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Updated 1st Aug 2021Last updated 1st Aug 2021 by jo_bob
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a second hand mi band 4 to pair to Android device? I'm fairly sure the device has been factory reset already, it has the green pairing screen an…
Avatar jo_bob
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Updated 28th Dec 2020Last updated 28th Dec 2020 by sayitasitis
Xiamo Redmi (Note 8) sync to Mi Band 4 problem
Can anyone advise how to sync Mi Band 4 watch to the phone Redmi Note 8 , I had the earlier version Mi Band 2 and a Note 4 phone - so back to my new Note 8, although Mi Band 4 connects to my…
Avatar sayitasitis
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Updated 30th Aug 2020Last updated 30th Aug 2020 by eelvis
Mi Band 4 Strap
My Mi band 4 strap has snapped and looking for a replacement. Any recommendations for a UK supplier as I don't want to wait up to a month for a delivery from China. Or, if cheap enough, a n…
Avatar enceladus
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Updated 3rd Jun 2020Last updated 3rd Jun 2020 by Aquaslim
Best place to purchase the Xiaomi Mi Band 4?
Hi there! I’ve seen the cheapest place to purchase seems to be AliExpress, however what if the band is faulty etc? Would returns be too much of a hassle? Thanks!
Avatar Jallen16
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Updated 15th May 2020Last updated 15th May 2020 by alien_jiggy
Galaxy Fit vs Mi band 4 vs honor band 5???
Hi all, Hope someone can help! I'm looking for tracker with a Smartwatch function such as calendar view, decent notification layout specially whatsapp etc. I have Honor Band 5 & Galaxy F…
Avatar alien_jiggy
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Updated 9th Apr 2020Last updated 9th Apr 2020 by abigsmurf
Mi Band 4 Touch Screen after swimming
Hi Mi Band 4 Touch Screen after swimming is unresponsive. I tried unpairing and repairing any advice? thanks
Avatar DuffRulez