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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB Black Smartphone, Unlocked B Condition £125 @ cex
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Posted 2nd Jan 2020Posted 2nd Jan 2020
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB Black Smartphone, Unlocked B Condition £125 @ cex£125CeX Deals
Not a bad price for this bit of kit, Snapdragon 835 at £125 ain't bad, grade B are generally hit & miss, there's an grade C there for £110 if you are feeling frisky ;) Grad… Read more

I know this is a bit off topic from the deal posted here but the classic ”i find that offensive" reaction doesn't mean that the comment is offensive. We laugh at different things. We're offended by different things. We like different foods, music, films etc. I've had a post deleted because someone found it offensive. Or at least said that they found it offensive. By that definition it's only acceptable to say something that is acceptable to everyone on the entire planet. The world is moving in a direction where people are fearful of what they say, just in case it might offend someone. It's not sustainable. There will be no stand up comedians soon. No comedy on the TV. It will go full circle I'm sure.


Any subject matter can be funny with a suitable context. I used to do stand-up comedy and occasionally gig with another comedian who had spina bifida. His entire routine was about his disability. It wasn't for the faint hearted! My material was also harsh and he loved it because of that. One thing he told me was that disabled people hate it when able bodied people act like they need to be protected. They don't. They're hard as nails. They have to be!


I'm confirming that our ability and tendency to laugh at ourselves and eachother is something we should hold onto. Most jokes are at the expense of someone. The inability to differentiate between cex and sex could indeed be quite funny under certain circumstances. A Cex shop and a Sex shop are both very different things. If that is something you find offensive then fine. You can exercise your right to report the comment and have it removed. Which I suspect you have done.


So you are confirming that sometimes you think jokes about disabilities are funny and advanced. Probably tells us all we need to know.


Yes they are sometimes. And if you're offended then that's your right. I don't need to repeat that part of the joke. It's written down. I haven't changed it. I haven't deleted it. So hopefully you won't waste any more time wondering about it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB Black, Unlocked B Condition Used Smartphone £155 @ CEX
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Posted 24th Sep 2019Posted 24th Sep 2019
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB Black, Unlocked B Condition Used Smartphone £155 @ CEX£155CeX Deals
Back in stock, excellent price if you get a good graded B from these guys, you csn always return. General Android OS 7.1 (Nougat) Dual SIM Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accele… Read more

Lol, well it did by me, so well done you


Description must be for another phone. The mi mix 2 doesn't have a headphone jack. Probably has miui installed too rather than stock android. Sorry MrSwitch...it almost went unnoticed :)


Can get a new mi mix2s for 180ish£. Pass on this


Don't blame you :)


Great phone. Was considering selling mine into cex when I seen this but at £89 i will give it a miss

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB Black, Unlocked A Grade Condition £160 @ CEX
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Posted 4th Sep 2019Posted 4th Sep 2019
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB Black, Unlocked A Grade Condition £160 @ CEX£160£19920% offCeX Deals
Ignore cex picture, the specs are correct d this is the mix 2. Thought this weren't a bad buy for £160, snappy 835 in this is still as good as the mid range beasts of late. Sidelo… Read more

I returned it to cex and I bought mi mix 2s from eglobalcentral.co.uk but it is processing for a week


You're welcome, let us know how your upgrade goes


Definitely, the camera just isn't very good whatever you do, nice phone though but if camera is important to you then unfortunately there's nothing to see here.


I didn't like this phone. I found the screen to be very dull, and the camera poor even with gcam. Now the 2s is a different kettle of fish and that's a great phone imo


So mi mix 2s is that very good? If so I will be looking for it on cex.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Dual SIM 64GB 6GB RAM Black Ceramic Smartphone £235.11 @ Amazon Italy
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Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Dual SIM 64GB 6GB RAM Black Ceramic Smartphone £235.11 @ Amazon Italy£235.11£27916% offAmazon Italy Deals
Excellent little price dispatched from and sold by amazon, using a starling card etc you can get this for £226. Description It was an opportunity for information technology… Read more

I do! (lol) 8) (pirate) (Pretty fruitcake too)


Yeah the reluctance of the Chinese to get in order about how they do things internationally and the exterior impact it has on other nations, only a matter of time before something gave way. It's harder to swallow as it's trump. How anyone can like the guy is beyond me...


