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Does anyone know if u order online whether they charge u for a catalogue ???

Ownership of the catalogue remains with us until you complete your first … Ownership of the catalogue remains with us until you complete your first purchase of goods at a minimum price of Ł8.00 after which the catalogue becomes yours. The cost of the catalogue is Ł4.00 and the price of the goods shall be reduced by this cost so that the total payment due for the catalogue and the goods is no more than the catalogue price for the goods (after any other promotional discount to which you may be entitled). Whilst ownership of the catalogue remains with EMPIRE STORES you must, on request, return it to EMPIRE STORES in the same condition in which you receive it, subject to fair wear and tear. EMPIRE STORES may arrange a collection or alternatively will cover costs you reasonably incur in its return. Once the catalogue has reached the end of it’s season, you may dispose of it.

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I've been shopping with empirestores for over a year always online and never been asked to pay anything for a catalogue. I dont think this is something you have to worry about susannah

Yeah same as millarcat says. I've never had to pay for a catalogue from Empire Stores or any other similar. If they want it returned, they would send a pre-paid label or bag for it. Not only that, if you order something online from them, they automatically send you a catalogue if you haven't had one before

thanks - i'll treat myself then

placed order and it's taken £10 off but no mention of free gift so will let u know - should arrive by thursday

In the conformation email they send (the second one), it mentions it if you look closley...

I second tomcooljrock. Just bought something for £22.00 got it for £12.00, plus when you get order confirmation free gift is mentioned.
Does anyone have pictures of the free portable Television and sound system set ?

got it - says free gift allocated !!

will post a picture when it arrives if no-one has by then

Hi I contacted their customer services and they said that you don't get afree gift if you order from sale items.Has anyone ordered from the sale items.thanks

Has anyone ordered from their sale catalogue although I got the discount of £10 but my order confirmation doesn't mention anything about the free gift.And when I emailed their customer services they said that one can get free gift only on nonsale items.

i ordered 2 sale items - should come tomorrow so will let u know

Hi, thanks will wait for your reply.

didn't come but i was out for 2 hours this afternoon - will see if it turns up tomorrow (except i'm out in the morning !!!)


BE AWARE...this adds to my thoughts that the catalogue companies seem to getting a little cocky of late... after being mellow for many years.

they charge for if you dont return in the said period (not too bad) but also can add a £15 charge if they get your payment late!!!!

I think this is apalling and they have just added it to my elderly mums account cos the payment was slow due to christmas mail etc. currently disputing it!

I have received my order but no free gifts, only £10 discount. Customer services again saying that this coupon code entitles you only for £10 discount not for any free gifts etc. if anyone gets lucky do let me know.

arrived yesterday at last - £15.48 for a top, pair of kids trainers & free telly

5.5" B&W portable telly with adaptors to plug into car or normal socket - hubby can use it in his kit car

i've taken a picture but don't know how to insert it onto a reply - if anyone can tell me how i'll put it on

Upload to here (easy peasy no sign up or anything necessary):


copy the url they give you and paste it in this thread with these tags on either end of the url:



Hi, thanks for the lovely pic,quite tempted now.Can u tell me is this offer still valid and is it for the first order only.And can u post the code once again as it didn't work for me last time.

still works

Hav'nt got a picture but item number 170027305421 on e-bay is exactly the same tv.

I second tomcooljrock. Just boug … I second tomcooljrock. Just boug ht something for £22.00 got it for £12.00, plus when you get order confirmation free gift is mentioned.Does anyone have pictures of the free portable Television and sound system set ?


£70 for Xbox 360 games??!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!
Its stupid, because the catalogues target market are women, and in particular, mothers, and so if those people aren't aware they could get certain products MUCH cheaper anywhere else then they get stung pretty bad.
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