Found 17th Mar 2011
Simply enter the competition i have just posted, and you will recieve a free £10 EA Store voucher. The vouchers are unlimited, but only one voucher per customer

Expires when the competition closes which is 31st July 2011.


£50 for a game no thanks

haha £50 prices... who is dumb enough to buy from them

Annoyingly it seems the discount can only be applied to Bulletstorm* However with a bit of messing about I have managed to reduce the PC version down from £34.99 to £17.99 lol.

If you fail to check out it offers you 10% off and then applies both discounts

* Edit: Doesn't work on preorders.
Edited by: "MBeeching" 20th Mar 2011

If only this worked for battlefield 3 with the 10% would have been a good buy

the discount code work with other game, i tried it with a few games like sims 3 and bad company 2.

THis is actually a pretty hot deal. Just ordered Shift2 Limited edition for 24.99. That's better than the shops - and the game was released today! Super stuff.

No mac games in this store


No mac games in this store

If you like gaming, you should probably dual boot... Just a suggestion

Damn, doesn't work on pre-orders.

Edit: Just noticed it expires end of July, so I'll use it on the new Sims expansion when it's out in early June. Cheers!
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