However with some orders it looks like it requires & I quote

A two man delivery charge of £15 will be applied to this item.

It may not be with other items, but surely the larger one, so its like you get some money of for delivery yet paying the full prices.

Nice find

It looks rather overpriced for just about everything.

Used a two vouchers for a dishwasher other day, I got conformation that it was accepted including delivery


But they charged credited me £3.50 then charged me £204, they said it didnt including delivery of £20 two man job, but the screenshot I took said it did include delivery

They refused to reduce the item to the agreed price and said just refuse the goods and I will get my money back, shame they hadnt got common sense that it will cause incovienance to me and to them.

Ordered else where now, but have yet to get a refund.

Proceed with caution
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