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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 - £249.99 (£25 delivery) @ Xiaomi UK
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Made hot 7th JunMade hot 7th Jun
Please note, that it is currently against UK law to use a 'powered transporter' on pavements, roads and cycle lanes. For more information on this please click this Seems a good … Read more

Bloke in 1904... A poor analogy. HORSE N CARTS are of course an essential part of everyday life. CARS are just unnecessary and a HAZARD! Old bean...


A poor analogy. Cars are of course an essential part of everyday life. E_ Scooters are just unnecessary and a hazard


So they've killed hundreds of thousands fewer than cars, yet with cars we focus on those misusing vehicles rather than banning cars from the roads. It's a bit like wanting to ban people talking, as some spout ****.


Been riding an e scooter and an e-bike since 2004, back when they used NiMH batteries. To say I'm an early adopter would be an understatement. Respectfully, you should try one. The braking and handling may surprise you. While its unfortunate that the novelty continues to attract immature riders, the benefits of a compact, folding vehicle that weighs as little as 12 kg while propelling you to 25 mph for 20+ miles is disruptive. The ridiculously low number of scooter deaths should emphasize this. No excuses for foolish behaviour though.


I heard that Dominic Cummings mates own e-scooter rental companies! Conspiracy!

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Black (2021 Update) + 2 Free Items - £274.99 Delivered @ Scan
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Made hot 19th AprMade hot 19th Apr
Disclaimer Please note, that it is currently against UK law to use a 'powered transporter' on pavements, roads and cycle lanes. For more information on this please click this … Read more

Do you have more info on the electric S10 can't find much info on it, what do u mean about the tyre, any idea why or is it just quality thing.


you can always mod it, i have a 365 clone, once parts arrive it will have 500w rear 350w front, dual speed controllers and double batteries, one is plug and play replacable. massive range and speed improvement


If £5 is more important to you than the two freebies, then maplin have this scooter for £269 - i got one there for my father as easier for him to get to should he need to complain or return it at any point.


If you're happy to wait a bit you can get it from amazon Italy for around £240


I'm thinking I should have got the Pro too. Getting to the local shop is no problem, it's downhill and I'm not lugging anything. On the way back, it's the other way round, and the M365 needs more power to climb some of the hills or subway ramps.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential - £236.97 delivered at Amazon Italy
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Made hot 27th MarMade hot 27th Mar
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential - £236.97 delivered at Amazon Italy£235.97Amazon Italy Deals
Elegant and with a minimal design, portable and safe; clean and refined lines, main body in aerospace-type aluminum alloy, folds in just 3 seconds Mi Electric Scooter 1S is an int… Read more

Speed hack. Increases speed from 20 to 30kmh, but you then won't be able to use the Mi app, if you do, it will reset it to original software and take the speed back to 20kmh


They made a mistake, it £3.50 each week.... NHS nurse..



The import custom deposit is what you will pay in a worst case scenario . I purchased an item of amazon Japan and had to pay the same charge they refunded most of this charge after receiving the item. This is good transparent pricing no surprises.


It's gone up in price

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Electric Scooter £274.79 delivered at Amazon France
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Made hot 22nd Nov 2020Made hot 22nd Nov 2020
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Electric Scooter £274.79 delivered at Amazon France£274.79Amazon France Deals
Maximum speed: 20 km / h Weight: 12 kg. Easily foldable in 3 seconds Autonomy: up to 20km. Total capacity of 183Wh thanks to 40 lithium-ion cells 8.5 inch non-slip tires and sho… Read more

