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Xiaomi MI 9T Pro 64GB , Snapdragon 855, FHD AMOLED, Full screen display £375.87 Delivered @ Amazon Spain
Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd Aug
Similar deal as that amazon germany (that was 128gb) that has now expired but now at amazon spain. Goes on sale August 26th 399 euro for the 64gb Qualcomm snapdragon 855 7 n… Read more

The state that the current ROMs are in now I'd have to agree. The only ROM I'd consider flashing on my mi9t is the xiaom.eu one but for now I'm actually quite happy with the stock Global ROM (especially as the notifications disappearing issue is not on his phone)


I'd generally go with either eglobal, gearbest or Toby if it were me.


Hi Mrswitch, I have the Mi mix 3 and love it. Any recommendations of who to buy the mi 9t from in China . I want to buy for my wife who is using an LG G6. Thanks Pajoe


I'm with you on this. Now that storage is so cheap it probably costs more to have two production runs and different packaging and so on than just putting a decent amount on board. It's nice not having to worry about decent WiFi, or 4G to fall back on all the time.


You will never have the same camera functionality unless someone can port the camera and won't happen anytime soon and the rom will be discontinued very soon as people move to Q. I fail to see the point of removing a fully functional rom and installing a half baked one offering less speed and battery life.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6GB/128GB Dual Sim (Redmi K20 Pro ) 2 Colours £356.24 @ Eglobal With Code
Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd AugShipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
No warranty Feature - Snapdragon 855 - 6GB, 128GB - 6.39 inches Super AMOLED, 2340 x 1080 - Rear Camera: 48 MP + 8 MP + 13 MP - Front Camera: 20 MP - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac … Read more

The notification issue on my mi 9se drives me crazy. Do I change handset or wait another 6 months and see if the software gets fixed?


https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/#/product/31226 use the same code for 5% off = £379


Where was this from please ? Thank you


Bought the 8/256gb for £374 with the code. Less than £20 more for double the storage worth it for me. Load up my phone with lots of videos on holiday


Mix 4 will be October time at a guess, they come out around then every year

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, 8gb/256gb - £399 @ eGlobalcentral
Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
The Giant killing MI 9T Pro and finally stock of the 8gb/256gb is available and well priced too. Usual recommendation when ordering from a Chinastore, use Credit card if possible … Read more

Yeah. The 7 would be a world of difference, but you are stuck if you can't get along with the fos, though you'll probably get your money back on ebay


Ah, ok. Thanks. I did hear a lot of complaints about the 6T FPS which stopped me from buying even when it was such a low price a couple weeks back on prime week. Tempted with that OP7 deal you posted, especially now it's even cheaper. Feel like I'm tempting fate with these new FPS though as this works flawlessly all the time. The only issue I have with this phone is it's a bit slow now and the battery is poor.


Just slow and unreliable, only two I've used are the 6t, and the Samsung A70, both slow and unreliable


Out of curiosity why do you hate all in screen FPS? I'm still using a Oneplus 2 so always intrigued to know about potential pitfalls of new 'features'


Oneplus does seem like a better device bar the headphone jack. Also stereo speakers on the op7. Price would need to drop a bit for me to go for this.

Xiaomi Mi 9T 4G Smartphone 64GB Global Version - Black £223.70 @ Gearbest
57° Expired
Posted 21st AugPosted 21st AugShipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
Zero warranty, but the cheapest this phone has ever been, next best was £228 a few weeks ago, I may finally bit on this bad boy. Description: Xiaomi Mi 9T as a phablet features… Read more

I've had mine a few days now. Upgraded from a Redmi Note 5 Pro, doesn't feel a huge upgrade if I'm honest, but its nice none the less. My only criticism is that the in screen fingerprint reader is very hit and miss, at least for me. I much prefer a rear mounted one that is infinitely more responsive.


Life's tough sometimes, so many phones to choose from.


No mate, still contemplating.


