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Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Pink VODAFONE (Refurbished - Good) £79.99 @ Music Magpie
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Posted 24th Jul 2018Posted 24th Jul 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Pink VODAFONE (Refurbished - Good) £79.99 @ Music Magpie
Cashback of around 6% to be had as well. If you have an aversion to pink phones, look away now, however skipping past the colour, this is undeniably a cracking price, for somethin… Read more

Only just purchased the Sony XZ1 compact, cracking little phone


Seconded - If only more phones could fit in a trouser pocket; max 4.7" screen, notification LED, decent battery life, microSD slot, 3.5mm jack and Android One. Sigh. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!


I wish more manufacturers made small screen phones!


Not Xiaomi


Both! ;)

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black Vodafone - Good £87.99 @ Music magpie
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Posted 26th Jun 2018Posted 26th Jun 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black Vodafone - Good £87.99 @ Music magpie
£87.99£115.6924%Music Magpie Deals
Great price here. Refurbished - Good This product has moderate signs of wear and tear but has been fully tested and is in great working order. View our full 10 step test p… Read more

yeah, canny backup phone. Although, @Desi.Guy cex post is a tenner cheaper.


Toasty 810. Apart from that it’s a decent backup.


I'm looking for a budget phone like this for nights out, with nfc for payments, is this the best around this price? Any alternatives? Don't really want to spend more than £100

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB - Black - Vodafone - good £98.99 @ Music magpie / ebay
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Posted 26th Jun 2018Posted 26th Jun 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB - Black - Vodafone - good £98.99 @ Music magpie / ebay
£98.99eBay Deals
Under £100 again. Spend those nectar points, and use the cashback websites 10% automatically applies at checkout Refurbished Good – This product will show moderate signs of wear… Read more

Yes, I've heard a lot of people talk about lag on Android. I've been using budget Sonys for years now and have never experienced any.


My wife has the z5 5.2 inch model in gold been the best phone she had, evan after 2 years it still performs as fast as it did from day one, sony take on android is clean and well optizmed, good price for the compact. I'm using the xz1 after 18 months with xz, xz1 is to fast compared to my mates s8 which tends to slow down

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB Black, Vodafone Grade B - £82 @ CeX
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Posted 22nd Jun 2018Posted 22nd Jun 2018
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 32GB Black, Vodafone Grade B - £82 @ CeX
Make sure to add 5 pound more for unlocking code if you want to use it on others network. Its nice compact phone with decent power in it Specification 4.6" 16M-color 720 x 1… Read more

snapdragon 810 had issues with heating(thermal throttling ) especially when you were playing graphic intensive gaming or 4k recording but still heat was tolerable at least for me... rest top end snapdragon chip fixed it . It was this bad reputation of SD810 that many manufacture went for slower Snapdragon 808


I had x compact, bought instead of z5 because far fewer issues, z5 chipset just too hot and unreliable. On issue with x was Sony lost its way and gave mid range spec on compact phone like other manufactures previously


The people who buy the compacts of this world, are buying a compact because they want a compact phone, they aren't buying it, only for someone to turn around and say, "hey but you can get a much bigger phone for £8 more"


Thanks buddy


Actually the faster CPU (former flagship SD810) in the Z5 seems to be of more benefit all things equal but it doesn’t make a massive difference. When I got rid of my Z5c it was on 7.1.1 I think and it hadn’t slowed down, it was just the AR coating on the camera was a bit scuffed and camera was slower to use and focus than I would like. I had an XZ that I upgraded to Oreo which broke it - outrageous lag (2-3 seconds to open the keyboard) and the phone got blocked so I got rid. And now I have an XZ1 Compact that had Oreo preloaded - it’s super quick and lag-free but it does have 4GB RAM and an SD835 so it’s right at the top. Be ware of updating your phone if you don’t need to is all I’ll say and if you get it from CeX online and ever need to return it, do it in-store, they tend to take it back no fuss.