Made a number of misdemeanours over the years and US govt/intel agencies said enough is enough. Same happened to ZTE, paid fine, back in shop shelves (lovely-looking Axon 10 pro)


I think this and their dominance in 5G is why the US is so determined to derail them with spy accusations. Google is reluctantly following suit. EMUI is decent but it can get better. Still I like their focus on performance.


Huawei-Honor been quicker hardware and design-wise, they'll be quicker on user experience too (if Google lets them :) )

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, 6Gb/64Gb, Black Global version - £179.99 @ eGlobalcentral
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Posted 11th May 2019Posted 11th May 2019
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, 6Gb/64Gb, Black Global version - £179.99 @ eGlobalcentral£179.99£187.994% offeGlobal Central Deals
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (no sadly it's not the S version) but for only £180, or maybe even £174 with email signup code Gorgeous phone with very nice spec for £180 -Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapd… Read more

Emailed eGlobal as mine still hasn't shipped, they replied and said it's not currently in stock, due in in 1-3 days. If not dispatched in 3 days I think I'll cancel.


As mentioned earlier I have had this phone for just over a year bought from eglobal for £245ish delivered in a week. I am not David Bailey nor am I some instagramer that needs selfies all the time. And I find the pictures it produces good for my needs and probably for any normal average users needs. The battery last a full day and plug it into a quick charge and you can get about 50% in 30mins. I came from oxygen os and novo lancher to mi ui. And ones you get use to it its fine. Obviously not as silcj a vanilla android but I have used worse. The only reason I might change is if the ruomor about the upcoming pocophone f2 are correct. As I would rather have full screen than a notch or stamp hole camera


Ordered this morning, no payment taken yet though which leads me to believe these aren't in stock. Any previous order I've done with eGlobal has taken payment instantly.


I don't find MIUI bad having moved from iOS. It's a touch laggy and I binned all the blkatwate. Updates are regular and Pie came out quickly for the Pocophone.


Each to their own I guess. I like MIUI, MIUI 10 is very good imo, far better than the junk interface Huawei and Samsung add .

Global Version Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 8GB 128GB Mobile Phones Snapdragon 835 Octa Core 5.99" 1080P Full Screen Display @ xiaomi mc store/aliexpres
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Posted 15th Jan 2019Posted 15th Jan 2019
Global Version Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 8GB 128GB Mobile Phones Snapdragon 835 Octa Core 5.99" 1080P Full Screen Display @ xiaomi mc store/aliexpres£213.05AliExpress Deals
Use the £4.72 off £156.46 select coupon under the add to cart button to bring price down to £231.14 also use seller coupon for further £2.36 off so £228.78. also use the $20 off $2… Read more

I just read that Poco is getting loads of new features in the area of video recording ... I believe it's already on Android 9.0. I'm not sure if the Mix 2 will ever get 9.0 or new features.


Xiaomi are very good with updates, i have a xiaomi redmi note 3 which is 3 year old now and it is still getting OTA updates the last one just before xmas update to miui 10 and the phone is still going strong,it is standby phone now as my main phone is the Mi 6 but i do still use the note 3 for streaming films and rugby to my TV


I would go with the Poco because I like to have uSD card & 3.5mm where as NFC is not so important. However having 128GB probably OK to go without uSD card. Also, the Poco is better future proofing with regards to software updates.


I'm undecided between this and the Pocophone 128GB, what are the pros and cons of each please. Thank you


Wish I'd have gone for it when it was £265 from Amazon.de