Same here, no need of larger capacity handsets


Yeah, $265.99

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Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Smartphone 128GB 6GB - £387 or £367 using fee free card @ Amazon.de
320° Expired
Posted 20th AugPosted 20th AugShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Special pre-order price for the new Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro from Amazon.de for 399 euros. Use a feeless card such as Starling or Monzo to ensure the best price

MrSwitch: No mate, just commenting on colour I would choose. Agree on boring phone colours, designs, fancy that crazy jazzy note 10+


No mate, just commenting on colour I would choose.


So this over the mate 20 X? Feeling like a switch up?


Wow, yeah I doubt you'll be disappointed for the price! :)


This or the refurb mate 20 pro?

Global version Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 64GB 6GB  - £318.30 - Mi Global Store @ AliExpress
250° Expired
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
If you are happy with the 64Gb version this is now even cheaper..Under £320 for the Mi 9T Pro! Black, Red or Blue...Crazy Crazy price.

There has never been an Xiaomi phone that has successfully had extra bands unlocked, whether it's by messing with the Qualcomm QCN tools or flashing roms, the hardware is different, not going to happen, occasionally people claim it has but proof never materialises. Band 20 is used by all networks afaik (except a few MVNO's) and most use it for VoLTE which can make a huge difference to your coverage, I'd personally never get a phone/network without it again.


I'd actually already removed the comment about my work as on reflection Its not relevant. Many people on here know I've worked for (and still do) some of the worlds largest computer corp's supporting large enterprise IT......but to be honest working in IT has little relevance to Mobile hardware... You are quite right about NFC, my previous reply was badly worded regarding NFC. The NFC chip is part of the SD855 SoC so it's quite likely it can be enabled yes, I wouldn't expect even teamwin recovery is needed, you can probably just download a Dev rom direct from Xiaomi and flash it and it will enable the NFC chip as I believe the India market version of the K20 Pro does have NFC enabled Flash away all you want though but a K20 Pro will never have Band20 though..... I hope that your K20 Pro gives you the 4G coverage you want, and it turns out to be a great handset for you.... on some networks lack of Band20 is not much of an issue but please don't tell people that the K20 Pro and Mi 9T Pro are the same....they aren't. Many people need Band20 and I'd hate people to buy a phone from a Chinashop, find it doesn't do what they need and not be able to return it. Think about it, if they were the same it would be a whole lot cheaper to just release the K20 Pro globally......I don't claim to know why Xiaomi do this, why they can't release a single handset for all markets...but they aren't the only ones who do this.... I can only speculate that perhaps it's something to do with licensing from Qualcomm, really not sure but intrigued to know why if anyone does know.


1998 i properly started becoming an IT Technician, I'm 46, but got into computers when i was at school aged 11,so let's not get into a boasting discussion thanks! Getting back to the point, how do you know this exactly? Nobody has even got their hands on the Mi 9T rom yet to try to see whether it works on the K20 pro, so that's put that theory to bed, until they release it, someone has the chance to install it and find out first. The NFC, as i said on one of my MANY replies, you have to read the reviews on that seller's page, because i read at least one person who was outside of Asia that said it was working after they installed a rom for it, I've now found the thread, on the xda forums, and one poster said that they used TWRP to install the xiaomi.eu rom and it fixed it, here I thought that you have 25 years of experience, no? Did you forget how to use a browser search? :/ What have you been doing for 25 years then?


Nope....someone's told you a porky.... Xiaomi Asia market models never have Band 20, they always later release a Global version with Band 20 ...not a Global Rom, a Global version....(A Global Rom is just a multi-language version of the software for the same asian market handset... It can't be added via a Rom, Same for NFC, in China NFC is rarely used so the handsets don't have it, they add it to some Global versions but not all. it's not missing hardware, but the config of the SoC and modem's baseband is likely in an encrypted partition that cannot be updated via a simple Rom update. The phone you have bought has no Band 20. This is the very reason people have been waiting for the Global version , the Mi 9T Pro. All of the networks use Band20, but they all use other bands as well, You will find that with no Band 20 on some networks you will not have 4G in many locations (Especially on Three network). The phone will also have very little resale value.... We are all capable of searching AE.com and finding cheap K20's but the reason they rarely get posted here is that people want B20 (800Mhz) so please stop spreading mis-information. Personally If you can still cancel your order I'd do so and order a Mi 9T Pro instead.....you can by these from AE.com as well for just a few ££'s more...Amazon Spain even now have the Mi 9T Pro for around £370