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Sony Z5 Compact Unlocked , Various Colours, Grade B... Smartfonestore £119
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Posted 14th Oct 2017Posted 14th Oct 2017
Sony Z5 Compact Unlocked , Various Colours, Grade B... Smartfonestore £119
Very nice price, and Have been pleasantly surprised with Grade B's before from Smartfonestore. £5 Quidco too. I am very tempted to buy have had to return a Z5 Compact back to CEX … Read more
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Just to add i have let mine update now, and there was a further update (.54 I think which is the latest update) and all has been good. Been a bargain, very happy with it, no issues.


The white one came today for the girlfriend, pretty much similarly set up to match mine but without the update to android 7.1.1. One thing I did notice was when a call took place on hers, the screen would go off which can make things tricky, it was like it was screen locked to off ... After a few tweaks to settings, couldn't work out what was causing it. Mine was fine but had been updated to 7.1.1. So in the end I just updated hers and it fixed it. Worth knowing anyway. Other than that, yeah screen gets warm but nothing else obviously bad at the moment


Link to the xda thread on.. 160 update... On last couple of pages seems to be that folk have a couple of cures if any issues (it seems fifty fifty whether people do or not) Disabling the movie creator app, and also doing a factory reset after the update seems to help if having issues. Anyhow, really liking this phone, very nice


Ah don't think i have time to get involved with all that sadly. For what it's worth I've found a fault, albeit very small. On a white background I can see one pixel a slightly different shade of white, it's fine with a dark background. Noticed it when running diagnostics... Not major and will see how it goes


Flylife probably will still be okay, and I think there is another update either coming soon or available now (.54). Anyhow, incase folk don't know, xda is a good resource for such info, and also for custom.roms, etc...

Sony Xperia Z5 E6683 Dual Sim 4G LTE SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £238.99 @ eglobal central UK
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Posted 7th Jul 2017Posted 7th Jul 2017
Sony Xperia Z5 E6683 Dual Sim 4G LTE SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £238.99 @ eglobal central UK
- Dual SIM - 5.2” FHD 1080p (1920x1080) Triluminos display - Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa Core processor - 3 GB RAM - 32 GB flash memory - 1/2.3'' 23 MP S0NY Exmor RS™ (4K vid… Read more

I'm still using mine. Very competent phone even today. Seems pricey as trade in deals are around £110ish


You can get an open box UK XZ or a grey import XZ dual for not much more than this so doesn't seem worth it.


I have this phone, I don't recommend. Less than 12 months old and needs charging x3 a day. Good camera tho


ridiculous this phone still costs so much still even if its the dual version and there is no UK Sony warranty with this people as its not a Uk version


Well i have heard the company is terrible so probably an insta-cold deal

Logitech z533 2.1 speakers £47.97 John Lewis
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Posted 22nd Nov 2016Posted 22nd Nov 2016
Logitech z533 2.1 speakers £47.97 John Lewis
Recently posted as a pc world deal but I was having problems finding stock and amazon can't deliver until the 29th December. A great price for a great speaker set and well worth … Read more

great speakers with powerful bass

z5 compact like new o2 refresh £168 also standard z5 for £232
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Posted 29th Sep 2016Posted 29th Sep 2016
z5 compact like new o2 refresh £168 also standard z5 for £232
O2 have the z5 compact for £168 on o2 refresh. Take out the £25 1gb tarriff, once received request unlock then pay off the £7 x 24 device plan and cancel the airtime. Or you can pu… Read more
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Nope. Just phone and USB cable and your O2 SIM


No boxes? :(


O2 customer service is total garbage. Got a Z5 back in 1st October and still having issues with refund. I've been charged twice at £18 for October and November so total £36, O2 chat initially said i'd receive full amount, but never did, so called via phone today (after failing with O2 chat again) and apparently i'll be receiving only £17.40 as i "used my phone" in October and was charged 60 pence. So £18 charge because of a 60p charge that i called another phone in order to activate the sim as instructed on this thread by others, did anyone else get charged for this? I did all of this within 10 days, so well within the 14 day cooling off period, so not sure how i got charged £18 or how i got charged 60p considering it was a call to my other phone which is a Three sim done so i could start the phone unlock process, and i would have thought it's from the O2 minutes allowance? Now have to wait another 10 days to maybe receive £17.40 when i should be getting £36. Pretty annoyed. Is there anyone else who called another phone to activate the O2 sim and initiate their unlock process been charged the £18 rental for that month?


