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ZTE Blade V10 4G 64GB 32.0MP Front Camera International Version - Greenish Blue £143.82 @ Gearbest
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Heck of a lot of phone for the dough here, 64gb storage and 4gb ram, Helio P70. Main Features: ZTE Blade V10 4G Phablet 6.3 inch Android 9 Pie MTK Helio P70 Octa Core 2.1GHz 4… Read more

So on par with a redmi note 7. I'll stick with snapdragon for custom rom support though!


Shame they have dropped the stereoscipic camera support.


Made for selfie takers, rules me out (embarrassed)


32mp front camera and 16mp rear ?


636 or 660, I forget

ZTE Blade V8 Gold 5.2" 16GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Smartphone £79.97 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Refreshing to see that FPS on the front, guaranteed that'll be quicker than any in screen FPS out there at 3x the cost. But I digress. Anywho, looks decent specs to me for 80 not… Read more

The Redmi 6A is still available from 3 for £60. Kind of the benchmark for the 2GB phones.


I remember the original. Great piece of kit that punched well above it's weight. This looks of a similar disposition.


Agreed, 2GB RAM makes this a £60 phone for me. For £80, I'd be going Argos Ebay refurb Huawei P series with 3GB RAM.


I got one of these for £49 from ao.com recently, was quick oos there...


At least it has snapdragon for modding

ZTE Blade V770 (Velocity) 5.2" FHD, 2GB/16GB, SD 617,FP, at Laptops Direct for £49.97
262° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
A bit outdated model from ZTE with Snapdragon 617 1.5 Ghz octa core

While a 5 year old flagship phone still has good specs compared to this budget handset. What would worry me is that it came with a relatively small 2800mAh battery and could have been charged everyday for the last 5 years. So it doesn't matter how good the specs are to me if the battery runs out halfway through the day.


No returns broken phone better than the specs I quoted plus a guarantee? You haven't answered anything I've asked, you even got the link I quoted confused with an ebay link you posted earlier and still can't tell me where I am wrong with the specs. And YOU give up lol. I wasn't expecting this, but you have given me and a few other people a good laugh. Good luck selling you broken S5 :{


Because it's better value for money obviously, you seem to be deaf to this as I keep saying it.The link was merely an example of the thousands of better choices. I give up. Cya.


@Daniel42 - Why would anyone buy an old S5 in "good condition" "Please note that auto rotation feature doesn't seem to work properly (it will if you full screen a video for example). No returns" No returns? Great buy there.



ZTE Blade V8 5.2" FHD Display, 2GB/16GB, SD435, FP, Silver, aluminium body, £49 @ AO
15° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Clearance price, was £209, then £99, it will be OOS soon

I need some kind of phone. Dropped mine in a toilet on a park and it has killed the battery life.


https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/zte-blade-v770-black-grey-5.2-16gb-4g-unlocked-sim-free-bladev770/version.asp Similar model also known as ZTE Velocity, SD617 instead of SD435, older a bit


That is true about the missing band 900 on 3G, mine arrived today, ZTE V0800 model


Mine has arrived this morning at 7:15 AM, unknown delivery company called me twice untill they found me, all packed properly, sealed box. Phone updated to OS 7.1.1 after connecting to WiFi, july 2018 security patch installed.


Has it arrived? Do you really think that it will get restocked?

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ZTE Axon 9 Pro Dual SIM NFC IP68 Smartphone £280.35 @ Amazon Germany
260° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
£263 in euros with a fee free card and paying at checkout. Good price for the specs, £300 less than the 10 pro. 3230659.jpgHigh-definition dual camera with 12 and 20 megapixels Dua… Read more
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Thanks for the reply Andy; it looks like the Axon is now temporarily out of stock and the price has increased to 349 Euros. Fortunately, I placed an order before this happened. Hehe. From a little research it seems that the Mi 8 is perhaps slightly better in the photography department despite having the same primary Sony camera (IMX363) as the Axon; it seems that their software somehow ekes out nicer results. The Mi 8 also has the LTE Cat. 16 capability...which is apparently quite state-of-the-art(?). I've got until the 3rd of June to collect the Mi 8, so if there are stock issues or unexpected order cancellations at Amazon.de, there's a backup option sitting in an Argos stock room.


