10% Discount on Dell Inspiron & XPS over £599 (ends 19th March)

10% Discount on Dell Inspiron & XPS over £599 (ends 19th March)


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Ermm....thanks for voting cold? Any particular reason for whoever did?

The dell XPS deals seem a bit ****** at the mo...no free delivery, minimal discounts, etc - will wait til they have some deeper discounts along with 10% codes!

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So what you're saying is Dell's prices are rubbish at the moment. Thats hardly a reason to vote a voucher cold! If someone wanted to buy a system now, I would like to think that a 10% code might be of some use to them.

No, I didnt vote cold - just saying that I've been keeping an eye on the XPS prices for weeks now and the offers aren't that good, even with the 10% code - which are frequently available. If someone 'needs' to buy a pc now and can't wait for better offers from dell, then the code will come in handly. Personally not a hot deal for me - hence why i haven't voted either way :o)

Who doesnt want a 10% discount on DELL Inspiron ??

HOT ++

Nice one ta, I had to upgrade an Inspirion 1525 to a penryn 2.4 to qualify, shame ! Many thanks

Is there any way of getting a XPS laptop delivered free? Dell are charging around £60.
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