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Xiaomi Mi Box S: TV Box S for 29,90 @ Xiaomi UK
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Xiaomi Mi Box S: TV Box S for 29,90 @ Xiaomi UK£29.90 Free P&P FreeXiaomi UK Deals
Seems like a nice price. Sorry for short description and bad deal image, currently don't have too much time.

Retroarch :):)


What can a ps3 be used for aside the obvious ps3 games


was it really just a 30 Minute period


It doesn't


Does anyone know if this offer come up often?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G 128GB / 6GB + Mi Wireless Earphones 2 + Mi Smart Band 5 | Or with Mi Box S - £219 Delivered @ Xiaomi UK
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Posted 22nd Nov 2020Posted 22nd Nov 2020
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G 128GB / 6GB + Mi Wireless Earphones 2 + Mi Smart Band 5 | Or with Mi Box S - £219 Delivered @ Xiaomi UK£219£39945% off Free P&P FreeXiaomi UK Deals
Nice offer for the Mi 10 Lite 5G 128GB bundle which is now showing in stock via Xiaomi UK - includes a Mi Band 5 (worth £39.99) and Mi Wireless Earphones 2 (worth £39.99) . … Read more

I had provoems a while back just going from lg g5 to a new lg g5 using LG software! I now do it manually. Back up contacts to cloud and same with blocked numbers using an app for that. Redownload apps and many are linked to phone number so re reoigster fine but otherwise need to remember passwords so try and use Google password manager more now


EVen the Samsung Smart switch does not work. WOrks one way only, to receive files from any Android.. Sending from Samsung is restricted to Samsung only. Messy.


Help needed : Cant transfer all data via Cloneit app to the new Xiaomi Mi10 Lite 5g. Sender is a Samsung A30. keeps saying starting WLAN hotspot. and both keep searching each other ! What could I be missing? Any alternatives ? This is what I always dread when switching phones.


I got mine yesterday. Took about a week to get delivered. Overall I'm impressed with the phone. My old Honor 10 was getting a bit long in the tooth after 2.5 years of use. Seeing as this is half the price of my old honor phone, it's quicker, faster and the screen is better. My only gripe is it's probably a little too big for me and the camera is average. I've tried putting on the google camera software on it to see if it improves but I can't say I've noticed any difference. Can't really complain for a phone that costs 200 quid!



Xiaomi Mi 10 256GB Smartphone + Mi Box S Bundle - £359 @ Xiaomi UK
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Posted 16th Nov 2020Posted 16th Nov 2020
Xiaomi Mi 10 256GB Smartphone + Mi Box S Bundle - £359 @ Xiaomi UK£359 Free P&P FreeXiaomi UK Deals
Update 1
XiaomiUK (via live chat) have confirmed that codes can't be used against the Mi 10 in this deal
Can't let @merb0786 have all the fun, but credit to him. Use code codes 2020BF20 and 2020BF30 Some other deals going live at midnight on the 20th of November including the m… Read more

Well, two days of use. Absolutely fabulous phone. Over the moon with it.


still have some?


What screen on time are you getting ? Nothing will ever touch the p30 pro battery wise sadly


Anyone else underwhelmed by the battery? I've come from a 1yr old P30 Pro, running the same apps, but I don't see any improvement. (confused) Nothing obvious running or draining the battery, though this is a bit vague.


You tried within the garmin app? Go to settings in garmin connect, then notifications, then app notifications. Then you have to toggle each app on or off as loads are off by default.

Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K Ultra HD Android TV 9.0 HDR £36.11 Delivered using code @ AliExpress / Xiaomi MC Store
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Posted 11th Nov 2020Posted 11th Nov 2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K Ultra HD Android TV 9.0 HDR £36.11 Delivered using code @ AliExpress / Xiaomi MC Store£36.11£4520% offAliExpress Deals
Great price for this when you use the code SINGLEDAY7 at checkout. Reviews really good on this, and a capable little streaming box for the price. Coming from China so wait, and… Read more

Can you download on android TVs and watch later for Amazon prime and Netflix, like you can on the android apps on a phone?