And no, band 20 is not used by all networks at all, I'll say it again, so some research! I've read up on this for a LONG time, so i know all the ins and outs, I'm one of these guys who wouldn't throw my money around for no reason, I'm also a 20+ years of experienced IT Technician too, so it comes as second nature to not do that 😄

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6GB/128GB Dual Sim - Glacier Blue £367.99 @ Eglobal Central
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
The much anticipated Mi 9T Pro (Global version of Redmi K20 Pro) in the best colour and config Glacier Blue with 128Gb Storage. Cracking price from eGlobal As usual I'd advise pa… Read more

MrSwitch and and/or anyone else that can help... I'm looking to buy an LG G7 ThinQ but Korean Version... Sorry in advance for my ignorance but will it be o.k. to use it here in the U.K.? If I purchase it, will I need to do anything to it or just pop in the SIM and away I go? Any information is appreciated!


Brilliant price!! I had been waiting to see what would happen with the Dutch launch tomorrow, but now thinking it might be best to get this deal instead. Just to check ... Is it this one? https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/mobiles-and-tablets/mobile-phones/#/product/30981 The link button above goes to the eglobal home page and when I look at the description section of this one it says K20. Cheers


Yeah sorry didn't spot it was a K20


That won’t have Band 20. And would it have been opened for them to install the global rom?


This ebay seller is listing the 8/128 at £378 and the 8/256 at £441 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Global-Xiaomi-Redmi-K20-Pro-Mi9T-Pro-Snapdragon-855-Octa-Core-6-39-48MP-4000mAh/143294443008?hash=item215d03ae00:m:mUisqWh3GXpFxrpH7XwceGQ

Global Version Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro) 6GB RAM 64GB £398.61 Delivered @ HK Goldway/Aliexpress
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th AugShipping from ChinaShipping from China
No customs with HK Goldway, the price you see is the price you pay, not a bad start but, will be cheaper in the coming weeks from the likes of eglobal and gearbest etc. These are … Read more

The offer vanished for a while but it's back now just taken it up got my PAC code from EE so 200GB data instead of 15 GB and a £17 a month saving plus a £75 BT gift card too ...win win as @MrSwitch said no brainier :D :D


Yeah I have BT broadband plus probably the reason I got offered a good deal


Good deal. One thing worth pointing out is that BT Mobile has a two tier data speed system: if you've also got a BT Plus broadband contract you get higher speed. If you've just got a mobile contract, you get lower speed. It's the carrot they're using to get people to sign up for a bundle, but I don't think they've actually spelled out what the speeds are. I presume you've got this offer because you're already on a BB contract, in which case all is good :)


So happy we're finally getting the global version!! Definitely will be waiting on a price drop or two though! Pearl looks stunninggggggg. I'm hoping this will resolve a lot of the issues I have with current xiaomi's over heating since it has built in cooling. How do their phones even survive in India??


Excellent deal mate also BT are the leaders on internet broadband so may be king of mobile networks too ps I'm on unlimited 5g with voda for 26 a month

New 128GB Xiaomi Mi 9T 4G Smartphone 6.39 inch Global Version - Blue Only £246.21 W/Code @ Gearbest
615° Expired
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th AugShipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
64GB available using code ~GBMI9T500~ for £229.64 https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009686704073.html Please note that there may be stock issues, and up to a month's wait, … Read more

I paid an extra £7 for the guarantee delivery and it arrived within a week.


Same situation here.


There's definitely something gone wrong for you. :( That really sucks. I've literally received 2 since you ordered your first one! My first order was 23rd July, and I received it 5th of August. Neither of mine had accurate tracking, though. They just turned up randomly. The first one was left... under my doormat, and the second arrived today with a Royal Mail 48 hour sticker on it. Even when I track both of them now, there's actually no indication that they were even delivered. (:I


I'm still waiting on mine from when I ordered way back on the 18th of July. Tracking from Yodel still states that "your parcel will be with us shortly". I contacted Gearbest regarding the order and they effectively just said that it'll be with me soon and if it's not here in another few weeks to contact them again. It's especially frustrating as at the time the shipping said it would take 5-10 days, I knew I was moving house on the 11th of August and assumed that giving it an extra 2 week window afterwards would be fine. I'm now in my new place and as far as I can tell the phone still hasn't even been sent out for delivery to my old address. Plus I'm getting emails almost daily with new prices for the phone, if I had ordered one last week I'd have saved nearly £50 on what I initially spent.


