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svp.co.uk/pro…=86 - Peach Products

svp.co.uk/pro…081 - Unbranded Epson R265/R360 Compatible Cartridges

svp.co.uk/pro…059 - Epson D78/DX4000 Compatible Ink Cartridges

svp.co.uk/pro…725 - Ritek G05 Full-Face Printable (8x) DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…819 - Prodisc Full-Face
Printable (8x) DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…416 - Datawrite Pastel Full-Face Printable (8x) DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…109 - Aone Full-Face
Printable 8x DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…825 - Datawrite Full-Face Printable 8x DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…002 - Bulkpaq Full-Face Printable 16x DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…913 - RiVision Full-Face Printable 16x DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…415 - Panasonic Printable
(16x) DVD+R

svp.co.uk/pro…414 - Panasonic Full-Face Printable (16x) DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…140 - Verbatim Full-Face Printable 16x DVD-R

svp.co.uk/pro…166 - Verbatim Full-Face Photo Printable 16x DVD+R

svp.co.uk/pro…822 - CMC Printable
(8x) DVD-R


I can recommend the Bulkpaq Full-Face Printable 16x DVD-R at £6.59 for 50 disks.

Don't forget to combine this with out special HUKD exclusive discounts:


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I knew there was something I forgot to mention, thanks Ducky :-D

Still available!!
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