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Grade B Xiaomi Mi mix 2s Snapdragon 845, wireless charging, ceramic back, MIUI 12 £160 at CeX
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Posted 25th Oct 2020Posted 25th Oct 2020
Grade B Xiaomi Mi mix 2s Snapdragon 845, wireless charging, ceramic back, MIUI 12 £160 at CeX£160CeX Deals
£160 for this is crazy. I use mine regularly and it flies on miui 12. Beautiful design, one of the best LCD screens I have ever used and miui 12 runs so smoothly on it. Wireless ch… Read more
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Sold it CeX Got €162 for it B Grade


No, I get them on prescription. Are your jokes prescribed? (lol)


Do you steal them, then?


I have a mi mix 2s Going perfectly but I want to upgrade.... Where do I sell this phone??


Yeah, have tried. 169€ on the landing page but goes upto 269.99€ when you pick a top up. Pity, 169 is a fair price...

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (6GB+64GB) White, Unlocked B Used - Wireless Charging / Snapdragon 845 Smartphone - £145 Delivered @ CeX
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Posted 19th Sep 2020Posted 19th Sep 2020
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (6GB+64GB) White, Unlocked B Used - Wireless Charging / Snapdragon 845 Smartphone - £145 Delivered @ CeX£145CeX Deals
Cheapest wireless charging phonethere is, possibly? Also, snap 845, and just a gorgeous design <3 Tech Advisor Review From 2018: A gorgeous phablet with an 18:9 display, d… Read more

OK I'm returning mine for several reasons: 1) I didn't get an original charger, some ZTE thing - expected from CEX as they don't care what charger they give you. 2) I can't get over the selfi-camera being upside down! Flipping it around only works for the Xiaomi app, but not for anything else like WhatsApp! Really infuriating actually. 3) I'm pretty dubious now about the battery life...




OOS for delivery now mate


Yeah I saw sense and cancelled!


Control! :D We'll soon be in the worst recession in almost 100 years! A drawer full of nice phones are a bad investment.

Xiaomi mi mix 2s black version £170.21 ebuyer_uk_ltd eBay
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Posted 26th Feb 2020Posted 26th Feb 2020
Xiaomi mi mix 2s black version £170.21 ebuyer_uk_ltd eBay£170.21£212.7620% offeBay Deals
Posted yday by Switch, but this is the cheapest I've seen the black version. Used discount code PAID20

Thank you, I was kinda leaning towards the P20. Cheers Mate


Probably the huawei mate tbh.


Hi MrSwitch, ordered the mix 2s yesterday and received mine today. Still haven't opened it! As I also purchased a Grade A Huawei P20 from cheapest electrical and it is like new. Which one do you think is the better phone overall? Thanks in advance.


Splendid. Many thanks Kindest regards


Same width as note 5 and a little shorter.if that helps

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 5.99 6GB 64GB Dual Sim Smartphone - White £165.94 @ Ebuyer Ebay
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Posted 25th Feb 2020Posted 25th Feb 2020
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 5.99 6GB 64GB Dual Sim Smartphone - White £165.94 @ Ebuyer Ebay£165.94£19917% offeBay Deals
Another nice price with the code Qi standard wireless charging Mi MIX 2S supports wireless charging based on the Qi standard. We've also introduced the convenient Mi Wireless Char… Read more

Thanks for the comprehensive reply. Yes I have played around with settings. This morning things are back to working , so I don't know which combination did it but (y)


I've had issues with Xiaomis and notifications from 3rd party apps generally, could never get audible alerts to work with Textra which is my preferred SMS app. As far as notifications on the S3 I sent back a Mi 9t Pro because of that but had better luck with the Mi Note 10 which worked most of the time, though I also returned that as I found there was an annoying screen lag between touch input and action at times. You may have already tried this but there are a couple of settings on the Xiaomi you need to enable, one for app battery optimisation where you need to make sure battery is set to highest priority for all apps you want to receive notifications from (including the Gear app and Samsung plugin). There's also another 'Autostart' setting on the phone you should go into and make sure any apps from above listed there are granted autostart permission. Also something that threw me for ages was I found it's best on the gear app in the notifications setting to make sure 'show only while wearing' is disabled and 'show while using phone' is enabled. Good luck!


Having some issues with notifications. Was fine yesterday but today they are not coming through Also not pushing to galaxy S3 , but was working yesterday...


Bought thanks MrSwitch


Thanks, sounds promissing. I ordered one to replace my Oneplus 5T (which is a very similar spec) due to it's battery suddenly becoming a bit rubbish but would you believe it the battery has been absolutely fine today, it's almost like it knows it was on borrowed time! My 2S has arrived at work now so will pick it up tomorrow, I like a new gadget but gonna be dificult to justify keeping it if my OP phone has decided it loves me after all! Enjoy the phone, whatever way you look at it you can't argue about the price.

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Xiaomi mi mix 2s 6gb 64gb Black - £199.98 @ Ebuyer
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Posted 7th Feb 2020Posted 7th Feb 2020
Xiaomi mi mix 2s 6gb 64gb Black - £199.98 @ Ebuyer£199.98Ebuyer Deals
Not bad price for black.
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@MrSwitch could I get your thoughts please? Currently thinking about this, the Poco F1 (£180) and the Mi 8 (£214). All seem pretty close in every way, this looks like it has the best camera (although some sites say Mi 8), but also tempted by the Poco F1 for better battery (but think the mix would be fine), headphone jack and expandable memory (both nice but not deal breakers) and a bit cheaper. Can't really see any reason to pay the extra for the Mi 8 Camera is probably the most important, especially in low light, then battery life. Budget is around £200, can go over a bit and can also hold on a bit eg if the mix 2s is likely to drop in price, would consider other brands but the best deals seem to be Xiaomi. Currently have a Honor 9 lite, generally ok but a bit slow at times and camera is poor in low light. Cheers!


Of course, I had Mi Mix 2 before I bought mi 9 and the sensor could read my fingerprint instantly. We are talking fraction of a second - with screen optical sensor on mi 9 everything was taking much longer. Even small piece of dirt on the screen was rendering the whole recognition process unusable.


I got my mother a Xiaomi 9se the on screen fingerprint reader was not as quick or responsive as her older mi 4 with the finger reader on the back.


Can I ask, out of interest, what you don't like about the on-screen fingerprint reader?


Under 2 years old &gt; Released 2018, April

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S white 6gb/64gb SD845 NFC, wireless charging, ceramic body, £169.98 at Clove Technology
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Posted 30th Jan 2020Posted 30th Jan 2020
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S white 6gb/64gb SD845 NFC, wireless charging, ceramic body, £169.98 at Clove Technology£169.98£199.9715% offClove Technology Deals
Clearance! The lowest price ever seen, with 2 years UK Warranty, OTA upgradable to Android 10.

Make sure you are OK with the weight and front camera placement. I think that is the main thing that could catch people out. Otherwise, it is a very capable phone.


back in stock


Back in stock 8)


Anyone had ghost touch issue with this? I'm going to have to send mine back, it's going crazy atm. Wifes works fine :p


I used to have nexus phones, Mi a1, A2, etc. But they were all just phones i toy with, or backup phones instead of the daily driver, so I didn't realise how big the rear reader would trouble me. I then decided to move from IPhone to android again, then I realise how annoying it is needing to pick up the phone from the desk to unlock then put it down on the desk again to use. The last android phone I used as my main phone was Nokia 8, and before that, Lenovo P2, so I guess I completely overlooked how inconvenient rear fingerprinter reader was to me