Just received my second one, took exactly a week (ordered 7th August, arrived 10mins ago). (y)

UPDATED: Xiaomi Mi 9T Global version 64gb £231.15 / 128gb £247.01 free shipping AliExpress / Mi Global Store
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th AugShipping from ChinaShipping from China
UPDATE: Prices have dropped even further... just after mine has been shipped (embarrassed) 64gb (all colours) now £231.15 here: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cg7UoWHi 128g… Read more
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Yeah I think that's fairly normal for standard delivery on Aliexpress. The official Mi store on there has a similar time. I ordered the one from that link but I paid the extra ~£22 for DHL delivery - it's faster but also is guaranteed to avoid customs and taxes. Or so they say. Edit: See image. 2-4 working days to the UK apparently if you choose DHL


Thanks, but in my cart it's saying: Estimated Delivery Time:43-60 Days


This is the cheapest I've foudn for the Mi 9T 64GB on Ali, £222.45 currently: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33026068560.html For some reason, when you search on Ali for Mi 9T, this item from this particular store doesn't come up. But I can't see any cheaper on there.


Thanks. I think this has convinced me to focus on the mi 9t and not the pro version. Now to wait for a UK seller at a decent price.


Xiaomi MI 9T Dual-Sim (64GB £250) (6GB+128GB) Black, Unlocked B Condition £275/£280 @ Cex
-72° Expired
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Not bad actually, if you don't want to buy from the euro amazon's, or hk/China, £250 for the base 64gb, rising to £275 & £280 respectively for the 128gb. Advanced performan… Read more

(lol) (lol) (lol) (shock)


who the hell is selling a mi 9t 160


I recently bought a B grade phone from CEX (not this one, it was a Sony Xperia 1). Turns out I got lucky, the phone came in the original box with all the accessories in mint condition! CEX's grading scheme can kinda come down to a luck of the draw I guess...


stolen (ninja)


Different experiences from different people mate, I've never used BangGood personally thoigh, so I can't comment. That's good news about the letter, keep us updated

Xiaomi mi 9T (redmi k20) 64GB storage 6GB ram, Black £232.74, Blue is £234.46 delivered @ eGlobal Central
255° Expired
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
5% discount for a further 48 hours by the look of it. It's been slightly cheaper on gearbest but as I understand it there is a risk of customs with gearbest and eglobal avoid that … Read more

Is the MI 9T the same as K20 Pro. Can someone clarify. Or are these 2 different phones...


Thanks very much for the comparison. I'm not a big gamer anyway I'm always more interested in the performance of the OS & apps and from what you say it sounds excellent.


The 9T is very solid for how little it costs. Did a comparison between my brothers Mi 9 and my 9T. I cant really notice anything, both are as fluid as each other and in games I didn't notice any difference either (even the high end ones) The only downside is the lack of a front facing notification light which is a real bummer but hardly any newer phones have them nowadays. Samsung added a screen version to the hole punch alittle while after release that works way better than any third party one. I hope Xiaomi add one to MIUI eventually as-well. I wonder if they have a suggestions email or something....


Really tempted by the 128gb version of this. Reviews suggest that even with the SD730 is very smooth and responsive. The mi9 I ordered from Gearbest on 27/06 is still somewhere in transit around the world and if I don't get any tracking update by this week I may well contact PayPal to sort it and go for this instead.


Thanks. That's great. Appreciate your help.