I work in IT and happy with my snapgradon 20 on my A grade pixel 1 I got for 7£


Dem bezels and notch ews




I would get this personally. As It also has IP68 water resistance, wireless charging, and a bigger battery. For only £30 more imo is worth it

ZTE Axon 10 Pro SD 855 IP68 4000mah Wireless charging SD slot/dual SIM 6gb/128gb 4G - £476.10 @ AliExpress
74° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
ZTE Axon 10 PRO 4G LTE version (Does not support 5G mobile phone network) Original firmware Support OTA system update Now only English and Chinese languages More languages will b… Read more
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ZTE aren't "crap". The Axon 7 was a huge hit in the US and is still well-supported over there (as far as warranty is concerned, last I heard). There are still updates emerging - though slower than I'd like (OTA update the last time). Yes, they nearly got "taken down" last year but there's still life in them yet. Happily using my Axon 7 and not sure what my upgrade will be, as this phone is pretty much perfect - apart from low-light photography. My concern with the Axon 10 would be the ROM it's supplied with, I'd rather use a Euro version and be confident it would get updates, but that's just me. Also, check out ebay listings for the Axon 7 - still plenty of people interested in it. Not sure if it's the stereo speakers/AMOLED/headphone socket/DAC/MicroSD-or-Dual-SIM features as that combo is getting harder to find now - or just because it was so popular not so long ago.


40-48 days shipping? Geez


OK thanks for that. I'll be careful in future.


It's around £50 more if you use a fee-free card. But if the Ae seller quotes the full value of £476, you'll be looking at paying £105 more - as explained here https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/37678393


Mixed.. £350, £250 and £130. Really? £80 worth?

ZTE Axon 9 Pro Dual SIM NFC IP68 Smartphone £321.57 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
£263 in euros with a fee free card and paying at checkout. Good price for the specs, £300 less than the 10 pro. High-definition dual camera with 12 and 20 megapixels Dual-SIM … Read more

No worries, you can just copy and paste this op if you like, save you a bit time (lol)


Ok cheers mate


You can post it if you like, you saw it? Let me know, otherwise I have to submit it as a new deal, hence why this is expired, I don't mind, but like I say, you noticed the price drop.


No worries. As much as the lack of headphone jack annoys me. It's definitely a great price for the specs. Cheapest Snapdragon 845 with IP68 for sure


Wow, cheers mate

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 128GB 6GB Snapdragon 855 4000mah 48MP Night mode Smartphone £548.83 @ Amazon Germany
236° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Considering the current landscape, a oneplus at £650, this seems like a Billy bargain for these specs at this price, 3years of service cover as well. Get this for £527 paying in… Read more

£468.16 at Aliexpress with free shipping to the UK. UK plug. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/33016743241.html?pid=808_0000_0105&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.33016743241&aff_trace_key=4810da0e6f4944caa9e1e559cb70f450-1558256925492-03925-ccfBY4yg&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=9288amp-vaJ1DXQj9W6fVgsDY9tbUA1558257250716


Cheers buddy


This looks amazing. Very tempted. Good price too Mrswitch


Get the Lenovo Z6 pro


Yes, it seems to be.

ZTE Blade V9 Vita 30gb data inc go binge £21 per month £19.99 upfront
-88° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
ZTE Blade V9 Vita 30gb data inc go binge £21 per month £19.99 upfront
£523.99Three Deals
Your basket UpfrontMonthly Phone ZTE Blade V9 Vita 16GB, Black £19 Plan 30GB data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 24 month Advanced plan See full plan details £21 Includ… Read more
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What funny is no other company will take this phone as they are crap and desperate


2gb ram lol


Yeah that. Amoled screen.




