the X1


It has been noticed on some games Input lag is better on BT. To be real honest would you really notice a difference in 10ms?


I'm with you on this one mate. It would be like going back to the 1990’s with a wired controller for me. I know wired is better for input lag, but still.


Yeah I have to admit for one of the best controller deals around it got pretty low heat - I think most people saw the Crackdown 3 part and didnt bother looking at it lol


Cheers op, went for it and got the 32 from cex, very happy. Deserved more heat I think


I think the sport controller is the only one with the rubberised grips. I'm really tempted by this, having just converted 15,000 ms points into a £15 credit, and having £10 from December rewards expiring soon.. I loved the first AND second games so I suspect I'll be all over this too.


Great fun game don’t believe the haters


Same here, it is flawed majorly and isn't much of an offering but it was still very fun to play.


Not for me, thanks. Ruined my day one edition pad when the battery melted while plugged in. Just thankful it was on a glass tv unit and not the carpet. Be warned. You get what you pay for.(skeptical)


I've had a few sets of these from Argos good battery life but the charging port gets ruined with constant charging. Worth the money though


Can't argue with £7. Paid a tenner ages ago and still decent.


Venom Packs Are Fantastic!


I ended up shoving blue tack over the light haha! Now I don’t even use them. If you plan on playing with your headset in these things last about 2 hours. Without headset ur looking at about 5 hours. Both are crap times if gaming is your passion. I have changed to Duracell rechargeables get about 10 hours with headset in. Cost a tenna for 4 from Argos


Got the 2 pound game pass to try this. Really enjoyed the old crackdowns so this was exciting. Games still a real laugh, not very serious great to destroy things. Have been playing co op with my pal and it's the first enjoyable game I've played. Has gotten me away from ESo which in my opinion is the only game worth playing at the moment. I must include that frequent crashes dampen the experience, also the game can't seem to handle lag when climbing some of the huge radio towers, it's a shame because the puzzle like jumps and challenges are truly a real laugh. 8/10 would recommend, can't wait to go play today!


"Apparently" suggests you havent even played it so maybe you should play it first before commenting


Urh no. It has nothing to do with being an xbox owner or anything. I'm quite sure that most sane people want it to well if it was any good. Apparently it is not very good, so hoping it will do well then equals to hoping for more crap. You need to understand that in business the seller wants to get as high a price for as little effort as possible, so if people buy it - crap they shall have.


It’s not bad start for me. Graphics on this and the new call of duty had me checking my settings as they are pretty much like Xbox 360 graphics online. You don’t realise how good fortnights graphics are and the smoothness compared to these games online.


Its crap, really crap, graphics are appalling in this day and age, suprised Microsoft even released it, unistalled after 2 games :(

Xbox one controller 3.5mm £39.99 @ Argos
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan

It's definitely the version with Bluetooth and is identical to my existing Xbox One S controller apart from the colour. The description even states that it has Bluetooth technology!!!


Just going by the image he posted, image shows a glossy section at the top of the controller with the X which doesn't have Bluetooth. The one that does (at least for the black version) is matte black.


I bought one with cable it was the Bluetooth one


Just FYI that looks like the older version with no Bluetooth.


Thanks OP! I decided to go for the Xbox One Controller and cable for the same price! Xbox One Controller with Cable


Think these were around £31 on ebay shopto a few weeks ago?


well yeah that guys comment was a terrible example given that deal is no more. Still get cold though as the white controller for example is still under £40 from a few places such as shopto and Thegamecollection websites currently. There's also the point like OP you can get most controllers mentioned at same prices elsewhere such as black and white colours have been £44.99 for a while now at smyths toys. Only a deal if you can take advantage of Microsoft credit (y)


Hot, is £50 in Argos currently


There was a better deal via Gamvio but it's expired now... The current lowest price on there has less than 2000 feedback but if you were to take the punt, it'd work out at £37.63 (using the code "allkeyshop3"), leaving you £5 credit left over.


Cold was £30 in Argos recently

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Xbox One controller Minecraft Pig edition £41.99 Argos
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
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It's a hot deal now. Wtf


Thanks Mark, I'm glad my post was useful to someone despite the torrent of down votes and the negative comments.


Just brought one works well and looks cool and my daughter said there is a minecraft carrot in the battery compartment as well


I think the point is you saying it’s the cheapest you’ve seen it available.


Sadly my time machine lacks the 1.21 Gigawatts of power to operate the flux capacitor, allowing a passage through time and back to Tesco.

Xbox One Controller - Army Green - £52.97 @ Ebuyer
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan

Heat, for laughing it off! If only certain other posters had the same attitude.


Yep realized my mistake about VAT as soon I posted but I cant remove it - still keep the negs coming its good for a laugh! :D Might even be a record for ice?!?!?