I was a bit quick to throw things away, and ideally I'd like the box it came with now, does anyone have it still lying around? so I can package up and kinda gift to my bro who needs a phone for xmas? he wouldn't mind me just giving it to him straight up but it would nice if I wrapped it and everything :)


Anyone else had these issues? - Callers unable to hear you clearly (sound like you're far away) - When on speaker callers complain of echo - Camera lag is ridiculous (even on manual) - Data (same SIM on same network from before in Galaxy) cuts out in places it didn't before - Battery seems to deplete fast... (maybe just used to previous phone or maybe using it more than normal as it's new) I've now cancelled contract and am returning my Z5 Compact after thoroughly disappointing couple of days with it. Didn't meet my expectations. Back to the drawing board... Still can't fault the deal (bargain price) although I had a massive argument with the Retentions department after I'd paid off the phone (£168) because they insisted that the airtime agreement had to have 30days notice to be cancelled. I was under the impression I had 14days to cancel it but they told me if I did this I would have to return the phone too... Had to agree to pay for first months £18 airtime... very annoyed as I was abroad and didn't have access to the contract details - it's a moot point now as getting completely refunded as returning the phone but be careful with this.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Smartphone 32GB Gold, O2 A @ Cex - £307.50
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Posted 23rd Sep 2016Posted 23rd Sep 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Smartphone 32GB Gold, O2 A @ Cex - £307.50
£307.50CeX Deals
Specifications 5.5” 4K** Triluminos Display™ for mobile with auto upscaling 23 MP camera with Hybrid Autofocus (0.03 sec) Up to 2 days battery life**** Qualco… Read more
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How is that last years average phone?


This would be worth the price tag if the best feature which it was advertised as actually was active 4K screen!!!!!! No wonder Sony is doing so badly, think they have more money then sense.


Have a 6 Plus here on iOS 10. What bugs are you seeing? The only one I've noticed is that my downloaded iPlayer programmes won't carry on when I hit play (if I've locked the screen). Apart from that it seems to be working great!


to much money for last year's average phone.should be around the 200 mark second hand same as normal z5.the snapdragon is flawed.only the GPU give it credit and it's big for its screen size


​Very much so. Their no quibble returns policy is fantastic.

Sony Xperia Z5 compact £299 @ Giffgaff
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Posted 11th Sep 2016Posted 11th Sep 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 compact £299 @ Giffgaff
giffgaff are selling a new unlocked Z5 compact for £289, but you you must purchase a goodybag for the month, the cheapest being £10.
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Thanks, I just bought a used z3c for £100 in perfect condition in the end. Really nice phone


I dont know if it is a good price and not sure how the S5 compares, sorry. What i can say, is apart from the fingerprint sensor and fiddly charging flap...the Z3C was better than my current Z5C in my personal opinion. I personally would say that its worth the money. Its a cracking compact phone, waterproof, great camera, and what I like about them is that they support MHL, which means with the correct cable, which are a few £ on ebay, it allows you to connect your phone to the HDMI of a tv and view anything from the phone on big screen. I dont believe that many phones have this feature, which is certainly useful to me. On only having had the Z3C and Z5C, i would say it is still worth £200 if it cant be found any cheaper of course!


I really want to get a z3c, seems like the perfect phone for me but they are £200 new on ebay. Would you still recommend it at £200 now? I am trying to decide between the z3c and Galaxy s5.