The last decent ZTE Blade was the First one Ahhh, the Orange San Francisco

ZTE Blade A110 'Perfect Like New' £9 NO TOP UP NEEDED @ O2
18° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
ZTE Blade A110 'Perfect Like New' £9 NO TOP UP NEEDED @ O2
ZTE A110 8GB/1GB Ram, Rose Gold. If it doesn't come unlocked .. you can request a free unlock code via my o2 app/online. * Choose a classic sim or other and total basket price wil… Read more

Back in stock, just ordered one!


Out of stock..... :|



ZTE AXON 7S, SD821, 4GB/128GB 5.5" 2560x1440 NFC, Dual Speakers, OLED @ Aliexpress £142.07
303° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
ZTE AXON 7S, SD821, 4GB/128GB 5.5" 2560x1440 NFC, Dual Speakers, OLED @ Aliexpress £142.07
Hi, I have the Axon 7 (not the S version) and this looks great, was told its a good deal and to post it by my HUKD friend @ grantem2000 Specs: https://www.gsmarena.com/zte_axon_… Read more

I have O2 and can confirm A2017G has band 20, dont know about the S. I went back to Android 7 as the 8 (oreo) resulted in battery drain, plus you need to remount sd cards between boots ( so pants if like me you have you flacs on a large sd card), you also loose the google now launcher. I tried a factory reset, cache flush the lot. It has great audio which is why I bought it and it performs just fine battery life is excellent now I a back on 7. Hope they sort out the Oreo release!


It's further down in the listing:


The only 128GB variant I knew of (Axon 7-wise) was China-only, so ROMs/software may be a consideration for the Axon 7S/A2018. On gsmarena one comment says, "It was available in China for government officials only." There's a dedicated xda thread here And a video from that xda thread: Slightly increased battery capacity (3400mAh vs 3250mAh), dual main camera, more RAM/internal memory but not much different to the 7, from what I can see. Also on xda, Vencos says here (can't verify this) "According to ZTE website(I have to google it in chinese), the newer model have Asahi Kasei chip AK4962, which is the same, as 7 mini and max have. But have no DAC."


The audio quality both on speakers and both Bluetooth and Wired headphones beats any other phone I have heard. It's outstanding.


Good price (fingers crossed for customs), hope it updates because Android 6 unmanageable today

ZTE Axon 7 Grade B £170 & ZTE Axon M Grade B £300 @ Cex
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
ZTE Axon 7 Grade B £170 & ZTE Axon M Grade B £300 @ Cex
Axon 7 for £170 grade B seems like a great price to me, and the folding axon m in grade B for £300. The M was over £600 on release (shock) ZTE Axon 7 64GB Dual Sim, Unlocked B … Read more

I'm gatecrashing an old thread but I've noticed the Axon M (which was silly money on release) is going for a piddling £100+ upwards from US sellers on ebay. Can't see any reasonable UK offers - yet, but might be worth keeping an eye on.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/zte-axon-7s-sd821-4gb128gb-55-2560x1440-nfc-dual-speakers-oled-aliexpress-18599-14207-3175931 :)


One if my fav phones, reluctantly parted with it (to CEX, so someone from HUKD might be buying it , unless this goes supercold). All the above true about audio, design etc and battery life wasn't an issue for me. Some bugs in the software and the camera were a let down. What a time 2017 was for premium mid range phones though OP3, ZTE Axon 7, Moto X , each for $399 or thereabouts.


I am on ZTE stock Oreo which works well for me and made no difference to battery behaviour. I agree about sound quality.


Are you on Android 7 or 8? I was going to go back to Android 7 to see if that helps the battery. As mine drains too quick. Love the Front Facing Speakers tho. Not sure what replacement would offer as good sound.

Grade A ZTE Axon 7 Mini Platinum Grey 5.2" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £69.97 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Grade A ZTE Axon 7 Mini Platinum Grey 5.2" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £69.97 @ Laptops Direct
Really good price for a grade A which may well come boxed with accessories, free delivery too. They usu2dont have many in stock, so don't be surprised if you receive an email info… Read more

Only for audiophiles on a budget. Poor battery life to begin with (and this battery is now 3 years old). Antutu rating of only 35.000 so sluggish performance.


