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This £1 off cdwow promo link DOES NOT WORK!
Prices are not reduced!

Hmmm this is strange. On one of my browsers the prices are still shown as reduced but on the other browser they are still at normal prices. I went through the link yesterday and it worked so maybe I still have a cookie on my computer?


£1 off all dvds, combine with pepsi codes (Search the forum) to get another £1 off.

Enjoy. :wink:

Still cant get the new cdwow £1 off link to work, but managed to get an old 1 from the cdwow section to work using this link ... www2.cd-wow.com/ind…r=1 Note the £1 only comes off dvds not cds.

Most cds are £8.75 so you can use the 75p off link to get the cds down to £8.00 using this link ... www4.cd-wow.com/?af…760 and if you still have an evoucher enter that at the checkout to get a further £1 off total cd cost £7.00!!

They all seem to have expired

instead of all those fiddly numbers in the CD WOW address...

Just type [url]www.cd-wow.com[/url]
followed by a forward slash
followed by that particular affiliate in lower case
(....a well known Finnish mobile phone brand; or for variety you could try a different affiliate such as a well known credit card issuer like mb**)

gavin, if you look at the date of the post, it was 1 year 5 months ago

i would be more suprised if it still worked, not that it's expired
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