£10 off £40 spend on Amazon Prime Now @Amazon.co.uk

£10 off £40 spend on Amazon Prime Now @Amazon.co.uk

Found 21st Nov 2017
1st order - Spend £40 and get £10 off using TENNOW
2nd order - Spend £40 and get £5 off using ORDER2
3rd order - Spend £40 and get £5 off using ORDER3
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Only for new prime now customers
What to add to echo dot 2 to get £10 off. Any ideas?
TP Link smart plug
does not work for my account
Should say for new customers only
Little bit of hassle, but just create another account with a different email to get discount.
The Offer and Rewards apply to orders placed through primenow.co.uk or the Prime
Now app only and does not apply to purchases made from amazon.co.uk, Amazon Restaurants, or any other Amazon app. The Offer and Rewards exclude products sold by third party sellers and can only be
applied on Amazon products sold by Prime Now.
No Prime Now in my area!
No prime now here - barely ever get anything from prime the next day either
Definitely ONLY applicable to New Customers
Are you classed as new if you previously had a student prime account which has since expired?
I have an echo on its way! 59.99£ thank you!
Does this work on booze?
Anyone know when this code expires?
Sighs it's getting more pointless to be an Amazon Prime customer, when the items that are usually sold with prime delivery option cost more than the marketplace sellers , they're not a fan of price matching competitors anymore, you have to pay extra for a pantry orders delivery as it's not included in prime delivery but they have no problem advertising it on the box that prime free delivery ... and now Prime now ...free delivery has a min spend of £40.00 and you have to spend over £15 for them to even do an order + £3.99 delivery charge.

I have used prime now once when it rolled out with £5 off automatically 1st code never worked ... 2nd time code, 3rd time code etc nope new customers only.
Doesn't work anymore, I tried on a new account
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