Camouflage design controllers are a bad idea. I bought one last year, used it once, put it down and haven't seen it since.


Good first post.....NOT


Oh yeah your right (y)

Xbox One Controller - Special Edition Armed Forces II + Gears of War 4 £33.68 @ Amazon France
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Xbox One Controller - Special Edition Armed Forces II + Gears of War 4 £33.68 @ Amazon France
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Yeah likewise. Not too bothered though as i mainly bought it for the controller which was still a good price. But a bit of a shame.


My Controller came today but, doesnt seem to be a code for GOW4 inside :(


back up to full price just when I was thinking of buying one! even says "3 in stock"! and apparently "seller does not ship to uk"


Superb deal, voted HOT & purchased!


Merci, mon ami

Xbox One Wireless  Controller £29.99 at Argos instore (Wrexham)
LocalLocalFound 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Xbox One Wireless Controller £29.99 at Argos instore (Wrexham)
£29.99£36.8519%Argos Deals

I have tried 2 different stores and they both did not work at the tills


Hence why it's expired


Didn't work in Wakefield


no mate i did go to collect and not working anymore


Have one reserved since yesterday about 5 miles from me.. Is it worth driving there or too late :/

Xbox One Controller Crete White OR Black - £36.85 delivered @ Shopto
Refreshed 10th JanRefreshed 10th Jan
Xbox One Controller Crete White OR Black - £36.85 delivered @ Shopto
£36.85£39.998%ShopTo Deals
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Will these Bluetooth to an Amazon fire stick?


Ebay currys have them at the same price


The new gen pads are night and day! So much smoother to use. Same as the PS4 (y)


Deep 8) lol (burnnnn)


I'll just go get my time machine

Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One/PC - Black/White + 2 Year Guarantee - £16.99 @ Argos
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One/PC - Black/White + 2 Year Guarantee - £16.99 @ Argos
£16.99£24.9932%Argos Deals

Mine works great. No issues


yep playing windows 10 games with it.


not bothered about online , i dont have enough time to get any good at online shooters, just single player games 1 or 2 nights a week is enough for me.


Got black one today, it buzzes quite a bit in chat, my friends can hear it and so can I. Taking it back tomrw.


Would this work with Steam?

Official wireless xbox one controller in white, black or phantom black £39.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Official wireless xbox one controller in white, black or phantom black £39.95 @ The Game Collection
£39.95£49.9920%The Game Collection Deals

For rent boy


Prove it


So you're saying I'm wrong and you have no evidence? You're doing a good job of trolling - I have no idea what you're going on about


Go buy it and work it out yourself


Post a picture of your Xbox One S controller with bundled lead box. I'm genuinely curious now. (I'm assuming you have one based on your comment)

Forza Horizon 4 + Xbox One Controller for £64 @ Shopto
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Forza Horizon 4 + Xbox One Controller for £64 @ Shopto
£64£7818%ShopTo Deals
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Am I missing something? Forza available for around £25 making the controller £40. Doesn't seem great?

£10 off an XBOX one controller V2 or £35 Off £350 spend on consoles / games in Tesco (instore & online)
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
£10 off an XBOX one controller V2 or £35 Off £350 spend on consoles / games in Tesco (instore & online)
4MYGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
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Nice find




Christmas magazine so it spanned november and december Pretty much , was hoping it would go down to 35 but cant see it budging before the 24th :/


£40? Cheaper at Shopto


What mag is this in ?

Xbox One Wireless Controller and Cable for Windows £39.99 @ Argos Plus Free Fortnite Magazine With Purchase
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Xbox One Wireless Controller and Cable for Windows £39.99 @ Argos Plus Free Fortnite Magazine With Purchase
£39.99£49.9920%Argos Deals

Thankyou for your help :):)


All xbox official controllers are wireless. Note you can get some wired third party ones. The wire in this scenario is for using it with windows 10 for gaming on pc. You dont need to get an official one for this, its a standard usb a to micro usb connection, i have about 5 cables that do the same thing. If you just want the controller for a xbox the cable isnt needed at all.


This may be a stupid question but is this a wireless controller? What’s the wire for? Got to buy a wireless Xbox one controller for a Xmas present don’t want to get the wrong one haha 🙈


You live on here don't you (lol) (lol)


No problem, you sound like you needed it.

Playseat Evolution - Black (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC DVD) £249 @ Amazon
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Playseat Evolution - Black (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC DVD) £249 @ Amazon
£249£39938%Amazon Deals
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Kid is a troll. Don’t feed it.


Oh I think I would. The TX is a superior wheel.


You wouldn’t understand (lol)


please explain.


Lol u don’t even understand (lol) (lol)

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