Xiaomi Mi 9T 4G Phablet Global Version £228.48 Delivered using code @ Gearbest
234° Expired
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Great price for this feature packed phone. In order to get the price, be sure to use the code GBMI9T500 at checkout and remove shipping guarantee. As always, customs may be a facto… Read more

I don't have the phone to hand to show you but found this article to get rid of the adverts though How to remove ads from Xiaomi phones with MIUI


I also love the multitasking screen. It's a lot easier to navigate than other OS I've used. Android and iOS.


What is weird about that? Makes a lot more sense than the horizontal scrolling on OS's like Huawei's EMUI. I also have a Note 5, and don't see adverts.


Hi Neostar, I recived the phone after 21 days


Just a thought but did you buy other items like a case or screen protector? as judging by the speed I received my phone they must have stock piled certain items in a European warehouse, the thing is it's likely that other items like cases and screen protectors are stocked in China... so if you bought them together as 1 order then you might get a delay

Xiaomi MI 9T Brand New Sealed Factory Unlocked Original Global Version - £299 delivered @ eBay / mm-telecom-uk
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Seems like a decent price for the Xiaomi Mi 9T for quick delivery from the UK. Not too sure about warranty but seller has good feedback and offers 30-day returns. Black and blu… Read more
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Euro plug but the eBay seller also sends a UK adaptor.


i am not sure if it is UK plug or Euro plug?who can tell me ? (y)




I got this phone from this eBay seller and it's genuine Global Edition. Includes Play Store, ota updates, NFC and Band 20. Box was sealed.


been waiting a while for this at the right price from Amazon, now just going to go for this as really can't wait any longer (and wanted the red), but is this going to be the Chinese version an opened box with google play installed by the seller does anyone know thanks

128GB Xiaomi Mi 9T 4G Smartphone 6.39 inch Global Version -  £239.04 128GB Black @ Gearbest
248° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
In case anyone is still on the fence after the recent deal, this is cheaper still via an email offer using the link provided (no coupon but if you find one that works let me know) … Read more
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Ordered on the 20th and came on the 6th


Still waiting for mine.


Thanks for the info. I'll check them out :)


I'm rather new to the Android stuff, and I'd read horror stories about launchers eating memory and whatnot. At the minute the apps I don't use are on the furthest page lol. I might just wait for MIUI to bring the app drawer in an update.


Launcher isn't a permanent change. You can switch between MIUI and Nova and others very easily, there's no permanent change. It isn't jailbreaking/rooting/unlocking, it's just a skin that you can alter, but it's absolutely worth the change.

Mi 9t 64GB £285 | Moto G7 Play £99/£94 | Samsung M20 £157/£167 | Oppo Find X £561/£541 (Lower W/ Fee Free) Prime Exclusive @ Amazon Spain
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Follow the instructions in this thread to buy these phones. Thanks to @csqb hotukdeals.com/deals/huawei-p30-128-gb-61-inch-oled-display-smartphone-with-leica-triple-camera-6gb-… Read more

NOT compatible with Android Auto, so if you use it in your car, it might not be the best phone to go for, there might be a fix but who knows when.


I have numerous Qi speakers dotted around the house which I don't intend to make redundant and no I don't leave the phone on charge throughout the night.


Useful but more of a gimic, like it takes more than 0.1 seconds to plug in a reversible cable. Also with a 4000 mAh battery, good luck burning through it before you put it on charge for the night anyway.


....and then canceled as no wirlesss charging, which is a must i'm afraid.


MI 9T Still available for 20 July dispatch. Just ordered.

Reduced Xiaomi - £232 Mi 9t 64GB | £261 128GB | Mi A3 64GB £176 | Mix 2 £175 | Mi 9 128GB £334 Including Warranty @ Eglobal
153° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
5% off Sitewide, and the mi 9 at £334 seems the standout, as they are now offering local warranty, haven't looked at details yet, but sounds promising, no doubt the rest of the ite… Read more

Only minor headache is that Android Auto isn't working yet for some reason. Well documented around the internet, so I know it isn't just me :) Will use Car Play with work phone for now, but a little irksome in the meantime - just in case anyone wondered why it won't work for them!


So HK version, even better. Yeah, they offer 2 year "local" warranty on some items now, though what that entails I've no idea.


