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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB Black, Vodafone - Grade B £60 @ Cex
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Posted 4th Oct 2020Posted 4th Oct 2020
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB Black, Vodafone - Grade B £60 @ Cex£60CeX Deals
Can be unlocked for free if you leave a voda sim in for 30 days or probably for a few quid off the bay. 32 GB internal memory 2 GB RAM Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 Chipset Read more

140. It's new!


I still have a 3310, might need a whole new post to list them all if your interested in those too


Oh so you still have them that explains it all. (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) So you bought the same SD810 device, a large and compact (confused) . So which one is dead and when did it fry. (lol) (lol) (lol)


you really are a troll, i HAVE a z5 compact and i HAVE a z5, thats 2 in any language that i own not what ive googled, now where is your rock its missing you


I've experience 2 SD810's and you experienced one , that makes me an authority and you a dilluded single use owner. (nerd)

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Pink VODAFONE (Refurbished - Good) £79.99 @ Music Magpie
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Posted 24th Jul 2018Posted 24th Jul 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Pink VODAFONE (Refurbished - Good) £79.99 @ Music Magpie£79.99Music Magpie Deals
Cashback of around 6% to be had as well. If you have an aversion to pink phones, look away now, however skipping past the colour, this is undeniably a cracking price, for somethin… Read more

Only just purchased the Sony XZ1 compact, cracking little phone


Seconded - If only more phones could fit in a trouser pocket; max 4.7" screen, notification LED, decent battery life, microSD slot, 3.5mm jack and Android One. Sigh. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!


I wish more manufacturers made small screen phones!


Not Xiaomi


Both! ;)

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black Vodafone - Good £87.99 @ Music magpie
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Posted 26th Jun 2018Posted 26th Jun 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black Vodafone - Good £87.99 @ Music magpie£87.99£115.6924% offMusic Magpie Deals
Great price here. Refurbished - Good This product has moderate signs of wear and tear but has been fully tested and is in great working order. View our full 10 step test p… Read more

yeah, canny backup phone. Although, @Desi.Guy cex post is a tenner cheaper.


Toasty 810. Apart from that it’s a decent backup.


I'm looking for a budget phone like this for nights out, with nfc for payments, is this the best around this price? Any alternatives? Don't really want to spend more than £100

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB - Black - Vodafone - good £98.99 @ Music magpie / ebay
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Posted 26th Jun 2018Posted 26th Jun 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB - Black - Vodafone - good £98.99 @ Music magpie / ebay£98.99eBay Deals
Under £100 again. Spend those nectar points, and use the cashback websites 10% automatically applies at checkout Refurbished Good – This product will show moderate signs of wear… Read more

Yes, I've heard a lot of people talk about lag on Android. I've been using budget Sonys for years now and have never experienced any.


My wife has the z5 5.2 inch model in gold been the best phone she had, evan after 2 years it still performs as fast as it did from day one, sony take on android is clean and well optizmed, good price for the compact. I'm using the xz1 after 18 months with xz, xz1 is to fast compared to my mates s8 which tends to slow down

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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB Black, Vodafone Grade B - £82 @ CeX
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Posted 22nd Jun 2018Posted 22nd Jun 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB Black, Vodafone Grade B - £82 @ CeX£82CeX Deals
Make sure to add 5 pound more for unlocking code if you want to use it on others network. Its nice compact phone with decent power in it Specification 4.6" 16M-color 720 x 1… Read more

snapdragon 810 had issues with heating(thermal throttling ) especially when you were playing graphic intensive gaming or 4k recording but still heat was tolerable at least for me... rest top end snapdragon chip fixed it . It was this bad reputation of SD810 that many manufacture went for slower Snapdragon 808


I had x compact, bought instead of z5 because far fewer issues, z5 chipset just too hot and unreliable. On issue with x was Sony lost its way and gave mid range spec on compact phone like other manufactures previously


The people who buy the compacts of this world, are buying a compact because they want a compact phone, they aren't buying it, only for someone to turn around and say, "hey but you can get a much bigger phone for £8 more"


Thanks buddy


Actually the faster CPU (former flagship SD810) in the Z5 seems to be of more benefit all things equal but it doesn’t make a massive difference. When I got rid of my Z5c it was on 7.1.1 I think and it hadn’t slowed down, it was just the AR coating on the camera was a bit scuffed and camera was slower to use and focus than I would like. I had an XZ that I upgraded to Oreo which broke it - outrageous lag (2-3 seconds to open the keyboard) and the phone got blocked so I got rid. And now I have an XZ1 Compact that had Oreo preloaded - it’s super quick and lag-free but it does have 4GB RAM and an SD835 so it’s right at the top. Be ware of updating your phone if you don’t need to is all I’ll say and if you get it from CeX online and ever need to return it, do it in-store, they tend to take it back no fuss.

Sony Z5 Compact Unlocked , Various Colours, Grade B... Smartfonestore £119
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Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
Sony Z5 Compact Unlocked , Various Colours, Grade B... Smartfonestore £119£119Smartfonestore Deals
Very nice price, and Have been pleasantly surprised with Grade B's before from Smartfonestore. £5 Quidco too. I am very tempted to buy have had to return a Z5 Compact back to CEX … Read more

Just to add i have let mine update now, and there was a further update (.54 I think which is the latest update) and all has been good. Been a bargain, very happy with it, no issues.


The white one came today for the girlfriend, pretty much similarly set up to match mine but without the update to android 7.1.1. One thing I did notice was when a call took place on hers, the screen would go off which can make things tricky, it was like it was screen locked to off ... After a few tweaks to settings, couldn't work out what was causing it. Mine was fine but had been updated to 7.1.1. So in the end I just updated hers and it fixed it. Worth knowing anyway. Other than that, yeah screen gets warm but nothing else obviously bad at the moment


Link to the xda thread on.. 160 update... On last couple of pages seems to be that folk have a couple of cures if any issues (it seems fifty fifty whether people do or not) Disabling the movie creator app, and also doing a factory reset after the update seems to help if having issues. Anyhow, really liking this phone, very nice


Ah don't think i have time to get involved with all that sadly. For what it's worth I've found a fault, albeit very small. On a white background I can see one pixel a slightly different shade of white, it's fine with a dark background. Noticed it when running diagnostics... Not major and will see how it goes


Flylife probably will still be okay, and I think there is another update either coming soon or available now (.54). Anyhow, incase folk don't know, xda is a good resource for such info, and also for custom.roms, etc...