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Not quite the same brand, of course, but my sister still has the 32GB Integral MicroSD card I used to have in my HTC Desire HD! As far as I know it's still going!


Longevity test next then ..........


^ U3, V30, A1 model


Obviously one would need to make a direct comparison, but the cards meant for my phone were significantly more expensive that the one intended for a cheap Huawei


Bought mine for £3.71 which is great unless it fails my test XD Oh I just realized mine is the U3, V30, A1 edition.

ZTE Axon 20 Pro - £268.77 (+£4.56 Delivery) @ Amazon.DE
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
ZTE Axon 20 Pro - £268.77 (+£4.56 Delivery) @ Amazon.DE£273.33 £4.56 Amazon Germany Deals
ZTE Axon 20 Pro 5g A little but different from the normal at a good price if you want to give it a go. Next best price £369 from ZTE with code. Has the first under screen selfie c… Read more

Reduced further by 30 euros, price is dropping like a stone!


Good build quality. Some mock the camera but price starts with a 2 not a 5.


Just what the order total shows


Do I need to pay custom fees?


Worth a watch

ZTE Axon 10 Pro Smartphone (6GB+128GB) Blue, Unlocked B £220 | Grade A - £250 Delivered @ CeX
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Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
ZTE Axon 10 Pro Smartphone (6GB+128GB) Blue, Unlocked B £220 | Grade A - £250 Delivered @ CeX£220 Free P&P FreeCeX Deals
Always fancied this phone, and this feels like a bargain to me for a snappy 855 Smartphone. The axon 9 pro is there for £145 if you fancy that with the 845 equipped XD Grade A… Read more

Good choice mate XD


Thanks Mr Switch!! I'll get myself the poco 😁😁


Yeah, in my opinion it is.


Ooooo yesss! I have been eyeing up the poco f2 Pro and the oppo find x2 neo, is the f2 better? 😁😁


have a look at the poco f2 pro for £280

ZTE Axon 10 Pro (6GB+128GB) Blue, Unlocked A - £315 / B £285 with 24 month warranty @ CeX
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Posted 19th Sep 2020Posted 19th Sep 2020
ZTE Axon 10 Pro (6GB+128GB) Blue, Unlocked A - £315 / B £285 with 24 month warranty @ CeX£315 Free P&P FreeCeX Deals
Unlocked B https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=szteax10pro128gbunlb&categoryName=phones-android&superCatName=phones&title=zte-axon-10-pro-%286gb%2B128gb%29-blue-un… Read more

CEX , i would sooner pay tripple than use this waste of time company. Oh my lord they are beyond bad.

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ZTE smartphone Axon 11 6.47 inch AMOLED display, 6GB, 128GB, 48MP main camera, 20MP front camera £336.03 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 2nd Aug 2020Posted 2nd Aug 2020
ZTE smartphone Axon 11 6.47 inch AMOLED display, 6GB, 128GB, 48MP main camera, 20MP front camera £336.03 @ Amazon Germany£336.03Amazon Germany Deals
Price shown €341.08 roughly £307 Display: 6, 47 ”(16, 43cm) FHD + AMOLED 3D CURVED display Memory 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM expandable by up to 2TB Processor: MTK P70 Octa-core A73 … Read more

Bring back the likes of Axon 7 ;( shrink the bezels, keep front facing speakers, slap a Snapdragon 865, add 90/120hz amoled display, add 3 cameras for marketing (but the useful ones), 4500/5000mah battery, stock ish software, and price it around £500 to compete with poco and note 10. That would be my ideal phone. Currently using rog phone 2 and is the closest thing to that.


I looked on YouTube but it looked too complicated, and i didnt like the idea of heating the front speaker grills and peeling them off.


I swapped out the battery on my Axon 7. Like having a brand new phone again, I've now found no reason to replace it with any other phone, it's just brilliant


considering this is around the rumoured price for the pixel 4a launched tomorrow and the meditek cpu Id say this is somewhat expensive for what you are getting.


