Why has this been voted cold? Doesn't make sense. £10 off £20! That's a great deal... or am I missing something?

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I don't know why? It's just random people voting cold for no reason because either they don't like the website or they tried buying from it and didn't get it.
This is the only £10 off code there is aswell....
Some people just can't be pleased.

Voted hot, thank you

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That's more like it. :-D
I think that once everyone realises how much of a good code this is it will reach above 100. Just like my old ones did.

is it for current shoppers or only 1st timers?

People vote cold because of the bad experiences they have had with the company, when all the codes were about that enabled you to get free stuff. Some people ended up being charged for the items as the codes were being used incorrectly, or abused.

Personally I haven't experienced any problems. Their clothes may not be the best quality in the world, but there is some really nice stuff at quite decent prices. If you use a code and they charge you the full amount, just return the items! You can't expect loads of stuff for free! This code is really good, 50% off if you only spend £20, heat added. I will have a look later and see if theres anything I can make an excuse for needing!

Voted Hot - code worked fine

I do understand why some ppl vote this company cold as their costumer service is truly rubbish ... but I think it`s a great deal so Thank you !

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I agree. I bought a pair of nike supremes for £11 and had seen them the day before for £60 in Footlocker. I think La Redoute is great when items are actually in stock.

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Man i need rep. I give all these good offers but only a few people give rep. DOn't know why?

Is this for new customers only. Does not work for me

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??? I used it the other day. It worked fine with me. I went pay by card.

Got £10 off some nice organic cotton sportswear the other week - put them on account and all worked fine, so thanks!!!

thank you
i'm not a new customer and it worked on sale items

Tried it and got the message "Order code not valid "


Tried it and got the message "Order code not valid "

Same here :?
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