£10 discount off a first order of £40 or more at secretsales.com

£10 discount off a first order of £40 or more at secretsales.com



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This company are the pits, possibly in trouble? I know how they operate as I have used their competitor Brand Alley 100's of times never with an issue.

These cowboys I made 2 orders over a weekend, 1st time customer, 1 instock item was not despatched immediately like it should have been, then it was despatched but never shown up.......£££££ on calls later I found out they never had the stock and had never despatched it, they had lied on both counts. I finally got my money back though pp, thank god for them!

Second item which I knew would be a bit later as they kind of drop ship, has guess what been delayed and have been waiting a month for it, dispute is now going in for that item.

There seems to have been in the past month an explosion if bad reviews on sites across the net with people with the same problems, there was also loads on their fb which people had posted and seems to have been deleted.............so if you are going to risk it, use pp or credit card. I would avoid like I say too many bad reviews coming out of no where this past month, depends if you believe their excuse about logistics or not. I think it's more to do witht he fact they have been forced to recall and refund and compensate customers who bought Balenciaga bags recently, which were fake............
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