£10 off £15 spend at Next-£10

Get code & visit site92
£10 off £15 spend at Next. L7001 For free delivery? Not sure if it works. Worth a try.

Oh i forgot to add the code!!



1 use code, as my code is different!

looks like a customer specific code. (one use only)

have you already used it.

Original Poster

no i haven't used it, i just had the email

didnt work for me. Its prob for first time orders

looks like some whipper snapper has snapped up the code and got themselves a bargain.

or that it can only be used by the customer it was intended for.
Edited by: "tauran" 13th May 2011

Original Poster

ahhh! apologies then, i thought it was a code that just anyone could use. i wouldn't of used it anyway, i never shop there!

''Your promotion code is not a valid code...'' cold!

It do work I did not go through with the order, just seeing if it would take the £10 off

Next Day Delivery Service Delivered On Saturday 14th May (8am To 6pm)
Grey, White And Pink Leggings Three Pack (458-151-G36) 11 1 £15.00 In Stock.
Sub Total: £15.00
Delivery Charge: £3.99
TOTAL: £8.99

Tried again, didnt work. Think its prob an incentive code to get people to register and order

The code was just for the OP and should not have put it on here as it's assigned to them .

And it now looks like someone has used it now.
Edited by: "philmitchell" 13th May 2011
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