I know, right? I also received emails to say it had dispatched, that it was with the courier and also one from the courier advising of the 2 hour time slot it was being delivered. Sounds to me like eGlobal have upped their game. It has a UK plug as well, 18w as well - happy days.


Jeez, that's a good turnaround, Mr Ian B must have had a word :{


My 128GB 9T arrived today from eGlobal. Ordered 22nd July 4.30pm, arrived 10am this morning via Hermes. Who says you wait 12 days from eGlobal, eh?

128GB Xiaomi Mi 9T 4G Smartphone 6.39 inch Global Version - Blue £252.49 / 64GB £230 with code £245 128GB Black @ Gearbest
831° Expired
Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th Jul
Update 1
128GB dropped in price to £252.49 using same code!
64GB dropped to £230 using GBMI9T500
CODES: GBMI9T800 / MI9T128BLACK *Edit, the black is now only £245 using the code ~MI9T128BLACK~ https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009287604467.html Cheapest the 128GB has ev… Read more

Just saw this comment - ditto with mine. Most annoying thing is that a mate bought his on 23rd (while I sat smug thinking he was miles behind) and has now received his (took 8ish days)!


I ordered on the 11th, upodated until 18th with 'arrived at airport'. After about 2.5 weeks of this I contacted GB and they admitted that the order was lost by the carrier... Have reshipped one now with a different tracking code (starting MN) that appears to have not been scanned yet as gives 'package not found'. Lets hope that 2nd time round we can get a bloody phone out of this! If others have also had no update in several weeks perhaps it was a whole batch mislaid?


Really sorry to hear that, glad to hear they are sorting it out for you


Got this email/ticket from them yesterday - We are extremely sorry to inform you that the delivery has failed. The parcel was lost during transportation. Unfortunately, in cases like this the shipping company is responsible for the loss. As a gesture of good will we can offer 3 solutions to resolve the issue: 1) Resend your order out immediately 2)Refund your parcel in full to your wallet. The money will be in your Gearbest account with extra points within 1 business day. 3)Refund your parcel in full to your original payment account. Have asked for option 1 and they have responded saying they will ship it out. What a pain, hopefully will get it in the end though!!


I have a feeling this may have happened to some people. I also ordered screen protectors (tried them all none lay flush properly with the screen they bubble up around the edges) and a few cases. This came in a separate package much later and delivered although not stated on tracking.

Xiaomi Mi 9T 4G Phablet Global Version £247.07 Delivered using code @ Gearbest
243° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th JulShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Great price for this notchless wonder. As always customs may be a factor. You'll need to use the code GBMI9T500 at checkout and untick the shipping guarantee to get the advertis… Read more

Wireless charging ? ,My 12 year old lass wants to "inherit" my Mi Mix 3 for her birthday next month so have wireless chargers everywhere (Home , work, bedroom) so looking for a replacement that has wireless charging........


They have no stock, I think it said stock between 11th and 15th.


Great price, but I ordered one from Gearbest (£255) almost a week ago and it has not even been shipped yet (despite having asked twice for it to be dispatched more quickly). Don’t hold your breath


It gets to a point where you are waiting and waiting and you never get to enjoy new tech. Phones nowadays are powerful enough to do whatever you want. The 730 vs 855 is obviously no match when it comes to benchmark scores but when it comes to real world testing, the difference is so negligible in all areas, that it's irrelevant for the time being. Hoping for a deal on the 128GB at the weekend....fingers crossed!


They normally don't confirm things that far in advance. The Mi 9T EEC certification< was early April but it wasn't officially announced until the end of May and then it was launched a fortnight later.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Clear Case and Screen Protector - 99p @ eBay / ephone_hut
153° Expired
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
With the Mi 9T deals popping up, I thought I would post this. This item/price just popped up on ebay while I was looking for any Xiaomi deals . Clear case and protector for £0.99, … Read more

Cheers, expired. For the 15 of you who ordered (there was no buyers before I posted this here) enjoy (y)


1.99 now ;(


Black with mine too but I ordered the one here for 99p as I find the black a bit slippy. Hot


The case that came with mine is loads better than those clear bendy ones, the I got was black and rigid


The 9T doesn't, its a black clip on.

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