10% discount at Littlewoods Direct

10% discount at Littlewoods Direct



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Amending the title..
Could we have a bit more information in the title line please?
Would advise NOT to use littlewoods, they will billl you for the voucher (even after they confirm its OK on phone and accept the code online).
I would not recommend to use littlewoods, also they are POOR telephone skills and WONT help you at all.

Just a heads up, UK hot deals RULE.
Sorry, I now could not, in all conscience, recommend Littlewoods to anyone. Acceptance of codes, with same codes revoked and charged back 2 months after acceptance, is not the practice of a reputable retailer.:-(
hey guru_the has hit the nail on the head, Rubbish Company to deal with, the amount of people on this site that have been shafted by the last voucher was unbelievable. I will never ever shop from littlecnuts again.

Be aware!!!!!!!
how many where not shafted and got some bargins?

and continue to get them?
i even wonder if you guys did, or are just on the down with Littlewoods bandwagon... lol
Nice one bob. (ummmm)

Again DONT (DONT) buy of littlewoods (as per the others that have posted on this site on this issue)
I have included links, (also do a search yourself here, littlewoods mess ALL there customer around FACT.!) as proof.

hotukdeals.com/for…ods (read last few pages)

Bob keep up the positive informative posts. Good luck to you.

DONT use littlewoods (they will DEMAND the money back)
Obviously you where not one of the unfortunate ones bob.... Good luck with the voucher.

Obviously you where not one of the unfortunate ones bob.... Good luck … Obviously you where not one of the unfortunate ones bob.... Good luck with the voucher.

but where you?

but where you?

Infact yes I was. Balance had to be paid on the 15/10/07.. And how nice of them to send me a catalogue today :x
Having also been messed around by them myself, and after reading of the many bad experiences and problems experienced by other members, I have to give this one a Cold vote... sorry!
stay well clear of littlewoods vouchers/codes if you haven't personally been sent one

Personally wouldn't touch littlewoods again
avoid littlewoods like the plague. got a cheek to demand voucher discount is paid back:x
Yes i would definitely say to avoid them.
They are unscrupulous and unethical traders, by charging back after the time to return unwanted goods had expired. :whistling:
Been a customer for several years, they were ok at first and now they are shocking. closing account as soon as recent advents are sorted.
Thanks Guys for this tip i was just about to use the code and buy from them thank god i came to this post (HUKD is the best)
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