I owned the original Axon mini and it was a lovely device. Great price for this one!


Bit old now but was a good phone in its day, good for audio fans with the front speakers. EDIT: Oh I see it's the Mini version. It's Snapdragon 617 so even when it came out in 2016 it wasn't "one of the fastest 5.2" phones on the market". Unless there weren't many phones that size.


(lol) (lol) (lol)


A single rear camera lens?! That's so 2017 :p You need at least five nowadays. (lol)

ZTE Blade V9 Smartphone, 32 GB, goud £162 (fee free) £171 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 19th Dec 2018Posted 19th Dec 2018
ZTE Blade V9 Smartphone, 32 GB, goud £162 (fee free) £171 @ Amazon Germany
Seems like a lot of phone for the money, though it has that sd450 I really don't like, at this price, in this phone, it may be acceptable, comes with a full hd+ screen, 3100mah bat… Read more

I chose the Moto G5s plus for 155 euro over this (also bought at Amazon.de).


But if you look on the amazon Germany listing it says 4gb, I'd probably believe them foremost, maybe that's just me. I thought the vmx9 had a 3000mah


Sorry - not trying to be funny but they both have 3GB and 3100 mAh batteries looking at https://phone42.com/vodafone/vodafone-smart-x9-5365 and https://gadgets.ndtv.com/zte-blade-v9-4634 I did like my Smart Ultra 6 back in the day and that was ZTE manufactured for Vodafone.


1gb ram, and 100mah of battery seem to be the big differences


How does this compare with / is it the same phone as the Vodafone Smart X9, which is available from Vodafone for £110 incl £10 top up?

ZTE Axon 9 Pro 6.21 "AMOLED Display - 128GB Internal Memory and 6GB RAM Dual SIM £432 (fee free) £442 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
ZTE Axon 9 Pro 6.21 "AMOLED Display - 128GB Internal Memory and 6GB RAM Dual SIM £432 (fee free) £442 @ Amazon Germany
@louiselouise one for you. This was €749 on release, just been reduced to £432, for the specs, and it being a brand new phone, with a mahoosive notch, seems like good value. Jus… Read more

The download link is mentioned above?? It's the B03 you want to downloadHaven't used my phone that much but it updated without issue afaik.


Hi Could you please point me too the downloads page of 8.0 for axon 7 please... One question, is this update just download and load it through sd card and please confirm if doing so doesn't wipe out existing apps and it's configuration. I remember to have followed your steps to update my axon 7 around a year or more back and really appreciate your help. Thanks, Bal.


After the next referendum euro to pound prices will drop with at least 20% so wait a bit.


That was my first android! And I still have it somewhere.


Re the Axon 7, the ZTE Facebook Group I'm on has comments saying there's a recent update 8.0.0, B03 (dated 12th December), though not OTA this time. https://www.ztedevices.com/en/support/detail?id=018CA84820E74A69B04A3D2BFCF6AC7E&fbclid=IwAR1NKOwHyQKf0oUN-sRarD8MDonq0YwvK2eZGvsf_EnwrM1T35GrWODbpcM

ZTE Blade A110 PERFECT as new condition on o2 PAYG, no topup needed @ O2
265° Expired
Posted 7th Dec 2018Posted 7th Dec 2018
ZTE Blade A110 PERFECT as new condition on o2 PAYG, no topup needed @ O2
£9£29.9970%O2 Shop Deals
New pricedrop for the starters phone ZTE A110 on o2. No topup required when bought online, free delivery

managed to get one, arrived today in a generic o2 box with usb cable only, in pristine condition 8)


too late.. gone again. :( cheers.


back in stock


But it's out of stock when I check it?


Did you get the wall charger as well?

