£10 off £20 at empirestores.co.uk + Free gift-£10

Get code & visit site961



Thanks edi, a good discount!

Got a cheapo Concorde 2040 2MP digital camera for £14.99. It's going to be a trainer camera for someone before they shell out for a nice Cybershot or something.


Thanks for this one, nice to stock up on xmas presents

Thanks again HDUK, I used this one last night from one of the sale items; £40 polo shirt for £10, bargain!:thumbsup:

Anyone know what the 'Free Gift' is and if we are likely to see anything from this voucher?

[SIZE=4]Oh[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]NO [/SIZE]not another 5" black/white portable tv as a free gift, I already have 2. Thanks for the post.:thumbsup:

Great stuff edi..I always use these codes..just had 3 T shirts already half price and another tenner off....an absolute bargain.

Thanks have made an order... got a lovely animal belt for OH for christmas and new bath mat and pedestal as the other one is none existant!! lol:)
Already a customer so didnt think would be ok, but was so many thanks

My husband has also set up an account with them and managed to order three christmas presents for his mother-which is cool

Hi i'm new to this site and i can't believe my luck! :-D just typed in this code and it worked fine for me. I've also used ones for hmv, woolworths & boots and got 15 pounds off a rug at littlewoods - i'm soooo happy!!! i'll save a small fortune thanks to this site :thumbsup:


Nice one becci148 :thumbsup: Good to see you're enjoying and benefiting from the site! Little wonder we're all addicted to this place :giggle:

Thanks still working is it a decent freebie?
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