Perfect thanks edi! This is a good Christmas shopping site.


Excellent edi, thanks a good code this is a great site for original and quirky gifts! :thumbsup:

Good code Edi. When you think about it, that's about 33% discount if you're spending £30! Remeber there are also a few links in the voucher section to £5 gift vouchers which can be used in conjunction with this offer... making bargains even better

I love buying from iwoot - really good customer service. That time they sent me a moose head instead of a mouse mat, OH how I laughed! But they sorted it all out... and I got to keep the moose head...!

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Thanks Paul, Cat & emma :thumbsup:

Another [SIZE=4]10% cashback[/SIZE] from Quidco too !!

Great! Many thanks:thumbsup:
Have ordered some:)

I'm new to this, what exactly is Quidco?

has it experied yet? some customer service guy said it did (i had a problem with an order i wanted to put).

Quidco is some cashback thing, its free (sort of) you can read more about it on [url]www.quidco.com[/url]
im new to it too but as far as i know, its well good.


has it experied yet?

Just tested it, it's still working...

When I try I get a message saying:
"If you've come to claim a voucher, please email customersupport@iwantoneofthose.com, stating where you saw the promotion and any code required by the promotion. We will resolve the problem as soon as possible."

Where did the code come from?


Sorry I just tryed without the discount code and had the same problem, I guess they're just having problems today.

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Found the code in Nectar site and doesnt say it is restricted to Nectar collectors


;-) See it for yourself at ]Nectar.com
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