ZTE Blade A110 Like New £15 @ o2
218° Expired
Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018
ZTE Blade A110 Like New £15 @ o2
More pocket money for the kids, ZTE Blade A110 like new for £15. Free next day delivery. Take straight to CEX who will give you £19 in cash for each one or £28 in vouchers for each… Read more
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cos, can someone tell me when it comes back?


Got mine today - only comes with a charging cable but there are no scuffs at all and I've gotta say I'm surprised at how responsive and how accurate the touch screen is for the money... You don't often get a front-facing camera or a flash / torch for this money either! It's never going to suffice as an adult's main phone but it's going to send a lot of video to my Chromecast just fine ;) Thanks again Mr N (highfive)


Having bought one, for the price it is worth the wait itself! It's quite speedy, it's compact and as Bubaman says, it's very versatile. I bought an unlock code so it'll be able to take my Voda sim if my G5 was to ever pack up or as a back up.


Cheers - I needed a cheap Android phone for this n that :) People underestimate the versatility of a cheap Android phone - you can use it as a digital assistant, music player, dash / nanny cam, smart remote, chromecast sender for all video services (including ShowBox), DLNA control, satnav, fitness (route) tracker, remote mouse, RDP (TeamViewer, et al), bedside clock, basic games / emulator console, Remote Play, etc.


odd, staff in both of mine chatted to me every time whilst they opened them up in front of me, sounds like i have found the best two CEX stores in the UK then :)

4G ZTE Blade A110 £15 @ o2
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Posted 12th Nov 2018Posted 12th Nov 2018
4G ZTE Blade A110 £15 @ o2
1GB RAM - basic, functional and perfect for younger kids, glovebox, homehub/remote or dedicated a 4G hotspot. Circa £40 elsewhere. Goodman 5 m ago info on o2 is wrong Pr… Read more

OOS again. Can this be unlocked?


It's now back in stock. Ideal as a back-up phone.


Is this realistically useable as a 4g hotspot? By which I mean would it have the same range and functionality as a dedicated 4g hotspot?


So you are saying £15 is nothing but £29 is lot of money to lose. How about not trying to lose the phone for at least 2 months. That equates setting aside 25p a day for a 4-6 year old smart phone. Compared to 50p a day for a newer 1-2 year old smart phone. That will at least last another 1-2 years.



ZTE Blade V8 16GB 4G Android Smartphone with 3D Rear Camera £119.99 Del @ Ideal World TV
77° Expired
Posted 3rd Nov 2018Posted 3rd Nov 2018
ZTE Blade V8 16GB 4G Android Smartphone with 3D Rear Camera £119.99 Del @ Ideal World TV
£119.99£19940%Ideal World TV Deals
Best price on Amazon is £199.99. ZTE is 4th biggest phone manufacturer in the world. Their products have been used by UK networks under the latter's brands. It is Android 7, not 8 … Read more
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Erm, I just got an over the air Oreo update yesterday for my Axon 7. If we're talking about the Axon Elite, then, yes, you're right.


You know it's an overpriced phone to avoid when Ideal World start selling it


Good phones but never update software .


Wouldn't be great buy at £80 "ZTE is 4th biggest phone manufacturer in the world." Erm since when. Seems that Xiaomi are fourth, Oppo fifth in last figures I've seen.


Bit lacking specs wise at the current discounted price and basically would be well overpriced off at £200. For £119.99,better value phones available, but priced about right..

ZTE Blade V8 16GB masive discount £119.99 at sportpursuit
-103° Expired
Posted 20th Aug 2018Posted 20th Aug 2018
ZTE Blade V8 16GB masive discount £119.99 at sportpursuit
£119.99£22446%sportpursuit.com Deals
Over £100 discount on ZTE phone. offer valid only for 1 week.
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Exactly what I thought before buying my honor view 10


Masive ice cube


So true! Sd card is no substitute for installed memory. also small battery COLD


Not all apps can be moved to the SD and even apps that can be insalled on the SD still use the phone storage for cache. The 16Gb will fill up fast then make the device unresponsive / crash & difficult to update/patch. 16Gb is simply not enough these days.


It is not apple. you can you memory card slot :)

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