Have faith if you have to send it to Sony, they will sort it under warranty, I had to send my z3 compact after 19 months, just suddenly switched of, they collected it from my house and replaced it with a new phone after 7 days. I can't fault the support or warranty, it didn't put me off Sony. sometimes things can wrong along as the support there you got nothing to lose. While my phone was in for repair I borrowed a Samsung s6, I hated using the s6, it's touch wiz overlay of Android was awful, battery would die halfway through the day, and it was slow, made me realise how good Sony phone were optimised.


I use the phone no different to how I used my Z3 compact. Sometimes, only with 2 mins of sunlight and no apps open and it misbehaves. The camera doesnt operate for long before overheating. And often it lags or crashes with just one app open. The problems have been present since the phone was brand new. I am aware that many many people are reporting these issues, while some, like your mates appear to be lucky. I am hoping when i get round to it, that the reset will cure it, or failing that, i will return it under warranty before selling it. What ever the problem is, the fault is with Sony and as much as I loved my Z3c, this model has put me off sony.

Sony Z5 Compact - £249 @ Heathrow Terminal 5 Dixons Travel
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Posted 6th Sep 2016Posted 6th Sep 2016LocalLocal
Sony Z5 Compact - £249 @ Heathrow Terminal 5 Dixons Travel
Saw this in transit on upper level of Heathrow Terminal 5 Dixons Travel
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289 at giffgaff + goodybag or 249 refurb


Up to 379 now :(


Or the fact that its a crap phone! I have had enough of mine, sony have really messed up with this model in my experience of it. The Z3c was great in comparison. That said, this is the lowest price ive ever seen for the piece of s#?t


Good deal, I think people voting cold because it's only available in duty free, very good price for one the best compact ever made


dont forget to add your taxi there, flights and holiday cost on top yeah

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact £240 - O2 refresh deal
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Posted 19th Aug 2016Posted 19th Aug 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact £240 - O2 refresh deal
O2 refresh deal I'm in the market for a new phone that will actually fit in my hand and I've been impressed with the stats of this phone and it's small size. There have only been … Read more

It's called the Z3 ;) It's getting updated all the time, so absolutely no sign of Sony moving away from their phones from where I'm standing and it's a great phone too... Samsung also make great phones so I don't see the issue using one? I bet your TV is Samsung and not Sony, because that's where Sony definitely fails and Samsung excels. :D


Must be the Z5c processor then snapdragon 810 I think, I wish Sony were not winding down but after looking at the X series appears to be a step back away from what makes Sony stand apart! I don't want to move to Samsung. Theres no alternative to the Z5c in terms of phone size to feature set, what else are people comparing this to?


Game in Grimsby have a z5c locked to ee for £200. Condition seemed good.


I've only used flagship phones for the past 10 years, and the best has been my Sony Z2, I'm into year 3 and I have never kept a phone past its 2nd year of contract.


I'm hoping they bring out a z7 compact and Sony if you listening here's my list of specs and il buy it ok.make screen 4.8 full HD.make battery 3000.improve stereo speakers so they bit louder sound better.give it latest snapdragon and 4gb ram only to future proof it for two years at least not that I think it's needed now.make it waterproof and shockproof and drop the Sony bloat make it so we can download it if needed.i don't mind it been thick but if possible keep the same rectangle size as z5 compact and il give you 400 quid.i totally believe Sony phones are underrated and it's a shame very few people buy them but least it keeps prices down while they last as Sony make no profit from mobiles so least they determined

Sony Z5 Compact from £279 PAYG Upgrade price (£299 sim free non upgrade price) Carphone Warehouse
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Posted 15th Jul 2016Posted 15th Jul 2016
Sony Z5 Compact from £279 PAYG Upgrade price (£299 sim free non upgrade price) Carphone Warehouse
I can't see the £279 'Payg upgrade price' on the site, but just saw it in Camden store. Not bad.
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can get a grade A as new z1 compact for 105 on smartfonestore in pink :D


​Cheapest new is £250 for z3 compact i can see. This in a extra £30 and probs worth it. Cant believe i missedbthe £150 vodafone z3 compact deal :(


The z3 compact is cheap now and is generally an awesome phone. Incredible battery life too, for a smartphone.