What's the quality build normally like on the ZTE mobiles? I'm hoping it's just the cheap Blade I got, not ZTE as a brand issue. My ZTW Blade fell apart within the first year, charger port failed early on meaning I had to prop it up on something to get it to stay in, and the screen unglued itself down one side to the point I thought the battery had expanded. Even parts of the logo fell off the back. I went with the moto one last week and it's great so far, but don't want to write ZTE off just because of my one failed phone with them.

ZTE Blade 10 4GB RAM + 128GB 5000 mAh Green Helio P70 Smartphone - £141.32 @ Amazon Spain
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Posted 4th Jul 2020Posted 4th Jul 2020Shipping from SpainShipping from Spain
ZTE Blade 10 4GB RAM + 128GB 5000 mAh Green Helio P70 Smartphone - £141.32 @ Amazon Spain£141.32Amazon Spain Deals
Excellent specs on this budget handset from ZTE. 1080p Mediatek P70 2GHZ 4GB 128GB 5000mAh Battery 18W Fast Charge Face Unlock Notification light Triple camera with wid… Read more

Sorry missed the price of the Ali ones, wow £8, if I'd of seen that in Feb I would of got one of those too...in that case, go for it, not much outlay if it doesn't go well. Mine was getting to about 40% battery (as reported) and then shutting down without warning, and then it was totally flat, and unusable without charging less than half a day's life, so I figured it was worth nothing in that state, so worth a shot...glad I did


That's fair enough, but I have used the Cameron Sino batteries in my Squeezebox for years without issues, and all the reviews I could find look good along with a youtube video of someone using the same battery. I see that you can get genuine ZTE (allegedly) batteries from Spain on Ebay for not much more


No offence but I wouldn't gamble using a non-ZTE branded battery. And it's twice the price of the ones on Ali.


I've not looked at the other videos, the one I linked to I followed. I did buy some Isopropyl Alcohol from ebay for about £2 to use on the plastic spreader and worked it under the battery, it then released the battery easier. The battery I linked to was the same battery and seller I used, so can vouch it's a good one, as working great in the 5 months since I swapped it out. The pry tool kit I used was this one and had all that you need included https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-in-1-Mobile-Phone-Repair-Tools-Kit-Pry-Opener-Opening-Tool-Cellphone-M-jj/184334002298?hash=item2aeb29a87a:g:gOQAAOSwCQZZG6~P although it was a couple of quid cheaper in Feb


(Re the Axon 7, and battery replacement) It was the removing speaker grilles that put me off - believe me, I've watched and read to the n-th degree about this phone. There were loads of ZTE official batteries on Ali at one point, (mind you, you're never 100% sure), might have a peek and buy one. Set it as a task for boyf to do. (Haven't contributed to this reddit forum for ages, but this is a good summing-up). "The back side of the battery is GLUED to the back side of the display screen. Too much prying will crack the screen, too much heat will melt/bubble the screen. Several small ribbon cables with just enough slack for the original assemble must be removed. Getting the speaker grills off are the least of your worries. You'll need a decent heat pen (guns with reducer nozzles will work, but are harder to handle then a smaller heat pen) and numerous PLASTIC prying tools. If you've replaced other batteries in different types of cell phones, you're probably ok" Some Redditors recommend this method https://www.reddit.com/r/Axon7/comments/9fvxzw/axon_7_battery_removal_process/ (video below) IllTryToReadComments 1 year ago I highly recommend this method for anyone who attempts a battery replacement. I do not like the ones posted by Fixez.com, Repair Universe, and JerryRigEverything because all of them attempt to remove it by sliding a spudger under the left side, which could potentially damage the ribbon underneath Edit: Aliexpress is a bit confusing. The official battery spec is 3250mAh. Ali throws up (ZTE-branded) 3320, 3140 etc capacities (ignoring the Axon 7 Mini options). There are options £1 or so cheaper but I'd choose the one with good reviews for peace of mind, such as this one Another Edit: Only slightly ZTE-related, but good ole Amazon Warehouse has the Blade 10 VITA on there at the moment (Dual SIM, likely Italian origin), not as highly-specced as the Blade 10, though. The Axon 7 Mini is slowly slipping down in price on there too, but that's a bit longer in the tooth and the condition may be more of a gamble.