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[*]Your e-voucher will be emailed to qualifying Sky members within 10 working days
[*]Offer limited to agreed number and value of vouchers as per advertised promotion, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, redeemable against purchases on [url]www.cd-wow.com[/url] only.
[*]Offer closing date is 31st May 2008.
[*]E-Vouchers Expire at midngiht on 8th June 2008.
[*]This offer is valid to an agreed number of readers of the specific issue as stated in promotional offer only.
[*]Only one redemption per person.
[*]Any persons applying more than once will be automatically disqualified.
[*]This offer is non-transferable, voucher/benefit valid to legitimate qualifying recipients only.
[*]You must register via URL/link as advertised in the publication. Links from any other sites are strictly prohibited.
[*]Applications made via any forum/newsgroup will be deemed invalid.
[*]To redeem the voucher, you must sign up as a CD WOW! member and remain a member for 31 consecutive days from sign-up/offer closing date (whichever is later).
[*]One voucher per person, per household will be sent via email within 10 working days of the offer closing date.
[*]Voucher must be redeemed within 14 days of the offer closing date.
[*]We take no responsibility for the non-receipt of vouchers.
[*]No correspondence will be entered into between offer closing date and voucher issue date.
[*]Proof of subscription/purchase will be required to validate application.
[*]To redeem a voucher you must be logged-in as a member via [url]www.cd-wow.com[/url] only and no other affiliated site.
[*]Vouchers are for single use only.
[*]You can only use one voucher per transaction and must not have linked through via any other site than [url]www.cd-wow.com[/url].
[*]Value of vouchers redeemed against orders which are later cancelled will not be refunded or re-issued.
[*]If full value of voucher is not redeemed no refund will be given.
[*]Voucher not to be used in conjunction with any other CD WOW!.com promotional offer.
[*]All applications will be verified to ensure validity of entrant’s details.
[*]Offer is for new members to CD WOW!.
[*]Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions which are legally binding.
[*]CD WOW! reserves the right to refuse any voucher application or voucher redemption if there is any suspicion of fraud or ‘malredemption’. Our decision is final.
[*]Applicants must be 18 years old or over and live in the UK.
[*]Employees of CD WOW!, their families and agencies and anyone directly associated with the promotion are not eligible.
[*]For queries contact CD WOW! Customer Services by email – [email protected]
[*]Vouchers have no cash value and are non-transferable.
[*]We have the right to end the promotion should the number of applications exceed the circulation figures of the publication.
[*]This offer is for redemption by the qualifying recipient only and is non-transferable.
[*]This offer is subject to availability.[/LIST]

As my order from the 3rd was finally delivered today, i'll vote this hot :lol:

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My Xbox 360 Game was delivered in less that a week! Its finally getting better!

gary_rip- you are doing a service to humanity. The poor cd/dvd/game buying humanity anyway...

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i think thats a compliment... so thanks hehe


I have a £3 CDWOW games voucher that expires on Sunday, if anyone wants it just let me know, first person to send me a private message will get it!


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I just got my voucher, so from the time i posted this deal until now is how long it took to arrive.

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When entering the info, it would seem you dont have to be a sky customer!

Has anyone received one of these vouchers yet? I know it says "within 10 days" but I can't see why it would take more than a minute or two in reality. I've been waiting a couple of days so far and I'm just worried that they'll eventually send the voucher and just "happen" to put their prices up during its fairly short lifespan. Not that they've done this before. Ahem...

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As per above, it took me 7 days!

Oops, didn't spot that... still a bit slow though, isn't it?

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Yeah, they must either manually do it, or just be slow!...

If you want a £1 voucher then il PM you one?

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Ok, well im leaving work now, ive sent you one! let me know if you are not gonna use it!

Has anyone got one of these they arnt using? It's been over 10 working days and mine hasn't arrived

Not a sky one but you can have these....

Here is £1 voucher:

Russia came first! Here is another £1 voucher:

Thanks so much

gary_rip: I've PM'd you as I got my voucher from CD-WOW this morning, cheers!
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