I have had the phone for over a week and with general use including constantly streaming from soundcloud, it only heats up a little bit. However when I am using chrome with lots ( 10-15) of tabs open it can get noticeably warm at the back. I think this could partially be down to chrome as I can stream films onto the phone and it will still not get as hot as when using chrome. Looking for a decent small device I still think this one of the best phones you can currently get


don't do it

Sony Xperia Z5 Black 24 month O2 contract £19/month £60 up front cost Total £516 @
-117° Expired
Posted 14th Jul 2016Posted 14th Jul 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Black 24 month O2 contract £19/month £60 up front cost Total £516 @
Although the data allowance is light, the contract allowances suit me. Seems a good deal for a new Z5 (not compact). At least the data is 4G, not 3G which Virgin offer :-/ 500mins … Read more

life mobile £4.95 500mb


Where would you a find a £5 tariff? Cheapest I've seen is giff gaff £7.50.


Make sure you set app updates to wifi only


​Airtime contract is worth £5 a month max (£120) plus the sim free price of the phone approx £380. So about right, and yes, ideal if you havnt got the upfront price avail.


Seems good to me, ok 500mb is small but I don't get near that and I am a heavy user, I just always look for wifi networks. People will probably comparing it to sim only price and saying its costly, but for those of us who cant fork out a large chunk of money this is a good deal if you ask me.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Sim free £279 GiffGaff
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Posted 14th Jul 2016Posted 14th Jul 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Sim free £279 GiffGaff
Cheapest price I believe for genuine sim free £279 or they do have some fiance deals if you can't afford the £279 in one go 4.6" 720p HD screen 23mp camera 2700mah Battery Waterp… Read more
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Is this phone likely to come down in price with the imminent release of the Sony Xperia X Compact? What do people think?


I would suspect hardware revisions/improvments from early feedback from owners. Phone workslike a treat , however since the recent update, rhe ph9ne can get hot when being used and in my case back light nearly on full


What is the relevance of the rev number? I'm thinking of ordering and need to understand any issues


​Yeah me to. I emailed giffgaff and told thrm. They credited my account with £20to cover the loss of the charger. The charger u need is a uch10 which does the quallcomm quick charge. Also mines was rev 4, got the update yesterday for. 253 build


I received mine and it's rev 4 however it came with the original seal broken and two white labels used to re seal box. there was an 02 sticker on the box and no charger =( I am returning for a replacement

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (PAYG) @ Vodafone £259 (after bundle/top-up)
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Posted 30th Jun 2016Posted 30th Jun 2016
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (PAYG) @ Vodafone £259 (after bundle/top-up)
Great phone at a (at least in recent memory) low price. Perfect if you're tired of low power small-factor devices or the general screen-size creep of newer phones. The handset cos… Read more

If only you could have looked into the future!! :)


Ah right, I get it now. Yes, It's a really nice phone, I'm liking it. No problem. Maybe they'll fix the issue in a firmware update, doesn't seem like a hardware issue.


Same issue as I had with the black jagged edge. Idea is you can take a long panoramic photograph, the software should seamlessly stitch the image into one long sweeping photo. Particularly effective for landscape shots (when it works). Bit surprised that Sony have told me to send it back to them again when it's clearly not just a one off after all. Would appear it's a software issue then, thanks for letting me know. This seems to be the only real issue and it is just a minor one with the camera app, and a mode that is probably rarely used. Normal photography and video give superb images and you can set the image resolution to suit your needs. Aside from this it's a great wee phone, sure will prove to be a good buy


I've never tried sweep panorama so don't really know what it's supposed to do, but I've tried taking a pic with it and here are the results..[image missing]P.S. if anyone has ordered an unlock code from ebay, how long did it take to arrive?


