10% discount @ GamePlay.co.uk

10% discount @ GamePlay.co.uk



Is that all games?
Oooh nice.

That reply was meant for Edi below.
Apparently, Yes...

Checked about 6 games under different categories including pre-orders and works on all.

Oooh nice.That reply was meant for Edi below.

No worries Chanser its timing error which will be sorted out soon.

PS: hope this reply stays in place ;-)
Thanks for this edi
Thanks edi

worth noting that using the code you can get Wii Play with the wii remote for £31.50
Thanks, that's really useful :).
Thanks guys ;-)


Thanks ediworth noting that using the code you can get Wii Play with the … Thanks ediworth noting that using the code you can get Wii Play with the wii remote for £31.50

Good spot :thumbsup:
Thanks! Gears of War £35 delivered for Thursday!
nice just preordered gears and rainbow 6 vegas you can get gears on play-asia.com too but i cant wait =] I also would have thought rainbow 6 will be on there as double agent and graw are both made by the same publishers as rainbow 6 vegas and are available on play-asia.com for around £22 delivered.
Code still valid

Bargain! 10% off GOW
Just a word of warning, the code may show a 10% discount when you click apply. However when I tried to click checkout it would then say "not authorised to use this code" called gameplay and they seem to say that the code was for specific customers only, and that i carn't use it.

Kinda sucks
I can't use it either - suspect it has expired

I can't use it either - suspect it has expired

Nope ... still works ;-)
Well it definetely doesn't work for me anyway:-(
Coolio :- Code still works As the OP says, on selected game... although all games I checked in random were discounted

For eg. [URL="javascript:popupWin('miniproductpage.asp?ProductCode=PT2315','475','600');"][COLOR=#000000]Guitar Hero 2 + Guitar Controller[/COLOR][/URL] (PS2) is price reduced to £40.49 after £4.50 discount
Thanks for the reminder edi There are a few decent prices in there on XBox games: Gun £6.99 [£6.29] or GTA San Andreas and Jade Empire Classics at £9.99 [£8.99] each for example...
Did not work for me either........I entered the code and it was accepted, then went on to create a account (never bought from them before) then they refused me the code saying:-
You are not authorised to use this discount.

Perhaps this code is for existing customers only.
It doesn't work on guitar hero for me either so who knows, perhaps because i added items to my basket and stuff and re-entered the code it takes it as i've already used it. Possibly when you enter the code you have to carry on and purchase straight away. Whereas i added rb6 to my basket, entered code then thought ill get GOW aswell added that to the basket aswell, then re entered code and bam it doesn't work anymore. Possibly.
p.s. I have been an existing customer for years, but i haven't made any purchases since 23/11/05, so perhaps its a loyalty thing.
does it work for da wii
Nope, when you try to check-out it invalidates the code. Their loss :-)
Tried it on the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 and it game up invalid code. However it did apply the discount to any game I added to the Basket.

Nice Find
this DOESN'T work with the current rainbow 6 offer
dnt work on wii play
This may be different - but this is how their 5% loyalty code works.
I'm a member of the gameplay boards and this is how the "loyalty" scheme works.

You have to spend £300 on software within 12 months to qualify for the code, and their system knows who's illegible and who's not so don't try and fool it! You must spend another £300 to qualify for the next years code.

But this 10% is different I think?
I didn't get a message at all for this now!

Does everyone else reckon this code is now dead as a dodo?!
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