I bought the stick recently so I could watch eurosport on a TV in my home office while working from home. Its slow, navigating the menus is painful at times because there is such a delay. For my limited use and the fact I don't have a shelf to mount a box on anyway, I can live with it. If it was my main media device in the living room room I'd definitely look at something else. Can't comment on this mi TV box but I know it's better specced. I think they share the same remote though, and I've found the remote to be good quality and easy to use. One thing about the stick is itv hub doesn't work for me, can't get iplayer or c4 and you can't cast live TV off the phone apps over chromecast (casting catch up is ok). Might be an issue if you don't have an aerial to your TV. Not sure if the box has the same issue as the stick. Final thing I have to say is that xiaomi are not some generic Chinese brand selling cheap knock offs. It seems a few people here don't realise that and I'd suggest they give xiaomi products a go before dismissing them so easily.


That's great but they're all in a different League. Xiaomi is a recognised brand. They even previously had a store in the UK. This box is also available from their UK site for £64.99 so this really is a deal.


Ahh the yearly TV box that I buy because everyone raves about it yet ends up being absolute trash... Think this year I'll give it a miss


All of your other boxes are knock-off, this is genuine android TV box from one of the largest companies in the world. I'll admit nvidia shield TV is best overall I have the 2015 model and still super device.. however at much higher cost, this one will get updates maybe not to nvidia level but not many official boxes out there.

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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android TV 9 HDMI WIFI Quad Core 1080P HD 8GB - £27.99 Delivered @ MyMemory
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Posted 23rd Sep 2020Posted 23rd Sep 2020
Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android TV 9 HDMI WIFI Quad Core 1080P HD 8GB - £27.99 Delivered @ MyMemory£27.99£35.4021% off Free P&P FreeMyMemory Deals
The Xiaomi Mi Stick TV powered by Android 9.0 turns your old TV into a Smart TV and benefits from a sleek, minimalist and portable design. Compact Android TV Built-in Chromecast … Read more

I wonder how long it'll be till someone can do a comparison with yours and the new chromecast? Gutted they're coming out at £60 when they're only $50 in the states


Mine arrived today from My Memory and it’s not got a UK plug or adapter. All I got was the 2 pin power adapter and no way to power it with a 3 pin plug.


Connects via HDMI, I have only one port on my monitor for console lol I only need it to cast or mirror my phone. I'll wait till 30th. Im thinking of chrome cast at the moment.


Not for gaming 1GB RAM. Not for IPTV streaming crushing when loading 100,000 channels.


Yeah the android TV was redesigned specifically to be used in a TV. I should have said the reason for my comment was to alert people about the old android boxes being the mobile version of android and "should" run sky go, could be a cheaper option than having sky multi room, im sure my android box was only £30 about 5 years ago. Hopefully be able to pick them up these days for cheap.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android TV 9.0 Quad Core 1080P HD Dolby - £26.43 @ D-Phone Store / Aliexpress
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Posted 19th Aug 2020Posted 19th Aug 2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android TV 9.0 Quad Core 1080P HD Dolby - £26.43 @ D-Phone Store / Aliexpress£26.43AliExpress Deals
Choose AU adapter Portable & Simple • No cable, easy to take out,never miss an episode when you’re away from home. • 3 steps to set up and use Quick and Smart • Powered… Read more

I have an 256 GB SSD inside a USB3 enclosure connected to the Xiaomi Mi Box S. It works great


Anyone got delivery of their Mi TV stick yet? I got a notification from Royal Mail that mine had now left the Netherlands yesterday, and was on route to me. Mine seems to have been picked up by customs for duty so that's at least another £8 😔. Hopefully the declared value is accurate. Did request that the package was labelled as gift. Oh well can't win them all.


Tizen OS yeah? Yeah Samsung are one of the better companies for keeping their stuff up to date. If you have every app you want then what would you need this for? Most people will probably use it to sideload apps


Its a Samsung TV which has any app I ever need, I was surprised even Disney and some Asian streaming apps were there too.


If you have a TV like that I'm guessing an Android TV one or a Fire TV one..? then not really