Thanks, would be interested to find out. I've sent it back to Sony regardless as they loaded a different ROM and default language as well as not fixing the fault first time round. Think you should be happy with the Z5 Compact's size as seems you are getting one for exactly the same reason as me.

Sim Free Sony Xperia Z5 Black Mobile Phone £379.95 @ Argos
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Posted 24th Jun 2016Posted 24th Jun 2016
Sim Free Sony Xperia Z5 Black Mobile Phone £379.95 @ Argos
£379.95Argos Deals
I have been looking for a new phone for a while and I checked this morning and Argos have slashed the price of the Z5.
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Same here, and only if it was a little smaller.


No MicroSD on the one plus 3 with only 64gb Thats THE ONE and only reason i can't buy it :(


Can get for around £309-329 on Amazon/eBay with a dual sim (from Ireland usually) definitely worth it though for saving and the extra sim slot!!


one plus 3


pretty sure it had been around this price on Amazon for a while.

Case-Mate Iphone 6/6s Zero Case - Samsung s6 Barely There case - Xperia z5 Barely There case 99p Each, delivered @ Case-mate (Using Code)
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Posted 10th Jun 2016Posted 10th Jun 2016
Case-Mate Iphone 6/6s Zero Case - Samsung s6 Barely There case - Xperia z5 Barely There case 99p Each, delivered @ Case-mate (Using Code)
CODE: 99CASE Really good price for these delivered, normally much more than this. Still running and S5 here so nothing for me. Still i thought it was worth a shout. Will pop the l… Read more

Yes, it's not a perfect case, hence excellent for 99p :) If I'd paid £15+ I'd be livid.


Are you not finding the screen to be less responsive with it on?


Got mine today and it's terrible for iPhone 6 makes the screen look fuzzy and you can't tap the top or the bottom edge of the screen because the border on the screen is too big, texting is a nightmare aswell, took mine off already


Mine arrived today. Excellent for 99p!


Can't get it to work either. Has it expired?

Case-Mate iPhone 6 Plus case £2.60 + Free del @ Case-Mate (Using code / Also reductions on Samsung s6 and Sony z5 cases)
84° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2016Posted 8th Jun 2016
Case-Mate iPhone 6 Plus case £2.60 + Free del @ Case-Mate (Using code / Also reductions on Samsung s6 and Sony z5 cases)
Price drops to £2.60 using code: CASEOFFER Slim one-piece snap on case Lay-flat bezel will protect your screen Anti-scratch technology 1 year warranty 30 day money back guarantee… Read more

Do they do a case which holds two iphone 6's. I got another one from work and they rub in my pocket


Guess I'll stick to my £2 aliexpress tpu case then. thanks.


Nah, you'd have to buy the specific case for that one. Case dimensions and cut out placement are far too different. :(


Ordered. Bargain - thanks op.


Can i use this on my iphone 5?

Sony z5 premium Phone £529.99 + Possible extras (Very, new Customers £423.99)
62° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2016Posted 8th Jun 2016
Sony z5 premium Phone £529.99 + Possible extras (Very, new Customers £423.99)
£423.99Very Deals
Sony z5 premium down to £529.99 then 20% off for new customers £423.99. To my shock as it's not advertised, I also received the bluetooth headphone & speaker. Also able to buy… Read more

Do you have to take it out on credit to get the offer? I tried to pay by card and it said code invalid


​nothing to do with this deal


The Bluetooth speaker is average (£25 on Amazon). What is the model of the headphones?

Hate Very. Had a bad experience with them recently - Preordered Uncharted 4 and three days after release I got an email to say it was on its way, AND being picked up because it was at the Collect+ location for too long on the same day! Then they lost the automatic return which delayed getting a refund


Thanks, credit only :(

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