The Xiaomi proves to be a helpful aide in daily popping out to the shops, or for being able to be much less reliant on train or bus delays if you live in urbansville. But it is also a bit of a pain to live with. Some shop staff look at you with contempt if you dare wheel it over their premises' threshold, but you can't leave it outside because someone will knick it (yeah, you can lock the motor in the app, but it doesn't stop someone freewheeling it off site then resetting it to pair up with a different phone). Briefly lifting it over a single step can mean it bashes you in the calves, so you'll get a few scars, or, you stop, fold up the handlebars, watch out for oblivious people who might be staring at their phones. Very easily knocked over if reliant on the kickstand, most of the weight is low down, but all it takes is for someone to clip the handle bar slightly with their jacket and over she goes. They need to devise some sort of street-side lockable rack/cubby where you can place the scooter in, lock it up, go and do your business and return. There's always something snapping off. The metal used in the screws and bolts is shocking in some places. Rounded bolts or screw heads quickly become a thing if you're trying to adjust things to make sure everything is as it should be. Punctures are an ordeal you will have to become acclimatised with unless you get semi/solid wheels in which case the handling suffers and it also becomes much more nervous to ride. Very reliant on grip on two patches of rubber the size of half a post-it note per wheel. The slightest patch of damp or mud or leaves that have been breathed upon by the UK's lovely weather, means you can go sideways. Stopping on a dime, it don't do. You can tweak things, uprate the rear disk brake, but next thing you know, you've spent another £50 to £100 up-speccing it, in which case you'll start to resent it. One thing it does do, is that it teaches you to read the road/pavement. Riding it can be a bit stressful as you are on the hunt for possible blind spots, dropped kerbs that aren't flush, potholes, leaves, shards of glass. That's a lot to take in for a kid whose main focus is likely going to want to be - faster faster.


Lol... It is a Castle but only in name.. I understand your point but my point being I have to have faith in my son and faith in where we live, it's mostly families and retired people so the drivers rarely speed. And he and his buddies go faster on their bikes. Although I have to admit there is always a niggle if this is the right thing..


Ok, thanks for your input. I'm talking about other road users and how they react to scooters. Bikes and scooters are not the same thing. This thing doesn't have half the stability of a bike, grips poorly on its tiny wheels. But you want to get all uptight and overly proud of your parenting, go ahead. Careful you don't pull a sphincter muscle in your county estate castle.


Without knowing the circumstances of where I live.. speed ramp city and a very private country estate/ development not sure you have the knowledge to quantify the statement. But to answer the same thing that can go wrong with him playing football, Rugby, his driving lessons (with a driving instructor not me) or even crossing a road.. There's also the knowledge he has of cycling on his road bike at the weekends on the roads.. but don't let that get in your way of believing that everyone is an irresponsible parent with no regard for the child's safety....


A 12 year old, with a kid's approach to road awareness and the mis-understanding that adult road users won't act like idiots. What could possibly go wrong?

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Xiaomi Essential scooter @ DHgate for £193.39 (using code)
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Made hot 16th Nov 2020Made hot 16th Nov 2020
Xiaomi Essential scooter @ DHgate for £193.39 (using code)£193.39DHgate Deals
https://www.dhgate.com/product/xiaomi-mi-folding-electric-scooter-lite-20km/554384440.html cHEAPER Cheap price for a Xiaomi scooter. Ideal for a fairly short commute. Range of … Read more

The original code did work for me but I put off buying it. I then found another code that took it to £209 and it came today just before xmas. GF opened it early as we actually needed to use it and I said, here open your present. Absolutely amazing deal considering halfords are trying to sell this for £400. Seller is the real deal.


Maad, wish I knew about this sooner :/


Only one I can find brings it to £212.65 https://m.dhgate.com/product/xiaomi-mi-folding-electric-scooter-lite-20km/554384440.html?invitorid=A3YFn298 DHDEC4 - $24 Off


Anyone have a code thats still valid?


Yes, unbelievable but your deal came through, so thank you!!

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 - £338.10 delivered from EU @ DHgate / youpin_store
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Made hot 12th Nov 2020Made hot 12th Nov 2020Shipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 - £338.10 delivered from EU @ DHgate / youpin_store£338.10£377.2710% offDHgate Deals
Brilliant price for the pro 2 model, delivered from the EU, no VAT/customs and you can expect a faster delivery. Collect the store coupon and use the code at the checkout as 3rd pa… Read more

Have you managed to find a way to get free delivery yet? I’m in the same boat


Anyone know how to get free delivery? Also the price seems to have increased unless I’m wrong. Helps appreciated


Doesn’t like the word received lol


Thanks all recie * rec


thank you