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Been through all the pages an can find no voucher or promo box!!

you have to enter your card details first,[you are not yet charged ]this takes you to the next page,enter your code in the special instruction box near the bottom left hand side,update your basket,and submit order

Thanks for the help :-D


Been through all the pages an can find no voucher or promo box!!

From the Screwfix email ....

Online: Enter your Unique Offer Code in the special instruction box when you reach the check order details screen. The saving will be deducted from your order total before your card is charged (it will not show on the checkout total or confirmation email).

Enter the code in the special "instructions box" on the "check order" screen. The order goes through for the full amount, screwfix enters the code at their office and the amount minus 10% is withdrawn from your bank account. This is the procedure with the 10% codes I've successfully done it twice in the past.

Hope this helps

Cheers ordered :0)


Cheers ordered :0)

this code will probably be out of date now :?
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