10% off 16-25, Senior and Family & Friends Railcards-£2.60

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Terms & Conditions (just standard stuff really):

]16-25 Railcard

]Senior Railcard

]Family & Friends Railcard

NOTE: For the Family & Friends railcard, there will be a 50% off code available between 24th July and 21st August, following on from the recent Daily Mail trial card promotion. So, depending on when you intend to use the card, it would be worth your while to wait for that. This code valid long after that one finishes though

Hi there, the code won't be available to you if you haven't taken up the trial card with the Daily Mail as it is all linked. I would recommend you take up the 10% discount to avoid missing out. :thumbsup:

You can only use it on the one year cards.

I just bought a three year 16-25 card a few days ago. I would have been annoyed to have just missed 10% off it!

Thanks for sharing~ Need to renewal my one year 16-25 card soon~ The 10% discount is going to come in handy~ Tho its a pity can't use it on a three year card~

Very handy!

Very useful, nice saving.
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